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  1. There is no need to fight, their policy is clearly stated that you are within your rights to return the item within 90 day, if it’s faulty. Take the unit back and get a refund and also ask them to reacquaint themselves with their business website where their operating policies/conditions are listed Neo
  2. @craig10 https://www.cashconverters.com.au/refund-warranty-policy
  3. Further information: length is 1.5m two available price is per cable http://www.gigawatt.eu/produkt/high-performance-power-cord-gigawatt-lc-1-evo/ https://www.soundgallery.com.au/product-page/gigawatt-lc-1-evo-high-performance-power-cord-1-5m Photos:
  4. @Resounding have a look at the secondhand section in the link, they also have afew more amplifiers that are not listed so worth while giving Len Wallis a call as well to discuss https://lenwallisaudio.com/category/secondhand/ Neo
  5. That’s been like that for days and I was unable to post anything as it was over that amount. Now it’s working after I posted this initial inquiry Neo
  6. Unable to post any pictures from an iPhone as the limit is 715kb Neo
  7. Item: Upgrade Headphone cable for Hifiman Ananda Price Range: neg Item Condition: Usrd Extra Info: must be 3m and termination of 6.35mm and 3.5mm into each cup.
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