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  1. A thing of beauty. It looks great. A job very well done, definitely worth the sore fingers.👍
  2. An enjoyable read from all of the above. It seems like you have a very interesting journey ahead of you @BuzzzFuzzz. It's not the destination that counts it's the journey, and it seems like you've had some pretty good stops on your journey already. I look forward to reading further instalments. Cheers, Interface
  3. Maybe there's a certain synergy in your C system that does everything right for you and throws you back to your younger years and the associated good vibes.
  4. Welcome to SNA. You're in the right place for good advice.
  5. ^^^ Thoroughly enjoyed that footage. The sound was great. Such an eerie perhaps mournful sound from the whistle ( if you call it a whistle).
  6. With the kevlar cones they are the second version of Auroras so they are Aurora 3.2.
  7. Thanks for this thread. I look forward to watching the videos. Cheers, Interface
  8. Hi Michael, That says it all. If you don't enjoy it, what's the use? Welcome to SNA. I hope you get a lot out of the site. Cheers, Interface.
  9. Love the plinth. So different and truly stunning. It certainly breaks the mould. Cheers, Interface
  10. There is a thread here on SNA, Duntech Viscount PCL-300 by Reverend Jonny Heathen. Maybe contact him. Cheers, Interface.
  11. Just put in a contribution. Happy to be a part of this again. Cheers, Interface.
  12. By reading the two signs on the hotel I'd say it's in Wales.
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