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  1. Platter turns, needle drops, sip of Glenmorangie, chill.
  2. I am certain that Turntable and Cart are more important than Tonearm or Phono Stage. I disagree that the influence of the cart is 90%. Transduces (Microphones, Cartridges, and Speakers) by their nature have to have a great deal of importance. The turntable has to cope with (1) Wow and Flutter) and (2) Vibration. A turntable just has to be protected from the vibrations. It is usually not done. Vibration comes from many sources; Ambient sound in the room, footfall, close passing heavy vehicles, the turntable bearing, reflections from the stylus going into the vinyl and getting back into the stylus, resonance in the tonearm or turntable material, resonance from the platter (esp metal platters), the sound coming from the speakers themselves. So I am inclined to think the TT and Cart are approx equal.
  3. I have had a few carts on my Technics SL1210 Mk5 and Mk5g turntables. HOMC. Denon DL110. Solid performer, excellent budget choice. MC Benz Ace. Decent enough. Benz Wood. Good. Large step up over Ace. Charisma Audio Ref-1. Prob out of budget but a decent step up over the Wood. I am currently looking for another cart as well and unless something unexpected comes up I will go for a Hana.
  4. Hi Ben, nice to hear from you. Ikeda was bought second hand, and since then I have munted the tip of my Benz Wood AND the tip of my Charisma cartridge. I don't know what is wrong with me - just born clumsy I suppose. I am following the thread with interest as I need a 2nd cart. Thinking Hana at the moment, also bottom end of zyx have my interest. But either way my days of spending large on cartridges are OVER.
  5. I have had the Benz Ace. Pretty decent. Solid choice I guess but not earth shattering. I upgraded to the Benz Wood and I could live with that. I am slightly conflicted about cartridges. They are vastly more impact-full than tonearms or phono stages but they wear out and / or break.
  6. I would give vinyl a miss. Don't get me wrong, I do like my two vinyl rigs. My wife prefers the vinyl sound and it it great to have the all the advantages of vinyl. To be unromantic about it - money. I have spread myself too thin. It is better to have one source. The way I look at it is this: If I had not spent a penny on vinyl then I could have redirected that dosh to better speakers than I currently have. What particularly bugs me is cartridges. They are overpriced, and then what do I do? I make it worse by damaging them.
  7. Hi from Napier. I am salivating. I have the HD 650s and they are pretty darn good. GLWTS. If I had not blown my stash on a trip to Europe ...
  8. Here I am - I have a wonderful Pass Labs amplifier. All the reputation! It sounds great - even better than a professional unit that it replaced (ATC). On paper I have the better and more expensive amp. Yet I cannot stop salivating ! !! !!! Why are selling? have you bought an Ongaku??
  9. Hi from Napier. I like this place. Also done some buying and selling - very pleasant and I prefer it to Trademe.
  10. Nice call there Janjuc. Just been checking them out on YouTube. I will definitely get this. Any other Kronos favourites? (My only other stuff of theirs is their playing of the Philip Glass quartets.)
  11. I have to reluctantly second that. Of course you can get great vinyl, but a good DAC costs nowhere near as much a good turntable.
  12. Some time ago I was looking to buy interconnects and searched A'gon. I needed a specific length but you just get drowned out with lengths that are too short or too long. I suggested that they sort their offerings by length. They said that was a good suggestion and they would consider it. Result: They either did not consider it or they they considered it but did not implement it.
  13. Hoi, André I am from New Zealand and my partner is from Leiden. This is a great forum and I'm sure you will enjoy. I'm going to NL over Xmas, we will be staying in Oegstgeest - what are the good Hi-Fi shops in A'dam? Regards Andrei
  14. I would really like to give this a go as I only have experience with the ESS Sabre DACs (Wyred4Sound, Oppo, and Matrix Audio). Unfortunately I have blown my budget, and then some, on a Phono Stage.
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