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  1. Very tempted have watched this come up many times. If get a job soon I am in
  2. Update Manager of Altona Meadows agreed that I had not been treated well and sourced the stock from Geelong and honoured the weekend prices for Fallout, EQ2 and Skyscraper
  3. Nope, just sent me a refund and said they were unable to fulfil. Just shows what a crap stock management system they have
  4. Just ordered click and collect to my store even though none in stock. Hope they honour it and bring it from other stores as they said no rain check in store

    FS: Rotel RA980BX Amplifier

    Still available
  6. Beautiful speakers very jealous of the new owner
  7. Yes not much bigger than my Samsung 75 LED

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    It is only available for pay and pickup and is $25 on Amazon!!!
  9. Still being used but still for sale [emoji16]
  10. Bargain XQ20s went for $1500
  11. AMCNAD

    SOLD: FS: Primare A30.5 MKII

    Thanks that makes sense, I noticed the 30.7 for sale in another thread does have balanced hence the question
  12. AMCNAD

    SOLD: FS: Primare A30.5 MKII

    Surprised this didn’t sport balanced inputs?
  13. Drive up the road, don’t want these electronics posted [emoji12]
  14. AMCNAD

    SOLD: Rotel RMB 1555

    There is an Integra 80.1 for $300 in the other thread..... just saying [emoji23] Cheap replacement for your processor
  15. Looks like 720P , throw 2.7 to 9.9