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  1. Congrats. How much does it cost including shipping?
  2. 2 of the best headphone amps I've owned so far in my journey with this hobby. Studio Six is more of the traditional tube amp sound but it's much faster and dynamic than a Woo Audio WA5LE which I also had the opportunity to listen for 2 weeks in my own home. Oblivion though has much faster transients and is airier and clearer than Studio Six. Studio Six is lusher than Oblivion and has a more pronounced bass. That said both amps I'd consider as being fast, agile and has tight bass control. They are not like the lush and bloom that I heard in the WA5LE with Takatsuki 300b tubes.
  3. This was my Euforia with the setup when I had it. Studio Six is the better amp in terms of tone and build. No doubt about it. That doesn't make the Euforia bad. 🙂 The WA22 is quite good with good tubes. So was the Glenn OTL amp but the Studio Six is best of the lot... IMO. 🙂
  4. Had both. Euforia is so so but Studio Six is a different fish. Had LCD-3f too and Studio Six is great with it. This is my present setup with Verite and HD650 and HD800. I have stopped upgrading.
  5. Neil, you're going through gear much faster than me. I had thought about the Cayin HA-300 but these will have to wear out my interest first. Oblivion by Ultrasonic Studios and Studio Six by ALO Audio. I'm enjoying these with ZMF Verite and HD800. Sold off the LCD-3f which on hindsight I should have kept. Also sold off the Glenn OTL amp. I'm using Sylvania 6sn7w metal base, Brimar 6V6gt black glass, Mullard OB2, GEC U52 tubes with the Studio Six.
  6. Verite in action. This one is in Pheasant wood. Stunning driven by Oblivion. The amp is transparent with a touch of tube tone.
  7. Congrats on snapping up the ZMF Verite. Sounds great driven by Studio Six or Oblivion. This headphone has all the clarity and details and yet sound very smooth and natural, which makes long listening sessions fatigue free and enjoyable.
  8. Sure if you are in Canberra. I spend more time in Canberra even though my home is in Sydney. Several years ago we had meets in Sydney but the organiser moved to Melbourne and that was the end of it.
  9. @Galactic Soap knows his stuff. 🙂 I would have love to try your Abyss TC on Oblivion.
  10. Did not expect to see another pair of these speakers in reasonably good condition. I love them.
  11. Thank you @redrich2000 🙂 Sending you a PM to buy now OP.
  12. Hi Moderator, I've decided to keep this amp and withdraw it from sale. Can you please action it for me. Thanks. 🙂
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