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  1. Awfully nice of @Grizzly to let me test the Bel Canto. Not sure I’ll give it back!!
  2. The Contrast Lens or Magic are in your ball park. I haven’t heard those two exact models but the Soul and smaller model gave very good impressions at the recent Hifi show in Melbourne with the sort of sound signature you are after. Check the Room 1202 thread on here.
  3. Buy the Aleph 2 on eBay. Selling for about half what they are going for over seas. Spectacular reviews about their sound. If you stopped buying all this stuff and just bought @Yamaha_man ‘s Krells two years ago you’d be relaxing right now 😉
  4. @FR DRew I’ve been through most of the ones on your list and mentioned after. I’ve settled on the Phonomena 11 with a PSU supplied by @Gieseler Audio. It is adjustable to a great degree and is dead silent. I mean dead. The quiet passages in music are eerily quiet. The only one I’ve heard recently this quiet is @evil c impossible to find Alephono. Definitely should be on your short list.
  5. Yes this is true... and the reason also why I’m shying away from my US cleaner. I am seriously considering the Consonance cleaner that Osborn sells.
  6. I have GL KT77 in the EL34 version. Just as sweet but a little less power than the 120. Not too much in it.
  7. No snark. Just an observation of people. The internet is here for my enjoyment. says the guy that posted this....... then lost his cajones I’d have had more respect for you if you left it. I thought it was funny
  8. The Weston Acoustics website lists the tubes. The KT120 has a larger transformer and two rectifiers.
  9. Too scared to take up your offer to hear this amp as I’ll probably want to buy it! 😉
  10. Buy this to tide you over, sell for same money when yours arrives. Simples Who knows how long it could be
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