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  1. I'm using one of these https://www.project-audio.com/en/product/pre-box-s2-digital/ paired with this bridge https://www.project-audio.com/en/product/stream-box-s2-ultra/ (which you don't seem to need). Sound is great and should easily fit in the space you have.
  2. What source are you using for your bluetooth music? I'm guessing an iPhone? Need to ensure it's using the AAC codec (which the Sony headphones support). https://www.head-fi.org/threads/howto-find-which-codec-is-used-between-ios-device-and-bluetooth-headphones.835289/
  3. https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-audio-technica-ath-anc900bt-noise-cancelling-bluetooth-headphones
  4. Is there a trick to playing 4K ISO files on the Oppo. I've simply loaded the file onto a USB stick and plugged into front USB port of Oppo. It doesn't see the file 😞
  5. I never had this album on CD although did buy the SACD. My go to versions of this were the MFSL OMR and also the MFSL UHQR pressing which is pretty special. 😍 After I'd had the SACD a while I discovered the SACD stereo mix is the same as the UHQR pressing. Very interesting comparing the two over a few beers 🙂🍺 I think it's at the end of the second side, if you play the volume seriously loud as the album is all but finished you can hear a strange rumble. Apparently it's said to be the sound of an underground train passing the studio.
  6. When I go to QoBuz site monthly subscription seems to be the equivalent of AUD40. Is that right or am I doing something wrong?
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