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  1. Item: Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier (2016) - price reduction Location: Southern Suburbs of Perth Price: $2,100 ONO $1900 ONO Item Condition: excellent, 9/10 Reason for selling: upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Pay ID / electronic transfer. I also have the original packaging, so can ship if required (postage / courier at your cost with relevant insurance) Extra Info: Purchased brand new from Frank Prowse HiFi in December 2016. Very well regarded integrated amplifier that has served me well, with balance of manufacturers warranty (until December 2021). The Roksan has proven to be quite flexible in terms of system synergy, and has provided great results with a variety of speakers including Dynaudio C1 and Monitor Audio GS60's. One of the key things i was looking for was the ability to seamlessly integrate it into a home theatre set up- the HT bypass works fantastically in this regard. It also offers the convenience of AptX bluetooth streaming for less critical listening sessions. lots of information on the web, but these reviews give you a good idea of how it performs - https://www.whathifi.com/roksan/k3-integrated/review https://blog.richersounds.com/roksan-k3-amp-review/ thanks for looking - any questions please message me! Photos:
  2. Not wanting to make light of the subject, but approximately what time of day do you commence alcohol infusion? 😄.
  3. is that a kiwi version?
  4. 4gb download, cough, "apparently" looks significantly better than the crap served up by Foxtel........
  5. That was the point I was trying to make. The pixelation was due to compression, not the fact the scenes were dark.
  6. i series record (assuming that this comes via the dish / receiver and not via internet) and the quality was equally as bad - not good enough in my opinion - conspiracy theory is that they deliberately broadcast in crap quality to stop people from uploading copies..... and they wonder why people still illegally download content?!?
  7. have a look RVM's website - https://rvm.com.au/ I use the Platinum 1800 black - it has loads of room for amps and all the other usual stuff! Edit - sorry i note you are after timber.. but i ended up going for the above in the end as it did everything i wanted, at a reasonable price.
  8. Yawn 🙄 i posted here as i am interested in the PLX1000, but also considering the other mentioned TTs. Seeing as there was a lot of commentary in the preceding 17 odd pages from owners, i was seeking their advice. do you have anything constructive to add at all?
  9. that sounds like too much of a PITA to me. what an inconvenient design oversight!
  10. id be all over this if i hadnt recently bought a cabinet. that looks great! GLWS
  11. @diynamic, besides the pin issue, how was the sound, what cart did you use on the pioneer?
  12. I've just had a couple of coffees whilst reading through this topic, and really appreciate the insights and opinions from everyone. my summary is that whilst there are different opinions on the cart, headshell, set up combinations etc, the general consensus is that it is a very good value bit of kit. I have been considering a few other more expensive options, and whilst happy to spend more, wonder if its going to be a material difference. If i go with the Pioneer, I could spend more on a decent cart, likely the 2M black for example. these are the other TTs - Project 2Expression sb with bronze 2M $2200 rrp Mofi Studiodeck + with Studiodeck cart $1749rrp Clearaudio concept with concept MM cart $2199 rrp Would be great if anybody can provide and suggestions / recommendations around these vs the pioneer. Noting Store DJ has the pioneer out for $791 right now as part of the Black Friday thing, i'm keen to resolve! cheers, Scott
  13. Item: Rega P3 with RB300 arm, Garrott P77, and litz copper wiring Location: southern suburbs of perth Price: $650 (ONO) Item Condition: very good for its age. Reason for selling: looking to upgrade if i can move this one along! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only - no box, so local sale is the only real option unless willing to insure (your cost) Extra Info: Rewired October 2017 from needle to output with Litz copper and quality RCAs. A dedicated earth has been provisioned to avoid potential issues with the usual Rega approach of internal earthing. Deck is in good condition for age, with a white rega belt recently installed. Purchased a couple of years ago through this forum for a delivered cost of $520. Rewire cost me $485, and was completed by Jason (The Turntable Doctor) - http://turntable-doctor.com/Turntable_Doctor.html. Reputably one of the best techs these days. Please let me know if you have any queries at all - and thanks for looking!
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