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  1. Jakeyb77

    SOLD: FS ME850 Amp

    What about the amp though
  2. Jakeyb77

    SOLD: FS ME850 Amp

    Just buy it Seth. Bargain at this price
  3. Jakeyb77

    SOLD: FS ME850 Amp

    Keen if it's aluminium
  4. Jakeyb77

    Yamaha NS-1000 best speaker stands poll

    Looks pretty good mate
  5. Jakeyb77

    Commodore 64's turn - The C64 Mini

    I tell my son we would load a tape in the drive, go play cricket for an hour and hopefully the game loaded properly. Blew his mind.
  6. Jakeyb77

    GT-1000 or Pioneer Pl-50L11?

    Yeah and I've posted on there. I'm actually probably happier with the 4430 due to size and practicality. It just would be awesome to have the 4435. Practicality is competing I have issues with.
  7. Jakeyb77

    GT-1000 or Pioneer Pl-50L11?

    Proving hard to find some 15". Can get 2225 or E-140 and recone but is working out very expensive. I have the parts for 4430 so it may be that I'm afraid.
  8. Jakeyb77

    GT-1000 or Pioneer Pl-50L11?

    We'll it's all probably mute for a while as it depended on me selling the LP12 and I just can't do it. And my other play money will be tied up in my other NS-1000 build and then I have the JBL 4435 build.
  9. Jakeyb77

    GT-1000 or Pioneer Pl-50L11?

    I just showed my Mrs this picture and she said UFO straight away. 😂 Anyway I like the platter and surrounds without the slope. Just personal preference. I have no doubt they sound great and really just having a lend. But personal looks mean a lot. I am shallow after all .
  10. Jakeyb77

    GT-1000 or Pioneer Pl-50L11?

    Isn't she sweet?!
  11. Jakeyb77

    GT-1000 or Pioneer Pl-50L11?

    It's just the two models listed for me. Or Maybe a DENON DP-59M. It's the sexy Japanese era.
  12. Jakeyb77

    GT-1000 or Pioneer Pl-50L11?

    Thanks @vintagejapan . Problem is those models are a lot more expensive. I do understand you get what you pay for. The Linn is performing well but maybe a PL will do me down the track. I'm also weighing up whether using the step down will annoy me.
  13. Jakeyb77

    M&K V-125thx Info

    I have two. One THX and the other not. The THX one seems a bit better. I used them for music for a little while but I don't need subs with my JBLs so now both are for HT duties. Great subs though for sure.
  14. Jakeyb77

    DIY JBL Clones

    Hey @Tony ray I didn't see this thread until now. Glad you liked my speakers. They are the love of my lounge. I'm actually building either some 4430 or 4435 speakers slowly. I say slowly as parts get hard. I'm still chasing two 15's to make the 4435 but of I can't find some soon I'll make 4430. I have some spare horns and also two active crossover units that are authentic JBL for these speakers. I'll probably go passive. If you're keen to do a project then let me know. Maybe we can help each other out. Cheers Jake
  15. Jakeyb77

    ME pre power on

    Yep, I just use the remote to trigger the 850. If you have a remote ME the Switch stays in place but the LED turns off and my output stage mutes.