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  1. 400 watts a channel into 8ohm What a beast and only weighs 58.8kg [emoji12]
  2. Purchased Samsung RU7100 65” for $1300 yesterday. They also had Pana fx600 for $1200
  3. Silly question but I assume you toggled between PCM and DD output on SPDIF out?
  4. My rule of thumb is to buy the cheapest Samsung I can get in the size I want. You can then buy another one in 3 years time and still be in front rather than buy the best and brightest of the day. Picked up the RU7100 65 today for $1300 which is about half the price of the lowest QLED series
  5. Well I am the opposite my GT55 and my mum’s GT50 Pana’s circa 6/7 years old both died of the dreaded 7 flashes of death. All my Samsung’s are still going strong 6 and 10 years so went down to JB and got another Samsung. Picked up the RU7100 65 for $1300 which I believe is a cracker price for one of these.
  6. These are beautiful units, can I ask how the 15inch cones coped with fast paced music? I heard some were a little slow because of the large cone movement??
  7. Could be via an RF transmitter but would detract from sound quality
  8. Oh how I wish I had a job, I would be all over this. Wife would have kittens if I purchased now [emoji22]
  9. My standard Aurora 3 are 900 tall with centre of tweeter at 840. The Signatures are 1000 tall and 930 to mid tweeter. The standards should be the same as the OP’s
  10. Great amp, have run it for last 3 years, pushed “hardish” on occasion at parties and has never missed a beat
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