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  1. Well im happy to say again, that the M Scaler is the most important component I have ever bought It makes everything better and when I disconnect it everything seems unreal Digital never ever sounded so analogue I may swap other components around in the future but I can guarantee the M Scaler is not going anywhere unless Mr watts designs a better one lol
  2. Deano_malaysia

    Single Ended 300B

    Bespoke and beautiful and I bet they sound amazing too, very very nice, I would be proud to have any of these in my home, stunning pieces of art!
  3. Deano_malaysia

    Single Ended 300B

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  4. Yep same here always good to recalibrate your ears every now and then, We once went to hear a symphony version of watership down, walked out with these lol
  5. I would love to one day lol, own a DCS transport and Dac oh and add a clock just for fun or an Esoteric full system Maybe one day all the balls (lottery) will align and then the dreams will come true Until then I can just drool over the photos on line and hate the people that own them, joking!
  6. Woo hoo love a tie lol Agreed! Sharing opinions is what this forum is all about and what makes it great!
  7. Absolutely! The world would be a very boring place is everyone agreed [emoji6]
  8. Sorry I disagree, we tested the Aqua La Scala mkII optologic with the M Scaler and 5 different people admitted the M Scaler with the Qutest was far superior You need to spend time with the M Scaler to appreciate what it can do, 3-4 hrs is not enough, dont get me wrong from the getgo you should hear a difference but over time is where the HMS really excells Many people say that once you have lived with it for about a week then take it out and see if you can live with out it, most other owners litrally last 5mins and then put it back in This is just my thoughts
  9. Hey a.dent, Im using the Qutest and my friend uses the Dave, However I have listened to the HMS with the Aqua La scala MKII and the AudioLab M Dac+ and still the sound was excellent Dont get me wrong the Chord M Scaler with the Chord Dac's did sound better but even with the other dacs only receiving half the taps they still sounded more analogue and more open Im convinced the WTA filter is where the magic happens not just the taps Cheers
  10. Morning, I can understand that you are reluctant to spend money on a product that you have not heard and yes there are a few people that are saying its not as good as they expected I would take that with a pinch of salt, and do try and demo if you can, I demoed the HMS and within 20 seconds, knew immediately that I wanted it! sorry needed it Listed below are reviews from repetuble online magazines, have a read if you haven't already But all I can say from mine and a friends perspective is that the HMS is by far the most important component we have ever bought and I have been into hifi for 25 years [emoji6] Once you hear it, you will know exatcly what it does and then try and live without it lol What does it do? It does everything right by recreating exatcly what was recorded Reviews https://www.soundstageaustralia.com...rd-electronics-hugo-m-scaler-digital-upscaler German review so translate https://www.lowbeats.de/chord-hugo-tt-2-und-m-scaler-klangstarker-dac-im-test/ https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/my-quest-for-a-new-dac-part-5-chord-electronics-hugo-m-scaler-hugo-tt-2-r781/ https://chordelectronics.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/M-Scaler-Review-HiFi-World.pdf Hope this helps [emoji4]
  11. Deano_malaysia

    2019 StereoCoffee LDR Pre/Attenuator Kit

    I have had Chris's LDR pre amp for well over 2 years and I have had 2 board chages in that time and every time I think it cannot get any better he proves me wrong Chris is a genius and a true gentleman in every sense I exchanged emails with him last week and he has confirmed that again there are improvments and im shipping my pre next week to him for the new modifications To those who try and discredit chris, unless you have heard his LDR then dont comment I have had over the last 20years nearly all the top pre amps from manufacturers including Mark Levinson, Esoteric, McIntosh etc etc and dont get me wrong they are all phenomenal pre amps but no of them has had everything perfectly right, some excell with timing, timbre, soundstage etc Chris LDR pre on the other hand has everything, zero colour, perfect imaging, spot on timbre and timing and it just sounds so natural For those that doubt this, try it! The price of Chris LDR is extremely cheap compared to other manufacturers pre amps Oh and a side note if you are not happy then you can most probably sell it on for the price you paid anyways, as there is gereally a waiting list for Chris to build one, bear that in mind because someone will snap it up if you don't like it, some people that just cannot wait lol I know people are thinking maybe Im just judging by my own ears! I am very lucky have many audiophile friends with great systems that are astounded by the clarity and dynamics of Chris's LDR Guys if your on the fence trying to decide whether its that good, it is [emoji16] Give it a go, what do you have to lose, buy a preamp that will seriously end your journey of trying to find that golden elusive pre amplifier that has everything Well done Chris and dont worry what the sceptics say, there are many of us out here that know the truth Cheers A very happy LDR pe amp owner
  12. I just ordered my Linear power supply from Chris so looking forward to hearing that also
  13. Deano_malaysia

    From NS1000m to NS1000x - impressions

    Do they sound better upside down, more soundstage? Lol Sent from my LG-H961N using Tapatalk
  14. Deano_malaysia

    Tannoy westminster se build

    Great job brother they are coming together really well, ive always loved the Westminsters Sent from my LG-H961N using Tapatalk