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  1. Aren't we all? We all need some dollaroos... 😄
  2. This has to be one od the best bargain in the audio world! I have this same dac and the performance is just exceptional. Whoever grabs this will be very happy.
  3. Item: Sansui B-2103 MOS Vintage power amplifier (100v unit) Location: Sunbury, VIC Price: $2300 firm Item Condition: Excellent. All original, fully working. Reason for selling: Need cash for something else. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+ fee), COD Only Extra Info: I had posted an EOI earlier but since my other amp, Pioneer A-09, hasn't sold yet, I have decided to put this up for sale as well. Both are great amps with their own strengths. Hard to pick one for me, so guess I will let go whichever sells first. The B-2103 MOS is a one of the finest Sansui amps IMO. I have progressed through various Sansui amps, starting from the older black faced integrated amps to later 'alpha' series amps and the B-2103 is pick of the bunch for me. This amp is basically a culmination of Sansui's know-how and all their technologies that they developed over time. Being a later model amp, this has the advantage of having newer more reliable audio-grade capacitors and components. As a result, it doesn't really need a service or 'recap' like older vintage amps do. Superbly built with plenty of copper in chassis and a huge sealed Tamura power transformer, it weighs 35kgs unpacked. It has a unique sound because of the MOS FET power devices. The sound has a kind of crystal like shine and refinement, delicate yet thunderous when required. Amazing details and smoothness in higher frequencies. Dead silent when no signal input, even with the ears right on to the tweeter. No hum no noise. Only pure transparent music. Just one thing to mention - There is some minor crackling in input selector only when changing inputs. This seems to be a common issue due to age with these amps but it doesn't affect the sound and once an input is selected there is no crackling or noise etc when in operation. Works perfectly otherwise. Note this is a 100v unit and requires a step-down transformer to work here. This amp was never released outside Japan, so not available in any other voltage. Happy to demo to genuinely interested buyers. Due to its weight, will prefer pickup. Having said that, I do have a suitable double boxed packaging but shipping would be at buyer's cost and risk and must be insured. Cheers. Photos:
  4. Still available. This is a seriously good amplifier, you won't find it cheaper anywhere else. Here are some special features of this amp to tempt you guys a bit - Pure class A, stable down to 2 ohm load. 2x 35W (8 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz, 0,05% THD) 2x 70W (4 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz, 0,05% THD) 2x 140W (2 Ohm, ?...?, 0,05% THD) - Hand built volume pot with 40 steps precision resistor array - Relay based input switching. The selector switches on front only work as trigger - Sophisticated dual relay speaker protection - Similar technology as developed for Exclusive C7/M7 which sell for > $10k each now a days - Short signal path - everything is set at the back including pre and power stages And it looks gorgeous too! If that doesn't get our heart racing than what would??
  5. A fellow member with a sharp eye has noted that small nick in the plastic grill at the back. I probably should have made it clear in the interest of full disclosure. So here is the pic attached of the tiny hole in the grill. I also noticed small fine cracks in some of the grills although the grills look in reasonable condition and not really falling off. I have tried to show that in the pic as well.
  6. Just a note as some have enquired: it has original speaker binding posts, so no banana plugs unfortunately. I'll try to take a pic of the back and add little later. Cheers.
  7. Item: Pioneer A-09 Class A integrated amplifier (100v only) Location: Sunbury, VIC Price: $2600 Item Condition: Immaculate considering its age Reason for selling: Need cash for something else. Not allowed to spend any more money on hifi, so have to move something on 😞 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Had always lusted after one, so bought one directly from Japan. Allegedly the best integrated Pioneer every made, heavily derived from the technology used in their Exclusive C7/M7 combo. According to thevintageknob.org, " one of the best and most "musical" integrated amplifiers ever made." Please have a read of the details and specs here, a great read : http://www.thevintageknob.org/pioneer-A-09.html The build quality is typical vintage Japanese with amazing attention to detail and craftsmanship. The amp itself is an statement in minimalism - no bells and whistles, just pure and simple design keeping the signal path short and pure. This one is in excellent overall condition for its age. No issues at all, works perfectly as it should. Beautiful rich and smooth sound that is never harsh. Being pure class A, may not have the bass punch and power of other high powered SS amps but its strength is the gorgeous mid range and treble. Note: This is an original Japanese unit which works on 100v, so will require a step down transformer to work here in Australia. Quality step down transformers are available from Tortech for very reasonable price. A 500w isolated stepdown should work just fine. Happy to demo to genuinely interested buyers. Pick up preferred from Sunbury VIC. If needed, can pack it up well and safely for shipping in a double box, but the buyer will have to arrange their own shipping at their own risk. Any question, please ask. Cheers! Photos: A tiny damage to one of the plastic grills at the back, and also some hairline small cracks on some of the grills. Grills still holding on well and not falling apart as such. This seems to be a common issue with these amps. I personally haven't seen one for sale without any damage to the plastic grills. This one is in fact one with grills in better shape than usual.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to try it out and sharing your impressions. Sorry, I did not get a chance to take up your offer of comparing with your VDH cables myself, been a little busy at work lately. I have spent more time with these $2 cables now and I think I agree with your findings mostly. It certainly isn't a giant killer as such and probably couldn't replace a proper well built and engineered cable. But for what it costs, its great value for money and can work very well in a budget system. It certainly seems to do some things better than the Belden LC-1.
  9. Great amp and a great price! Nice buy 👍
  10. I am curious to find out if you had a chance to build one and compare. Keep us posted. Cheers.
  11. Yes I think connectors should work fine with 7mm cable as well. There is definitely room for thicker cables in those connectors. Hope that helps.
  12. Ok, this is interesting. Because, subjectively speaking, the new cables sound a bit more open and detailed than LC-1. I did not perceive any treble roll off. New cables do seem to have tighter and cleaner bass, so 'bass roll off' actually sounded probable.
  13. Again, I am no expert in audio cables to please go easy on me but I had a look at the specs before and if I am not wrong, LC-1 is around 40pf/m as per their published specs? And this Radioparts cable is 59.6pf/m. So I guess not exactly double the capacitance? Sorry if I am mistaken and there are other factors to consider.
  14. Awesome! 👍 Would love to find out how it compares to other good cables and in other systems.
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