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  1. Resurrecting an old thread I have an Anthem i225 connecting to the pre-outs from a Denon X4200w. I have the Anthem set at 3 O'clock which sounds nice.
  2. That was a great video. A Real thorough comparison going into detail on all units. Kudos to them.
  3. Ok an update. The G92 Controller will not turn on. price reduced to $5000 for everything including unfixed controller. Controller is with repairer now but haven't gone ahead with repair yet.
  4. Item: Meridian DSP5200 Powered Floor Standing Speakers, DSP5200HC Powered Centre Speaker, G92 Player/Controller, Remote Control Location: Adelaide Hills Price: $8500 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Funding Display Device Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit Extra Info: Meridian Audio: https://www.meridian-audio.com/ 2x Floorstanding DSP5200 Speakers 1x DSP5200HC Centre Speaker 1x Meridian G92 DVD Player/Controller/Tuner with HDMI 1X Meridian Backlit Remote Control Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. I Agree... If i bought an 85g 85inch I would make the player move the picture to the bottom and always mask the top. It seems the 85" 95g could probably be bought for under $6k now with Harvey Normans advertised price being $6495 so I would pay the extra and get the FALD model.
  6. With my Benq W11000 DLP projector this was pretty important and made 2.35 material so much better as it had low native contrast. I just had a roller blind that I could roll down to any height and used software on HTPC to drop the picture always to the bottom of the screen so I only needed to cover the top of the screen. I definitely wouldn't go through the hassle of having two bits on the bottom and top of a TV screen unless maybe it sat on the back wall. I had a look at an 85" 85g today and saw the issue of grey black bars even under Harvey Norman Lighting. I am used to an Oled though.
  7. Ill be interested in your General impressions for watching SDR and HDR. Im thinking of a similar move but not sure what it would be like going to 5000:1 Contrast and 5-10% less P3 Colour volume than the Panny Oled.
  8. Assuming you mean 8k native content, it's around 1.1m for a 65" and 1.3m for a 75"... (about 2.4m/2.8m for 4k)
  9. I spent about 10min watching a demo loop at HN the other day. Getting real close it's impressive to see no pixel structure but standing back 1.5m from the screen it just felt like a normal LCD and looked noticeably more washed out than I would have hoped. 1600:1 native contrast and pretty bad DSE, Im struggling to work out why people would spend so much more on this over an Oled or Q90r etc.
  10. I know right. I can't stand reviews with no measurements. It's possible to have a $500 Bauhn sound better than a $5000 Oled if you read some fluff pieces posing as Reviews. I really appreciate Rtings having so many screens properly reviewed with all the information to compare TVs.
  11. I have a 200 hour FZ950 55" and for a laugh I put in the above settings and measured the result. It is MUCH WORSE than the default settings. Grey scale is all over the shop with a huge shift to Red and the Colour targets miss by a long way. Just did to remind people to not bother with calibrated settings because even if you have a similar hour panel to the person that posted them, the panel production is going to vary between units to a point where the factory default is always going to be more accurate. The only adjustments I would touch without a meter would be the overall boost to the low IRE settings if you think you are missing out on some shadow detail.
  12. Has anybody measured the native contrast and/or DCI-P3 Colour volume on the 75fx780?
  13. Item: Yamaha R-2000 Stereo Receiver 150watts per channel into 8ohms. circa 1981/82. Location: Brisbane Price: $800 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Acquired from Grandfather. No plans on using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hooked up to some speakers and seems to work fine. Pictures:
  14. I have a friend in Brisbane who has a Yamaha R-2000 Stereo Amp with wooden sides. He was wondering what sort of money he would be able to sell it for? thanks in advance
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