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  1. SOLD: FS: Denafrips Pontus DAC

    This is a really really nice DAC for the money and does few things extremely well. I use it personally and am happy with it. Great price too!
  2. Can you please upload the pictures of actual speakers if possible?
  3. Have decided to withdraw it from sale for now. Have been listening to it lately and it sounds so beautiful that it made me question my idea of selling it. And this when used with my Sansui alpha via amp direct inputs, I only wonder how much better it will sound with a proper Accuphase power amp. I should patiently wait and find out..
  4. Open to reasonable near offers. Cheers.
  5. Item: Accuphase C-270V Preamplifier Location: Sunbury, VIC Price: $2700 Item Condition: Near mint. All original, everything works as it should. Reason for selling: Want to try an Accuphase integrated, so raising funds. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+ fee) Extra Info: Bought this a little while ago to set up an Accuphase separates system, but have run out of budget for the power amp! Decided to perhaps try the integrated for now, so raising funds for an integrated. Originally purchased from a reputed Japanese shop Afro Audio (http://shopafroaudio.com/) through a proxy service. I have the receipt as proof as well as the original Afro Audio branded box that it came in. This is a truly high-end preamp in every respect - the build quality, the sound and just the experience of using it. I will describe the sound as warm, musical with rich harmonics. Sounds superb with any genre of music, but is particularly sublime with jazz, acoustic and vocals. Has 2 sets each of both balanced and SE outputs which can be very useful for more complex active set ups. Also, this is the later 'V' version with lower gain of 18db (compared to 24db of older versions) which is more friendly to modern high level sources and gives more usable range on volume control. Condition wise, I would say its near mint as you can see in the pics. Functionally perfect. One minor thing, in the interest of full disclosure, the 'Accuphase' logo in the display at the front doesn't glow, i.e. the lamp behind it is probably gone. This of course doesn't affect the operation in any way and is purely cosmetic thing. I didn't mind it, so didn't get it replaced. This is a Japanese unit but supports multi voltages and has already been configured to run on 240v. Pick up and inspection welcome at Sunbury, VIC. I have strong suitable packaging, so can post but it will have to be at buyer's risk and cost. Cheers. Pictures:
  6. If you are curious, you are more than welcome to bring your 607NRA II to compare with my 607MR Or perhaps I can bring mine over, whichever way works. I would love to hear them side by side.
  7. Thanks for the comparison and sharing your impressions. Internet is full of opinions, but an opinion on Sansui Alphas from someone with actual first hand experience is rare and valuable indeed I think you have summarized the performance of 607MR pretty well here. My impressions are exactly same, this little gem of an amp can play any kind of music and with what refinement! I guess I will hold off (or I should say i will 'try' to... ) on my itch to get the 907MR for now, don't think its such a great idea for spending that much on that little 5-10% of performance improvement. Do you normally listen through regular CD input, or the Line/CD Direct input? I have personally found the 'Direct' inputs to be more neutral where as the regular line level inputs do have a sound signature, but the sound also seems to have more body to it perhaps due to the pre-amp in chain.
  8. These are really really nice sounding speakers with a distinct look. I still remember how good they sounded. A freaking bargain at the price! Would snap them in a heartbeat they were local. GLWTS.
  9. Reduced to $600 now. These are really nice speakers for the money and mine are still under warranty as they are only 3 months old.
  10. Lucky you! That Leema amp must be nice, they make some awesome sounding gear.
  11. So how does the 607MR compare to the mighty 907MR, if you had a chance to compare yet? Really curious to find out
  12. Item: Klipsch RP-160M Reference speakers Location: West Footscray, VIC Price: $600 (cost new $1150) Item Condition: Virtually new 10/10 condition. First owner, only 3 months old. Reason for selling: Was planning for a home theater set up, but dropped the idea due to other reasons. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these brand new just 3 months ago. Wanted to use them in a home theater setup but the plan didn't work out due to space issues. The speakers are practically new condition with all original packaging, manuals etc. Bought it from a genuine Australian dealer so carries its standard warranty too. Really nice speakers for what they cost. The new improved horn is really smooth and sounds great even with pure music playback. Highly efficient at 96db, so can be used with low powered and tube amps. Might actually work really nicely with a tube amp due to horn loading and forward and fast sound signature. Specs here: http://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-premiere-bookshelf-speakers Pick up or can post Australia wide. Pictures:
  13. Reduced to $210 incl shipping within Australia.
  14. And I thought this thread was over... but there's still more Alpha's to visit! Didn't know the MR series came in black finish too, looks nice! I had only seen the common champagne silver, which is what my 607MR is Can't wait to hear your impressions of this amp. Also, very curious to hear how it compares to its bigger siblings, 707MR and the ultimate 907MR...
  15. Hi there, It has been sold. Sorry, I should have updated the thread. Cheers.