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  1. No I was referring to the linear psu of unknown quality purchased on eBay or aliexpress. Neo
  2. I was going to suggest something more exotic a Carbon fiber wrap. Neo
  3. @anewmission I’m a big fan of Clay linear psu, used one in the past with great results on Auralic Aries LE. But since you using a dac that is $300, perhaps something like this would be more appropriate price wise and zero risk in terms of it being a health hazard as it is sold here by reputable hifi dealers. https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/ifi-ipower-low-noise-power-supply Neo
  4. Sold to happy new owner and for those who were wondering it works as expected according to the new owner. Neo
  5. Plenty of interest via PM. Will be picked up tomorrow morning. Neo
  6. Good question but for the new owner. Neo
  7. Item: Sonos Zone player ZP90 Location: Lane Cove 2066 Price: $🤔 Item Condition: see description Reason for selling: nlr Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: pulled out of storage, don’t have the setup anymore to test. Offering at the above price with a refund if it doesn’t work. Obviously needs to be returned so I can see it binned. Take home and test on the same day guarantee if it doesn’t work. Otherwise it’s yours to do what you like after that. It lights up when plugged into power. photos
  8. You are hilarious, will remember to repay in kind.
  9. This will fit your requirements nicely Neo
  10. A reasonably up to date IPad will also do the trick, in may respects its better as the album art is on a bigger screen. iPad could be had for very reasonable amount, thus negating the need for the iPhone. Neo
  11. Yes, by reposting them in 30 day from original post, so in your case will be 18 October. Neo
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