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  1. Great phono stage. I have the Phonomena 11 and @Gieseler Audio can supply a PSU for upgrade.
  2. Turned out to be a faulty BJT. Some genuine Philips have been ordered after the Jaycar ones showed a lot of noise. Should have an update on sound in a couple of weeks when installed l
  3. I find it hard to sit on the roof! 😳😂
  4. Cheers. They’ve been recapped at the moment. Mundorf, Jantzen and Nichicon caps. We were just discussing the reconfiguration options. As both boards on each mono are currently wired differently it presents some options as you would assume they’d be symmetrical. 1. was to recap and bias as usual and put it back the way they were. 2. Identify which board is original and put them both the same way. As one has been worked on, it’s hard to say what is original and what is “improvement”. Anyway we’ll work it out. Dallas Clarke isn’t an option I’m afraid after all the horror stories.
  5. @initforthemusic or anyone else. Given the lack of info on these I need some help. One of the amp boards has these caps in a star design on the back and the other doesn’t. Then both boards have capacitors swinging off parts. I’m assuming this is for noise reduction but can’t work out which board is more original. Has anyone noticed anything similar in their Benchmark amps? I’m just wondering what is original from Bill and what may have been added by a later tech. Any advice welcome! All the outputs look hand matched which is good.
  6. Hey @crisis I just made one out of a Raspberry Pi 3+ and a HifiBerry DAC Hat. PSU from Jaycar and a SD Card. Easy as. Works great to stream Volumio (Tidal and Spotify) for me but I haven’t tried a hard drive but there is heaps on the web about using them for that also.
  7. The second one is a myth, no such thing
  8. They look nice. I want to know what they weigh! 😝 With the prices so similar I don’t see the need for the smaller one...
  9. *drool* And I know a “friend” that would have loved a salmon 🙄
  10. Take the $1.5m to Chiang Rai and beyond and you’ll be so chilled you won’t need music at all... *** make sure you pay someone to watch over you in your “relaxed” state.
  11. Cracking amp! I am almost gonna buy it cause the price is too good. Bought brand new by @ray4410 and looked after all its life. I’ve heard this amp and it’s fantastic and mint.
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