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  1. I wish i had the cash / space for this - such a mint piece of kit!
  2. $279 for a "cheap" HDMI cable,. where's the stupidly expensive ones 🤪. they should be called fibber. Many people have praised the Comsol ones that you can get from Officeworks - i use one of the 10m fo $69 versions between my AV reciever and my Epson 9300. hasnt missed a beat.
  3. @Cappy 63 this is what i mentioned to you. cheers, Scott
  4. Hi @Bill125812 i sent you a PM a couple of days back - did you receive? cheers, Scott
  5. keen to move this on due to other commitments, price dropped to $550 delivered
  6. 2M black cart and usual accessories. Cart has approximately 120 hours on it, and is performing flawlessly. I can post, but strongly recommend insurance at buyers cost. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Yes, sorry i will update the ad - also, only the red / black pair are available now. this is a link to the Audio Principe website - https://audioprincipe.com.au/interconnects/rca-shielded-phono-interconnects-plus-earth/ Note, without an earth wire as my TT didnt require one.
  8. RCA Phono interconnects that i used to use from my turntable to preamp. I have also used from other source components to preamp without issue. Designed with low capacitance in mind, they perform very well. https://audioprincipe.com.au/interconnects/rca-shielded-phono-interconnects-plus-earth/ Note - no earth cable as i didnt require it. Price is for the pair, including postage. If local pick up, price will be $50 for the pair.
  9. As new Altas element Integra RCA to RCA cables - 2 metres. Price includes postage. if local pick up, will be $80.
  10. I've had the pleasure of experiencing the Lintons at Frank Prowse HiFi. I say experience because the moment the sound hit my ears, i was engaged and enjoying the music, not dragged into analytical mode and trying to pick out nuances or flaws. They are are an absolute bargain at their RRP. I can't wait to get time to pop in and see the rest of the range!
  11. thanks @Snoopy8, will definitely check those out now!
  12. Item: Isoacoustics Aperta (BLACK ONLY) Price Range: reasonable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: wanting a set for my LS50s - let me know what you have. ideally Perth located, but open to postage etc.
  13. no reason why not at all. Vincent do a number of integrated amps that have tubes in them.. not sure about HT bypass though!
  14. Hi Michal, you are on a journey that many of us have been through! I run a yamaha advantage 3050 and when paired directly with my MA GS60's, the sound is average at best to be honest. A few years ago, with the help of the kind folks at Frank Prowse HiFi, i auditioned many power amps and integrated amps and finally settled on a Roksan K3 integrated at the time. Adding a power amp wasn't a solution, as it only amplified the already dry sound that the yamaha puts out. I found that an integrated with HT bypass gave me the best of both worlds - movies were much improved, but the major benefit is when listening to music through the integrated directly. I have since moved to a parasound pre / power set up, and couldn't be happier with the results. The only thing i have done since. is look at a better amplification for my centre channel. if you are into movies you could / should consider 3 channel solutions as well
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