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  1. Item: Peachtree Audio DAC iTx DAC Location: Sunbury, VIC Price: $200 excluding postage Item Condition: Excellent 9.5/10 condition. First owner. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a great little DAC that punches way above its weight. Also has a great async Galvanic isolated USB input which works easy plug-n-play with both Windows and Linux. Its an ESS chip (9023) based DAC so has a nice detailed sound but never harsh and overall very musical to listen to. There are plenty of positive reviews online, but for what its worth here is a nice review by Stereophile of its earlier version DAC iT (iTx is an improved later version) : https://www.stereophile.com/content/peachtree-dac149it-da-converter Specs here: https://www.peachtreeaudio.com/dac-it-x-digital-to-analog-converter.html I am the first owner, bought new just over a year ago. Has worked flawlessly and it still does. Comes with original packaging, all standard accessories and an unused remote as well. Pick up or I can post at buyer's expense and risk. Cheers. Pictures:
  2. Item: Sansui AU Alpha 607MR integrated amplifier Location: Sunbury, VIC Price: $SOLD Item Condition: Excellent. All original. See description. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I had listed this amp for sale before but had withdrawn due to no interest at the time. Listing again hoping to find this amp a good new home. This is the entry level amp in Sansui's legendary MR series, but there is nothing 'entry' level about its performance or build quality. It has a refined, transparent and smooth sound that I have never heard from any other amp in this price range. I personally believe that the sound MR and NRA series was culmination of Sansui's knowhow, and the sound of this series is also the culmination of all the good attributes of Sansui sound - musical, refined, delicate and rich. The amp is in excellent cosmetic condition and functions perfectly fine. Everything works perfectly fine as it should - except the headphone jack which was broken inside (the female jack plastic assembly) as I had received the amp. I do not use headphones with my amps, so did not bother fixing but i believe it should be a simple fix if anyone wishes to. Other than that, there is no other issue. All switches, knobs etc work as they should. The amp is dead silent, really. No hiss or hum even with your ears right on to the tweeter. Obligatory note: This is a Japanese 100v product, so needs a step down transformer to work here in Australia. Pick up preferred. But I can also ship safely packed anywhere is Australia at buyer's cost and risk. Edit: I have had someone asking about the phono input. To be honest, I have not tested the phono inputs as I do not have a turntable with me. Although, given the condition of the amp, I am confident that there should be no issue with it, I would be happy to let the buyer test it or I sell it subject to phono input working in your set up on receiving the amp. Cheers Pictures:
  3. MrMojo

    Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    Been there done that. If you love your Sansui, or any other vintage equipment for that matter, and want the job done properly, then I would strongly advise against going to Round Again. The 'tech' there is not skilled enough to fix anything more than a table radio. On top of that, the lack of professional ethics and courtesy is appalling. I can give anyone the details of my experience, but that is pretty much the lesson and gist of it.
  4. MrMojo

    SOLD: EOI: Denafrips Pontus R2R DAC

    Thanks for the interest guys. I will get in touch with you today in the order of your expression. Cheers.
  5. Item: Denafrips Pontus R2R DAC (Silver finish) Location: Sunbury, VIC Price: (Pending finalization of sale) Item Condition: Mint. Over 2 years of standard warranty left. Reason for selling: Not sure yet. I am probably bored and need some change... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is an EOI at this stage because I am still a bit unsure but I will make up my mind soon and would like to gauge the interest out there first... I am the first owner, bought new in Aug last year. This DAC is supported by 36 month transferable warranty, so I can potentially request them to transfer the warranty over and you will be fully covered for over next 2 years. This DAC is regarded as one of the best by many and the web is full of positive reviews. Truly exceptional build quality and performance. Weighs as much as some amplifiers with its solid Aluminum chassis and heavy duty power supply. Tech wise, its R2R so has a very natural, neutral and smooth sound. Has almost all kind of digital inputs one may ever need - I2S, AES, USB (Amanero) and Coaxial. Full tech specs here: https://www.denafrips.com/pontus Costs $2200 including shipping to Australia, and there is also a bit of wait involved, so I believe my asking price is fair for a readily available and fully run-in unit! Comes with solid original packaging, so can be safely shipped anywhere in Australia at buyers risk and cost. Will donate to SNA on sale too. Cheers. Pictures: Stock pics for now, will upload actual pics soon. The DAC looks exactly same (of course, with the top cover ) and is in pristine 10/10 condition.
  6. MrMojo

    SOLD: FS: Diatone DS-1000HR Speakers

    Still available...
  7. MrMojo

    SOLD: FS: Diatone DS-1000HR Speakers

    Now reduced to $1200 firm.
  8. Good catch! It is indeed other way round. You must buy the amp and fix it asap!
  9. Oh he has got the big daddys of Sansui amps, this one is just a kid in comparison
  10. Item: SANSUI AU-alpha 607MR integrated amp (100v model) Location: Sunbury, VIC Price: $600 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I originally purchased and imported this amp from Japan. I have been using is for several months now with no issues at all. All controls are smooth and work as expected with no noise or scratchiness. Cosmetically in very nice condition too with clean front with no prominent marks or scratch. Some small marks and scratches on sides but again nothing too bad. Its a Japanese import so needs a step down transformer to work here. Only minor quibble is that the headphone jack (plastic part with female jack in it) was broken as I originally bought it. I never use headphones at home so did not bother fixing it. Have kept the broken part safe and will supply with the amp in case someone prefers to fix it. It certainly doesn't affect the sound or any other operation of the amp. It has a plastic dust cap for headphone jack, so it is not visible either. This is a cracking little amp with smooth and musical sound. Build quality is top notch too. I personally have never heard a better amp for the money. If you are looking for an entry level/budget/great value/temporary-filler amp, then you will be really happy with this Sansui. In terms of build and sound quality, I believe this amp can easily compete with amps costing $2K or even more. Pick up from Sunbury, or I can safely pack and post at buyers cost and risk. Cheers. Pictures:
  11. MrMojo

    SOLD: FS: Diatone DS-1000HR Speakers

    Gents, these fine speakers are still available...
  12. I have only received the amp few days ago, so at the moment, I am short of a pre that is a good match for B-2103 performance wise, so my source is directly connected to the amp via variable balanced input. I find it sounds pretty nice, clear and detailed but never harsh. Sounds much better than the cd direct input on my 607MR which sounds rather flat to my ears.The bass signature is in fact similar to 607MR (via non-direct inputs) so I suppose it could as well be my source or the room. The search is still on for a nice transparent pre in the mean while. Those Sansui vintage preamps are getting rather expensive now a days..
  13. What a beauty! Congrats on the new acquisition When you say that it fits squarely in the middle of XR and NRA, does that mean it sounds close to the MR? Did not know that 907Limited used MOSFETs. Incidentally, I have also recently acquired a B-2103 MOS Vintage which uses the same sets of Toshiba MOSFETS (in fact the same number of transistors each channel too) as this amp. Not sure how close would they be in sound, but I am liking the B-2103 a lot! The MOSFET certainly seems to have a kind of 'shine' and 'clarity' in mids and highs that I have not heard in MR or earlier Sansuis. Interestingly, the B-2103 doesn't seem to have a very deep thunderous bass that I would have expected from its weight and power rating, but the beauty of mids and highs make up for it. The bass could do with just a tad bit of slam and this could be a perfect amp Also, the B-2103 also takes around half an hour to warm up and to get its magic going. Would love to hear your detailed review of 907Limited against MR and NRA. Cheers.
  14. Oooh very mysterious must be special! Let me take a guess - 907Limited or 07 Anniversary? Those are probably the only ones left, you are pretty much through their whole catalog by now