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  1. I'm glad to hear @Stereophilusand @Assisi had that GTG, they suggested doing so some time ago. For the benefit of those who happen to just read this thread, or post in relative isolation, lets clarify as few things. Stereophilus has previously shared (probably elsewhere on SNA) the following: he had a streamer integrated into the Mola Mola Makua and considered that better than CX > EX > USB > ISORegen > Makua - so he removed the EX an USB from the chain. with is arrangement, he experiences little if any differences between ethernet cables, and
  2. They are only supposed to hear what their ears and brains can perceive. If they cant hear what I and many other can, that is completely fine and perfectly true for them. It is not a pass or fail test. Some people describe things they experience on their systems (which are less resolving than mine), and I am puzzled how I don't have that experience. I can only conclude we are all very unique and I suspect our individual perception of experiences are not the same. So I agree with these comments ...
  3. There comes a time when you have to get your hands on one and experience for yourself. Keep an open mind, try not to have any expectation, allow yourself to experience it without justifying or reasoning. Trust yourself and how music feels to you with and without. After some time experiencing, only then analyse what and why there is/is not a difference ... justify, reason, rationalise, etc. To me, differences certainly do exist. Sometimes differences catch my attention when I'm focussing on something else.
  4. Well done on LPS and conditioner for nbn and router. With Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ... I hear you asking "what about wifi?" ... I have a 2 storey brick home with a central stairwell and have one of these in the stairwell which covers the whole house https://www.ple.com.au/Products/640404/TP-LINK-TL-WA901N-450Mbps-Wireless-N-Access-Point As I understand it, 2.4 GHz goes around structure better than 5 GHz even though 5GHz is faster. There is ceiling mount version too, which is $49 and looks like this more costly one... https://www.ple.com.a
  5. Before you do that, try this ... NBN--15m LAN--- >modem/router - > LAN > Uptone ER (JS-2)----1.5m LAN-->-DAC Plug the router into lps and power conditioner. That is what I do, but still intending to run fibre between nbn and router, if a media convertor (like Optical Module) can work upstream of router.
  6. Man, SNA is like the discover function on Spotify. Thats a brand/product I dont recall hearing about. The internals of that streamer resemble a pc motherboard and expansion cards. Curious about the inbuilt switch with only 1 RJ45 jack ... wot the? Unfortunately there is no clear imagine of the whole board. Maybe not enough isolation yet ... ?!
  7. Wanna put the K40 Direct Out to the test? Put the EtherRegen between K40 and streamer (what is your streamer?). Just use it as an isolator, dont plug any other gear into it. Share what you hear. I have gradually put all my best ethernet things between my EX and endpoint (Devialet Pro). There is now 2 Gigafoils, an ER, all on my best LPSs powered by $2k of power cords and $3k of ethernet cables. Each additional isolator provided an improvement.
  8. @sonusfidelio It is interesting to get an idea of what $10k of server achieves. I am having similar improvements upgrading and reconfiguring my ethernet system. However you and I may not be experiencing exactly the same air and space around instruments, etc. It is subjective and relative to past experience. What is your endpoint, and network (cables, switches, etc)? Incidentally, as I understand, the increments since DX2 where DX3, CX and I gather CX (and EX) was improved again to clearly outperform DX3.
  9. You might want to consider if the wireless thingy itself is injecting noise, maybe less than Dayton amp and DSP. To my mind it is ideal to have 1. Dedicated power circuit 2. Dedicated ground circuit and rod 3. Isolated ethernet (ideally FTTP, and good isolation from the nbn box) By dedicared I mean not shared with the building. Does grounding speakers (in your case to Entreq) make much difference? Tannoy seem to think so.
  10. Mee tooo! I have a Synergistic Ground (SR) Block (passive) sitting on a SR Traquility Pod, with some SR HD and Basic ground cables to most components and SR cables. The Ground Block is connected to the Chassis Ground in a Shunyata Triton v2 (the ground goes through a Noise Isolation Chamber in the Triton, which in turn connects to Earth via Shunyata Sigma power cords, SR Blue outlet, and Furutech CCC and JPS Labs bulk cable on a dedicated circuit. I intend to provide a dedicated route to a new dedicated properly installed Earth rod ... when I get time.
  11. Another new product from Synergistic Research ... Galileo SX Active Ground Block (US$7500) https://www.synergisticresearch.com/power/accessories/galileo-sx-ground-block/#:~:text=The Galileo Active Ground Block,ground filter for your stereo. And their new Ground Cables SXHD (US$395ea) https://www.synergisticresearch.com/isolation/ground-isolation/hd-sx-ground/ Foundation (US$150ea) https://www.synergisticresearch.com/isolation/ground-isolation/foundation-ground/
  12. To confirm what Steffen said ... I gather some Japanese call a switch a hub. However this specifies hubs are actually different to and largely superseded by switches ... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethernet_hub This seems a good explanation ... https://community.fs.com/blog/do-you-know-the-differences-between-hubs-switches-and-routers.html A switch is a smarter hub. It routes data to the intended device rather than just broadcasting to all devices. Hubs are/were only half duplex too, from memory, which means they can only send data in o
  13. Mining Man is interested in only 1 sub. I am happy to sell them separately.
  14. Further information: This has hardly been used. These are considered excellent value at retail, so even better at this price. And this looks much better in the flesh. I have original packaging, therefore happy to ship. The original St 500s received lots of great reviews. I This Mk II amp is an upgrade that uses the newest 125ASX ICE modules that are better than what is used in Bel Canto, Jeff Rowland and others. It also has the Wyred unique 3rd generation input stage. Improvements are in the upper midrange and high frequencies. It is a true dua
  15. Further information: Comes with original boxes and accessories, and Synergistic Research Black UEF fuse. This amp competes with some of the finest and high value for money amps. Some notable highlights from reviews: Lively and exciting impact and snap dynamic and tight on all fronts, especially in the low end, but also in the mid and high frequencies liquid, emotive performance w
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