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  1. Audacity is free and has some click/noise removal features, they are pretty good considering the cost. Izotope rx 7 has different levels, if you sign up to their newsletter the base version sometimes comes up fairly cheaply. Also Adobe Audition has good noise removal features as well, I think that is pay as you go.
  2. I don't think they have had any alterations at all done to them. I put some through Izotope RX 7 to see how they sounded with a clean. You can listen to one track I did with the original and then cleaned version (this cuts in around 25 seconds) on the same track https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j_3Wp9d-EuFby4jflf7gNN3opBlXojwR
  3. Download or listen to more than 48,000 78rpm record “sides” from the Boston Public Library’s sound archive that have been digitized and made freely available by the Internet Archive. The Boston Public Library collection has music that was recorded on 78 rpm records from the early 1900s as well as music through the 1980s recorded on LPs. Many previously unheard recordings are now available for free to stream or download. The collection includes classical, pop, rock, jazz, hillbilly music, early brass bands, and opera. The recordings include well known artists, artists who sold many records but faded from view, and more obscure artists. https://archive.org/details/78rpm_bostonpubliclibrary
  4. I have one of these that Richard McDonald did up for me. After he recapped and tweaked it it became one of my favourite amps. Not real high powered or bassy but they have a lovely rich warm sound that suits 60-70's music with lots of instruments. This is a video of mine with a set of speakers I sold a while back. Richard told me he prefers the sounds out of these to a AU-555a
  5. https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2018/04/what-is-hd-vinyl-and-is-it-legit/
  6. Philly company digitizes 25,000 old records and they're free to download http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/local/arts-culture/106319-philly-company-digitizes-collection-of-25000-old-records-and-growing-free-to-download
  7. I have one of these done up by Richard and it sounds lovely, it is one of my favourite amps and I'd never sell mine! Lovely thick rich warm sound, much better than factory standard once Richard has worked his magic on it. If you are looking for a retro 70's style amp you would be pressed to beat this for the price. The tuner on them is very good as well. Good luck with the sale.
  8. Thanks Srey, I successfully did this a few days ago, first by working out how to get off the front plate and cutting through the black stretchy glue. I then managed to flatten and reattach the existing vinyl using a standard cloths iron set on a silk setting combined with a piece off baking paper, which protected the vinyl/iron from melting, as per EV Cali's above instruction. Once the vinyl was warm it was much easier to pull off and move back on to the wood restoring it back to its earlier days with no extra glue required. Thanks for the advice
  9. Item: Richard McDonalds Darlimodo Location: Inverloch Victoria Price: 400 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Surplass to needs, too much gear. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Richard McDonalds Darlimodo, Lovely detailed sounding amplifier. This is a Darlimodo designed and built by Richard Mcdonald. It has a very clean clear and detailed sound. Richard only began making these recently as an alternative to his Quasimodo. It would be approximately 40W and is in a nice compact case. Richard has been repairing and making amplifiers for many years, if ever you have had a chance to listen to one of Richards amplifiers you will know how good they are. I’m selling this as I don’t have a huge amount of room in my town house for lots of audio gear. You are welcome to drop by for a listen if interested. Pickup from Inverloch Victoria cheers Andy Pictures:
  10. Item: Eric Chan McChanson Time Amp Junior EL84 Integrated Valve Amplifier Location:Inverloch Victoria Price: 400 Item Condition: Few minor scratches but overall good Reason for selling: Too much gear Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a lovely sounding amp made by Eric McChanson. If you ever wanted to get into valve amplifiers this would be a magnificent starter. Great warm and detailed sound. This amp would be approximately 3 years old now and is from my personal collection, the only reason I’m selling it is that I don’t have a huge amount of room in my town house. The sound from this compares really well to amps many more times the cost and new this would be nearly double what I’m asking for it, so it is a great buy. As this amplifiers output is fairly low to get the best out of it you have to have some fairly sensitive speakers. I have used some Klipsch B-20’s which work well. Heavy and fragile with valves so won’t post, Pick up only from Inverloch Victoria. Doesn’t include power cord which is standard 3 prong one used on most modern PC’s. Your welcome to come down for a listen if your interested, bring your own speakers if you want to see if it pairs OK. Cheers Andy Pictures:
  11. Richard McDonald does a great job of doing these up, I have a Rotel-311 which he recapped and modded for me and it sounds lovely. You wouldn't think you could get really good sound out of one of these but Richard does magic on them! You only got to hope the transformer in it hasn't blown. cheers Andy
  12. Michael David Rosenberg better known by his stage name Passenger
  13. Item: Sansui AU-555 & Akai SW-120A Speakers Location:Inverloch Victoria Price: $450 Item Condition: There are a few knicks and scratches of both amp and speakers but overall pretty good. Reason for selling: Downsizing for smaller town house Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Sansui AU-555 Amplifier, Warm tube like sound, recapped/serviced Lovely Sansui AU-555, with original wooden case. I bought this one from a little old lady in Tasmania who purchased it new in the 70's. It has a few scratches and marks in the wood but overall is in good condition for the age. Still has original manuals and laminated instruction card. It has been recapped and serviced by Richard McDonald who has done a good job to make it sound great. It is rated at 20 watts per channel into 8Ω but I believe this is a very conservative estimate. This is from my personal collection which I am slowly culling back so I don't end up on one of those Hoarder TV shows. You are welcome to drop by and have a listen. I don't believe you will find another AU-555 that sounds this good, it is a lovely buy especially with the wooden case.. Akai SW-120A Japanese made 2 way speakers This is a nice set of old school (Early 70's) Japanese made Akai speakers. They are rated to 25W and are very sensitive. They have recently had there original capacitors replaced with new polypropylene ones, which should technically last forever. They have a clear warm sound and pair well with the Sansui. Cabinets have a few scratches and chips but overall are in good condition for their age. Cables are included. Won't Post, pickup only from Inverloch Victoria. Cheers Andy
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