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  1. jakeyb77

    Grondman Fhone Slave Amp

    Let me know how you go as I might ask him about my old one
  2. jakeyb77

    Grondman Fhone Slave Amp

  3. jakeyb77

    Grondman Fhone Slave Amp

    Google Sid. He still comes up as having email etc.
  4. jakeyb77

    The church's new layout

    Will have to one day soon mate. I’m sure like me there are many of us just stoked to see you have a good outcome after the dramas. Good stuff mate.
  5. jakeyb77

    The church's new layout

    Think I can hear them from here
  6. I bought the limited Purple vinyl. Was just voted the top Aus 90’s album on Double J.
  7. Why would you lick it? It’s not a cane toad!
  8. jakeyb77

    ME Monoblocks

    To be honest I’m going to wait till after the weekend and try to set up this unipivot arm. 😳
  9. jakeyb77

    ME Monoblocks

    Finally all together now... thanks to all the contributors who helped get me to this point! Happy as Laurence
  10. Got mine today. I have to be honest and say the quality of this product exceeded my expectations that were already high. The packaging is also top class. Put your hand up for one before they are gone. Thanks @Grizzly
  11. I’ve used a light brush to clean them. I wouldn’t be using force at all. I also made a small puncture in a mid once and binned it. It’s highly toxic. Not worth the chance. Also it breaks very easily!! I took some to a tech once that drilled into a broken one to fibreglass over it. Not for me!!
  12. jakeyb77

    Yamaha B-1 Vfet monster, restoration

    Just play it LOUD!!! 🤘
  13. jakeyb77

    I've been 'HDMI'd'...

    Yep. You use a high spec cable with appropriate shielding or whatever and it becomes heavy. Result- your sockets wear after time and the cable sags. Or the cable moves ever so slightly and image or sound flickers.P**** of an idea
  14. jakeyb77

    El-cheapo turntable isolation

    Haha I had them as a kid 25 years ago. I think consistency in compression may be the only issue and as you said leveling.
  15. jakeyb77

    El-cheapo turntable isolation

    Half cut racquet balls and IKEA chopping boards. Also the clip on IKEA lamps are great! I haven’t really tested with or without yet. My next steps will be to use two boards each table with round balls in between and CNC hemispheres into the base board and the top board. Bit like a Ginko base.