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    Marantz 2216 B Receiver

    I have a SD1010 cassette deck (early 80’s) that would match brilliantly
  2. This has gone up in price to USD14.99 or A$21 delivered
  3. Ahhh why can’t I have a job when these come up!!!!
  4. Happy Sacks can answer the modular question but if you are trying to create a great future set up then this sounds a good deal. I run a pre/pro set up Marantz and Elektra HD2 in a 6 by 4 room and it is great. It would be just as at home in a smaller set up but just on lower volumes. I ran a similar setup in an apartment. As a good sound tech said to me, if you are running quality equipment you will blow your ears before your speakers!!!!
  5. Yes this is just a processor /pre amp It does require a power amp of similar quality. Oh look the OP is also selling one of these [emoji16]
  6. Just purchased one of these for one of the kids. Perfect size for bedroom and picture is still fantastic. Even though only 720p it accepted 1080p/24
  7. If I didn’t already own one plus 3 EP10’s........ Great player for HDDVD GLWS
  8. Grills look awesome, match my V1250 grill (albeit black)
  9. BB can you confirm if plays SACD, only saw ref to high res audio
  10. Designed to be surround speakers??
  11. Very tempted have watched this come up many times. If get a job soon I am in
  12. Update Manager of Altona Meadows agreed that I had not been treated well and sourced the stock from Geelong and honoured the weekend prices for Fallout, EQ2 and Skyscraper
  13. Nope, just sent me a refund and said they were unable to fulfil. Just shows what a crap stock management system they have
  14. Just ordered click and collect to my store even though none in stock. Hope they honour it and bring it from other stores as they said no rain check in store