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  1. jeromep

    FS: reel to reel tapes & reels

    hi In item 1 are there two metal reels or one?
  2. interested if willing to post
  3. jeromep

    FS: 10m hdmi cable

    Hi sorry I want be able to pick up thanks
  4. jeromep

    FS: 10m hdmi cable

    interested ,what suburb ?
  5. A couple of months back, i purchase a anthem CD1 from a fellow member. I have read a few articles on the net where they had upgraded the caps on the CD1. Therefore I was wondering whether anyone here has done this before or had some advice if I were to attempt it myself
  6. sending PM, with the intention of buying
  7. If the sale does not go through, l will take it thanks
  8. jeromep

    FS: Audiophile CDs

    pm sent
  9. Hi Is the Rega power supply available?
  10. jeromep

    SOLD: FS: Anthem CD1 HDCD/CD Player

    If still available,and if willing to post to Melbourne, I am interested in buying
  11. Hi Iam interested in the tapes, if you are selling it separately
  12. pm sent with the intention of buying
  13. jeromep

    Complete Vintage Stereo

    pm sent regarding details