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  1. Welcome to SNA Michael. A lot of help available on this forum from knowledgeable members. I trust that you will enjoy your time here. Cheers.
  2. Hi Chris and welcome to SNA. Plenty of knowledgeable people here to help you out if needed. Cheers.
  3. Welcome to SNA. This is a good forum to ask questions, maybe have a good read in the av section and then ask the questions you need answers to. Cheers.
  4. Welcome to SNA. This is a good forum to be a part of. Have a look around and join in. Cheers.
  5. Hi Joel and welcome to SNA. If possible I'm sure we'd love to hear more about the your vintage gear and records. Yes music can be emotive, it's good to see that you like reliving the old days through music. Cheers.
  6. Even though I don't know the difference between an oscillator and a capacitor I'm looking forward to seeing how this all turns out. Good luck with it all. Cheers.
  7. Six kookas looking for a handout.
  8. A warm SNA Welcome to you Michael. This is a great forum to be involved with. Certainly a good knowledge base to help you out. Cheers.
  9. Welcome to SNA. Certainly a big knowledge base here. Start a thread in the appropriate section and there should be plenty of help.
  10. Welcome to SNA. I trust that you will enjoy you time here.
  11. Hi David and welcome to SNA. A lot of helpful members here to help you make decisions about equipment.
  12. I trust that you get heaps of enjoyment from your speakers as I have from mine. They have great mids and the bass is not lacking. I can only imagine what a pair of Auroras would be like as rears. Good luck with it all.
  13. Welcome to SNA. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I'm impressed with how tidy your set up is. Not a cable to be seen. ? Cheers
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