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  1. Open to trade for a Naim Nap100 or Nait 5si, with all the packaging and accessories Neo
  2. Started with Auralic Aries mini, upgraded to internal hard drive for music storage. Had an opportunity to buy Aries LE, updated the power supply to Gieseler linear. A2A had another one of their sales got the Aries femto which has the femto clocks on all digital outputs in case any one is wondering if it is restricted to usb only. Used with usb for awhile then moved to aes/ebu. Then Len Wallis decided to introduce me to Naim NDX streamer, just take it home and try and compare to Aries femto. So I did, used ndx coax out (as a transport like Aries femto) listened to 3 songs as a comparison. After that short audition promptly packed up the Aries and listed it on Stereonet. That’s my journey with the different streamers over the few years, Aries LE upgrade with Geiseler linear psu dropped the noise floor, Aries femto went further and brought more resolution. So incremental increases with each unit described above, in some areas big improvements in some small. Naim NDX is in another league, but so is the price and now in the second generation it’s close to $9.5k. Would I be upgrading, only to Naim NDS, which requires its own psu, so two boxes. How soon time will tell Neo
  3. Item: Focus Corrente road bike Location: Lane Cove 2066 Price: 1000 (will donate to Stereonet once sold) Item Condition:9.5/10 Reason for selling:surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Shimano XT full hydraulic disc brakes kit Shimano ice tech rt98 discs front and back Race face single speed front chain ring Continental Speed King CX 32mm tires BBB full carbon seat post Bontrager saddle with titanium rails BBB carbon wrapped aluminum stem and flat bar Bontrager RL grips Shimano Tiagra drivetrain Would suit someone around 5 foot 7 mark. Bike presents in as new condition, with a lot of parts that have been upgraded. Original retail was over $1500 and the upgraded parts alone without install will come close to $1000 Frame is made in Germany and the quality of the build is superior to alot of bikes in this price bracket. It has been converted to single speed at the front yet you are still able to have a great range of gears for all sorts of terrain. It is a featherweight coming in at 9.7kg complete. Would be an ideal first bike without wanting anything else down the track. Bike comes with continental tyres, so nothing to spend long term, just enjoy Photos:
  4. Still available, plenty of interest but all are interstate. No original packaging, so local pick up. Neo
  5. Item: Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 Location: Lane Cove 2066 Price: $150 (donation will be made to Stereonet after sale) Item Condition: 8/10 see below Reason for selling: got a new setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: it’s an older BeoSound 8 with 30pin apple connector. The Apple connector no longer functions and that was never a problem as I used it with a MacBook and fed the dock using a usb cable. BeoSound 8 got a usb mini connector input and a dac inside as well as rca input. The unit comes with an original remote and sounds wonderful. The cover fabrics are perfect so are the drivers, all the surfaces are blemish free, includes an option to wall mount. These retailed for $1495 not too terribly long ago. Perfect for a study hooked up to a usb out streamer for complete versatility. Photos:
  6. What exactly are you doing, as it seems the birdlife is not that keen on you?😬 Neo
  7. The preference is definitely for Glenmorangie as I had many bottles of Original, Nectar D’Or, Lasanta, Astar, the 18 year old, Quinta Ruban. In regard to Lagavulin no I don’t find it too peaty, it’s balanced to my taste with the the right amount of peat, deep smoky flavors and intense long finish. Like I said very different to Glenmorangie, yet very satisfying Neo
  8. This is very different to what I usually drink, hence Glenmorangie glass. Haven’t had a drop since last year of high school, didn’t think much of it back then. Drinking now with great appreciation Neo
  9. That’s one pis**d off bird.
  10. Perhaps he’s obliged as he feels as it will lead to a sale through interaction, which is clearly not the case, as usual here people having a chinwag. Neo
  11. Perhaps this conversation is best via PM. As it has no bearing on the outcome of this sale. Just a more considerate thought for all above posts Neo
  12. The other thing to consider before tightening the bolt is not to place the volume knob all the way in as it will rub against the faceplate of the amplifier. I had in the past Yamaha AS1000 and after afew years of use had to tighten the volume knob. So would not be to concerned that it is loose or came off. Also the design is as such that the hex bolt will go against the flat side of the shaft. Neo
  13. Here is a simple step by step process just in case this is new process to you. 1. Send PM to seller with offer. 2. Leave comment with "PM Sent with Offer" That's all there is to it. Small gentle gesture goes a long way, my friend. Neo
  14. A glitch in the Matrix 🤔 Neo
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