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  1. Crazy bargain price for a class a amp of this build and sound quality. GLWTS.
  2. Now sitting at around 80 hours listening time for The C4. Lou Reeds “Walk on the wild side” has never sounded better. The bass guitar has incredible detail, great track for testing this. Male vocals are fantastic and the C4 have even been are able to tame Adele’s “A million miles”. Still have some concerns around bass in some tracks. Gotta say I a loving these speakers.
  3. I have the A47, love it. Definitely does NOT run hot, warm to the touch once it’s fired up. It’s very hard to beat the Accuphase class a house sound once you have been bitten by it. Highly recommend this amp if you are wanting to try Accuphase and class a. It would be a no regrets kinda purchase. GLWTS
  4. What a terrible Wife! 🙂 Might be interested in the stands if they dont sell as a set. GLWTS.
  5. Ok. It’s now Thursday. With another 3 days listening 15-20 hours which would make the total between 45-50 hours the C4 have taken another step up. Vocals are now presenting themselves a bit better and seem to fit in the sound stage more naturally. A bit further forward and pronounced. The bottom end is still pretty full which I am still coming to grips with. It does seem more relaxed. Not sure if this is me getting used to it in comparison to my S5.4’s or the speakers themselves. If I had not experienced this break in process myself I’d likely find it hard to believe that a speaker could behave like this as it is worked over time. Enjoying the music though which is the main thing I guess.
  6. Thanks @Pim @ds2k I am driving the C4 with an Accuphase A-47 and Accuphase Pre. Having a listen tonight with 30-40 hours on them and there has been a big change. Overwhelming bass is disappearing, sound stage, imaging has taken a giant leap forward and the top end seems to be smoothing out. Vocals are still sitting back in the sound stage a little. The overall a balance of the sound has improved massively and listening is becoming a much more enjoyable experience.
  7. Thanks @Ray H Having a listen atm. I think what is throwing me off at the minute is how tight the bass is, possibly overpowering the overall sound. I have a single Esotar2 in the Contour S5.4 and it sounded magic. Possibly finding the highs a bit sharp also. It is dependent on the music I play. Was totally blown away by Malia and Boris Blank this arvo. Hoping this is a sign of things to come. Cheers
  8. @Bunno77I was finding vocals had lost something in comparison to my Dyn 5.4.s., particularly female vocals, just no presence in the music. Have since moved the speakers towards me a touch, 5-10 cm and they seem to be back. Less toe in also had an impact. The C4's at this stage have a very different sound in comparison. Describing it is difficult, possibly not as relaxed or smooth as the contour. Funnily enough the C4 seem to be providing me more bang for my buck volume wise.
  9. Thanks @Bunno77 I'll try to be patient 🙂
  10. Does anyone out there have experience with breaking in/burn in for Confidence C4's? Just wondering how long this may require and what changes were experienced sound wise as they settled in. Thanks in advance. Cheers Paul
  11. I had a quick listen to the Evoke 20's the other day, connected to an Accuphase Integrated. They sounded nice despite the room being quite full of gear. Might be worth a listen.
  12. Went to the Dyn demo at Carlton AV recently. Listened to the Confidence 60's. Only 3-4 songs however they are impressive...pricey but impressive. Imaging and soundstage were incredible. Well and truly worth going along for the demo and listen. The whole lineup looked stunning in the flesh.
  13. Nice amps. Thanks. Was wanting to compare specs with my current Amps.
  14. @D'accordo What were you amplification were you using with these? Cheers
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