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  1. I have one of this which I bought from @rossb more than 2 years ago. Having owned a number of phonos before, this combines the details of SS with a lovely tube-like sound. I have 2 sound systems and some phonos work well with one but not the other. However the Vida works well with all my systems. It’s simply superb. I’m using it with an LP12/ Lyra Delos and Well Tempered Classic/ Lyra Delos.
  2. The only album I have seen which is a compilation of English songs by Teresa Teng is this: https://www.yesasia.com/global/20-teresa-teng-east-meets-west/1044522755-0-0-0-en/info.html You can find more albums by Teresa Teng on the Yesasia site - I have bought from them before and they are quite reliable. My two favourite Teresa Teng albums (in Chinese) are https://www.audiophilereferencerecordings.com.au/teresa-teng-15th-anniversary-greatest-hits.html (which is good compilation of her best songs) and her Poems album (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandan_youqing).
  3. Since I’m not returning your Meridien, you should buy this!
  4. Had a side conversation with @evil c about this. He is correct BUT only if you have one phase inverted component, like he has, in the chain. Both the OP’s CJ preamp and amp are phase inverting from reading the manuals and therefore cancels each other out. Interesting the CJ phono is phase correct (non-inverting) otherwise we are back to square one. So in the end + to + is correct. The morale is regardless of what anyone says, read the manuals! Having the correct phase may improve aspects of the music but may or may not improve the bass. The important thing as pointed out by others is to ensure both speakers are wired the same way or they end up cancelling each other out. Poor bass may result from other things like speaker placements. Also, I find some of my tube amps suffer from poor bass as compared to my SS amps. Changing speaker wires may or may not improve the bass - my experience is that it’s system dependent. The only thing is to try before buying. If all else do not work, @Happy‘s suggestion of a sub is not a bad one. I use a sub with all my systems (SS and tube) as it’s easier to control although it can be a pain getting it to phase correctly.
  5. Hi Bob I can lend you a turntable ( depending on what’s more convenient - could be a Thoren 166 or a Linn LP12) and an ADL GT40a which is a phonostage as well as ADC (http://www.adl-av.com/products/usbdac/gt40a/). Also the use of a vinyl vac and clean if required. PM me if that suits. Mun
  6. I had a few of the “I will take it!!!!” which is followed by “er...changed my mind”. Admittedly I have done one of them myself but after realising that the seller’s definition of an adjective is different from mine but as a rule, I follow through my commitment even when I experienced buyer’s remorse. As a result of this issue, I have made it clear to any interested party on items I am selling that no matter how keen they are, I do not hold item for anyone. I’m happy to discuss the item, demo it, send photos but it’s not on hold and first one in with the money gets the item. In that way, I don’t assume it is sold until they “show me the money”. I also keep all interested parties appraised of what’s happening (“there are 2 other interested parties”). This tend to reduce long exchanges leading nowhere unless there are no other interested party.
  7. There were a few on stand by but I diligently deleted my PMs. Don’t think OP will have trouble moving them on, tho.
  8. Item: Suzanne Vega Anniversary Tour Concert, Palais Theatre, Vic Friday 3 Aug 2018, 7pm (3 tickets) Row G Orch Location: Vic Price: $372.50 (for 3 tickets) Item Condition: Very nice Reason for selling: Distraction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have 3 tickets for Suzanne Vega Anniversary concert for this coming Friday, 3 Aug at the Palais Theatre, St Kilda, Vic. There are awesome seats - Row G (7 rows from the front). Due to other appointment, I may not be able to go. I will email the tickets once payment is received. PM me if interested. Pictures:
  9. Item: Conrad Johnson MF2100 amplifier (solid state) Location: Vic Price: $900 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Clearing out Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I sold this amp last year. I had no problem with it but it unfortunately malfunctioned after I sold it. I brought it to Dallas Clarke who repaired it and checked it out. To my ears, I am very surprised how much better it sounds now. It still has that sweet warm tubelike traditional Conrad Johnson sound but there are now better highs and transients than before. I put it out for sale after the repair but decided to keep it, and have been using it in a smaller system. However I have too many amps and this has to go. This is an older CJ solid state amp (I believed it was produced until the late 90s). The amp is rated 100W into 8 ohm but handles speakers with ease (used it with Rogers LS3/5a, Atohm GT2HD and a friend's B&W805S). There is a very slight hum from the unit (none from the speakers which is important) and it is common with the older transformers. I do not have the box for it so pickup only at this stage. This is well worthwhile to audition for anyone interested - the sound is difficult to beat even for a higher price range. Manual: http://conradjohnson.com/owners-manuals/mf2000.pdf Some reviews: http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/amplifiers/conrad-johnson/mf2100/prd_115720_1583crx.aspx Pictures:
  10. I and others did a review sometime back. Btw I have just recently sold mine. They are. Interesting.
  11. Item: Rogers LS3/5a (15 ohms) and AB1 bass expander Location: Vic Price: $2600 for both, plus shipping, paypal Item Condition: Almost mint Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Ok, one for the purist. The Rogers LS3/5a is an original UK 15 ohms version and is probably the most immaculate example I have seen. I bought it more than a year ago and the original owner said he used it for about a week before packing it away more than 20 years ago ( I think these would be early 80s). I have another pair of these speakers which I really liked and when I received this pair, my first impression is that the sound is not as good. Then it dawned on me that it was not broken in. After a couple of days, it sounded as good as the other one. There is the odd rubbing (as shown in the photos) but otherwise, a really nice example of this iconic speaker. The LS3/5a is not everyone's cup of tea. Some say that these speakers are a bit coloured, there is an artificial bump to accentuate the bass and newer speakers are better made. I have been through a large no of speakers (Ushers, B&W, Vivids, Bryston) and have heard a lot of other speakers and I say that I still like these speakers. A lot. They astonish with their mids, clarity, soundstage and imaging. They do better in a smaller room (I was going to keep them for an apartment). They can be a bit fussy about amps - preferring lush amps like tube amp although my Devialet 120 drove them very well. The AB1 was originally designed to take the bass load off the LS3/5a and to extend the bass from 70 Hz to 55 Hz. Note that the AB1 is a new model and is almost mint. It is in rosewood while the LS3/5a is black, but I like the two tone. It is designed for the LS3/5a to sit on top (and includes spikes to decouple the two) with the ideal height as a floor stander unit. See: The Rogers LS3/5a (15 ohms) sells for abut $2k - $2.2k, while the RRP for the AB1 is about $1800, so the asking price is a substantial discount. If I am to sell them separately, I would sell the Rogers for $2200 and the AB1 for $800 (but only if they both sells, otherwise will not separate). I have the original box the AB1 and can pack the LS3/5a in a double box. Happy to audition for serious buyer. Pictures:
  12. I’ll take the Phillips FR931 for a friend if still available. Can’t PM you.
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