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  1. Runaway

    Cartridge Upgrade. Where to?

    My mistake - it was a Clearaudio Wood MM cart.
  2. Runaway

    Cartridge Upgrade. Where to?

    I have never tried Benz Wood MC, only the MM version which is quite different. But have tried the Benz Gullwing and Lyra Delos, Lyra Kleos on Well Tempered Classic and Once Analog. I now have the Delos as a staple on all of my TT (WT, OA, LP12). The Gullwing is a very refined catridge, good with all types of music while the Delos (at about 1/2 the price of the Gullwing) is a more exciting cartridge. The music literally jumps out at you with the Delos while the Gullwing demands that you sit back, have a nice cup of tea or red wine, and pay attention. I find the Delos satisfy most of my needs whether I am sitting down or moving about. I am sure there are nicer carts to be discovered but I stopped worrying about it after getting the Delos and just enjoy the music. Really depends on your taste. And the rest of your system.
  3. Runaway

    FOUND: WTB: Turntable

    Heard this. It’s superb.
  4. Runaway

    Mary Webb - Love Like Planets

    I have a couple of invites to Mary’s launch of her album at Wesley Anne Hotel, Northcote (Melbourne) on 17 March at 8pm which unfortunately I can’t attend. If anyone is interested, PM me and I’ll put your names forward. Now taken.
  5. I had the same problem and it was frustrating. Did a lot of research on the net - seems that it’s not uncommon. See eg http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/needle-sliding-across-my-records.414567/. See also this manual for the tonearm which has a bit more information than the Concept manual. Zeroing the AS was the only solution for me and I had to dial the VTF to top of the recommended range.
  6. When I had it, I paired it up with a Cary SLP05 and Pass Lab Aleph L pre. It sounded great with both but I prefer it with the SS pre - Aleph L. The amp has a large detailed transparent sound, slightly on the warm side of neutral and is outstanding on bass grip and control. Think @evil cwill agree he started hearing bass he never heard before! This is a bargain price for a very well built of kit that can be the endgame for some people. If you look at the next model up which is only different in power output, you will be looking at multiples of this price.
  7. There’s the first thing to do with the Concept. Before I had this technique, I had no idea of where the AS setting is, kept turning the knob (and increasing the VTF because there was terrible sibilance and IGD), wondering if I broke the AS. There’s certainly a lot discussion about AS, some arguing for minimum or none. My experience is that it’s different for different TTs, some I used zero, others quite a bit. I have seen cantilevers distorted by excessive AS. I found it very tricky for the Concept, could not overcome the sibilance and IGD and thought I had a problem with alignment or the cartridge until I brought to Wyndham Audio (when they were in Melbourne). They showed me how to fine tune the AS with the Hi-Fi New test records and the sibilance and IGD problem disappeared. Despite all the hassle, the Concept was one of my favourite TT.
  8. I have the Atohm GT2.0HD. I have listened to a lot of other speakers, been tempted a few times to upgrade but always have come back to this. The only word I can describe the Atohm is classy. It’s not in your face but expressed every nuance of the music, especially the fine details and wraps it around you with large and deep soundstage. It’s quite easy to drive too at 90dB sensitivity, 6 ohms dropping to a tad below 4 (think the 3.0 has even higher sensitivity). My 30W Pass Lab Aleph makes it sing. The Atohm people are very helpful with any questions. GLWTS.
  9. When you are zeroing the AS, platter stays still. Actually, you may need to lower the VTF so the arm floats above the platter and only set the VTF once you zero the AS. It’s being awhile since I had it so I’m going on a bit of memory. Just ensure you have the cartridge guard on! Once you zeroed the arm and set the VTF, put the record on, remove the cartridge guard, turn the platter on and do the visual test. If you need to adjust the AS, don’t do it on the fly (assuming you have the TT balanced in a position you can access the knob) - I think it’s just too risky. Move tonearm back, adjust, return tonearm to platter. PITA!
  10. Yes, the antiskating affects the VTF. I had a Concept and the antiskating was a real PITA, not least because it was underneath the TT but also, as you mentioned, there’s no scale. I also found the Concept is sensitive to antiskating adjustment, much more so than any other TT I came across. If not done correctly, I get sibilance on the last few tracks. Adjust the VTF first. Then with record off and cartridge guard on, adjust the AS until the tonearm floats and stay still midpoint on the platter. Remember to balance the TT as you need to access the AS but ensure it is level or your readings will be out. That should zero it. Turn the AS one way and see which way it goes. If it moves towards the outside, that’s positive AS. Remember which direction u turn to get that (I always get confused because it’s upside down). Zero the AS again and turn the required no of revolutions suggested. Now check the VTF again. Put on a record, get eye level with the record, eyeball the cantilever from the front on the first track and last track. If the AS is off, the cantilever will not be straight but pulls in one direction. Adjust as required. Now get a copy of Hi-Fi News test record and fine tune the AS. You may want to have a look at this Michael Fremer's video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyGECIr2ld0. He was actually working on a Clearaudio Concept (looks like Wood - although the pivot end of his TT looks different to that in my C Concept). From memory he did not do the AS but does everything else. You won't become an expert after watching this audio (and he flogs his DVD in the video) but it may give you some idea on what is required. And may put you off!
  11. Runaway

    WTB: Miles Davis & John Coltrane LPs

    I have the 45RPM but never really got it until I listened to a really crappy copy of the 1959 original. I know the wrong speed on side 1 if the stereo original. Despite a bad scratch, ticks and hiss, when Miles came on, he’s there. In the room. The 2 eyes later version are not bad either. I started a thread on a possible listening session on KOB.
  12. Runaway

    WTB: Miles Davis & John Coltrane LPs

    When I wanted to “get into jazzzzz”, I started by buying records of legendary artists. Because everyone says they are coool. And listening to jazz on vinyl is soooo cool. I thought that once the needle hits the track, I would get into the groove, fingers snapping, toes tapping and feeeeel the maaaaagic. Listening to jazz on digital. Bah! So uncool. I drink Chardonnay because everyone says it’s cooool. Funny thing. I did not like a lot of it. And the different styles really confused me. A lot of records were only played once. I decided to slow down. And really listen. Started with music that I like. Gradually moved into more complex music. Started to appreciate it more. I listen and read about recommendations but in the end, it’s my ears, my taste. And my pocketbook.. Now or I have maybe 10 copies of KOb, including original 6 eyes mono and stereo versions. And i listen to jazz on streaming . Find out what I like. Some I hunted down audiophile copies. Others sound fine on digital. i don’t think anything I said would change the way anyone get into jazz. It’s really something audiophiles have to experience - the really romantic moment when you say to yourself “Wtf did I do that dumb thing for?”
  13. Runaway

    WTB: Miles Davis & John Coltrane LPs

    Suggest you call the no on their website and mention your concerns. The proprietor (Paul) is quite a reasonable guy and will be quite open with you.
  14. Runaway

    WTB: Miles Davis & John Coltrane LPs

    @Spider27 Before you rush out and plonk your money down, suggest you read this Discrepancy records has it at $19.99 which is really inexpensive. No idea about it’s quality but they take returns wo question. https://www.discrepancy-records.com.au/miles-davis-kind-of-blue-reissue-180gm-vinyl-lp