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  1. Thank`s audiofeline, It would not have mattered what the colour was it`s all I had. It`s a course thread, industrial cotton used for rapping freshly made rubber compounds in, so it does not all stick together. I don`t want to think about the damage that could be done if I left the cover on one of the class A amps. Just have to remember to put them back on. Walked past a unit I had uncovered in the lounge for 3 days. Already dust settling on top. Tony
  2. I am not sure if it really comes under the DIY section but I have just spent a week going made making some covers for my equipment. Not being domesticated, a smoker and leaving the windows open most of the time a lot of dust gets into the house. It really hit me a week ago when I started doing some work in this room after about a 6 month break from doing anything. I had only intended to make a couple of covers for some of my DIY bits that have some vary perforated tops and bottoms letting a lot of dust and other stuff in. As its been some 50 years since my mother tort me some sewing and button repairs so I would not be totally useless I we went through life, it has been of a steep learning curve. I figured the best way to mark out and cut the material was as if I was pressing up a piece of sheet metal. I spent an hour on the internet learning how to operate the sewing machine my brother lent me (with no manual). 27 cover`s latter and I am nearing the end. ( yep, I got carried away). They are not pretty or that well made but I think they should go some way to keeping the dust out.
  3. There are several discussions on the subject at Diyaudio https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pass-labs/310005-preamp-amp-camp.html I mounted a B1 pre in my ACA build. It`s not fancy but it was cheep. (lots of leftover or secondhand bits)
  4. Black, brown, a strange grey green, 3 types of silver (brushed, polished, mat) and 4 types of timber. May be I should buy a tin of spray paint so I can conform. Now black or silver.
  5. If you think your a hoarder now wait for the shelves go in. More storage space requires more things to fill the space.
  6. Yes, I have the sickness. R 4000-3 receiver, S85 turntable, C500 tape deck. 4 pairs x OD11`s. 2 original, 2 with different drivers. 1 x AO12, 1 x AO14, 1 x AO116. Box of spare bits. Sadly no spare 6.5" AINiCo drivers.
  7. I don`t find the case building that hard, once I stop procrastinating over the style I want. The electronics is my downfall. If I did not follow the paint by numbers or dot to dot approach I would be lost. Speakers used are generally some old VAF DC7`s (93 db, series II I think). Though today I have had it driving some Infinity RS4B`s comparing it to some other amps. One day I want to try some DIY horns. Tony from the 1/2 dun shed.
  8. Built the base model a couple of weeks ago. After trying the various up grades, 24v, adding R15, up specking R12, adding larger heatsinks to cope with it all, it`s now all back to the base model. I did keep my home made heatsinks. Not large enough for the 24v model but more than enough for the 19v. I went back to the basic model as I could not justify the 40% increase in power for the increase in output. 5.13 watts against 6.36 watts. (that and don`t have any spare laptop power supplies) Added the B1 pre to keep it all in the Pass family. A very nice sounding little unit. Now I just have to build a box. Tony
  9. Yes, gone some 10 years now after 25 years of service.
  10. I did not know that SNA had a bike section, so I had a bit of a look. It`s amazing how a couple of photo`s can bring some memories flooding back. back in the day
  11. No not the name of the rack but it has been producing some at the other end of the room. Some makeshift shelving and its up and running.
  12. Hi all, Finally started on an audio racking system I have wanted to build for some time. Ultimately one room will have a floor to ceiling rack about 2 meters wide. Another room will have a setup approx. 1.2 m high, 1.5 m wide. Both racks will a separate turntable platforms mounted to the wall, isolating them from the racking itself. In the meantime I have started on two mobile sections that I can move around from room to room and slot into the other racks. Loaded up with 55 kgs of sandblasting material for load and deflection tests. Ended up with 1 deg deflection with the load moved out to the front edge. Nothing broke and everything returned to its original position. Lots more to do but at least its at start. Tony
  13. Working on a couple of Pass pre amps B1, B1.2 and B3 to go with my Aleph amps (mini and J)
  14. Yep, it just keeps getting better. Have been doing some cartridge changes and the old favorite comes through again. Garrott P77. Now where are those OPA2134`s Tony
  15. Glad you were able to get the base off. They can be a bit hard. Please be carefull with these drivers. Even though they are SC165`s the mids are 16 ohms and unique to the 116. The bass drivers are 5.3 ohms and were only used in the 116 and 2212 models. Both very hard to replace if ever damaged. An excellent speaker, hope it all goes well. Tony
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