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  1. Oh how I wish I had a job, I would be all over this. Wife would have kittens if I purchased now [emoji22]
  2. My standard Aurora 3 are 900 tall with centre of tweeter at 840. The Signatures are 1000 tall and 930 to mid tweeter. The standards should be the same as the OP’s
  3. Great amp, have run it for last 3 years, pushed “hardish” on occasion at parties and has never missed a beat
  4. FS: Marantz CD63, AMC 3025a, AMCT7A, Proton AT-470, Toshiba EP10 Location: Point Cook, Melbourne Condition: Very good for age, all work well Reason for sale: clean out of old electronics Prices: Marantz CD63 $300 AMC 3025a $250 AMCT7A $150 Proton AT-470 $50 Toshiba EP10 $85
  5. I have the same model as my rears and the Signature edition (which is slightly bigger and was completely rewired and given a new crossover) for my Mains. They are a great sounding speaker and play well above their weight
  6. Very sad to hear reason for selling, great set up, GLWS
  7. Another 20% off sale at JB on 4K Blu etc Best bargains are in the 2 for $40 TV section Picked up Discovery S1 Blu and Agents of Shield S4 Blu for $16 each and both of these were $45 plus yesterday [emoji41]
  8. I run a 75 inch on a wall in a 6x4 room and it looks small 🤦‍♂️
  9. Thanks Glen, works perfectly. Only downside and this is my fault for not checking was I forgot this model requires a External HD tuner to get free to air HD channels. Peter
  10. A pity this only decodes pre-HD, but does have 7.1 channel in
  11. I have a SD1010 cassette deck (early 80’s) that would match brilliantly
  12. This has gone up in price to USD14.99 or A$21 delivered
  13. Ahhh why can’t I have a job when these come up!!!!
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