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  1. @SPR08Y If heโ€™s into street photography then a small camera with a prime lens would be ideal. Anything else will become a chore and you end up just not taking the picture. I had an EOS1 mk3, 24-70Land 70-200L both F4 and 50mm F1.4. Sold all and got a rangefinder Fujifilm xpro2 graphite edition(relates to finish of the product)with a 23mm f2.0 lens. Got the grip and a thumb rest as an accessory. Absolutely love it, intuitive versatile always on hand to take a photo. Speaking of photos, fantastic to say the least. Real, 3D, gorgeous color and plenty of advanced options. Was looking at Leic
  2. Further information: bought in May this year, Sennheiser flagship headphone, headphone cable has been upgraded to the famous top of the line ADL cable in 3.0m length. All the packaging and the original 6.35mm cable will be included as well as instructions and USB key. Will entertain splitting only if both items have a new home to go to. But in all honesty both are a great combination. The cable retails for $540 just by itself and was special order from Japan. Headphones retail at around $2500 Photos:
  3. Item: Naim Hi-line 4pin din to RCA Price Range: neg Item Condition: Used Extra Info:
  4. Item: Naim Hi-line 4pin din to 4pin din Price Range: neg Item Condition: Used Extra Info:
  5. Recently acquired one, simply superb, only part with it if Rega Saturn ๐Ÿช comes up for sale. One of the best analog sounding CD players, at least to my ears. Neo
  6. Fingers crossed, you never know. One sold here recently, local, I must have been napping ๐Ÿ˜ด
  7. Further information: perfect for a bedroom or kids gaming room. Has a remote. No dead pixels, not a smart tv ๐Ÿ“บ Photos:
  8. Further information: will come with a receipt for warranty, which is two years. Bought in August 2020 Photos:
  9. Would recommend this cable https://www.4cabling.com.au/15m-cat-6a-s-ftp-lszh-ethernet-network-cable-black.html
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