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  1. Fisher stuff is bee's knees. I had a Fisher X-100A amp of similar vintage and it sounded much better than many modern tube amps costing way more than what I paid for it. It looked as vintage as this receiver, but sounded as modern as any new age tube amps. GLWTS.
  2. Can't say to be honest. I haven't had any other 845 amp to compare with. I doubt it was anything to do with tube though because generally people describe the 845 to be lively sounding?
  3. I listen to, and played variety of music - bit of jazz, rock, new age and world music too. My impression about Linear 845 was the same with every kind of music. It just did not have the punch or energy in bass and lower mid region. Just too relaxed and soft sounding. Don't think it was due to power. As per the specs, this amp is 28w x 2 RMS, which should still be sufficient. I once had a Fisher tube amp, X-100A, which was less powerful but had way better bass than the Linear 845.
  4. My time to shine again 😁 yes I tried the new 845 flagship integrated as well. Had it for a week on home trial. It looks gorgeous with those big glowing 845 tubes. Build quality is superb. Very nice presence. But the sound didn't quite work. And that was with Eclipse reference tower, which are supposed to work well with Consonance gear so unlikely that it was a speaker matching issue. It just sounded too soft and everything I played kind of sounded slow through it. When I took it back, Greg also agreed that it is a niche amp suited for certain kind of music and may be ce
  5. Hi, you seem to in a very similar situation to what I was a little while ago so thought I would share my experience in case it helps you. I was also looking for a single box solution and 880i looked perfect. I had the amp on home trial for a few days. Source was Linn Akurate DS and speakers Eclipse Ref. Like you I also had a decent preamp already, and since the price difference between the 880i and the 800 MkII monos wasn't much I thought of giving the 800 monos a try too. Just out of curiosity really, I wasn't expecting a huge difference given they use the same power tubes and sam
  6. Holy smokes! Wow.. what a bargain. Someone scored the deal of the year 👍
  7. G55 amplifier is sold now elsewhere. G68 SL still available.
  8. Further information: Note: G55 has been sold now. I bought these units with a plan to set up a high quality home theater. But we live in a smallish house and there is no dedicated media room or space, so the plan eventually didn't quite work out. I have to be content with just 2 channel stereo for now. In great full working condition and comes with their original Meridian factory packaging. Well regarded Meridian quality with amazingly smooth and musical sound. Note that the G68 is the 'SL' version with full balanced analog and Speaker Link digi
  9. Further information: These are genuinely one of the best Aussie made speakers for the money. Gorgeous looking and compact footprint, these are perfect for small to medium sized listening rooms. Has a very high WAF, my only speakers so far that my wife actually liked the look of! Would be extremely hard to beat these for my asking price here. With respect to the sound, what can I say - these sound phenomenal. There is simply no obvious weakness of this speaker and nothing that I can complain about. Amazingly open, uncompressed sound. With the right amplifier, you really
  10. I fortunately do not have any of the issues in the original list, but one that I do have, and may I possibly add it to the list, is the wife shouting from the other room - "would you turn the volume down?! I am trying to sleep here!"
  11. I have a pair of Osborn rca cable that I use between my source (Linn Akurate) and the pre. I find its performance satisfactory, transparent and open sounding. I also use rca interconnects made with Canare GS-6 cable, which is again a great cable for very little money. Slightly warmer tone compared to Osborn. As you can probably guess, I am not really a cable person. I don't believe in expensive 'hifi' cables. But I would recommend using a well made decent quality/priced cable. You will need to try a few and find the one that gives you the best tonal balance.
  12. Yes the matching Consonance preamp is pretty expensive. I actually use the 800 monos with a Meridian 502 preamp and I don’t feel like it’s missing anything. I had a chance to try the Linear 1 preamp in my system and I didn’t find it better than the Meridian pre. I personally think that 800 monos is excellent itself just as amplification and would still work well with any decent preamp.
  13. I am using a pair of Eclipse Reference (older version with Focal Beryllium tweeter) currently and I love them. I would also highly recommend having a listen to Osborn speakers, they are great value and have brilliant performance. By the way, since you are considering the 880i amp, I would recommend to also have a listen to the 800 monoblocks if you can and if its suits you. I was also considering 880i not too long ago and almost bought it but then I thought of also trying the 800 monos before making a decision. The monos are altogether in different league. Far superior in every asp
  14. Further information: These are the speakers that have stayed with me the longest so far and for a good reason. I actually found it very hard to upgrade from these unless I spend much much more. Only reason I am selling now is to just change things a little bit, not necessarily an upgrade really. Just a different flavor of sound. I might regret this sale down the line. The speakers are in excellent near mint condition in every aspect. The gloss finish is hard to photograph but I can assure you that these are in great condition with no damage or dent etc. There may be fin
  15. Sorry and I haven’t heard the Note perfect speakers! So can’t really compare, but can say that Lenehans sound pretty damn good.
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