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  1. This setup sends goosebumps up my spine. The power and the glory this amp exhibit. I have a hard time deciding which I prefer more - Sword or Destiny. All this listening with LCD4.
  2. There's Sword of Destiny. 😋 Don't think I want to return Sword to Eric. Of course he has no clue what is Sword. The RCA 6L6 in Sword is just amazing. It's a priceless sword now. Dennis's Mullard GZ34 metal base is in Destiny.
  3. Setup so that I can plug my LCD4 into either amps which are connected to the M51. The little switch box helps to switch... tubes are ready to be sampled in the KT150 amp.
  4. But you have not seen the Man in Black and my priceless new M51.
  5. PM with intent to purchase. Please check your mail box.
  6. unfortunately I am eyeing Eric’s own amp. Shall post in the McChanson thread.
  7. My timE has time tunnel visions and soundstage 🙄 If I had stumbled across McChanson's amps earlier I am very sure I would have gotten a KT88 and a parallel 6as7 amps from him as well because Destiny exceeds my expectations. I had spend lots on lower end tube amps since starting on headphone setups in 2015. Even the ALO Audio Studio Six at $6500 new does not make me forget my wife's birthday but Destiny does. This 300b amp is seriously good and bad. If only Eric can drill with precision the 2 headphone outputs on the front panel without damaging it, I would have ask him
  8. Oh you've the Silk trannies... maybe we should have a McChanson 300b amps sound off one day and compare pEarT, timEt and Silkt. At the outset I almost took Eric's offer of using his marzE power and output transformers but he does not have matching silver chokes and IT transformers. This was supposed to be a silver built but I gave up on that idea and instead went with gold - and hence Destiny in Gold !!! 🙂
  9. Further information: This HiFiMan Arya presents in great condition and have been looked after in a smoke free home. Bought new from A2A on the 6th May 2020 with invoice. Sounds great and lots of good reviews. If not for the He1000se, this would have stayed for sure. Comes with the original cable in 1/4 inch connector, box, manual and card with serial number. Headphone works perfectly with no issues at all. I've use it in se or xlr amps on the Toppings D90 / A90 stack. Works just beautiful. Sale does not include the Omega wooden stand. Stereo Magazine: Headph
  10. More expensive than rolling 300b tubes !!! 😆 You sir are a whisky connoisseur.
  11. There is a new 300b amp by Eric and it's call Intoxication. Guarantee surreal, holographic and exotic tone.
  12. It's the other way around. pEar which is the improved parafeed design is more linear, more sparkle while the timE is lusher and has a romantic tonality. If you compare the 2 side by side, you will know the difference but otherwise you won't know any better because both are lovely sounding. However having both 300b(s) side by side for 2 weeks, I have a preference for pEar (parafeed). So why did I go with timE? Not sure really. I wasn't disappointed with how Destiny sound that is for sure. On the contrary I love it. On the same token I might have love it more if I had the pEar desig
  13. He has told you one is Apple and the other Pear. My advice is to get Orange. Can't go wrong with orange.
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