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  1. I went in store and there were 4-5 4K titles available but most were stripped off the shelf (staff said Blurays in general were going out the store like hot cakes only 2 I wanted Baby Driver and Mummy (new version)
  2. Used to be heaps of kids games on original Xbox, Disney skate, Shrek, ratatouille, ratchet and clank etc. my 18 yo daughter asked me to set up the original Xbox just so she could relive childhood
  3. Can vouch for Chris equipment, well looked after in dedicated HT setup
  4. Hey Wolp Could you please let us know which direction you are going in, or at least reply to PM's so we know where we stand. was heading out your way this afternoon for something else anyway.
  5. Bowers and Wilkins 803 D2

    Pretty sure these would lead to divorce, but well worth it 😭 Good of luck with sale
  6. Blu Ray Title Trade

    Could be, can't remember exactly but pretty sure I placed that in 4k thread 😂
  7. Blu Ray Title Trade

    Yes I sold Pinnaple Express on it
  8. For what it is worth, I went from Cambridge CX200 to Marantz Pre and Elektra HD2 and thought there was little difference
  9. FS: HD-DVD Titles x 89

    Good price, I would purchase but already have 85% of titles We have an XE1, 2 EP10's and an E10 for scattered around the house (just in case family want to watch our collection - about once per quarter). Pretty sure I also have a spare E10 and Xbox HDDVD player as well LOL
  10. Thanks for heads up, did not see the email last night. picked up Kong and Life (both 4K) for $56 (24.3% off)
  11. Marantz 2015 AV processors

    Yes but another disappointment by Marantz after saying the AV7701 was 4K compatible The whole idea of 7702m2 was to give full 4K and Atmos/DTS codex $3000 plus is a lot to spend to be obsolete in 18 months, glad I waited (I mean did not have the funds)
  12. FS: Oppo UDP 203

    Depending on TV, only reason I have to watch Netflix via UHD player is to get DD+ rather than DD via HDMI (as my Samsung LED does)
  13. FS: Oppo UDP 203

    Corza, didn't you just sell a Pana and Sammy??