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  1. Just contact Nigel at Speakerbug and order the good ones you like, or go to www.mouser.com and order what you need of wanting cheaper options. Simple.
  2. Try the currently spinning thread. Lots of members post new purchases there with a lot of great knowledge.
  3. Don’t scrimp on the caps. I have had several versions of these speakers and they are really nicely made and great sounding speakers. I’ve had the 70’s and the 20’s.
  4. Also been watching a lot of vids on the Golf R Wolfsburg wagon and they all recommend binning the Conti in favour of the Michelin. For now I’ll have to live with my 103kw pretending it’s an “R”
  5. Every time I drive in the wet now I miss the Michelin. I had a ridiculous amount of power in my VT2 HSV and we all know it’s not the most advanced tech but the Michelins were phenomenal. The Golf has Hankooks on it and the bloody traction control goes off all the time. I hate it.
  6. Do you guys want to PM each other or start a Canberra audiophile thread?? This is for “Great Buys” discussion
  7. Found some of this at Aldi of all places. Yum!!! Not too thick and has a slight heat.
  8. Sorry to hear that Bill. But I am happy to hear your positivity. We’ve never met but you’ve always come across as a hugely generous member and down right great guy. Fantastic gesture. Keep pushing forward mate.
  9. Well the day has finally come. I’ve always been dreading a movie or TV show being done based on my favourite books. Don’t get me started on Jack Reacher. I have the characters decided in my mind and don’t want that messed with. But I wasn’t even prepared for the shambles of a clip I saw with Rebel Wilson in it.
  10. Yours for anything north of $1000 😉
  11. Not all first pressings. The green original pressing of Silverchair’s Frogstomp is notoriously unplayable. Luckily mine is signed by the band 😉
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