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  1. Copper is the most reliable material of choice when shielding from radio frequencies because of its ability to absorb both magnetic and radio waves. It is also highly effective in attenuating magnetic and electrical waves. Of all the metals in EMI shielding, copper is the most reliable because it works best at reducing both magnetic and electrical waves. You can find copper in just about any place needing EMI shielding from hospital equipment to basic home computers. Copper costs more than other alloys or pre-tin plated steel. It does, however, have a higher rate of conductiv
  2. Artisan R455 V23 Signature series designed by Russell Storey http://stonessoundstudio.com.au/stone/Peerless_speaker_kits/Artisan_R455_V23_upgrades.htm These have the same Premium Peerless HDS Tweeter and Midrange drivers as used in many High End speakers (Lenehan Audio ML2 Reference speakers) They have a Sand Filled base making the weight around 55kgs per speaker Also since I have owned them I have lined them with Barium Impregnated Vinyl and added cross bracing to make cabinets more inert. Have also moved the crossovers external the speak
  3. Beautiful Sounding Class A/B Amplifier. Has balanced inputs and Phono Stage Here is an excerpt from a review which echoes my thoughts... But what, if anything, makes the Integrated 225 sound special? I would say the two qualities that set the Anthem apart from other good amps are its fearlessly robust dynamics and its ability to deliver an almost “sculptural” quality of three-dimensionality. Cosmetically its maybe a 7/10 but works perfectly. Very Quiet Hum when plugged in which I have assumed is just the nature of the Massive Toroidal Transformer. (impercept
  4. Price: $1325 Item Condition: As new Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is included in price. Suburb or Town: Adelaide Hills State: South Australia Payment Method: PayPal, EFT, Cash Reason for selling: NLR Further information: Bought off another member in October 2020 and have since modded it with Copper around both Power Supplies and twisting the cables. Will throw in a pair of 80cm Swamp balanced XLR cables Below is copy and paste from the original post. Purchased from She
  5. Further information: Bought off another member a few weeks ago to compare to my old Usb Dac. I can tell it's superior to my old dac in every way despite my equipment not being good enough to fully take advantage of it. I just prefer my old DACs sound that makes all music have a similar flavour and makes my bad quality songs sound better. I also don't have enough high quality digital source files to take advantage of the da004 Will throw in a pair of 80cm Swamp balanced XLR cables. Below is copy and paste from the original post. Purchased
  6. I have a KingRex UD-01 Pro USB DAC which, while only 16bit/48khz still has a great sound signature, even with high res music downsampled. https://www.tnt-audio.com/sorgenti/kingrex_ud01_e.html Just curious if upgrading to something with more modern specs like SMSL M300 MKII, Schiit Modius, or Topping D90 etc would see a noticeable improvement. I would be looking at a USB DAC with Balanced outputs to take advantage of the Balanced inputs on my Integrated Amp. (Volume control, bluetooth, headphone output etc not important features)
  7. So it uses 150watts at the wall at idle . It is warmish on the sides when it starts sounding its best but definitely not hot. From this I would say it wouldn't compete with a Pass Labs.
  8. The PCBs look much more like the A88 on that site.. They have 11 mosfets on the bottom like the A88 picture.
  9. I am second owner. Im not sure of age but doesn't seem too old. I am using it in a HT system at moment to power the fronts in a 7.2 receiver. I am replacing everything with a single 11 channel Atmos receiver to power all my speakers. As a comparison this replaced an Anthem Intetgrated 225, and the difference is this has a more holographic 3D presentation.
  10. This Pure Class A power Amp has a smooth and non fatiguing tone that rarely exists in a solid state amp. Its non-aggressive and deeply involving music reproduction makes it hard to believe it is not a valve amplifier. From human voice to acoustic instruments to rock, this amp loves every note you feed it and plays them faithfully as its instructed. It is refined, subtle, and still managers to drive the majority of speakers effortlessly. Accurate and pleasing music is produced, regardless of the the genre. The Amp employs dual mono symmetrical design with each channel dr
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