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  1. Item: Apple A1381 dock 30pin+line out (two available) Location: Lane Cove 2066 Price: $25 for both Item Condition: 8.5/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Photos:
  2. I did try the Naim XPS DR and to be honest did not like the end result so didn’t go down the psu route again. Although I have experience with an external PSU and the benefits it brings. That may change in the future Neo
  3. The improvements in each case can be attributed to perhaps the design complexity, component integration or technology implementation. Anything more specific and we need to discuss a specific model how it works, speak to the engineers, designers of that product other wise it’s a cyclical conversation from a lot of armchair experts who may poses the knowledge but will lack a specific insight to a specific product design. Specs, components tell only part of the story, it’s how they come together and give you the results that’s what matters and since there are a lot of streamer these days in a lot of price brackets that’s a lot of variables to consider without examining each streamer on individual basis. Neo
  4. My experience with different price streamers last two the auralic Aries did not have the dac built in and the current one naim Ndx is used as a transport, so coax out into the dac. originally posted in another discussion @Snoopy8 I believe provided the link ” Started with Auralic Aries mini, upgraded to internal hard drive for music storage. Had an opportunity to buy Aries LE, updated the power supply to Gieseler linear. A2A had another one of their sales got the Aries femto which has the femto clocks on all digital outputs in case any one is wondering if it is restricted to usb only. Used with usb for awhile then moved to aes/ebu. Then Len Wallis decided to introduce me to Naim NDX streamer, just take it home and try and compare to Aries femto. So I did, used ndx coax out (as a transport like Aries femto) listened to 3 songs as a comparison. After that short audition promptly packed up the Aries and listed it on Stereonet. That’s my journey with the different streamers over the few years, Aries LE upgrade with Geiseler linear psu dropped the noise floor, Aries femto went further and brought more resolution. So incremental increases with each unit described above, in some areas big improvements in some small. Naim NDX is in another league, but so is the price and now in the second generation it’s close to $9.5k. Would I be upgrading, only to Naim NDS, which requires its own psu, so two boxes. How soon time will tell Neo”
  5. Surely there are bike riders here Neo
  6. Maybe not that flash😳 https://www.minidisc.com.au/sennheiser-hd820-audiophile-closed-back-headphone https://www.minidisc.com.au/sennheiser-hd800-s-high-resolution-headphone Neo
  7. Did you plug another hdmi cable from the integra into the tv? Manufacturer instructions perhaps? Neo
  8. Sold on gumtree for the asking price Neo
  9. For the members that are interested, but think their place is unsuitable. I keep mine on two balconies which receive plenty of sun during the day( north facing balconies are ideal ). So a house with a back yard is not required. Any questions how ever you think trivial, just let me know. I still have my collection on the above mentioned balconies, the ones for sale are extra projects that are at my brothers house who will be renovating his house (ie demolition) and I have no space for them at my place unfortunately. Neo
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