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  1. When I go to QoBuz site monthly subscription seems to be the equivalent of AUD40. Is that right or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Oppo did release a new firmware that allows the 93 to work with the new HDMI/HDCP TVs. I think that's the only function it provides. I've got mine piggy backed to my 203 via HDMI to play ISO files. In this setup I don't need the FW.
  3. I'm flabbergasted they didn't test it before they sent it back to you!
  4. Sounds like it's time to contact Interdyn https://www.interdyn.com.au/contact-us/
  5. Hi BuffySlayer, over AVS Forums they often recommend cleaning discs with these sort of issues. I know it sounds stupid; they even recommend this for brand new discs! Something to do with UHD manufacturing process leaves residue on some discs. I've had issues over the past ~26 months with only two discs. Wonder Woman was one. Cleaning the discs worked for me 🙂 I use paper towels and white vinegar. Damp the towel, clean from centre to edge all the way round. Then dry the same way with another dry towel. Good luck
  6. Anybody know where I can find some HDR10+ samples or demos? Preferably via download.
  7. I tried a network update and it didn't work. Will do by usb later.
  8. Link to Interdyne Oppo firmware website Interdyn Firmware for Oppo website Latest release last Friday
  9. Actually went with a different solution. Installed Roon Server on a different PC (original is on my NAS). Work fine with server on a PC. Will try reinstalling on NAS over weekend and see if that solves problem. Thanks for all the suggestions. Cheers
  10. I've been a ROON subscriber since about Oct '17. Also have TIDAL streaming, mostly via ROON and it worked perfectly up until Augist last year. This was around the time ROON 1.5 was released. Roon support have suggested a multitude of setting changes to no avail. Now with ROON upgrade 1.6 TIDAL via ROON is totally dead. TIDAL direct (app or internet; PC, tablet or phone) works great. Is it just me or does anybody else have similar issues?
  11. I get the same white noise issue from DSD tracks too.
  12. I grabbed one of these off eBay as per my post above. Running it for Roon and TIDAL and it is very good. Just noticed a few retailers seem to be stocking this in Oz now.
  13. Anybody tried ripping UHD blurays? What hardware and software is available?
  14. On the shelf with my other audio/video gear.
  15. I too am in an Opticomm estate. Covenant in place preventing anything being installed on rooftops - includes FTA TV antennas and satellite dishes. Both FTA and Foxtel delivered over the fibre optic cable. Foxtel box is a cable box however the service is a satellite service. I unuderstand the dish lives somewhere on the estate and is somehow distributed as needed. Cheers blairy
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