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  1. I agree with your thinking. I imagine Anripodes do their best to optimise SQ with each of CX and EX, however it is possible the extra processing power offerred by CX may come at the cost of some SQ, hence these units have dfifferent character from one another. For me, I chose to manage my library size and need for upsampling to be within the EX capabilities - in other words, make compromises in areas other than SQ. In my system, EX as server via SSD is providing an excellent sound - in particular to low end is phenomenal. And via SSD seems to be quite a lot better than via Tidal.
  2. The ERs SMPS seems quite good for this purpose. Otherwise maybe ifi powerx would be good.
  3. Yes, that is an attractive option, and moreso if it delivers the common generous bang for buck other Uptone products provide. In AU$, the S60 is more, but considering exchange rates, import costs etc, the JS 2 is more like 65% as much as S60 ... https://sonicpurity.com.au/store/music-servers-and-streaming/antipodes-s60 And then JCAT Optimo is more again, but very similar cost with JCAT member discount. https://jcat.eu/product/optimo-3-duo/
  4. I now have an EX, as Roon Core server direct connected to Devialet Pro as Roon Ready renderer. Since then I have been only streaming from Tidal via Roon. The sound quality is much better than from EDGE via my best ethernet config with Uptone EtherRegen just before Devialet. My ethernet system is quite well developed. I recently got around to removing my iinet modem/router and replacing it with Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X SFP using its standard PSU. That was a definite improvement. I chose EdgeRouter rather than other enterprise options because it can run on 12v DC (eg. via an upgraded psu) and can run fibre up to my audio system, and if I want I can create a seperate LAN just for the audio branch of my network, and probably prioritise traffic. Next I will be running that fibre, then try ifi power. The line up is interesting. The dual computer in one chassis is a new approach for Antipodes, I think Innuos has/had a similar beast. The K50 seems to be a 3 in 1, server, renderer and reclocker/SPDIF converter (like S20) ... and it has 3 PSUs! No wonder it has a high cost. K30 seems to be a scaled back K50, no reclocker/SPDIF. K40 appears to replace CX functionality = server only, thus ethernet direct only. S40 seems to replace CORE, and by upgrading the PSU to S60 it could rival CX or EX. S30 seems to be intended as a renderer to supersede EDGE, and used with S60 supersede EX. S30 + S60 = US$5k, similar price point to EX (and perhaps other brands too). S60 is where things deviate again ... there's a bit of kit to upgrade previous models, and S30 and S40, or use it for other things, like ethernet switch! Its a tempting proposition. I suspect S60 will become competition for high end LPSs, and perhaps Antipodes will eventually offer outputs other than only 12v DC to really enter that arena. It is interesting that Mark J used to emphasise the importance of tuning the PSU to his servers. And now a hybrid linear/SMPS which is somewhat one size fits all. It's not the first time new hifi has embraced using advanced SMPS, I have Devialet and NAD amps that I recall also do so. But hybrid with LPS may be breaking new ground. I will be interested to see how S60 is used and evolves. And finally S20 ... replaces P2 and more - could it rival other master clocks? Will it improve the performance of ethernet switches like EtherRegen? And could S20 be an attempt to get USB more competitive with ethernet, so S30 can be serious competition for DACs etc with integrated renderers? It could be said the USB -v- ethernet tension is noted by the Antipodes webpage ... Unfortunately, USB Audio has been negatively impacted by revisions of the USB standard, and the noise introduced by using Ethernet is just as troubling. The Antipodes S20 is the answer to this problem Or perhaps it strives to divorce from the noise carried by USB and Ethernet by converting to SPDIF ... a 3rd competitor in the format arena. It begs the question ... which format can achieve the lowest noise? I hope this is of interest.
  5. Whuch DC barrel plugs dies this have. The text seems to be cut and paste from Jcat, so may not represent the item listed.
  6. Well, Shunyata now has an even better ethernet cable, at AU$4500 ! So watch out for used ones Sigma's coming onto the market. Firstly, I'm somewhat puzzled, most people's home modem's are also router and switch in one. And as I understand, nbn does not need modem. I suspect you may mean the nbn connection box rather than modem (well, its probably a modem of sorts). I agree, isolate from the noise of the outside world and all the devices between your audio gear and internet devices. I suggest try router > fibre > switch > Sigma > CX etc. The fibre will give a good level of isolation for low cost. Better still, add an audio grade switch, EtherRegen, SOtM, Dela and Melco accept fibre via SFP ports.
  7. I have managed to obtain a Shunyata Sigma also and when it arrives from the US in a few weeks will also share my observations - compared to others in the same price range. Shunyata now has a Omega ethernet - in the next price range of course.
  8. As I recall, a recent quite comprehensive review of ER found that, using fibre, OM upstream of ER sounded better than a generic switch or media convertor (I dont recall which). Try not to listen to the technical explanations. In ethernet audio, some things provide improvements that don't make technical sense. Experiment and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.
  9. @ikhuong Consider keeping the OM and do this ... OM > fibre > ER Side A > ER Side B > ethernet > endpoint. Dont plug anything else into ER Side A. Put everything else upstream of OM using a decent switch. Every bit helps. That's what I'd do. If you dont, I'd be interested to buy the OM to do this instead of fibre from my switch. BTW, I really mean every bit helps. For eample, I have tried the SOtM ISO Cat both downstream of ER and upstream of fibre and it made a noticable improvement (less upstream than downstream). I even easily noticed an improvement replacing the Wireworld Starlight with WW Platinum ... upstream of the fibre! That is 4 cables upstream of endpoint! But note my system is very revealing and my ethernet system is fairly advanced, currently ... nbn > Cat 6 > router > Cat 8 > Cat 5e (many metres in wall) > WW Platinum > ISO CAT > WW Platinum > Ubquiti EdgeSwitch 10 x SFP > fibre > ER > JCAT Signature Gold > Antipodrs EX > Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Reference > Devialet Pro. It also has hi performance LPS, power cords, grounding on EdgeSwitch and ER. Improving ethernet has achieved improvements perhaps on par or more than from a very hi quality power conditioner. Actually its probably a greater improvement than my recent upgrade from Dynaudio C1 to stand mount speakers twice the cost! Here's an ER for sale ... https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa40je-uptone-audio-etherregen-digital My ER came via FedEx, perhaps because post was at a stand still at the time.
  10. Is it really fixed to 1000Mbs, or is that the maximum throughput? Investigate if you source (NAS or whatever) is outputting more than 100Mbs - if so, can is be set to max 100Mbs? Bear in mind only the fastest nbn is about 80Mbs at peak times - do a speed test to see what you actually getting. Can you change the settings in your switch or router (upstream of OpticalModule) to limit their output to 100Mbs? Sometimes this is possible. but don't ask me how. If that fails ... I dont have a spare ER, but may be interested to buy the OpticalModule for whatever you paid. Last time I looked they were not in stock. Afterdark in Hong Kong still seems to have ERs. I got mine from there, but it actually came from Japan via Hong Kong (and Singapore, and Sydney to Perth), which took quite a while bogged down by COVID. https://www.adark.co/products/uptone-etherregen-switch
  11. Devialet ... 1st 250, then 220 Pro, both engaged Devialet Speaker Active Matching .. https://www.devialet.com/en-au/expert-pro-sam-ready-speakers/dynaudio/confidence-c1-signature/ Amongst other things, SAM extends the bass response down to 22Hz and provides upto 4mm excursion. Not bad at all for a 16.7cm driver. In the right setting/room, many people would be very satisfied indeed. Let me say, these just kept offerring more with every tweak and upgrade, such as my recent journey into the ethernet abyss, but thats another story.
  12. Apparently that's what it's called, not sure why. I found this description of this finish - Mocca: Bird s Eye Maple real wood veneer stained in dark brown, finished with clear piano lacquer. Well, I wouldn't drink it, but they might achieve a more 'syrup' sound.
  13. Note: If you saw these earlier marked as Sold, it was a mistake by me. Gotta love this colour. The photos are not comprehensive, but representative examples of their immaculate condition. Please excuse any dust specks. Its easy to find rave reviews of these on line. These are fantastic speakers. I used them with sub woofers, crossed over at about 140Hz via hi and low pass filters in Devialet, which not only added bass extension and oomph, but greatly clarified midrange response and really showed what they are capable of. I am Including DIY outriggers, and original Dynaudio base plate to attach to Dynaudio stand. No stands included. IsoAcoustics GAIA III not included, just for display. Yes, GAIA III improved the speakers. I have the original packaging and accessories.
  14. Did you find some?
  15. Further information: I have original packaging Features Tannoy's most accurate, revealing and involving series to date very high efficiency, extreme power handling and thrilling performance. Exceptional imaging with point-source accuracy reveal the finest detail and effects within the most complex soundtrack breath taking dynamics 8 inch Dual Concentric™ drive unit 25mm titanium dome tweeter with tulip wave guide is a true WideBand™ design powerful treated paper pulp mid-bass cone driver and port tuned enclosure offers class leading bass down to almost 40Hz. the crossover uses audiophile grade components throughout in a design hand build and set in DMT onto non-resonant boards. Wiring is silver plated 99.99% pure copper for the mid-bass and incomingsignal, while the HF section is wired in high purity solid silver cabling. WBT gold plated binding posts allowing single or bi-wiring delivers unsurpassed accuracy and articulation. Reviews of the DC8 and similar Tannoys I enjoyed my time with the Tannoy Definition DC8. It's highly engineered, beautifully built, and has a well-rounded sound. Taken as a whole, the DC8 proved itself a high-quality speaker through which I could easily connect with the music. From first note to last, I could sit back and enjoy the performance. The midrange was warm, the treble sweet, the bass tight and articulate. Tannoy has done a great job; they've built a loudspeaker that practically guarantees the company's continued success and longevity. - Kevin Gallucci, soundstage.com http://www.soundstagenetwork.com/equipment/tannoy_definition_dc8.htm https://www.whathifi.com/tannoy/definition-dc8/review https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/tannoy-definition-dc10-ti/ https://www.hi-fiworld.co.uk/index.php/loudspeakers/65-reviews/387-tannoy-dc8t-march-12-issue.html Photos: These are representative of their condition. They're real hard to take good photos of due to reflections.
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