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  1. Yeah, I still scratch my head as to why Paradigm stopped producing Signature series. S8s are such marvellous speakers. (They actually came seventh or eighth in the line up of best ever 15 speakers line up) You would have to fork out many many more times of their cost to better them. Listening to them in 2CH setup thru JC2 + Anthem M1 mono-blocks were out of this world. I listened to every single CD I had once I had this set-up and realised how much I was missing throughout the years listening my CD collection. But u know rest of the story. I do miss my old listening room in the big house I sold. The place where we live now is s**t sonically :(.
  2. Paradigm Studios are great speakers. You would have to fork out substantial amount to improve on them. I once saw an article about Parasound displaying their premium JC1 monoblock amps + legendery JC2 Preamp with Paradigm Studio's in a HI FI show in the US and the author was very impressed with the sound. If it is good enough for Parasound to display their top of the range stuff then it is gotta be really good. I would say stick to them. I upgraded from Studio Series to Signature series, yes, of course there is difference but is it worth the cost?!?
  3. Well I suppose what sort of Jazz it is. If you are listening to something with out a Bouble Bass, you wouldn't hear anything like that.
  4. Who says I'm listening rock. It is mostly small band Jazz and you need a decent sub to hear that double bass. Something like below.
  5. Go for it. When I look back, I still scratch my head what the heck I was doing constantly upgrading, poring every extra cash I got into it.
  6. Ha ha ha. Well preferring CX-A5100 over JC2 as a 2CH preamp, no matter what the logic/reason behind it, I thought I would be lynched on SNA but surprisingly not so.
  7. Nor a bad idea but no headphone will create heart thumbing bass coming out of SUB2, that's is musical bass nothing like typical booooomy crap you get from lesser subies.
  8. Yeah I'm happy with the equipment but not with the new room. It has horrible acoustics and is crying out loud for some sound panelling but only if I can convince the Mrs, which is next to impossible.
  9. After seeing above, I thought I should start a new conversation about loosing the interest in chasing the ultimate and settling down with what's reasonable. Three years ago I reached the end point of setting up combined ultimate home theatre and 2 channel stereo system in my budget range in my old house (sold it and moved into a smaller town house) Which was a 11.2 Dolby Atmos system which consisted of Yamaha CX-A5100, 2 Anthem M1 monoblocks, an Anthem A1 plus Anthem PVA5 and a Paradigm Sub 2. M1 monoblocks ran my Paradigm Signature S8s, A1 ran a pair of Signature S2 and a pair of KEF XQ20 and a Paradigm Signature C3. PVA5 ran 4 ceiling speakers of Athena. For the 2CH set up I had a Yamaha CD-S2100 going thru a Parasound JC2 with Home Theatre bypass hooked up to M1 monoblocks. Boy did I enjoy that 2CH setup, it was pure bliss. Then retirement knocked on the door and we decided to sell the big old house and move into a smaller townhouse. There was no way I could keep all of that so I started doing very careful listening as to how to reduce my system. Initially I thought I would get rid of everything and hang on to my 2CH setup. But after doing a lot of A & B listening between CD-S2100, JC2, M1s, S2 and CD-S2100, CX-A5100, M1s, S2, I've come to conclusion of not keeping CJ2 and sticking with CX-A5100. Now before you guys start lynching me, I do realise the difference between JC2 and CX-A5100 as a pre-amp but does the difference in the sound justify the price/cost diffrence?!? and also CX-A5100 comes with all those bells and whistles. To me it didn't. So I got rid of everything except CX-A5100. M1s, A1, S8s, XQ20s, Sub 2. Now I have 5.1 home teathre setup with CX-A5100, M1s, A1, Sub2, S8s, XQ20s and a C3 with 2 CH setup going thru CX-A5100, M1s and S8s and very happy with it. How about you guys, has anyone been thru such downgrade for a change where everything seems to be about upgrade even though sometimes side ways?!?
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