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  1. Has anyone mentioned the Cranberries? Won't somebody please think of the Cranberries!!
  2. It looks like it's optimized for console - do you have a PS3/4 XBONE? Everything looks better on PC, and IMO it's a better playing experience - but the problem is that most PC gamers will pirate games, making it not worth while for devs to focus on PC gameplay, hence all the console ports
  3. Hey guys - I thought I would start a thread to get the hype train going for all new games announced at E3. Personally, I am probably most excited about Star Wars: Battlefront, as I don't have the time to put into single player campaigns - I like being able to get in for a 20 minute shoot before dinner, and then a couple of hours after the family go to bed. DOOM will be a bit of fun, love what Bethesda have been doing of late (namely Wolfenstein) Fallout 4 So, what is everyone looking forward to?
  4. I was just showing my daughter the Out of Control video last night
  5. I know - that's why I noted that the website only exchanges USD, it was just for reference. Or you can minus ~28% for AUD
  6. US$5699 in 1990 is around $10167.45 in 2014 (the exchange website on deals in US$ and up to 2014) But it gives you a bit of an idea!
  7. Now I am no hifi guru, but I am using an Asus Xonar Essence One, and it has been a great headphone amp/DAC.
  8. Plex is just such a great user interface IMO, eg, my 3 year old was watching a movie last night, didn't finish it before her no-screen-time-before-bed-time-time, so we stopped it. My wife and I watched a movie later last night, and then when it comes time for my daughter to finish the film today it will start right where she finished off. It also keeps track of what you have already watched, so you don't have to sit through the start of TV shows you are binging only to find that you've already seen it.
  9. That's not a reason to give up, it's a reason to keep going Blue smoke FTL
  10. Why did you give it up? Here is a FT02 I did up in Rust - it looked good but was not practical - I will need to get another one and try again. Not quite insane yet - still a few more $$ to be dropped on it first
  11. Did you know that those greeting cards that you buy that sing a song when you open them have more computing power than the computers that got man to the moon in 1969
  12. Hey guys, I am just about to rebuild my main computer, known as Kommandant (which is just a username I have had for a few years) Here is a photo of it in it's current form: Specs: Asus x79 Sabertooth Intel 3930k 16gb Dominator platinum 2400MHz 2x GTX680 Classifieds in SLi Corsair AX1200 Corsair Graphite 760T Samsung 840 Pro SSDs OCZ Revodrive 3x2 240gb Water loop D5 pump 280mm Black ice radiator with 4x Noctua Redux 900rpm fans (push/pull) 360mm Black ice radiator with 3x EK Varder 1250rm fans(push) Hydrocopper waterblocks for GFX cards Aqua Computer Kyros waterblock Flow sensors and in-line temp sensors. And then the new gear that will be going in Asus ROG Rampage IV Black Edition Intel 3820 (place holder until I can source 4960x) 16gb Dominator platinum 2400MHz 2x EVGA Titan Black SC Hydrocoppers Corsair AX1200 Samsung 840 Pro SSDs OCZ Revodrive 3x2 240gb Water loop 2x D5 pump in series 280mm Black ice radiator with 4x Noctua Redux 1200rpm fans (push/pull) 360mm Black ice radiator with 3x EK Varder 1250rm fans(push) Hydrocopper waterblocks for GFX cards XSPC Raystorm full copper block Flow sensors and in-line temp sensors. Unfortunately the super cool Nixie tube fan controller has died, so I will have to replace it with the Asus OC panel. That's it for now, I will only be able to do bits at a time this weekend, as the case will have to be modded to fit in some of the new components. Please, if you have any questions, ask away. Do we have any other watercooling/overclocking fans on these forums? Cheers, Komm
  13. Did you get the smart version? If so - install the Plex app, and set up a media server - it's the only way we watch TV now
  14. My daughter's favourite song has been "Gold", since she was a little baby - still when it comes on the radio she will spark up and dance
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