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  1. Thanks. Sorry, I missed the dimensions in your add. My bad. The Dynaudio site has good details on these but it looks like they've put the wrong specs, listing them as 9kg and 40cm high! https://www.dynaudio.com/discontinued-models/editions/accent-3 Sadly they're too tall for my space. GLWTS.
  2. Hi, what's the height of these? Dynaudio website says 40cm, which just doesn't look right. Also are there any grills and where would these sit relative to other speakers in Dynaudio's current range. Also, being rear ported, do they need to be set up a fair distance from the wall?
  3. I’ve had a pair of these for years and love them. Have tried a/b tests with speakers in the $5-10,000 bracket and kept favouring these. Have got mine paired with a naim Uniti2-3EF2. The new buyer will be happy.
  4. Sorry dropped the ball on this. To me old school means any system with amp/turntable but without the need for a DAC, streamer, CD player etc. When I started looking for these options I naturally thought vintage and as you said @Mat-with-one-t this takes more knowledge - something that I lack, so instantly felt a bit stumped. So I really don't think he's fussed. Your approach to building a system, starting with speakers makes sense. So I guess we'll start there and then think about the next steps after that.
  5. Are these the Mk1 or 2 version? Either way they're a very very tempting offer. It hurts seeing these here.😖
  6. Item: Sony WH-1000XM2 Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones Price Range: $200 Item Condition: Used but in top condition Extra Info: Hi I'm after some good bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, with a strong preference for the Sony WH-1000XM2 if anyone's got some lying around.
  7. Hi, My brother has asked me to assist him in sourcing a second hand stereo for him. He wants to keep it totally old school and just have a turntable, speakers and amp. Think his budget is up to $3k, preferably less and he wants the speakers in light brown/oak!! Any recommendations would be great. I just listening to my Naim, so not sure about the rest of the universe, which I’m lead to believe exists! Don’t think it matters whether it’s floor standing or stand mount speakers. Room is about 8x4m. Thanks
  8. thanks for the help guys. I've decided to abandon vinyl and stick with digital for simplicity
  9. Sorry, forgot to say, but thanks for the offer of a lend of the T8, but I'm in Perth!
  10. Thanks @Mloutfie. From a sound quality perspective do you think there'd be a difference between the T8 in the link and a Project phono box S?
  11. Item: phono preamp for MC and MM Price Range: less than $200 closer to $100. Item Condition: Used Extra info: Located in Perth. New to vinyl and need a pre amp to go between my Naim Uniti2 and rega planar 2.
  12. Thanks. It does sound like I have less dynamic range than playing the digital version of the same music. Probably $200 is my limit for a phono preamp. I could also get from the estate a Thorens td 166 mkII. But this doesn't have a needle in its pioneer cart so I can't determine if it is working or not. It has a Thoens tonearm and the belt seems very loose. If I could get it working, which of the two turntables would be better?
  13. Thanks guys. I’m completely new to the vinyl world, so not sure what a SUT is or the meaning of the mV and ohms are? Does this mean that regardless of what pre-amp I put between this and my Uniti, I’ll still have to turn the volume right up? Sorry for dumb questions.
  14. Hello all, I’ve just picked up a second hand old Planar 2, which I think has a MC cart on it. These have come from a deceased estate so I can’t ask questions about it of the previous owner. Below are is photo of the cart and arm. Does anyone know, from looking what these are and what sort of quality they are and which model Grace tone arm and Supex cart they are? Also, I’ve borrowed a very basic phono pre amp from a friend, to link into my Naim Uniti2. I’m pretty sure it’s only a MM pre-amp as I have to turn the Naim up to 70 (out of 100) to start getting sound. The sound is only ok compared to digital copies of the same albums. If I spend some money on a basic pre-amp that is meant for MC, will it sound noticeably better, and if so, in what way. Many thanks.
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