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  1. Further information: have all the packaging and purchase receipt from Len Wallis. Retail close to $1200. They are currently in use in the system but present as new. The DBS Black packs are $170rrp each just by themselves if you want to buy them separately. Length is 3 meters Photos:
  2. Someone is on a budget😬, but seriously. Offers are posted via PM, this what separates us from Gumtree. With an rrp of north of $3k at 1/3 of the price it’s already a very good deal. If I wasn’t attached to my two sets of speakers, these would be at my house as the seller is only 35min from where I live. Neo
  3. Gave up looking for one and ordered Atlas Hyper in the 4pin din to 4pin din for Naim pre/power, as it was more suitable. Was originally looking for the second cable with rca to 4pin din, just like you. Ordered from this place the price are reasonable and less expensive than the Naim branded ones. https://audioinfluence.com.au/products/element-din Neo
  4. Further information: Length is 1.5m http://www.gigawatt.eu/produkt/high-performance-power-cord-gigawatt-lc-1-evo/ https://www.soundgallery.com.au/product-page/gigawatt-lc-1-evo-high-performance-power-cord-1-5m Photos:
  5. May still be available, @Galactic Soap Neo
  6. Lowballed for the fifth time?, price is firm and fair, great power cable.( rrp is $620 for 3ft and at lease 4 week wait from USA, the order gets sold pretty quickly due to Voodoo popularity as a power cord). Just got the upgrade bug and will be buying Voodoo Infinity power cord after getting one for trial from a local hifi supplier Neo
  7. @Mr Mojorisin Ring Len Wallis in Sydney, they do plenty of installations and upgrade their customers gear. They may have exactly what you after as leftovers from the jobs. Seen big buckets full of different cables. Worth giving a call and inquiring, can’t imagine jaycar still have it as new stock Neo
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