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  1. Perhaps this from Len Wallis with three month warranty from their secondhand section https://lenwallisaudio.com/products/secondhand/secondhand-amplifiers/superuniti-integrated-music-player-and-streamer/ Neo
  2. Without getting technical if your equipment doesn’t have an earth pin then it’s fine as it’s designed to operate that way, it’s a problem when one uses the power cord with no earth attached and the hifi gear requires it. Do try an aftermarket cable within your budget and be your own judge as to what that upgrade brings into your system. EGM cables are not expensive (a relative term), and if they do not benefit your system then either sell for small loss or return within their trial period. Like I said before cables in general have been discussed to death with lots of heated discussions, the only thing I take away from those discussions is to try for yourself within ones budget. perhaps this helps somewhat better than my earlier post Neo
  3. This site contains plenty of threads on this topic that will give you plenty of insights. As for EGM power cables grab one and hear for yourself in your system with the music that you are familiar with, them make the judgement. From what I read on their site unless you register the item it is subject to 30 day money back guarantee. But confirm that with the owner most importantly enjoy the music Neo
  4. You obviously new, we follow etiquette here and don’t lowball what’s already a good price on items on sale here unlike gumtree. But as you insist that it’s a good offer we send those via PM, otherwise you get the above correspondence that’s frowned upon here Neo
  5. Perhaps a PM with your generous offer will be more appropriate, considering you are lowballing on a great price for a fantastic sounding bookshelves Neo
  6. Further information: Price: $35 + $12.50 post (rrp $80) Photos:
  7. Further information: two available at $110 each, postage extra Photos:
  8. Luna Rouge 2008 from Earnest Hill
  9. If all fails, a secondhand MF Vlink 192 Neo
  10. Would highly recommend this one, used it in the past with brilliant results https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/bryston-buc-1-usb-spdif-to-usb-converter?ref=isp_rel_prd&isp_ref_pos=5 Neo
  11. Hmmm, considering my Transtherm Ermitage is around $9k. You got off lightly at 4K. Vintec gives you the best options for storing wine with zero guesswork and no compromises. Perhaps shoot an email to the company for a better understanding of the prices for the quantity you after Neo
  12. This will be awesome in any bottle configuration as long as you have room in house https://www.vintec.com/en-au/walk-in-cellars/ I settled along time ago on Transtherm Ermitage in the living room Neo
  13. Further information: Perfect if you have a single digital Audioquest cable with 36v power pack like Hawk eye postage extra Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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