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  1. So the Raspberry Pi4 has definitely fixed the USB bottleneck issues of earlier models?
  2. Sometimes you don’t get the warning 😳
  3. Hadn’t seen this.... I’ll have a go now
  4. Coooooool!!! (secretly hoping it’s the new preamp) 😳😳
  5. Now you just need an @Aussieamps amplifier. Huge damping factor and power with phenomenal detail. And the build quality is exceptional.
  6. Cranked the Devil Went Down to Georgia 😁
  7. You could get away with a lot less ISO than that. 25% would be plenty. Also the finish liquid to use is the Yellow bottle. Photo-Flo is a better surfactant also But as you said you’re having success so that what counts.
  8. The only thing I can tell anyone is make sure you have income protection insurance and EXTRA TPD insurance. I wouldn’t be typing this right now had I not been paying premiums for this since I was 18.
  9. I agree, no fun. The last was the worst. I think I’d be dead had it also not been for the safety switch. My uncle worked for the power mob in Melbourne years ago (can’t recall what they were called, did the tram lines etc) and hit a line to a sub station that threw him fair across the road. He lived. Still alive today.
  10. I’ve been hit with 240V three times now. I’m a hard learner. Now I just think of it as free electric shock therapy. 😳🙈
  11. MOV 1/1500 Blue vinyl is playing fine 😁
  12. Just make sure you have plenty of fuel for the BBQ 😁
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