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  1. M scalers become available at a more modest price, this is in relation to two bnc. RW i suppose you not going to connect qutest $2400 to blu2 $13k
  2. Can you share the link in regard to the cd?
  3. Oh, cheeky Chord. Although you will need a the same dual bnc source to access that capacity. Keen to see what Chord brings out next as a source for the qutest to make full use of that connections
  4. It depends on preference to sound and it’s intended applications. coax is a continuation of the electrical signal optical gets converted to light then back to electrical, great for high rf/emi environment coax/optical are? Limited to 192/24 usb goes higher and does dsd all three connections need to be listened to in a specific system and evaluated accordingly Neo
  5. Micro usb on both usb connections on qutest
  6. That’s why we are not in the pro audio industry, why not borrow qutest and see for yourself if my comments are valid. Before you part with cxn Neo
  7. I would take the Mac out of the list as it is the weakest link as it’s not purposed to do streaming duties, upgrade the output of cxn with the quest. That will bring the most positive results Neo
  8. Music Fidelity V-Link or similar

    Fair enough, strange though they were $199 when it was all the rage. I would have thought they would part with it for $100. Oh well, it’s a great unit. Had it back in the day, went up to v-link192. Shortly after that, to bryston Buc-1, that was an awesome converter. But have moved on from these, as the dac that I have now; it’s usb and in general are up to the task Neo
  9. Music Fidelity V-Link or similar

    @Jgolla Len Wallis has got one in store, give Tim Wallis a call, he will be glad to help Neo
  10. XLR quality cable 2.5 M long

    @agelessgoodguy https://www.storedj.com.au/oyaide-neo-d-stereo-xlr-class-b-cable-3m This would be within your price range, contact the store and place an order. Neo
  11. That went on Gumtree along time ago, I have a Sony one with plenty of MD but on the fence if I should sell Neo