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  1. Definitely not. It's his private collection. He just loves vintage amps from Japan.
  2. I've seen and heard this Yamaha driving a pair of Diatone DS-3000 at Jay's place. Beautiful in sound and in looks. The amp is spotless. Would have love to buy this but I already have 2 high end Sansui amps and I bought the Sansui au alpha 907mr from Jay. So buy with confidence. GLWTS Jay.
  3. I'm using these between Yggdrasil and ALO Audio Studio Six and they are great value for the money.
  4. Just click on the SOLD button at the top.
  5. Well done Wyd4 🙂 That's such a cheap price for a tube amp.
  6. I'll take this. Sending you PM now.
  7. I know I have one too driving my Axis LS88 or Axis Voice S. This price is a steal.
  8. Tentatively sold pending payment. I'll update if it falls through.
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