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  1. I recently made a purchase from Vinyl Destination and Thornbury Records. Thornbury is great, their price is good, fast delivery and packed very well. However not many records I want from their website. Vinyl Destination is disappointing. Two of the older American pressings I wanted, one is listed in stock with the supplier so it’s fine. The other one listed as in stock but they didn’t have it in stock and ended up buying something else. Still waiting for the delivery. Not sure I will buy from them again as the price is quite high, and slooow delivery.
  2. Slave2TheRhythm

    FS: Aurealis Audio R3i AgL - UPOCC Silver Litz 1.5m

    A weekend bump for excellent cables. Just to illustrate how good these are when I was looking for cables to replace them. 1. Synergistics Research Tricon Anniversary RRP $1200 SR Cables does almost everything better in terms of soundstage, details etc, etc... but Aurealis R3i Agl really shines through here in how they handle bass. They are super tight and solid, they also go low. They put SR to shame and shows how floppy the bass is with the SR cables. Aurealis Silver Litz are silver cables, SR are copper cables, who says copper does bass better? Clearly in this case here it’s not. For this reason I returned the SR. They are excellent and a better cables but not enough to make me want to spend double the price. They are highly regarded as well. 2. I then tried the Siltech Classic Anniversary Yes the Siltech have replaced the Aurealis Silver Litz, but at almost four times the RRP I would expect they do so without any doubt. However the Aurealis still handle the bass a little bit better than the Siltech. I must say I love the Siltech now more than the Aurealis but who wouldn’t especially after spending so much more? [emoji33]
  3. Item: Aurealis Audio R3i AgL - UPOCC Silver Litz 1.5m Location: Sydney Price: $520 Item Condition: 16 months old. Like new, no blemishes. Reason for selling: NR Payment Method: Paypal + 3%, Back Transfer Extra Info: Great cables by Aurealis Audio and one of the best values, top of the line R3i AgL - UPOCC Silver Litz. Many members here are using these fantastic cables. I bought them without hesitation after Geoff sent me these cables for a home trial. Bought directly from Geoff last August so it is still just like new and only one owner. RRP for 1.5m is $659.95 and they have never been discounted. Features 4 UPOCC silver Litz conductors per channel. These are insulated in PE. Cable damping and insulation in foamed teflon tube Copper foil/silver wire shield or tinned copper braid shield (depending on length) ETI Kryo RCAs (silver-plated copper with brass housing) Finished in a dynamic red and black braid - double thickness See Aurealis Audio website for details. Will post at buyer's cost. Sorry no pick up as inconvenience and no time. Pictures:
  4. Slave2TheRhythm

    Who would have thought it......fake LPs

    So did I, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds The Boatman’s Call and Let Love In. K&D Sessions 4xLP. That was before all these albums being reissued. I was completely appalled by Redeye selling bootlegs. Only found out later that they were.
  5. Some like to post frequently some don’t like to post at all and just browse. Some do it obsessively. I have no problem with whatever people like to or wish to stop anyone doing what they like to. Whether you own 10 great albums or 10000 great albums. If you make 20-40 post a day then I feel you are just posting whatever you are playing rather than making effort to choose something truly special to recommend to us. Perhaps this behaviour is more appropriate with a thread title ‘Currently spinning’, you post what you are spinning. All I’m saying is I felt like people used to make effort to ‘recommend’ something special rather than just post ‘whatever I’m spinning this now’. If you have made less posts with more substance, I can tell you have taken time and effort to write and recommend to us, instead of just mindless posting. Why post something if you don’t have time to do so? This is just a hobby and meant for something you do at your leisure time. If it’s so important that you need to post about an album then why not leave it till when you have time to post? That’s what I meant quality over quantity. Anyway, I just don’t have time to check out all 20-40 albums posted by the same person so I usually just flick through them unless there’s something I am familiar with. Other people might be able to spend all day checking out all the music but not me. And lately I noticed the music style is just not so diverse and probably it’s because they were subdivided into a few threads. Currently spinning used to be about vinyl records spinning and now is whatever spinning?
  6. I think I’m going to have rotten eggs thrown at here [emoji33] I don’t care much about Yes but I do enjoy Owner of A Lonely Heart every now and then. I just find most of their music pretty boring. I tried a few times listening to any of their album and I can’t sustain my interest for more than 3 songs. Yawn... You can tell that I’m not from that era. Oops perhaps I shouldn’t have posted here. I dig Radiohead, most of their songs but not all. I don’t love them like a teenage girl loves her idol.
  7. Slave2TheRhythm

    The greatest war movies ever made ??

    No I haven’t. Will seek it out now, thanks for the recommendation.
  8. I used to check Currently Spinning everyday. There were different people posting different kind of music, it felt like people recommending music they like and something special to them. I frequent it less and less as I found now there are only a handful of the same guys just post whatever they play on the day regularly. I’m sure they are all good music to the person who posted those albums but if you have played 40 albums and you posted all of them, none of them feel very special and I just don’t have time, or can’t be bothered to check out all of them. It’s the quality not the quantity but how do you pick one from so many, just a thought but everyone is free to do whatever they wish.
  9. Slave2TheRhythm

    The greatest war movies ever made ??

    I think you might have completely missed the point of what the series is about. If you are looking for actions and bloodbaths then you will be completely disappointed. Quote: “The seven-part miniseries looks closely at the moral ambiguity of war, and how ego, shifting mission parameters, and poor leadership can erode trust when and where it’s needed most. The show is based on the 2004 non-fiction book by Evan Wright with the same name, who embedded with 1st Recon in 2003 for two months while working as a reporter for Rolling Stone.” “It presented the Marines of 1st Recon as the complex individuals they were in real life and not as caricatures.” “Generation Kill” featured some of the actual Marines from 1st Recon. What really moved me was how realistic the show was and marines so honestly represented here. I especially like the dialogues and humour in this show. I did enjoy Band of Brothers and The Pacific but they were much more sensationalised and quite different shows. I enjoyed Generation Kill a lot more than these two. GK is more like a documentary and supposedly a more realistic portrayal of what happened to the 1st Recon in Iraq war. To me The Pacific is the weakest of the three but each to their own.
  10. Slave2TheRhythm

    The greatest war movies ever made ??

    I wasn’t really interested in War movies or tv before Generation Kill. For the first time I really pay attention while watching GK and really moved by it and cried a lot. I then went on to seek out some classic war movies and really enjoyed them.
  11. Slave2TheRhythm

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    I am surprised to see people raving about this. I had a critical listening session with friend on his super duper sound system and all I can hear is a lot of distortions and sibilant. Especially on Bridge Over Troubled Water & El Condo Pasa. Yes guitars sounded wonderful but it still doesn’t make it a great SQ especially considering the price. My friend who is a big S&G fan also agreed. He then played me the Music on Vinyl reissue of The Velvet Underground’s Transformers. That sounded so much superior! Funny thing was, before playing S&G I just praised how his system was so well setup and I couldn’t hear any sibilant in the records he played.
  12. Slave2TheRhythm

    Bands or artists you just never 'got' ?

    Kylie... Madonna... Beyoncé... ... Adele! I still haven’t heard her singing a full song because I really can’t stand the way she sings! At least I enjoyed a few Kylie and Madonna....[emoji33]
  13. I’m glad to hear. I complained about LongLiveAU to Amazon and made a strong point about having them investigated. I am pleased that they did something but who knows LongLiveAU is not going to re-register with a different name?
  14. Problem is the record I wanted was not available on Amazon.com.au or Prime. Sometimes a record listed on Prime is a lot more expensive than those without Prime button. In this case, of course I would choose a seller who sells it cheaper. Anyway you learn that cheaper is not always better. However, a seller like LongLivingAU sends records from China? That’s just not acceptable! Anyway, isn’t that the point of blocking us buying from overseas and having Amazon.com.au is to force us to buy locally? Then why most of the stock are not available locally and only available from amazon.com, and we have to endure lengthy wait for delivery?
  15. Really looking forward to this. Good movies have been seriously lacking this year.