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  1. Always exaggerating about size @evil c. 🙄
  2. Also consider a Yamaha A-2000. Especially built for NS-2000 and 1000. Love mine with my Yammies
  3. Melody is 42w push pull. While it sounded great with mine it still leaves you wanting. The NS-2000 would eat that up easy. you’ll be looking at 50w per channel minimum. But as @kelossus said you’d be better off with SS. @Grizzly has a B-1 that would be a match made in heaven
  4. Yep. This is the HP printer they have to print any vinyl colour or pattern you like. Small hey
  5. Wasn’t suggesting you. Was just saying that my opinion is that it wouldn’t. My knowledge on cabinets etc may be less than others. 😉
  6. I’d say no as it’s fairly thin but also flexible. I doubt there would be an audible difference but their is never a thread without two points of view.
  7. Pretty sure most HBO is on Foxtel. If it’s not on Netflix it’s not on Netflix. Let Google be your friend an find where it is available. It may be on the google store or via iTunes also.
  8. No not see through. I guess you could if you wanted to protect the original finish. Mostly it’s to make black speakers red or white speakers blue. Whatever Any colour you want. And similar process yes. The reason you want a good wrapper is that they can do tricky seams on speakers very well.
  9. It better used in unmarked cabinets as vinyl wrap will not conceal scratches and so forth. But it peels off also so you can change back to original or colour any time.
  10. Yes. Just the cabinets to change the colour etc. won’t effect sound at all as not touching the drivers
  11. Sorry the “wrap like a king” title in the US. Where people enter from all around the world. Sorry I missed your entry. 😳 http://exoticgraphix.com.au/portfolio/wraplikeaking/
  12. See Nick at Exotic Graphix. Tell him Jake sent you. Word class wrapping. Literally. They won the world championships two years in a row. http://exoticgraphix.com.au/
  13. Yep. The floors in containers can be toxic and often need to be replaced. They are treated for weather and pests etc. Also containers need to be treated to be condensation resistant. As well as all of the above. I’d say by the end of your experiment you’d end up with a claustrophobic unhappy space that cost a lot. Could you look at de-coupling your HT better?
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