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  1. Sold for the asking price on Gumtree plus a coffee table in the picture thrown in for good measure Thank you for looking Neo
  2. Perhaps it’s time for koss warranty claim. See if it’s the cable that’s causing the issue by moving various sections to see if the sound improves to full level. In a lot of cases cables fail. That’s why there’s a preference in the audio community for removable ones for that reason and upgrade itch. Neo
  3. I would say yes, especially for the price of $300. MF retailed for $899 when came out so look at schiit price equivalent
  4. Tried exactly the same thing along time ago with poor results via 3.5mm analogue out from tv, as tv was doing the sound processing. Much was improved via optical out into a dac Neo
  5. How about an outboard dac with optical in. This way tv is not processing the digital signal and you have an up to date sound going into your amp via analogue in. There’s musical Fidelity m1 dac for $300 in the classifieds as a example which will bring a very noticeable sound improvement and can be used with other equipment to improve sound ie ps4 Neo
  6. SOLD: Old school hifi stand

    Sold to a happy new owner who was actually about to build one himself Neo
  7. Item: Panasonic “Power Blaster” Location: Marsfield Price: donation to SNA Item Condition: dusty 9/10 Reason for selling:surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Pictures:
  8. Item: Samsung 37 inch TV and Blu ray player Location: Marsfield Price: $200 Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Pictures:
  9. SOLD: Old school hifi stand

    On hold pending pickup tomorrow Neo
  10. Item: Old school hifi stand Location: Marsfield Price: small donation to SNA Item Condition: fair Reason for selling:surplus Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: Pictures:
  11. Item: Focus Corrente fitness series(bicycle) Location: Lane Cove 2066 Price: $1100 Item Condition: pristine 9.8/10 Reason for selling: not really used as I have another bike. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: please have a look at the pictures as they form an accurate description. Size will suit someone around 5 foot 7 inches and under. A rather compact frame but fits me well. So use as a guide. Converted professionally to single speed at the front for ease of use around town, plenty of gears to get up most of the hills and feather light at 9.6kg all up. Upgraded discs, hydraulic brakes and various carbon components. Frame made in Germany. Pictures:
  12. Have both wouldn’t part with them in a million years. For the money being sold here is a fantastic buyer opportunity, cd/amp if they get both, in short highly recommended Neo
  13. Lehmann Audio linear would be an excellent pairing with your Sennheiser 600/650. Something like Chord HD or EX as a dac would be a fantastic combo. Neo