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  1. That would be fantastic, thanks heaps.
  2. AlurkA

    FS: Parasound A21 and JC2 BP

    Sale Pending.
  3. Hi @Weissman Thanks for the information. This is the kind of information I am after. I am considering the DAC-50 in the short term. Have also been told the DP-430 is an excellent source. CD and DAC. I don’t do a lot of listening to discs and am thinking ultimately the DC-37 is the end game for me. The DP-560 has SACD support but I have none of these but am sure it’s DAC capabilities are also up there. Offers more flexibility than a pure DAC.
  4. AlurkA

    FS: Parasound A21 and JC2 BP

    Hahahaha, classic. I started to read your post and was worried there was a scratch I had not seen. Thanks Terry.
  5. AlurkA

    FS: Parasound A21 and JC2 BP

    Thanks @scumbag
  6. Item: Parasound Halo A21 and Parasound Halo JC2 Location: Melbourne Price: 6500 however open to all reasonable offers. Sale Pending... Item Condition: Like New, The A21 is still under warranty and was purchased last year from Clef, the J2 was modified for HT Bypass through official Parasound channels. Comes with 2 remotes and original parts replaced through this HT Bypass mod so you could reverse the mod if you wanted. Original double boxes, manuals etc included. Reason for selling: Having a go at an Integrated Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer COD Only Extra Info: Pickup or ship - buyer pays, Would be willing to split but this would be a shame. Pictures: All photos are of the items for sale here
  7. Have just started my Accuphase journey, loving my E-470. If these had come up 2 months ago I would have had a very difficult decision to make. Look extremely well cared for. GLWTS! @[email protected] Loving hearing that story. Bodes well for any investment in gear of this calibre.
  8. Nice, looks like its just come out of the box, GLWTS.
  9. Haha @a.dentDP-750 it is then.... thanks heaps. I currently have a PS Audio Direct Stream Junior which I am quite happy with sound wise. But now I have ventured down the Accuphase path was looking at pairing my Accuphase integrated with an Accuphase DAC or DAC/Transport. The price of the DAC-50 is much easier to swallow when compared to to the standalone gear. Was wondering how much of a compromise it may be.
  10. Yeh, I have a mate in Japan who can possibly organise one. Still tossing up whether I go with the DAC-50 or hold out for a separate 🙂
  11. Yeh, I am loving it to, pairs well with my Dyns.
  12. Hi Liam Thanks for the reply. I am running an E-470 and a Mac mini via USB would be feeding the DAC. Have you heard the DP-430 CD and able to offer a comparison of the two. Cheers Paul
  13. Hi All, I am wondering if anyone out there has had a listen to or owns one of these Accuphase DAC-50. It uses the same DAC chipset as the DC-37 and DP-430 and looks to have the same MDS converter configuration as the DP-430. http://www.accuphase.com/model/dac-50.html Theres not to much out there in the way of reviews and I was wondering if someone has heard it in action. Cheers
  14. Old school Accuphase. I hope you don5 mind the link to the Accuphase site being posted for those wanting more info! http://www.accuphase.com/cat/pcten.pdf
  15. Thanks heaps @hugo_wilco Always nervous when thinking about a purchase of this magnitude.