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  1. Hello, I have an EAR 890 which is a real musical sounding amplifier, and have been looking for an EAR Acute CD player. Would you sell it separately and if so for how much please? Regards Paul
  2. Hello my name is Paul from Auckland New Zealand. I love valves and vinyl and most of all good music.
  3. " By this I mean lower powered ( valve ) electronics and traditional box-speakers with paper cone drivers. I wonder how many other forum members have experienced a similar arc? " Yup... British Audio Note AN-E speakers driven by 300B 8 Watt amplifiers...very natural ,dynamic, musical sound.
  4. Not at all, as once VTA piller is set and locked then you are free to adjust the golf ball bath to fine tune the sound of the cartrige....
  5. Yes thanks Michael and still finding little ways to get the best from it. Raising or lowering the container that holds the silicon fluid that the golfball sits in, is another very nice tuning device. It has an interesting effect on the way the cartridge sounds....
  6. Thanks guys..excellent advise from all the Audio Enz team which has paid off tonight. Lowered the arm a tad at the back and the Koetsu just locked into focus and the sound stage and bass is amazing...Radiohead in the room!
  7. No problemo..the performance sounds better than before I did it...the rest is history. I love the music my CD player produces, however when I want reach out and touch it, feel it, organic voices in the room, vinyl is the only way for me...you may send for the white coated gentlemen now please.
  8. Thought I should let you know that I am having a half price sale on some EL 84 and 12AX7 tubes on Trade Me..http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=354647974&ed=true. If you have tube buddies or blogs that you can pass the good word onto I would appreciate it...Regards Paul
  9. The results were worth the effort with an overall improvement in musical performance, the performers and the music. The weight of the tiny plastic bubble thingy and bluetack was minimal.
  10. Came up with a great way to get my tone arm, cartridge VTA right ....blue tacked a small light plastic inside bubble thingy from a spirit level onto my arm top...then played around with the VTA...and when the bubble was in the middle the arm was perfectly flat. Looking forward to hearing the results later on tonight.
  11. Exsplosive is the word that comes to mind...releases more of the Koetsu's magic, however a tad bright and I dont really want to slow it down with resistors. Wonderfull mid range and bass weight.
  12. The Bent Audios went to Italy this time last year to help me pay for a set of Audio Note AN-E speakers. I am now using a pair of Klangfilm step-up transformer type KL.U473 Version 1:20 out of a 1950 German V73 Klangfilm preamp. Step up transformer rolling is a much fun as tube rolling Owen, only a lot more expensive...
  13. Well spotted Owen, an accidental extra .0 in there.... was it the Ortofons that used to have a very low output ? I have an Ortofon T-3000 silver wired step up transformer coming in soon, so that will be an interesting listen...it used to belong to Mr Holt, the chap who started Stereophile Magazine.
  14. Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum ...very low output (.02mV) so a good step up transformer is a must. It produces a huge sound stage with a very dynamic and detailed sound.
  15. Joan as Police Woman's new album The Deep Field is brilliant on vinyl. I got it in it from Amazon UK last week and it cost $28.00 NZD including shipping...
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