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  1. Personally Sennheiser Momentum True wireless, great sound and despite not being noise cancelling, great isolation. All around great set of features and decent battery life. Haven’t heard the second generation ones yet, but with greater battery life and addition of noise cancellation could potentially be a worthy replacement for my original one’s. Just waiting for the Minidisc to get them in stock, so I can audition Neo
  2. Further information: This is the genuine Sennheiser balanced cable with the 4.4mm Pentaconn plug for the HD800/s. It retails for $479 from addicted to audio. It is as new, never used, never even plugged in. Happy to post at buyers expense. Photos:
  3. Sold and payed for, pickup tonight😊 Neo
  4. Further information: I have two Thor power boards for sale, above price is for each. Also will include an adapter so one can use these boards with the Thor PS10 voltage regulator directly. Would prefer to sell them locally and together as they are on the bulky/slightly heavy side https://www.thortechnologies.com.au/product/smartboard-8/ Photos:
  5. I would be contacting the seller directly as PM sent really doesn’t mean anything here Just a thought Neo
  6. Ring Len Wallis, from memory they may still have the AQ diamond in 0.6m. Ask for Tim or Garry Neo
  7. You probably thinking of 12v trigger on the back of the equipment. Not entirely sure you would get a product like what you after Neo
  8. This would be perfect for your application, a quality board for Australian conditions Neo https://www.avaustralia.com.au/thor-b12r-green-board-integrated-filter-and-surge-protection/
  9. @mtan002 would be on the hunt for an Electrocompaniet ECD-1 dac. Fond memories of the dac and wonderful pairing with stax, in my case it was srm717 energizer and sr-404 ear speakers. I would also audition a Chord electronics dac perhaps a HD or Qute version which can be had now for very reasonable coin secondhand Neo
  10. Have the original Sennheiser momentum wireless and absolutely love them. Will need to audition at Minidisc when they get stock in July MK2 version to see if any improvements in sound. The first generation could be had now for very reasonable coin and in many respects sounds better than most of the competition. Neo
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