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  1. AlurkA


    @Sirmorebeer Not sure the WAF would allow a pair of C2 sitting next to the Contour S5.4's as much as I could live with it! 🙂
  2. AlurkA

    FS: reduced ##NEW## Marantz Model 1122DC

    There has been some amazing Vintage gear on SNA of late, this rates up there amongst the "mintiest"!!
  3. haha, I have an E-470, not sure the E-600 sitting next to it would go down well in terms of the WAF.
  4. Item: Relist, Cambridge Audio DAC, Azur 851D Location: Melbourne Price: 1000 ONO Item Condition: Excellent, Like new, purchased May 2017. Reason for selling: Too many DAC's Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer, COD Only Extra Info: Great sounding DAC and pre-amp. Slightly on the warm side, smooth and competes very well with my higher end Direct Stream Junior for far less cost. I have been using a mac mini as my source into the 851D. Comes in original double boxes so it can be shipped. Pictures:
  5. Please someone buy this to prevent me from starting an Accuphase collection and the subsequent divorce proceedings that would undoubtedly follow!!
  6. They look like they are new. Great way to start a Dyn addiction. GLWTS.
  7. Ooohhh!!! Nice amp, GLWTS.
  8. I’m hoping the local accuphase dealer may be able to help me out trialing the various components. Price as always comes into play. None of this gear is cheap!!
  9. @Weissman Thanks for taking the time out to do this...gotta luv this community. You'd kinda hope there would be a difference given you are comparing a $1000 component to a far more expensive one. I am running my previous DAC, Cambridge 851D at the moment as my Direct Stream Junior is off to get its bridge replaced. Its been a similar experience for me. The 851D is pretty good but the DSJ has a better sound stage, a touch more detail in the highs, Vocals are sweeter and bass is more controlled and detailed. Immediately after swapping them over I didn't really notice the differences as much as I do a day later listening funnily enough. Like you I run a mac mini, Media Centre 24 (instead of Audirvana) via a Curious USB is used to my DAC. From here XLR to an E-470 out to my Dyns. I am a fan of using a computer based source but the lure of SACD and original discs is drawing me to the DP-430 and DP-560 as I get the best of both worlds. Decisions Decisions.
  10. AlurkA

    SOLD: Parasound A21 and JC2 BP

  11. That would be fantastic, thanks heaps.