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  1. They’re gonna need a bigger boat!! These things are fun to move. They’re actually not too bad cause you can get a grip on them, but still a mountain of speaker
  2. Those are the modified ones for 12”. Any how they have been found. original crossovers and foilcal found also
  3. I wouldn’t have used the Project. The Rega mounts are much easier for Thorens. You’ll need to adjust the mount and get rid of all the mats.
  4. I actually tried that. Just got frustrated and stopped for today. it’s not a huge amount more on the left. Maybe the cantilever is off. I’ll try another cart tomorrow
  5. The weight is right. It’s the angle. Slightly left all the time. Have moved weights left to right with no change. Will look further into it tomorrow. Got the ***** now
  6. Too much output from the left channel. Back to the Fozgometer. With all the added discs for weight the Wand is difficult to get right. 🤔
  7. Well the Linn is on its first test run.... sounds pretty good!
  8. Next stop will be to order all the crossover parts. The cabinets were made some time ago
  9. Ok gents. I had some parts to make a pair of 4435. I sold all those parts. Then I got some back. Sooooo I have two 2234h to have mass rings added to. I also have two 2426h and 2344. And two blank cabinets to pick up and I should have a pair of: (I’m guessing @kelossus will know)
  10. I just wanted them to help with the self isolation 😂😂😂
  11. One found. Still after one or a pair!
  12. Tongue in cheek. Melody has been hooked back up 😉
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