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  1. Open to reasonable offers on these.
  2. Item: Tannoy HPD-315a Speakers Location: 3183 Price: $2200 Item Condition: These cabinets were made by John Randall from Victoria, a well known speaker maker. There is one small scratch in one cabinet. Please see photos for condition. The drivers have just been re-foamed and tested by Atilla and sound amazing. He has also advised he will give a 5 year warranty on the drivers. The crossovers are untouched. I was going to do them if I kept them but will leave them original for sale. Reason for selling: the new Osborn’s take all my room. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: These speakers blew me away. I wasn’t expecting the sound they produce not having had much to do with vintage Tannoys but now I see what the fuss is about. They are incredibly detailed with a very wide and also deep soundstage. But I need the funds elsewhere so moving them on. Photos:
  3. I’ve been looking at drivers with the same footprint and better specs. If you can find the 7W2 it’s rated at higher wattage. But also too hard to find. Your purchase price helps also compared to mine. 😳😝
  4. Bidding has started on the Eclipse. I had to kick it off. Why not. Interesting mod there @aussievintage. I have two spare NS-1000 mids that seem to slot right in. Maybe I should try it. 🤔 I get my Tannoys back tomorrow so I’ll probably just use them
  5. Yeah to be fair the foam peeled off like tissue paper. It was well due for change on mine.
  6. 15 year old foam. Not hard really at all. If they aren’t crossed over then that’s a serious design flaw. Why would you run all all the signal into that into a 7” driver when you have 4 x 10” bass drivers? @aussievintage had the same issue. Maybe they aren’t the speakers for me 😳
  7. I nearly bought one of these a while back. SamZ had a couple of them for sale. The biotracer arm and things as @Muon N' said make this not a good prospect if broken.
  8. The foam on the midrange in my Epitome went yesterday so they are off to Atilla to be refoamed. This should give them another 15 years. Expect some wear on the older drivers and as @gat474 mentioned you cannot get these drivers anymore so expect repairs when getting on 10+ years.
  9. I’m almost considering just hitting the buy it now.
  10. They are his mum’s old speakers. She is 102. I kid you not. It’s her Consonance amp for sale also. She upgraded her whole system. The eclipse are reference with the lead and felt lining. Great speakers.
  11. Sterling and Robert Ludwig. Known as the “Hot Press”. Ludwig put emphasis on the drums and bass and Atalantic recalled the pressings and re did them. So they are rare and sought after.
  12. Blink 182 just did a cassette version of their new album also
  13. I can never get a great photo of these speakers. It never does them justice. The deep red colour and the wood grain matched with a super high gloss has to be seen in real life to appreciate. They make me smile every time I look at them.
  14. Haha not at all guys. @Yamaha_man does have a great pair for sale.
  15. Having a bit of fun today and hooked up the Marantz 2225 to the NS-1000m. Nice sweet little combo.
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