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  1. It's actually for my son but now he doesn't need them. Great tubes and great price. I'm sure there will be a buyer soon. These Chathams are hard to come by now.
  2. I still have this amp which I bought new. At this price, it's a bargain. Like the OP said, will drive any speakers.
  3. I bet a lot of people love the Arya too. Listening to Tangerine Dream now with them and it's great. Wide soundstage, airy and oozing with details.
  4. Great pair of headphone. Dynamic and luscious. I'm on my 2nd pair of LCD-3f now.
  5. I did regret selling the LCD-3f. May look out for another one later. I think the Burson Conductor V2+ will drive it well. It's driving the T1.2 very well now.
  6. Burning in a new pair of T1.2. Sounding lovely for an old classic. Dynamic, punchy, yet relax. Have always love the T1.1 in the past but I feel this new version is much better. Treble is more relaxed but still clear and bass is very much more prominent now.
  7. Beautiful sounding headphones. I'm just burning in a new set. Amp it well and it's a pleasure to listen to. $650 is a bargain for a mint condition T1.2
  8. Still have my RP8 with Apheta. Great turntable.
  9. Congrats. How much does it cost including shipping?
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