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  1. I have a set of these and love them. GLWTS.
  2. The Junior has bridge built in. https://www.psaudio.com/products/directstream-junior/#tab-features
  3. These Accuphase integrateds have a fantastic sound and are built to last. Love mine. The DAC ad on makes this a great all in one solution. GLWTS.
  4. I have been trying to find an impedance plot for my speakers and came across this article which seems to be indicating they only drop to a minimum value of 3.9 ohm at 100hz. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/dynaudio-contour-s54-sc-s14-surround-speaker-system-measurements its not cleat to me from the charts in it how this value was determined or if these charts are even plotting this measurement. Have to sat sat thank you to all who have posted as well. The discussion has cleared some things up and possibly muddied others...haha!! Cheers
  5. So my understanding of how all this works, and it is limited, is that an amp with more power (watts) has the ability to drive the same speaker to far greater volumes when listened to from the same distance. Given this a Class A amp will not have the ability to drive the said speaker to the same volume level as a higher wattage A/B. It would also have a reduced ability to cope with peak power demands when the music requires it. Provided the Class A amp can drive the speakers to the volume level required in the room and cope with peak demands the music places on it, in theory I take it the Class A amp would perform just as well as a Class A/B? Given this if power is taken out of the picture what does a Class A amp offer in comparison to A/B? Does it just come down to personal preference and the listening experience or is there some technical or architectural aspect of them that makes them a "better" amplifier?
  6. Is it even possible to do a comparison, or are they completely different beasts designed for disparet system configurations? I have speakers that are difficult to drive and am currently running an Accuphase integrated rated at 260W/Channel into 4Ohm. Toying with idea of trying out a Class A Amp and am wondering whether a Class A amps rated at 80W/Channel into 4Ohm is going to be able to drive my speakers. I have Dyn s5.4 rated at 87db. My listening levels are not extreme, but hey everyone likes to turn it up every now and then! I know its all subjective but would it be a backwards step, side step, am I likely to see an improvement in sound. Any advice or experience appreciated. Cheers
  7. This was on my wtb. If I didn’t have the DC-901...You can’t deny the build quality and sound. GLWTS.
  8. I too have tried PS Audio and Accuphase DAC's, the Accuphase are a beautiful sound. GLWTS.
  9. Give these the right Amplification and they will really sing. GLWTS!
  10. Quite a run on Accuphase pre’s of late!! This one looks well cared for (as they all seem to). Is it possible configure these in any way with HT ByPass/pre in like functionality? GLWTS
  11. Oh no!! Not fair.!!....the A-70 followed by the C2850. Amazing gear. GLWTS.
  12. Have heard nothing but positive things about this amp. GLWTS. Moving on to the a75 I hope!!
  13. Oops Sold..haha thought it was my ad. Good to see the pics going around again.
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