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  1. Still being used but still for sale [emoji16]
  2. Bargain XQ20s went for $1500

    SOLD: FS: Primare A30.5 MKII

    Thanks that makes sense, I noticed the 30.7 for sale in another thread does have balanced hence the question

    SOLD: FS: Primare A30.5 MKII

    Surprised this didn’t sport balanced inputs?
  5. Drive up the road, don’t want these electronics posted [emoji12]

    SOLD: Rotel RMB 1555

    There is an Integra 80.1 for $300 in the other thread..... just saying [emoji23] Cheap replacement for your processor
  7. Looks like 720P , throw 2.7 to 9.9
  8. The new version of these speakers retail for over $2k so yes
  9. I assume the mains are XQ50 and the centre XQ50c ??
  10. I have this model as my rears and the signature series as my fronts. The Signature series replaces the crossover and all the internal wiring. The cabinet is also bigger, but essentially the drivers are the same. I believe you could get the mod done post sale Great speakers for the price
  11. Great will PM my mobile and then contact you near the weekend to organise a time
  12. I will go backup if can wait for pickup on weekend of 28/29th July, thanks
  13. Yes bargain, happy to be back up to the backup to the backup [emoji12]
  14. You did realise you could use click and collect and simply go into the store today at no extra cost? i did that on 4K versions of Thor, Justice and SWTLJ all 3 for $85
  15. AMCNAD

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    Damn missed this it wasnt that bad, granted I fell asleep for a bit of it as the movies ?