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  1. You may wish to dig out the original review and see what all the measurements tell you.
  2. Yes, the Matrix Audio Element X is the best Amir at ASR has ever tested. The Matrix Audio X-Sabre is the model I have and does not do streaming or headphone amplification. It is listed at $US1,699.00. The list at ASR is fascinating. There is a DAC from Okto Research (based in Prague) that also scores well. Okto are making a two channel version and that should be a real rip-snorter when it comes out.
  3. Yes indeed. My recommendation was purely on sound quality but they have all the bells and whistles: multiple inputs, CNC machined case, good looks and feel, a reassuring amount of weight, and an attractive and responsive remote. The I2S interface was the initial attraction. The internal protocols of a CD player are I2S ie that is the bus over which data and left, right, and master clocking information is taken from the disc and presented to the DAC chip. Philips and Sony developed Spdif to mulitplex all this down to a single line (RCA Co-Ax or Optical). This then has to be reconstructed on the DAC side to go to the DAC chip. However the USB seems to be just as good. There is a driver required for windows but that is trivial to install.
  4. This DAC is the best I have ever owned and ever heard. Matrix Audio I am presently running one from a PC with a Pink Faun Audio Bridge set to output I2S (PS Audio Compatible). Actually the usb connection is just as good. It does PCM and Native DSD. It measurements are superlative and is a clear step up from my previous latest spec W4S.
  5. Geez mate, would you mind not putting so many pics up - it's causing me to salivate! GLWTS
  6. Timing, timing! Man alive this could have saved me a lot of dosh! Six months ago I was looking for great speakers and these were on my shortlist! I knew I would like them because I have the D1's (also bought on SNA by the way) and they have a very refined sound - bass is permanently on leave though. The D9s would be the ideal speaker.
  7. Thanks George. I have been on the lookout for a really a really great DAC. I was interested in the Terminator and in PS Audio's Direct Stream as they both had different technologies. I would still be interested to audition as it is too much dosh to splash out blind - or is that deaf? In the meantime I have found an absolute beauty! It is the Matrix Audio X-Sabre. https://matrix-digi.com/en/products/318.html I was running two DACs the Wyred DAC2 (via I2s) and the Oppo 205 (via USB). Like both those the Matrix Audio has the Ess Sabre 9038 chip. It is an absolute beauty. Good to look at and soundwise it is a real step up. Very solid build (think CNC machined body), easy to set up and has a good choice of inputs. I am currently running it with both I2S and USB from my PC source, and also running the TV into it via Optical.
  8. Ok, thanks for that. I am really looking to purchase a PS Audio DirectStream dac, so I will sniff round for the upgrade kit.
  9. Hi Rory - couple of questions: How long does it take the JC1s to warm up and come on song; How hot do they run? I am not sure if I remember this correctly but is there some facility to adjust the bias? Andrei
  10. Thanks JJ. I might try the author of the clip.
  11. Here's a pleasant little clip from the Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuGzV7KRA1g I stumbled onto it as I was looking up Magico speakers. It is a happy piece of music but I cannot identify it. Anyone know?
  12. This is what I did with my Mk5g: I simply cut off the dreadful stock RCA plugs and replaced them with nice Furutech FT-119 plugs. They operate with Set-Screws - no soldering required. You can do the adapter thing to give some flexibility but in my opinion that can only be a half-pie job because you will always be stuck with the same (admittedly short) wiring from the PCB to the adapter! Further it is in principal better to have a single run of cable. Though TBH the sonic difference with one more solder joint is unlikely to be audible. If you had a Mk2 or a Mk5 (not the Mk5g) then a complete rewire is recommended. The reason is that prior to the 5g the capacitance of the wiring was too high. I think it was Kevin at KABUSA who alerted Panasonic / Technics to this. Speaking of KABUSA that is not in Melbourne but is an excellent resource for information, upgrades and spare parts.
  13. I have not heard the highly regarded Ortofon 2M range but that sure as hell looks good. One question though. I think I know the answer but please confirm; there is no headshell. Have you got a cartridge that does not need a headshell?
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