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  1. So beautiful interior. This unit is looking good.
  2. I heard this and I want it. 🙂
  3. I have 3 of the LS28. Use one as centre channel. All in as new condition. Had it for 20 years. Ain't selling it though. 🙂 Also have a mint pair of LS88.
  4. Welcome to the forum Rob. Which model Legend speakers and Redgum amp did you have? The Legend / Redgum combination was well featured in the past year Melbourne HiFi Show. I have a Redgum Rgi120ENR black series driving my Axis LS88 and love it despite the recent arrival of the vintage Sansui AU-717 and AU-7700.
  5. Wow upgraded to RP10. These here should be really great with the IOS phono and apheta. I have the Rega RP8 with apheta and it's so lovely sounding.
  6. I seem to have lost my receipt but I could get one from Addicted To Audio Newtown. They have me on file. All in I bought Yggdrasil, Ragnarok, HD800 and the LCD-2f from them.
  7. Thanks. If not for the LCD3, I wouldn't let this go.
  8. Item: Audeze LCD-2f planar magnetic headphone Location: Sydney Price: $800 plus shipping Item Condition: MINT. Kept in immaculate condition in a smoke free home. Reason for selling: Unfortunately upgrading to LCD3 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (plus Paypal fees or through friends), COD Only Extra Info: I bought this LCD-2f from Addicted To Audio just barely over a year ago for $1399. Love the lush mid and gorgeous bass from it. A very natural and enjoyable sound. There are no defects at all. Not a scratch. It's mint. Always kept on the Omega stand. I have the original Pelican hard storage case, original cable plus manual. Does not include the after market xlr balanced cable or the Omega stand. I use it with Schiit Ragnarok, Chord Mojo, Glenn OTL amp and vintage Sansui amps. Simply gorgeous sounding. Pictures:
  9. Not so soon. 🙂 The LCD-2f is sounding crazily good with these 2 amps.
  10. This 717 will not leave my hands for the next 40 years. 🙂 Btw don't you still have your 717? I've forgotten that short listening session at your home. I was there to pick up the Audio-Gd dac but was privilege to listen to your system. Tonight I move the 717 to the lounge and connected up the Axis LS88. Playing 'Love Over Gold' album, it was love at first listen. Problem is deciding what to listen to. Great on the speakers and great on the Audeze LCD-2f, which has a magical tone driven by the 717. 3 Sansui(s) in a fortnight. That's right. 505 arrived on the 5/3, 7700 arrived on the 11/3 and 717 arrived on 17/3. I was deeply into rolling tubes on my headphone tube amps but rolling amps on these 3 Sansui(s) is more fun. Each of the amps are quite similar yet uniquely different in their tone. I'm having a ball plugging my headphone jack into the amps. 🙂 I like your deadpan humour but John and Pete are the nicest people in this hobby that I've met in a very short time... not withstanding I've to turn to them again in the future for an Alpha.🙂 Cheers Matt
  11. Thanks to you Pete. I'll see you again in a year's time for a Alpha series 🙂 but I'm not sure that I will need to upgrade from the 717. It's sounding superb. ... and John did something magical with the headphone socket. It's totally silent when inserting the headphone plug. Smooth.
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