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  1. Welcome to SNA, Maybe start a thread in "AV Receivers" and you'll get some tips. Cheers.
  2. Welcome Ash, Nothing wrong with a growing vinyl collection, whether it grows quickly or slowly. Cheers.
  3. Must admit I'm another SNA member looking forward to the new speaker cables. Cheers, Interface.
  4. Welcome to SNA Mike, A lot of good reading to be had here and some very knowledgeable and helpful members. Cheers.
  5. Welcome to SNA, A lot of knowledgeable folk here to help you out if needed. Cheers.
  6. Hi and welcome. I trust that you will enjoy your stay.
  7. A great purchase and a great club to a part of. In a few months I will have had mine for three years and I'm still loving it.👍
  8. Welcome Daniel. Join in and enjoy your time with SNA.
  9. Hi redsun, A lot of members here to help you make your choices.
  10. Welcome Karen. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  11. Welcome to SNA. Enjoyment of sound doesn't have to come from a big dollar system. Have fun with your upgrade.
  12. A warm welcome to you EnigmaC. I hope you enjoy your time here. Cheers, Interface
  13. Blue Horizon promat. Composite of rubber, cork and leather. I'm happy with the difference it made.
  14. It's confession time. My number one album would actually be Daly Wilson Big Band, Live at the Cellblock but it was not on AudioDB data base😢hence the above selection. Nothing wrong with George Benson though. Cheers, Interface.
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