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  1. I am curious to find out if you had a chance to build one and compare. Keep us posted. Cheers.
  2. Yes I think connectors should work fine with 7mm cable as well. There is definitely room for thicker cables in those connectors. Hope that helps.
  3. Ok, this is interesting. Because, subjectively speaking, the new cables sound a bit more open and detailed than LC-1. I did not perceive any treble roll off. New cables do seem to have tighter and cleaner bass, so 'bass roll off' actually sounded probable.
  4. Again, I am no expert in audio cables to please go easy on me but I had a look at the specs before and if I am not wrong, LC-1 is around 40pf/m as per their published specs? And this Radioparts cable is 59.6pf/m. So I guess not exactly double the capacitance? Sorry if I am mistaken and there are other factors to consider.
  5. Awesome! 👍 Would love to find out how it compares to other good cables and in other systems.
  6. I honestly don't know what and why it is, but I did hear a little difference in my system and the difference was fortunately for the better. I am not really into cables to be honest, never have been. I am happy using a well made standard cable like LC-1 that I have always used. I just got curious with all the talks about silver cables to wanted to try something without spending too much money so that was my little experiment really nothing more PS for speakers I still use Blue Jean (Belden) speaker cable and happy with it. If I find any silver plated ofc copper for cheap then one day may experiment with that too.
  7. Thanks, had missed to notice that detail in the specs. Wonder how much better it could be if shield were silver plated as well. Though sounds pretty nice the way it is.
  8. Recently made myself a cheap DIY IC cable without expecting much but was pleasantly surprised with its performance, so thought I would share the info if anyone would be interested to make one. I got curious when by chance I came across this cable on Radioparts store: https://www.radioparts.com.au/product/05033110/quantumsdr-1m-premium-silver-plated-cable-1m-video-or-coaxial-digital-audio Silver plated ofc copper, $2 a meter! Specs look good too: Shield 100% double shield by way of; Mylar coated Al-foil wrap + 16x7/0.12mm TC braid Outer Jacket 5mm Diameter color coded high tensile pearl PVC - RED Conductor Resistance 0.090 ohms/m @20 C Capacitance 59.63 pF/m @ 1kHz Inductance 0.391 uH/m @ 1kHz Got these Amphenol RCA connectors for $4 each: https://www.radioparts.com.au/product/30362961/pd2961-rca-plug-amphenol-red And for a total cost of $20 and bit of soldering, I had a pair of beautiful looking and amazing pair of silver plated interconnects! I was using a Belden LC-1 cable between my DAC and preamp which I thought was alright, but I wasn't expecting these DIY silver cables to bring such an improvement. The LC-1s sound muddy and congested in comparison now. These silver ICs have very nice definition and detail with no hint of harshness. I found an improvement across the full freq range compared to LC-1. So there you go, a nice looking and awesome sounding pair of silver ICs for cheap change and bit of soldering work. Here is a picture of mine. Cheers
  9. I have got just one too many pairs, so had to let something go and I made a trade off for deeper bass so keeping the bigger speakers. I am going to regret selling these down the line, like i always do... But that's the audiophile way! [emoji3]
  10. Item: Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary bookshelf speakers Location: Sunbury, VIC Price: $500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+fee) , COD Only Extra Info: Undoubtedly the best and most enjoyable pair of speakers I have owned or experienced for the cost. Very rich, open and amazingly composed sound. Very 'musical' would be another way of describing the sound. Has that 'right' tone in voices and mids that is hard to find in many other speakers. Has surprisingly decent bass extension with clean and articulate bass. And these have looks to match too! Real mahogany veneer and solid construction. Cabinet is so well braced that it feels like a solid block of wood. Condition is excellent, with very minor smudges on veneer that is hard to capture in picture. Some light stains on the grill cloth too which probably resulted from my children's sticky fingers (always used with grills on due to young kids in the house), which I did not try cleaning. But the drivers are perfect, no blemish or marks. Functionally as good as new. I am the original owner, bought new from Apollo hifi. Comes with original packaging, instruction manual etc. Prefer local collection but can ship at cost and buyers risk. Pictures:
  11. You probably meant DS-1000HR? Great speakers, I had them for sometime (another pair, not these). Very transparent and fast! Thats the highlight on their sound. GLWTS.
  12. Practically speaking, it would still be either C-2301 or C-2105 that's matching pre for this amp. Because one could possibly get one of these for a decent price. But C-2302 is a unicorn. Costs an arm and a leg when it does turn up for sale once in a blue moon.. This thing sold for 1.3m yen back in the days. I could only imagine...
  13. Not much interest so far, I was expecting a little more interest in this brilliant amplifier 😕 I know it is hard to appreciate an amp that you have never heard and there is very little information on internet due to this amp being Japanese only model. So... I will be happy to do a no-obligation demo for anyone who can bother to come down to Sunbury! Just let me know. Trust me, you have to hear it to find out what a great amp it is. This amp is in definitely into serious high-end category. I sold my tube amps as they couldn't match its smoothness and refinement. Cheers.
  14. Here is lid-off pic to show how clean the amp is inside And if you'd like to see more of the internals and the build and parts quality, here is a nice reference (Warning: lots of pics!): http://amp8.com/sansui/etc/b2103mos.htm
  15. As Phil has pointed out, this is a 'power amp' as per Sansui's own specs as well as by standard definition. You can in theory use it directly with a source via its variable inputs (controlled via the 2 synced pots on the front) but then the source needs to have right impedance matching etc. If you consider this mode as an 'integrated' then yeah its possible to use it that way.
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