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  1. They are sold, that’s what they are 😉 ad says 17
  2. Pick me, pick me ****oooh bloody hesitation
  3. Jakeyb77

    Tiny GTG in a cold dark place

    Hope you feel better Doug. Although you’d think if your smell and hearing were out it would be the best time to be at a GTG with Evil. 😂
  4. I need some longer ones to try Bill. happy to donate
  5. Jakeyb77

    SBS on Demand

    Aaaaah I looked but couldn’t find...
  6. How good is Taboo?! Love this kind of show. Bit biased for Hardy also.
  7. If you’ve ever wanted one of these you’ll not get one this good at this price again....
  8. Jakeyb77

    SOLD: FS: Denon DL-103 MC Cart

    Freaken bargain! Anyone wading in the cheap MM pool and wants to try MC you should grab this ASAP.
  9. Jakeyb77

    Nakamichi Stasis PA-7 thoughts?

    Can ship a pre amp no problem
  10. Jakeyb77

    Nakamichi Stasis PA-7 thoughts?

    Keep an eye out for the CA-5 to match. It has a very nice phono stage
  11. Jakeyb77

    SOLD: FS: Power amp (no name)

    You can’t tell the difference between a male and female amp with its top off??
  12. Jakeyb77

    SOLD: FS: Power amp (no name)

    I nominate Andrew as a name suggestion.
  13. Do the signatures still show? And where have you been?
  14. I did. Sold it to a very happy SNA member who still has it
  15. Could buy a new TT with that and be 100% sure of your own happiness