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  1. Assuming you mean 8k native content, it's around 1.1m for a 65" and 1.3m for a 75"... (about 2.4m/2.8m for 4k)
  2. I spent about 10min watching a demo loop at HN the other day. Getting real close it's impressive to see no pixel structure but standing back 1.5m from the screen it just felt like a normal LCD and looked noticeably more washed out than I would have hoped. 1600:1 native contrast and pretty bad DSE, Im struggling to work out why people would spend so much more on this over an Oled or Q90r etc.
  3. I know right. I can't stand reviews with no measurements. It's possible to have a $500 Bauhn sound better than a $5000 Oled if you read some fluff pieces posing as Reviews. I really appreciate Rtings having so many screens properly reviewed with all the information to compare TVs.
  4. I have a 200 hour FZ950 55" and for a laugh I put in the above settings and measured the result. It is MUCH WORSE than the default settings. Grey scale is all over the shop with a huge shift to Red and the Colour targets miss by a long way. Just did to remind people to not bother with calibrated settings because even if you have a similar hour panel to the person that posted them, the panel production is going to vary between units to a point where the factory default is always going to be more accurate. The only adjustments I would touch without a meter would be the overall boost to the low IRE settings if you think you are missing out on some shadow detail.
  5. Has anybody measured the native contrast and/or DCI-P3 Colour volume on the 75fx780?
  6. Item: Yamaha R-2000 Stereo Receiver 150watts per channel into 8ohms. circa 1981/82. Location: Brisbane Price: $800 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Acquired from Grandfather. No plans on using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hooked up to some speakers and seems to work fine. Pictures:
  7. I have a friend in Brisbane who has a Yamaha R-2000 Stereo Amp with wooden sides. He was wondering what sort of money he would be able to sell it for? thanks in advance
  8. FYI ... there is a tiny capacitor that fails on these vintage Yamaha's . Just google it. (I have fixed a couple of similar aged Yamaha receivers with the not turning on problem) It costs a few cents and is pretty common.
  9. JB Hifi have the Onkyo A-9070 Stereo Amplifier for $892 https://www.jbhifi.com.au/onkyo/onkyo-a-9070-stereo-amplifier-black/394481/ Half the price of most Stores.
  10. I assume these are 120v only https://www.amazon.com/Emotiva-CMX-2-Precision-Restoration-Common/dp/B008O37LXY Does anyone know of anything similar for Australia AC Voltage?..
  11. Thanks for that.. its 40watts per channel into 8ohms and 70watts per channel into 4ohms Have edited ad to include original owners text cheers
  12. Item: Quasimodo 40 watt per channel handmade Stereo amplifier Location: Adelaide Hills Price: $500 Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Perfect condition. Only has around 20 hours on it. I believe it was purchased late last year by original owner. Lovely musical, yet extremely detailed amp. I bought to have a play round with but system is mostly used for HT at moment so going down multi channel power amp route. This one is rated at 40 watts per channel into 8 ohms and around 70 into 4. They have been" voiced" to closely emulate that of a good valve amp. This has been done by ensuring that any distortion artefacts are primarily even - order, with 2nd order dominating, followed by a very tiny amount of 3rd, after which 4th order is higher in level than the 3rd- and so on in gradually reducing order. According to the SPICE program, the distortion at normal levels is about 0.063% with the "nice" sounding 2nd order artefact dominating- just like a good valve amp! A transistor amp that has been designed with a perfectly symmetrical circuit configuration will ALWAYS generate primarily odd order distortion artefacts and will sound, well, "transistor- ey" The Quasimodo deliberately uses a somewhat asymmetrical transistor / mosfet output stage to ensure that any small distortion artefacts are going to be the harmonious even order types. Subjectively, an amp that has a distortion figure of say, 0.5% 2nd order dominant , will always sound far more "musical" than one rated at 0.03% 5th order dominant! 5th order distortion is subjectively quite nasty sounding. The Quasimodo amp is inherently safe, and even in the highly unlikely event of an output stage failure, no harm can be done to your precious speakers! This amp sounds so good and is so well balanced! Pictures:
  13. Using MADVR on PC doing the 3D LUT and HDR to SDR processing. I can't comment on the X700 but I doubt it will do as good a job. The most noticeable improvement in quality with a 4K HDR is when the Movie has been newly remastered over the older 1080p Blu-ray version.
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