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  1. jeromep

    FS: reel to reel tapes & reels

    hi In item 1 are there two metal reels or one?
  2. interested if willing to post
  3. jeromep

    FS: 10m hdmi cable

    Hi sorry I want be able to pick up thanks
  4. jeromep

    FS: 10m hdmi cable

    interested ,what suburb ?
  5. A couple of months back, i purchase a anthem CD1 from a fellow member. I have read a few articles on the net where they had upgraded the caps on the CD1. Therefore I was wondering whether anyone here has done this before or had some advice if I were to attempt it myself
  6. sending PM, with the intention of buying
  7. If the sale does not go through, l will take it thanks
  8. jeromep

    FS: Audiophile CDs

    pm sent
  9. Hi Is the Rega power supply available?
  10. jeromep

    SOLD: FS: Anthem CD1 HDCD/CD Player

    If still available,and if willing to post to Melbourne, I am interested in buying
  11. Hi Iam interested in the tapes, if you are selling it separately
  12. pm sent with the intention of buying