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  1. I wasn't technically minded to self build it so the man himself built mine, and what a true gentleman he is, great engineer and a great source of knowledge
  2. Item: Chris Daly LDR Pre Amplifier/Attenuator Location: Auckland Price: Reduced to $550 Item Condition: 9/10 used Reason for selling: Went to Valves Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer. Extra Info: Free shipping to Australia, Has remote control and linear power supply, one of the best if not the best outhere Last upgrade was March 2019 Many reviews on here https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/123765-stereocoffee-ldr-passive-preamp-upgrade-preview/ stereocoffee.wixsite.com/ldrpreamp/the-designer
  3. What amazing story and build, literally an epic build What an achievement, absolutely stunning, well well done
  4. Hi Stuart I'm actully selling on behalf of a very good friend he is wanting to upgrade to a chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler and a Chord Dac And yes it is on top of the Darko"s ultimate DAC list [emoji16] Chees
  5. Item: AQUA La Scala MkII Reference tube Optologic DAC - R2R resistors ladder type Location: Auckland Price: 7000 Reasonable offers will be considered Item Condition: Nearly Mint, slight scuff on back edge as seen in photo Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: The unit is in near mint condition with original box, all packaging materials, manual etc Free shipping New Zealand & Australia RRP $9999.00
  6. Obviously, but some people hear cable differences and some dont, that completley relies on peoples hearing and systems So does that theory not apply to power supplies?
  7. So if Rob knows his stuff then the BNC cables supplied in the box should be perfect with no need to ever replace
  8. Well each to there own, much like cable talks lol I have the Qutest and the M Scaler both running off Ifi Ipower products and these two together the sound is far superior to the stock psu's But as I said each to their own [emoji6]
  9. Agreed! but having the M Scaler in front of the Qutest doesnt clean the power line of the Qutest
  10. Well have a listen and then tell me they dont make a difference [emoji6]
  11. Morning Camross, Yes I have my Qutest running with the Ifi Ipower 5v power pack Instant improvment slightly bigger soundstage and to my ears better clarity Definitely an improvement over the supplied adaptor The 5v version is the only one that comes with the micro usb adaptor The amp rating is 2.5A and the Qutest needs only 2.1A but the difference will not damage the Qutest in anyway Many people have upgraded to the ipower pack with the Qutest, And on a final note, its cheap! [emoji6] Cheers Deano
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