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  1. Proud owner of CS-S2100 for 2 years and it hasn't skipped a beat. Sounds wonderful too.
  2. Before discussing any other technical details, a musical Sub needs to be fast but accurate, besides the very basic requirement of going all the way down to 20Hz with no issue at all. That's what is missing with most of the subs used in HT, they rumble like thunder but very floppy, no speed thus no accuracy.
  3. Do what I did, get everything ready secretly and install ceiling speakers when Madam goes to shopping ( before she leaves mentioning that it is OK to buy that expensive shoe/bag/dress/whatever helps) There might be an argument when she is back,amplitude of the argument depends on if she bought the thing or not. But in any case she would settle down. Also having her to watch her favorite movies in Dolby Atmos helps. Even if the movie is not Dolby Atmos, runing it in Dolby Atmos or DTX Neural X makes huge difference and she would realize how good it is to have speakers on the ceiling. Obviously if you get here to watch a very good recorded Native Dolby Atmos movie that she might like, it is a big winner.
  4. You just missed my Denon 2910 which went for $79. Standard DVD player but superb SACD player.
  5. I am very surprised that it didn't stir any reactions. It used to be complete no-no to even think about using an AVR for stereo forget about actually doing it!?!
  6. 1-Beginning of the track 9 on the 2nd CD of Nils Lofgren Band Live double album The best ever live recording I've ever heard full stop. After hearing this on his customer's (who is my friend and I gave him a copy of this CD) system who bought Paragons, Colin Whatmough asked if he can have a copy so he can use it to demo the Bass on Paragons. 2- Escondido by Bernie Maupin; The Bass saxophone in this peace requires top notch music sub, really kicks in around 50" and goes down quite a lot. 3 - Cool album by Bob James & Earl Klugh, whole album is full of great bass and it is an excellent example of great recording but the 2nd track , " As it happens" is my favorite, the bass guitar entry at the beginning is awesome.
  7. Agreed. As I said, it a spontaneous respond at the time.
  8. I was assuming someone forking out $$$$ for a sub in a 2CH system would rather go for a pre-amp/power amp setup. Yes I know there are great integrateds out there, it was just an assumption I made at the time of writing my response.
  9. It is because vast majority of subs are not designed for music and people try to use them in 2CH music.
  10. Are the issues that made almost every trail blazer who bought Oppo 203or 205 regret their decision all fixed now or there are still issues with it? Will be in the market for a 4K player soon but been out of touch with the market for about a year and would like to know what's the latest situation is.
  11. I would suggest the below thread about switching noise in Class D amps; It is very informative
  12. Your system must be amazing Nah, it is something what I built with long term vision and savings. There are many people in this forum and out there with much better equipment. To me it is the enjoyment/satisfaction one gets out of their system let it be AV or 2CH music. Somebody could be much more happier and satisfied with a $5K system than someone with a $50K system, it is all perception or should I say famous it is the theory of diminishing returns of investment as you go up the ladder?
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