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  1. Good looking amp. Love the photos.
  2. Just put in a contribution. Happy to be a part of this again. Cheers, Interface.
  3. By reading the two signs on the hotel I'd say it's in Wales.
  4. I reported this situation in the middle of last year. Given your post I guess it was not acted on.
  5. @Bill125812 Please PM me as my PM to you does'nt go through.
  6. ^^^ Even better than a garage system. Great price. GLWTS
  7. Yes the Elektras certainly are heavy. It was an effort to get mine out of the box when I got it and it was only 5 channel. Maybe I need to go to the gym 😊 They talk about burn in time of around 100 hours so you're still to hear improvements even though you seem to be happy with it straight out of the box. I don't know if I was kidding myself but to me I think mine really hit its stride at 300 hours. Another great Australian made product.👍
  8. I've enjoyed following this thread. I don't pretend to understand all the different readouts, graphs or electronic jargon but I appreciate the time, effort and skill rquired to check and rebuild something like this. To me it's been a job that's been very well done. Congratulations on giving this equipment a new lease of life. @Grizzly I trust that it gives you heaps of aural bliss. Cheers, Interface
  9. @christosd That would be a good as well.☺️
  10. Thanks @Bass13 for finding this thread. I'm starting the day by listening to Snarky Puppy on YouTube then lunch out with my wife and two of the best sons anyone could ask for. I have been truly blessed. The best gifts ever.
  11. A thoroughly enjoyable read. It's great to see what can be done with wheeling and dealing and a very minimal dollar outlay. Well done. So I guess the answer to your thread title is, yes!
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