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  1. New Cable: Wireworld Starlight Cat 8 (Series 7) 1m (bought from SNA) Connected upstream to: Devialet Pro 220 (Roon) Upgraded from: air - Wifi Switch: iinet Bob lite Belken modem functioning as switch and WIFI AP (40cm from Devialet Pro) - hi end LPS, Shunyata ztron Alpha power cable Other downstream: several metres of garden variety Cat 5e - to iinet Bob lite and then to main iinet modem Other cables you considered: garden variety Cat 7 or 8. Reason for your choice: to see what difference change to sheilded cable made - before wifi I used Cat 5e. Read reviews and observations in forums and by dealers. Links to info about the new cable: in the List Your comments/observations: WiFi is crap! This is SO much better!
  2. Here's a template people may wish to use to report their trials New Cable: Connected upstream to: Upgraded from: Switch: Other downstream: Other cables you considered: Reason for your choice: Links to info about the new cable: Your comments/observations: UNfortunately I cant seem to cut and paste into posts using PC/Explorer, but can with Google Chrome on Android. Alternative people can simply Quote the template and fill in what they wish - example below.
  3. For those who dont know what a NIC is ... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_interface_controller I dont know if there is a NIC that can be used outside a computer. I have wondered how to somehow install one of these into an endpoint. https://sonore.us/opticalModule.html Or maybe Sonore or Uptone could make the equivalent of this link but ethernet rather than USB ... https://uptoneaudio.com/products/uspcb-a-b-adapter
  4. And that's probably where most of the PSU noise and jitter nasties emerge. However I am curious if changes on the upstream end of the optical link make any differences. In ethernet audio, the strangest things matter. So my assumption is there is potentially nasties at every link in the chain and the aim is to establish if that is the case and link by link from source moving upstream to reduce the impact of those problems to a tolerable level.
  5. It bewilders many that the nonsense of audio quality ethernet cables many times actually does make a diffference. There is little dispute that with TCP/IP the data gets where it needs to go in tact. I am no expert in ethernet (I dont want to one), I just listen to the effect like any other bit of audio gear (which incidentaly I dont fully understand how they work either). But from what I can gather, there is 'noise' carried somehow along the cable into audio gear that affects the sound quality - maybe its the sheilding (or lack thereof), the insulation, connectors or dare I say the actual conductors. But the proof is listening. Just like with audio grade switches. And the effect of reducing that unwanted noise can be quite profound - something you dont know is there until its gone.
  6. I do not use SFP (optical) so do not know it. However, I read that it is more than plugging in and there are potential compatibility issues. If you want to test optical, suggest reading up and testing before hand. If anyone tries fibre, share here ...
  7. Let's use this thread to share and discuss ideas, experiments and experiences with fibre. Yes, fibre is not really intended for short distance transmission, but it does provide isolation. However, that benefit may come at the cost of other nasties due to conversion and power supply noise and regulation. It is worth noting some Audio ethernet switches have fibre ports, and Sonore also advocates fibre with Opti rendu and Optical Module (media convertor).
  8. To accompany Part A, this is where people can share their views about why ethernet cables specifically made for audio should not make any difference to sound quality, and also the other side, why they should and do. This thread is a place for these debates to occur and therefore minimse these debates cluttering up other threads. Posts in this discussion may suggest or recommend particular cables, and hacks/tweaks. Please be civil - so this doesn't get shut down or moved under the Great Debate. I will not regulate this - moderators might.
  9. This may be of interest ... https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/302259-ethernet-cables-for-audio-part-a-list-of-cables-related-info-experiences/
  10. Its great to see some of you are going to try/compare some switches. I wish I didnt live so far away from that action. In relation to cables ...
  11. To accompany threads about Ethernet switches, tweaks, here is one of three threads about Ethernet Cables. These are listed from highest to lowest cost. Prices are for about 1m and what I could find as a guide, not best price AU$ is simply conversion from US$, £ or € - excluding shipping and import costs. Cost range is once again staggering - upto $30k. This list is just for information - not my recommendations. Feel free to post your personal experience with any cable listed, eg. you upgraded to one of these listed. I created a template to help post your experiences. Comparisons between these cables would also be of interest. Also feel free to advise where to read other peoples' experience with these cables (eg. on other forums). I will add to this list and include links to reviews if I am made aware. Let's try not to clutter this up with technical debates. If you wish to advise or read about why these shouldn't work, then I've created Part B for that purpose. I've also created Part C for Fibre Optical ethernet connections. Please be civil and respectful to keep this resource open, and not moved into the Great Debate sub forum. The List: $2000 - $10300 Anzus Acoustics D-TC Supreme €6.600 AU$10300 (DT-C powerbox or powerswitch mandatory - €23000 and €12000 respectively) Chord Music £4000 AU$7800 https://www.chord.co.uk/product/chordmusic-streaming-cable/ Goebel Larcorde Statement €4500 AU$7250 http://www.goebel-highend.de/products/lacorde-ethernet.htm https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/gobel-lacorde-statement-cables/ Anzus Acoustics D-TC €4.400 AU$7200 (DT-C powerbox or powerswitch mandatory - €23000 and €12000 respectively) Dalby Audio Meda £3000 AU$5800 Dalby websìte has no info https://www.dasklang.com/products/equipment/item/110594-das-klang-cable-support.html Kubala-Sosna Elation Cat 6 AU$5500 http://www.kscables.com/audio-cables-elation.html Synergistic Research Galileo SX US$3000 AU$4450 https://www.synergisticresearch.com/cables/galileo-sx/galileo-sx-digital/galileo-sx-ethernet/ Stavessence Eloquence €2500 AU$4000 http://stavessence.audio/products/ 6 moons reviewer cable - https://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/stavessence/4.html Anzus Acoustics D2 €2.160 AU$3500 (upgradable with DT-C powerbox or powerswitch - €23000 and €12000 respectively) Entreq Infinity Atlantis £1600 AU$3015 (excl ground cable and box) https://www.audiotherapyuk.com/product/entreq-infinity-apollo-rj45-cable-copy/ Chord Sarum Super ARAY (former model) €1800 AU$2900 https://www.audioemotion.co.uk/chord-sarum-super-aray-streaming-cable-6309-p.asp Stealth (i2s) US$2000 AU$3000 http://www.stealthaudiocables.com/products/digital-cables/i2s/ Tellurium Q Silver Diamond AU$2800 https://avcorp.pl/product-eng-2388-Tellurium-Q-Silver-Diamond-Digital-Streaming-Cable-Ethernet-LAN-cable.html Entreq Infinity Apollo £1200 AU$2260 (incl. integrated ground cable but not ground box) https://www.audiotherapyuk.com/product/entreq-infinity-apollo-rj45-cable/ Some Combos with SOtM ISO Cat6 (favourites trialled by Audio Bacon) https://audiobacon.net/2017/07/09/sotm-iso-cat6-special-edition-the-flavors-of-audiophile-ethernet/ SOtM dCBL-CAT7 -> iSO-CAT6 -> dCBL-CAT7 US $1350 AU$2000 SOtM dCBL-CAT7 -> iSO-CAT6 -> Purist Audio Design CAT7 US$1200 AU$1775 SOtM ISO CAT 6 special edition (ie. filter + 3 different short cables) AU$1650 SOtM SE Black Cable -> iSO-CAT6 -> dCBL-CAT7 US$1000 AU$1475 $1400 - $2000 Chord Indigo Tuned ARAY (former model) £940 AU$1800 https://hifilounge.co.uk/product/chord-indigo-tuned-aray-streaming-cable-1m/ Jcat Signature Gold €1100/AU$1760 https://jcat.eu/product/signature-lan-cable/ Kubala-Sosna Facination Cat 6 AU$1650 http://www.kscables.com/audio-cables-fascination.html Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Reference US$1050 AU$1550 https://www.synergisticresearch.com/cables/atmosphere/digital/atmosphere-reference-ethernet/ Easily better than WW Starlight Platinum (Series 7) according to Stereotimes Bill Wells Shunyata Sigma AU$1500 https://shunyata.com/products/digital-cables/ethernet-digital-cables/ethernet-cables-venom-alpha-sigma/ Tellurium Q Black Diamond €930 AU$1500 https://telluriumq.com/black-diamond-digital-streaming-cable/ Chord Signature Super ARAY €750 AU$1450 https://blog.artsexcellence.nl/chord-company-streaming-kabels/ https://www.chord.co.2uk/product/signature-super-aray-streaming-cable/ Wireworld Starlight Platinum (note. Series 7 former Stereotimes reference) Series 8 released May 2019 AU$1400 https://www.wireworldcable.com/phone/digital.html $800 - 1200 Final Touch (Audiostream uses it - editors choice) US$800 AU$1200 https://www.finaltouchaudio.com/ethernet-cables Anzus Acoustics A2 €860 AU$1140 Pachanko Aphelion Reference AU$1130 https://www.adark.co/collections/audiophile-grade-networking-system/products/pachanko-aphelion-reference-lan-cable AIM AU$1120 http://www.aim-ele.co.jp/avd/english/products/na7/ http://www.tamagawaaudio.com/blog/?p=2629 Nordost Heimdall 2 AU$1045 https://www.nordost.com/ethernet-cables.php Audioquest Diamond AU$1045 (.75m) https://www.audioquest.com/cables/digital-cables/rj-e-ethernet Shunyata Alpha AU$1000 https://shunyata.com/products/digital-cables/ethernet-digital-cables/ethernet-cables-venom-alpha-sigma/ Atlas Mavros Grun AU$1000 https://www.atlascables.com/products-usb-streaming.html#streaming https://audioinfluence.com.au/collections/atlas-cables/products/atlas-hyper-mavros-streaming-grun-cat6-digital-cable?variant=31087793471555 Fidata AU$995 https://www.iodata.jp/fidata/en/product/cable.htm https://www.avgallery.com.au/shop/terminated-cables/ethernet/fidata-hflc-ethernet-cable/ SOtM SE Black Cable -> iSO-CAT6 -> SE Black Cable (combo tested by Audio Bacon) US$650 AU$960 Synergistic Research Atmosphere X US$650 AU$950 https://www.synergisticresearch.com/cables/atmosphere/digital/atmosphere-ethernet/ Chord Epic €570 AU$925 https://www.chord.co.uk/product/epic-streaming-cable/ Revelation Audio US$600 AU$900 http://www.revelationaudiolabs.com/cables-digital/index.htm#CAT8+-RJ45-i2s Anzus Acoustics X €540 AU$880 https://ansuz-acoustics.com/products/x-cables Acoustic Revive Triple C €530 AU$860 https://6moons.com/audioreviews/acousticrevive3/4.html Under $750 SOtM Cat7 (with isolator/filter) US$500 AU$750 1.5m std length (stiff) https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/products/cables-3/ Phonosophie €440 AU$710 https://www.hifi-zubehoer.shop/en/phonosophie-high-end-ethernet-cable-a-34889.htm?varid=34890 Telegartner MFP8 Gold 2 (Cat7A) 50,000 yen AU $670 https://files.telegaertner.com/5114/6173/8984/Business_Success_Story_MFP8-Gold_April2016.pdf Pachaniko Itération AU$670 https://www.adark.co/collections/audiophile-grade-networking-system/products/pachanko-lan-iteration-cable https://shop.highend-audiopc.com/en/lan-cables/pachanko-lan-kabel-itration-1-5m?action_ms=1 Nordost Blue Heaven AU$600 https://www.nordost.com/ethernet-cables.php Synergistic Research Core 2.0 US$400 AU$590 https://www.synergisticresearch.com/cables/coreuef/core-uef-ethernet/ TotalDAC €360 AU$580 http://www.totaldac.com/ethernet_cable-eng.htm Entreq Primer £300 AU$565 Primer Pro £390 AU$735 both incl ground cable & ground box https://www.audiotherapyuk.com/product/entreq-primer-rj45-ethernet-cable/ Aqvox LAN Edge €370 AU$600 http://www.myhifishop.de/Cables/Digital-Cables:::2_3.html Waversa Systems - WLAN €330 AU$540 https://zionote.com/shop/product/wlancable Sablon Audio Panatela Reserva US$350 AU $520 Audio Bacon says quite a bit better than SOtM Cat 6. Moon Audio US$350 AU$520 https://www.moon-audio.com/silver-dragon-network-cable.html Purist Audio Design US$350 AU$510 SOtM Cat 6 AU$500 with high grade connectors AU$250 with std connectors https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/products/cables-3/ Shunyata Venom AU$500 https://shunyata.com/products/digital-cables/ethernet-digital-cables/ethernet-cables-venom-alpha-sigma/ JCat LAN €300 AU$480 https://jcat.eu/product/lan-cable/ Chord Shawline €250 AU$400 https://www.chord.co.uk/product/shawline-streaming-digital-audio-interconnect/ Audioquest Vodka AU$400 (.75m) https://www.audioquest.com/cables/digital-cables/rj-e-ethernet Wireworld Starlight Series 8 AU$400 https://www.wireworldcable.com/phone/digital.html Transparent Audio Premium Cat 6 US$275 AU$400 https://www.transparentcable.com/collections/digital-audio-ethernet/products/premium-ethernet Phasure €215 AU$350 https://stordiau.com/collections/cables-and-more-snakes-oil/products/ethist-2-ethernet-cable Atlas Hyper Streamjng AU$335 https://www.atlascables.com/products-usb-streaming.html#streaming https://audioinfluence.com.au/collections/atlas-cables/products/atlas-hyper-streaming-cat6-digital-cable?variant=31087792390211 Aqvox LAN Exel €200 AU$ 330 http://www.myhifishop.de/Cables/Digital-Cables:::2_3.html The Linear Solution US$200 AU$300 https://thelinearsolution.com/tlsref_eth.html In Akustik Referenz €149 AU$245 https://www.in-akustik.de/en/cables-and-accessories/multimedia/cat-cable/referenz-network-cable-cat7-007150075/ https://www.hifisound.de/en/Hifi-Accessories/Cable-Crafted/Inakustik-Referenz-CAT7-Network-Cable-0-75-m.html KEF K Stream AU$230 https://uk.kef.com/products/k-stream Furutech Lan 7 AU$220 http://www.furutech.com/2015/12/01/12211/ Aqvox LAN Basic €120 AU$200 http://www.myhifishop.de/Cables/Digital-Cables:::2_3.html DH Labs "Reunion" Ethernet Cat 8 US$129 AU$195 https://silversonic.com/products/digital-cables/reunion-cat8-ethernet/ Wireworld Chroma AU$190 https://www.wireworldcable.com/phone/digital.html Afterdark Constellation (CFS) Cat 7 (MFP8s) HK$950.00 AU$180 https://www.adark.co/collections/audiophile-grade-networking-system/products/afterdark-constellation-cfs-cat7-telegartner-mfp8-edition Atlas Equator AU$175 https://www.atlascables.com/products-usb-streaming.html#streaming https://audioinfluence.com.au/collections/atlas-cables/products/atlas-equator-streaming-cat6-digital-cable?variant=31087783542851 Melco £90 AU$170 https://www.audiotherapyuk.com/product/melco-audio-c1ae-cat7-ethernet-cable/ Ghent US$90 AU$135 https://www.ghentaudio.com/pc/et11.html Audioquest Cinnamon AU$100 (.75m) https://www.audioquest.com/cables/digital-cables/rj-e-ethernet Meicord Opal €72 AU$115 http://meicord.de/index.php?id=dietechnologie&L=3 http://neu.meicord.de/shop/MeiCord-opal:::1.html?language=en Chord C-Stream £40 AU$80 https://www.chord.co.uk/product/c-stream-high-performance-digital-streaming-cable/ Supra £38 AU$75 http://www.supracables.co.uk/ethernetcables/cat7-cat8-cable.html In Akustik Exzellenz €40 AU$65 https://www.in-akustik.de/en/cables-and-accessories/multimedia/cat-cable/excellence-network-cable-cat6-006711005/ https://www.hifisound.de/en/Hifi-Accessories/Cable-Crafted/Inakustik-Exzellenz-CAT6-Network-Cable-0-5-mtr.html Audioquest Forest AU$50 (.75m) https://www.audioquest.com/cables/digital-cables/rj-e-ethernet Audioquest Pearl AU$35 (.75m) https://www.audioquest.com/cables/digital-cables/rj-e-ethernet
  12. Just wondering what RCA and XLR caps they are on there.
  13. Translated for convenience - I left out a few small sections just describing the switch. 100% improvement without any doubt: Japan Melco S100 enthusiast Switch network switch Leo Yeh January 4, 2020 Recently, the hottest digital streaming product in the market is the Switch network switch. For no reason, as long as you have experienced any Switch with a fever level, you will be attracted by the sound improvement it brings. It was originally Digital streaming brand, Melco Audio from Japan also recently announced a fever-grade network switch S100, priced at NTD 58,000. Why is Melco, which is backed by a powerful computer brand Buffalo, launched later than other brands on the market? I think this has something to do with the spirit of the Japanese tortoise, it will not be published until it is perfect. Why do you want to keep the slower 100M? Because Melco has continued to compare and listen, it is found that audio equipment such as DAC, sounds better at 100M transmission, as for the 1000M interface is suitable for PC or Roon Core and other data processing operations Equipment used. During the evaluation period, I also followed the original recommendations and connected the NAS with Roon Core to the 1000M interface, and the DAC and Music Server and other devices to the 100M interface. The main purpose of the audition is to compare with the home network switch (D-Link DGS-1005A), which is also the switch that MY-HiEND originally used. Switch to Audio-only Switch. Significantly increased by 100%, the background is darker, and the sound is more pure (Leo Yeh) This is not the first time we have tried the Audio Switch, which has a fever level. However, when we auditioned and compared, we still felt a great deal about the sound improvement brought by the Switch. After switching to the Melco S100, the sound difference can only be used suddenly To describe, the original sound is obviously dull and noisy, and the distortion is large. The Melco S100 is transparent and transparent, the sound quality is more delicate, and the background is darker. Listen to the "Across the Stars", performed by the Los Angeles Art Orchestra, the sound quality of the violin is much better, and the orchestra's performance is more clear. The original Switch seems to be out of focus, and because the background is darker and the details such as details are better. For those who originally used the regular Switch, I'm sure as long as I have tried the Melco S100, I will definitely pay for it, and it is difficult to switch back. It's just a comprehensive promotion without saying a word (Ted Chen) Since last year, enthusiast-grade network switches have been continuously appearing on the market. It is a very good thing for us or enthusiasts to have more choices. Before the emergence of enthusiastic-grade network switches, I never thought of such The equipment will affect the sound so much, but after trying out different brands of fever network switches, it is indeed an upgrade tool that must be prepared for network streaming and listening to music. As far as I see Melco's design of this type of product is very reasonable and convincing, because Melco itself has many years of experience in designing network streaming players, the impact of network transmission on sound should have been experienced long ago, and it is huge in the parent group Buffalo. Under the resources, it should not be difficult to launch a network switch for audio products. My expectations for this S100 network switch must be higher than other brands. The appearance of S100 is exactly the same as other products of Melco. It adopts stainless steel and all-metal casing, multiple network output and input at the rear, and optical fiber transmission is available for users to choose from. Compared with our original DLink network switch, the final sound is not at the same level at all. The help provided by Melco S100 is too much. It is not too much to say that changing a set of audio equipment. A digital streaming player with hundreds of thousands or even millions, but when it is used with a 3C network switch, it feels terrible. During the audition, I compared with our magazine Leo and Emma in the same field, and exchanged songs with each other. Each song, whether familiar or not, can feel a huge gap. Take chlara's "evosessions" as an example, starting from the dark background, guitar positioning, subtle dynamics, string details, up and down bandwidth, audio and video cohesion, sound field depth and vocal color, mouth clarity, and sound penetration All of them are improved. Compared with the original sound, the low-frequency sound is loose, the middle frequency is not concentrated, and the high-frequency is noisy. Stronger. To be honest, to point out the difference between the Melco S100 and ordinary network switches is like telling the difference between Porsche and domestic cars. It is fundamentally different in taste and convenience. It is easy to say, but it ’s superfluous. I have to tell everyone that this money must be spent. Sound quality is more condensed (Emma Lin) The network switch is already a rammer in the current digital streaming market. As long as it can improve the sound quality, I think everyone should buy one. The Switch network switch is currently in several brands I have seen, and the volume is not It is large and light in weight. It does not take up much space for the space. Melco S100 has a fair appearance without excessive design and decoration. It has a full metal chassis and multiple network outputs and inputs at the rear. It is available in black and silver. For your choice, our review is black. Black is safer for space and system. And after evaluating several Switch, what will happen to the Melco S100 this time? This time I listened to my colleagues in this magazine collectively and played the familiar songs for communication. "Lover" for the test, playing the second track "Cruel Summer", this song has a strong sense of dynamics, low frequency is also very sufficient, first use Dlink to play, although the sound quality is OK, but you can hear a little burr, the music goes smoothly; After putting on the Melco S100, the difference actually appeared, the burr was gone, the sound was modified a lot, the closeness of the music was more cohesive, the width and depth of the sound field were significantly changed, and a little more space was felt, and the low frequency was not like one. The original was as aggressive as it was relatively relaxed.
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