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  1. Agree, apart from switching issue which you can get around using a macro on a programmable remote, massive toroidal transformer and max output of 1000w, puts many receivers to shame.
  2. I have Aurora 3 signatures as fronts, sound fantastic, definitely punch above their weight
  3. did not realise there was a Newcastle Junction in Victoria?
  4. I have the 8060 and the sub does add to depth It is for sale but is a US version https://www.cnet.com/products/definitive-technology-cs-8060hd/
  5. Look relatively good nick for the age (apart from tear), just a heads up that people will want to see pictures of the drivers. They are notorious for deterioration.
  6. Fantastic looking speakers, get mainly thumpingly good reviews for precision soundstage and bass (albeit one thought over-powering) Sounds like they need a big room and solid amplification? Also super price given US$10k when released Wife would divorce me 😞
  7. These are awesome, amazes me what people throw out? What suburb? toorak 🤣😜😜
  8. Have a spare copy of Dynasties 4k (sealed) open to trade offers
  9. Can I check the output on this? 5 by 250 w/rms all channels driven but max power is 800w? Apologies, I "misread" the back of the unit "max power" as 800w and as you point out from the Rotel website it is actually 600w
  10. If HDDVD had won you would have paid full price for the player and all those movies 😜
  11. Have a sealed copy of Crimes of Grindelwald 4K Steelbook willing to swap for new release 4K movies I don’t have which is not many
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