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  1. Can you advise some specific products, rather than generalise?
  2. Congrats on the sale. These really are very good and surprised me when I swapped Stillpoints minis for these under my speakers on well ancjored stands. For interest, fir Wikeboy and Muzza, I have Pucks under my subs and they are very effective; IsoAcoustics suggested they are 4/5 compared to Gaia 5/5. And I had 3 x Gaia III under each of my Dynaudio C1s, a small blob of blu tac as interface between Gaia speaker. The Gaia are on stands. IsoAcoustics suggest better performance will be gained from using the thread adapters. So I had small outriggers made, which I am just installing ... see pics. I may play with rake.
  3. @sjay, my experience has been noise may not really noticed, until some is removed. You might find a media convertor that is less noisy than your Cisco switch and improves your SQ. But if you're content with you set up, leave it. I respect your view. Maybe you can share some knowledge with our community if they wish to explore the fibre option. If one were to go down the optical ethernet rabbit hole, do you know if GPON is suitable? Or too complicated? Also, would these lowish cost (I've seen much higher cost) SFPs be suitable? https://ubwh.com.au/Ubiquiti/UFiber-and-Fiber/UF-MM-1G
  4. PS. I should probably say, before anyone gets the wrong idea.... that my approach is to buy audio equipment which is not susceptible to noise (carried on the ethernet cable). ie. I'm not a proponent of 'tweaks' like this. I agree, I'd rather have less than more. However I suspect nothing is immune, just degrees of suceptability to noise. I'd guess even a wifi receiver creates noise. What peoducts have you found to be least susceptible? And how did you determine that? Devialet has advised me that on the Core Infinity board of Pro units ... "The ethernet signals are isolated and filtered. The audio extracted from Ethernet streams is relocked." and .. "We use a fully asynchronous internal clock structure for internal our buffers, the computer clock used by Roon is generated by our central clock engine, which also generates the clocks for all the system. Of course, de-jittering occurs."
  5. Well, sjay has indicated fibre has ample technical capability for this purpose. Yes, some is very costly but there are lower cost options, which in the realms of expenditure on hifi gear could be cost effective.
  6. Hmm, this is puzzling. I assumed signal being transmitted thru air (or light in the case of fibre) has minimal potential to be affected by electrical noise and coloration from cable components. But I'm willing to try anything that has shown to be beneficial despite theory. In my case, it seems my ethernet cable was poor compared to the quite good wifi arrangement tat replaced it. What is the sgnal path, before and after? Maybe the wifi transmission was compromised. How far did the wifi signal need to travel? Was the signal strong? Are there obstacles? I've read that if the receiver has to work hard to 'correct' transmissions, that could be detrimental.
  7. Hi folks, I'm also disappointed the other thread was closed. This topic is very 'now'. I have an Antipodes Edge as server/Roon Core and Devialet Pro as renderer. I had these connected via a cheap $30 switch with $5 ethernet cables. I was quite surprised at the improvement gained from separating Roon Core and Renderer functions .. like the Antipodes EX-CX model. This improvement was immediately obvious. On the weekend I replaced the cheap switch with a spare ADSL iinet router/switch (with WiFi); it just functions as a swithch and access point, not router (the router is elsewhere). It sits about 30cm from the Devialet and has a 50cm ethernet cable to the Edge. I configured the Devialet to receive signal via wifi rather than ethernet, and disconnected the ethernet from the Devialet. So there is not opportuity for electrical noise to get into the Devialet via the ethernet cable. USB is also disconnected. I did not do direct AB comparison, but replayed several tracks I had played earlier in the day and considered there to be an improvement, it took a few tracks of quazi analysis to notice, some things jumped out as better in some tracks, and some things were more subtle. I suspect the improvements will become more apparent with more listening. I'm curious if the media converter (MC) > fibre > MC arrangement will be better than this wifi link ... what's your experience? I'm now considering how to improve upon the link from switch to Edge. Isolation for the switch's noise could be acheived with fiber (or wifi). As Edge doesn't have wifi built in, an ethernet cable is required (I'll upgrade that). That can connect to a MC (or possibly wifi access point (AP)) which could inject its noise into the Edge, but that's unavoidable (there's filters that coud be used if that is a problem, eg. SoTM ISOCat, SoTM CAT7 cable, Acoustic Revive). What would you suggest based on your experience? With the MC>fibre>MC arrangement, does having a better power supply to the 1st MC improve the outcome (given its isolated from the Edge via fibre)? And the final query, is the Aqvox switch better SQ than all this? Sorry if this starts an unpleasant debate that goes OT. I wont start a debate about if/when switches that reclock are better than those that dont. Fortunately the Devialet reclocks incoming signals and synchornises with the DAC clock. For interest, I've noted a few audiophile switches, SoTM (base model plus various upgrades), the Linear Solution (a few models), Waversa, Paul Pang and of course the 2 uber costly M12 solutions via JCat. Cheers
  8. Hey, I'm curious what configurations you tried. Did you use it as server with your DS as Roon endpoint/renderer? ie. without Slngxer. Did you use it as Roon endpoint/renderer connected directly to DS? ie. without Slngxer. As an aside ... I am using Antipodes Edge as Roon Server and Devialet Pro with CI as Roon renderer with el cheapo switch and Cat 6, it is quite an improvement over Edge being both server and renderer with Audience Au24se USB. In my case, apparently Roon syncs clocks for renderer and DAC. Probably same in DS DAC. I would've liked to have seen if the BDP2 was a better renderer than Core Infinity board.
  9. Maybe one of their other products suits you? https://www.acousticfields.com/shopping/ I am not familiar with these, just looking into it. Lets not spin off topic here tho.
  10. I just found this ... interesting ... https://www.acousticfields.com/product/bda-broadband-diaphragmatic-absorber/ It claims ... The BDA is a powerful, low frequency, absorber that absorbs energy from 40 Hz. – 400 Hz.
  11. The cat has great manners!🤣
  12. That is correct, not Pro, no CI board. Of course, it could be upgraded to Pro.
  13. When this was in use, speakers were Ambience Ultra 1600s.
  14. Shunyata and SR recommended to me analog rather than digital power cable variant. The message to prospective purchasers is these amps sound great with standard cord, and freckin amazing with high qual cords, power conditioner, and ground treatment. SAM will help bring it the best of speakers. The DSP high and low pass filters and delay can help integrate sub woofers. So this a box of quite valuable tricks. I appreciate folks noting praise for Devialets here, but please lets not turn it into a discussion. Cheers
  15. I currently use Shunyata Etron Alpha HC. And Akiko tuning stick for ground. Synergistic Research make a Devialet spec power cord, and its not just a narrow IEC, SR advised me the tuning module and geometry are designed to compliment the Devialet. There's are review that addresses this cord with a 400 dual mono. I've seen them for about US$850.
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