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  1. @BlueOceanBoy and @Indie Hi-Fi are you still having fun with Bigger and Smaller Ben? Get out the reviews already ......
  2. Yup the Boston sound great but decided I'll stick to the Axis Voicebox S in Canberra for space consideration. So will let this very efficient Boston speakers go. It's in such good condition for it's age, I'm rather surprised. My Elekit TU-8200 at 8w drives it very well.
  3. Jimmyboy how are you πŸ™‚ Long time no see. Should come and visit me again. glwts.
  4. Thanks @Ccollins. Selling both the v280 and the Taurus is a heartache because they are such lovely sounding and performers for the price. However I have too many headphone amps and it's best to let others have it.
  5. Excellent. I will want to live in that demo room. Buying vinyl gradually before hand is good. You'll have a good nice collection build up by the time the turntable table arrived. I buy vinyls only of albums I love. I know you will go deep haha. Can't wait to see what turntable, tonearm setup you'll get.
  6. Hugo looks like you're a vinyl lover. You must have a gorgeous turntable and cartridge. These people loves their vinyls. ☺️ https://www.whathifi.com/au/features/15-celebrities-and-their-vinyl-collections
  7. I never did get into a good digital. The most I had been is getting an Auralic Aries - picture below when I had it. For good source I'll turn to my Rega RP8 with Apetha cartridge. For convenience I'll just use my new gaming PC with all the lights and I don't even game. 😁 He never got into head-fi as I do. Spending his time on drumming and ice hockey and skiing. Just different interest. Lately though he did buy an Arya and the Topping combo of D90 / A90 because it can fit on his desk without taking up too much space. Borrowed my HD800 for his 1st person shooter games. πŸ™‚
  8. What got me started was when my son brought home the Aune T1. The start of my fascination with tubes.
  9. Sounds like my kind of story except you invested a ton more. My 1st headphone is DT880 250 ohms with JDS lab o2/odac. Then came DV336se with HD650. πŸ™‚ Take up golf and meet me on the fairway. We can have cocaine along the way. Will improve our drive ! Don't do that. I prefer to remain a human and friend rather than a deity. 😝 Haven't you heard of the Apple iPad lol. That's what they use in Minidisc for gear demo. I agree the Qutest sounds really good. TT2+MScalar just for looks 😜
  10. I had that before. I think I gave you one when you bought the Studio Six from me. The other 2 drivers are much better in my opinion - Sylvania 6sn7w metal base and Mullard ECC33, the latter is very expensive now.
  11. I ask Hugo which he prefer - Nirvana or Mogwai Se and he told me Nirvana with a smile. When I heard Qutest > Nirvana > LCD4 at Minidisc, I bow in respect. That is an end game setup. 2 weeks later I went back and listen to Chord Hugo TT2 + M Scalar > Nirvana > Susvara .... too good at $32000. πŸ™‚
  12. Neil, I should help you get a Mullard GZ34 metal base. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately my supplier has no more GEC KT88. Last pair is reserved for me and he keeps 2 pairs for himself. Sigh. That's $1100 a pair NOS. I'm getting his only pair of lightly use GEC KT77 and Tung Sol 6550 1960s at $450 a pair each. Tubes are costing me much but buy once and that's it. Interesting comparison between Nirvana and Bigger Ben / Mogwai Se. Come August I'll bring Odyssey up to see you for a comparison with your winner. πŸ™‚ I just bought another Mullard GZ34. The one you have from me is jus
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