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  1. The bit in the end of the advertisement Neo
  2. Also totally off topic but why have you included a Telstra bill as a pdf 😳 Neo
  3. Would have been great if you were in Sydney 😔 Would cost a small fortune to post without damage (breaking in pieces) and is the price for both (2slabs) Neo
  4. @cazzesman Musical Fidelity V-link, could be had cheaply. There was one at Len Wallis in the glass cabinet, worth while giving them a call. Used it in the past with excellent results. Two versions available 24/96 black in color and 192/24 silver. Either would do the job in your case Neo
  5. I guess not, the trend here lately to post questions and not follow the thread. Neo
  6. @wasabijim Slightly over budget from a well known and respected headphone manufacturer, also should be by all accounts excellent for Apple user. No need for any other purchases and can be paired with anything that has Bluetooth https://www.minidisc.com.au/beyerdynamic-aventho-wireless Neo
  7. @spamnoj Give a call to Len Wallis, they sold those DACs in large numbers perhaps they have one sitting around in a drawer with all the rest of the power supplies saved for a rainy day Neo
  8. Great headphones always regretted selling them. Neo
  9. Speak to Wing, very knowledgeable and they have plenty of supporting gear to try with their extensive range of headphones Neo
  10. Why not visit Minidisc in Chatswood, all the headphones you can think of and they have Chord Hugo tt available so bring a DAP or a memery stick with your favorite tunes. Considering you are after closed headphones it’s not going to be, trying all the headphones in the store. Also any opinions gathered would be just that opinions, best is to go and have a listen for yourself and formulate your own opinion. Perhaps bring the headphones that you going to keep as a comparison. Neo
  11. @FZappa If you really keen on Rega CD player, Len Wallis got Rega Jupiter which is a model above Apollo for $725 with 3 month warranty. The shop is in Lane Cove and as of yesterday afternoon they still had the player in their secondhand section. A fantastic player for the money with a peace of mind of warranty and reasonably close to you. Would be auditioning that player and comparing to Yamaha cds700. Although price wise when Jupiter was new was close to Yamaha cds1000 money Neo
  12. Had Yamaha s300 in the beginning of my audio journey, great entry level CD player. S700 is well worth considering as the tray mechanism is unique (ie unlike other manufacturers) in house design from Yamaha, plus a host of other Yamaha construction tweaks. Had it for a long while, until the opportunity to purchase the Yamaha cds1000, but that’s a serious player and still a current model in the Yamaha range. I would visit Len Wallis and ask to demonstrate the differences between the s300 and s700 and I would be buying new to avoid the hassle of taking a punt on a piece of electronic gear with lots of moving parts. Neo
  13. It is firmware upgradable so I would check with Noisy Motel if it doesn’t support MQA. They are the authorized resellers of Meridian products Neo
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