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  1. Runaway

    SOLD: EOI: Devialet 120

    On hold pending completion of payment and shipping.
  2. Pacer. Sailor hopeful but hopeless. Excel at last place. 😆
  3. Item: Devialet 120 Location: Vic Price: $3800 plus shipping cost, paypal fees if applicable Item Condition: Excellent with one small spot Reason for selling: Toomany amps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I was not going to sell this but with the Jadis and Aleph not selling, I need to decide how to clear my decks. I have both the Dev 120 and 200; the 120 in my study driving a pair of 15 ohms Rogers LS3/5a and the 200 in my lounge driving Rogers LS5/9 (and the Pass Labs in my library). I listen to the Dev more than I listen to the other amps purely because it is convenient (endpoint for Roon, switch on and volume control from iPad) and the SQ is good enough to enjoy. Sure the Jadis and Pass Labs sounds better for close critical listening but the Dev is good enough to make me look up occasionally and think, "Hmmm....that sounds nice". I was going to do a shootout between the Dev and the Jadis because I don't believe that it is possible to tell which is which in a blind test but that is just my opinion. The Dev works with all speakers I threw at it with the exception of ATC speakers which sounded a bit harsh - I cannot figure out why. I am particularly impressed that it drove the Rogers LS3/5a well (and has a Speakers Matching profile for the 3/5a) which is known as a fussy speakers preferring tube amps. Of the 120 and 200, I find the 120 to be more relaxed and musical, closer to a valve sound that the 200. However the 200 has more features. I was hoping to sell the Aleph or the Jadis and keep the 120 but one has to make a decision. The unit is in excellent condition - less than 1 years old so plenty of warranty left (which is transferable). There is a small spot on the top which looks like a manufacturing fault (shows up as white in the middle of the second pic - which looks worse than what it really is) - the price which could be the lowest you'll find for the 120 reflects this. Note that in the last pic, I keep the plastic covering on the unit as much as I can. So no offers please. I have the original box as well as an outer box - so it can be posted safely. Still an EOI as I may change my mind or if the other amp sells. Pictures:
  4. Item: Pass Labs X3 amplifier Location: Vic Price: $2800 plus shipping, paypal costs Item Condition: Excellent 8/10 Reason for selling: Too many amps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this from the US and had it converted and checked out by Dallas Clarke. Dallas pronounced it in excellent condition after cleaning out the dust and tightening a few fittings (the interior looked like it has not been opened at all). This is a 3 channel version of Pass Labs X150 - the first of Pass' supersymmetry amps. I also have two other Pass amps - an Aleph 3 amp and an XA30.8 - both Class A amps. The X3 is technically a Class A/B but it starts in Class A at low power (15W) before switching to class A/B. Maximum power output is 150W x 3 into 8 ohms. The X3 is surprisingly good sounding compared to the Aleph and XA30.8. It is more neutral but retain that sweet mid range with an intoxicating holographic soundstage ("the Pass sound"). I have intended to use the X3 as a home theatre setup with a centre speakers and later add another Pass AB stereo amp to make up a 5.1 setup, with the option to switch to a 2 channel for music. However the X3 is a bit too big for my lounge cabinet and I have just been using it as a 2 channel amp for music which I enjoyed. Note that the two front metal flanges have been removed by the previous owner - they are cosmetic and does not affect the amp. I was going to wrote to Pass Labs to see if they have replacement parts. Specification: Power output: 150 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), 150W (3 channel) Frequency response: 0Hz to 100kHz Total harmonic distortion: 1% Damping factor: 200 Gain: 30 dB Dimensions: 19 x 20 x 6.5 inches Weight: 85lbs Happy to demo for series buyer. I don't have the original box but will pack well for shipping if required. Donation will be made if this sells. Pictures:
  5. Item: Jadis DA50S RC Tube Integrated Amplifier Location: Vic Price: $4500 plus shipping, paypal costs Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many amps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this from a fellow SNAer in 2016 and is one of the amps I would gladly keep. It is a seriously classy tube amp with its shiny gold coloured plating. The point to point wiring is a work of art and the built superb. I have tube rolled to get the sound I wanted. Modern tube amps tend towards details and neutral sounds but Jadis amps are probably one of the most romantic modern tube amps. Its tube complements are 4 kt88 or kt120, 3 12AU7s and 2 12AX7s. The original complement of Goldlion kt88s, 12AU7s and 12AX7s sounded a bit flabby to me and I moved initially to PSVane KT120s, Mullards NOS 12AU7s and 12AX7s which produced a beautiful slightly warm sound with lots of details, bass and holographic sound. Unfortunately, the PSVane KT120s has reliability issue and I have moved to PSVane kt88s which are more stable. There is a slight softening of the sound but still fresh, punchy and romantic. This is a 240V model (there were some 220V models around). There is a remote control for volume. Tube rolling is easy as there is automatic bias. Its only 30W but has driven all my speakers (Atohms GT2.0HD, Harbeth SHL5+, Rogers LS3/5A, LS5/9, etc) with ease. Specifications: Power: 30W Class-A Input type: 5 inputs, 2 speaker output (for bi-wiring) Bandwidth: 20Hz to 35kHz @-3dB Sensibility: 100 mV Dimensions: 485 x 345 x 330 Weight: 31kg Below is the original ad. The amp is pretty much in the same state but as I am keeping it at the bottom rack and at 31 kg, its a pain to move it out to photograph - my pics won't be as nice as that in the original ad. Will try to take some shortly. I have the original box but I am not keen on shipping such a magnificent item unless the buyer takes full risk and responsibilities for it. I have kept it at the same price as I bought it because I believe it is worth every cent but will consider reasonable offers. am still in two minds about selling it because I will probably not see another one at this price if I sell but I am only using it intermittently at the moment. Happy to demo for serious buyers. Will donate if it sells. Pictures:
  6. Ok, this is not strictly true. But close enough.
  7. Blame Mr Heisenberg himself @WhoRu? He brought over the first Aleph and started this whole madness.....
  8. XA30.8. But I also has my eye on XA25. Like @scumbag
  9. I already have a few offers. Apologies if you are not getting through.
  10. Item: Harbeth SHL5+ speakers and stands Location: Vic Price: $4600 plus shipping, PayPal fees Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too tall for my cabinet Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these not too long ago to replace my Rogers LS5/9 in my lounge. The Harbeths powered by Devialet 200 brought my lounge system to a different level - on par with my critical listening system in my library. However, they have to sit on a built in cabinet and they are just a bit too tall for that purpose. I have thought of moving them into my library replacing my Atohms and may still do that. But I want to look at something else for the lounge and so I’m putting them back into the market. I don’t think I need to say too much about them. The most striking thing about them is the tone - incredibly natural especially for vocals. Jazz and classical do very well with this speakers. The speakers come with stands made to the same specifications - they are quite well made and does the job well. I have the boxes for the speakers and can post at buyers cost and risk. Heres the original ad - hope Poppajrb does not mind me using it until I put some of pics in (coming). Pictures:
  11. Item: Pass Labs Aleph 3 amp and Aleph L preamp (won't separate) Location: Vic Price: WITHDRAWN plus shipping, Paypal fees Item Condition: Excellent (not a mark) Reason for selling: Too many Pass Labs (is there ever?) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: One of the things I thought I would keep but I am accumulating too many Pass Labs stuff. Not separating the two. I bought them both (and a phono which is gone) from the US. The seller said he only used them for a short while before they were consigned to storage because his then fiancé did not like their "industrial look". I had them converted and checked through by Dallas Clarke who pronounced them in excellent condition. The only issue was the selector switch on the preamp was knocked at some stage with the internals breaking off. Dallas replaced that. The preamp is an earlier version which is all active (there was a later one which was passive then active). Note there is no remote for the preamp. These are early Pass Labs and built like tanks. They don't come up often. The amp is a 30W (into 8 ohms) fully biased Class A single ended design and I have used it to drive a number of speakers (although speakers which dip into 2 ohms territory may struggle). It is extremely musical - later Pass Labs amp tend to be less lush. The preamp is an excellent match for the amp. The combination produces what I consider to be Pass' archetypical sound - musical, sweetness in the mids, holographic soundstage. I remembered the first time I heard it - just Wow. There are drawbacks of course - the amp does get quite warm and needs a bit of ventilation space (no, it won't fry an egg - tried that). It takes about an hour to warm up to its best. And it sucks a lot of current even while idling. But as Nelson Pass will say, who cares as long as it sounds good! Nelson Pass' comment about the different Aleph amps: "The Aleph 2 was my favorite in terms of neutrality and all-round compatibility. The Aleph 0 would drive anything, The Aleph 1 had the most power, and the Aleph 3 was the best for full range and mid/high applications. " http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pass-labs/158580-aleph-power-amp.html Some review "There is a definite drawback to this amplifier's sound. It's so good and so transparent that it will make you want to spend too much money upgrading the rest of your system......As for the Aleph 3's specific sound attributes, how about very dynamic? How about very neutral and very detailed? How about a spectacularly huge soundstage, with wonderful bloom around each instrument? How about involving pace and rhythm? Do these sound good?" https://www.stereophile.com/content/pass-labs-aleph-3-power-amplifier-page-5 Pictures:
  12. Runaway

    Hi Fi Flippers

    Lets separate the 2 issues. Firstly, buying and then selling quickly suggesting that the buyer had no intention of using and enjoying it. I’m not certain that buying and selling quickly is a definitive proof of that. I know some audiophiles who would try the equipment, form an opinion quickly and then move it. I find it difficult myself to do that but I can’t fault others for taking that approach. Secondly, reselling at a higher price. Is there a code or custom against that? I tried to sell an item recently at higher price than I bought it for. I thought I bought it at a bargain price. I went back to the seller saying that I intend to do that and then offered to share any gain with him. Ok, not many people would do that (some would say, dumb) thing. The seller honourably said I should just keep any gain. I did not manage to sell it at a higher price but even if I did, it would not make up for the no of times I have taken a loss. My position is let the market determine the price.
  13. @evil c I know these are great speakers and if I’m in the market, they would definitely be on my list. Alas, circumstances dictate otherwise.