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  1. These are really really nice sounding speakers with a distinct look. I still remember how good they sounded. A freaking bargain at the price! Would snap them in a heartbeat they were local. GLWTS.
  2. Reduced to $600 now. These are really nice speakers for the money and mine are still under warranty as they are only 3 months old.
  3. Lucky you! That Leema amp must be nice, they make some awesome sounding gear.
  4. So how does the 607MR compare to the mighty 907MR, if you had a chance to compare yet? Really curious to find out
  5. Item: Klipsch RP-160M Reference speakers Location: West Footscray, VIC Price: $600 (cost new $1150) Item Condition: Virtually new 10/10 condition. First owner, only 3 months old. Reason for selling: Was planning for a home theater set up, but dropped the idea due to other reasons. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these brand new just 3 months ago. Wanted to use them in a home theater setup but the plan didn't work out due to space issues. The speakers are practically new condition with all original packaging, manuals etc. Bought it from a genuine Australian dealer so carries its standard warranty too. Really nice speakers for what they cost. The new improved horn is really smooth and sounds great even with pure music playback. Highly efficient at 96db, so can be used with low powered and tube amps. Might actually work really nicely with a tube amp due to horn loading and forward and fast sound signature. Specs here: http://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-premiere-bookshelf-speakers Pick up or can post Australia wide. Pictures:
  6. Reduced to $210 incl shipping within Australia.
  7. And I thought this thread was over... but there's still more Alpha's to visit! Didn't know the MR series came in black finish too, looks nice! I had only seen the common champagne silver, which is what my 607MR is Can't wait to hear your impressions of this amp. Also, very curious to hear how it compares to its bigger siblings, 707MR and the ultimate 907MR...
  8. Hi there, It has been sold. Sorry, I should have updated the thread. Cheers.
  9. Item: Sansui AU-9900 vintage amplifier Location: West Footscray, VIC Price: $1000 Item Condition: Excellent cosmetic and functional condition. However phono may have issues. See notes below. Reason for selling: Funding another purchase Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I had advertised this amp for sale and I marked it as 'sold', however the deal was called off on mutual understanding as the phono section was found to have some issues. As I had stated in my previous ad, I wasn't sure about the phono performance due to not being able to test it. And as it turned out the phono after all may have some issues. I have been told that it did output sound but sounded scratchy. I personally don't use the phono so I never even noticed this issue as it does not affect any other inputs or functions of the amp. Ok so with that disclaimer aside, I can confirm that rest of the amp works fine and it has been in every day use in my system for months since it was serviced and has had no other issues. But I do understand that the issue with phono will probably be concerning to any potential buyers, so I have reduced the price further to reflect the current state of things. Also, this time I will offer personal pick up only after a full demo and any other possible inspection that a potential buyer may wish for. I'll do this for the peace of mind for both of us as well as to be fully transparent this time. Happy to answer any questions and demo to sincerely interested buyers. Cheers! Pictures:
  10. Still available.. Open to near offers.
  11. Item: M2Tech HiFace Two USB to SPDIF converter Location: West Footscray, VIC Price: $210 incl postage Item Condition: As new. First owner. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, BT Extra Info: I am the first owner, bought new locally. A nice upgrade to most of the budget DACs. As new condition with original packaging etc. Can ship Australia wide. Pictures: Stock pic - looks exactly like this
  12. Item: Sansui AU-9900 vintage amplifier - fully serviced Location: West Footscray, VIC Price: $1100 Item Condition: Excellent functional and cosmetic condition. Fully serviced. Reason for selling: Funding another purchase.. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought this amp several months ago and then had it professionally serviced. All the noisy and problem prone transistors were replaced with modern closest equivalent and the power supply and amp sections have been fully recapped with Elna Silmic and Nichicon FG capacitors. Output power transistors are all original pairs. Pre-amp has not been recapped as it was found to be in good condition. This amp works flawlessly and hasn't skipped a beat since the service. This is the Japanese 100v version so needs a step down to work here. I use Tortech 1KVA unit which works perfectly fine. This is one of the best sounding Sansui amps when it comes to earlier Sansui sound signature which was musical and 'sounding live like'. It is hard to explain but the music sounds very natural and smooth. It doesn't impress you outright, you won't find thundering bass or shimmering highs. But once you listen for some time, you being to notice the well balanced presentation and tube like smoothness and warmth in the sound. I do not have a turntable, so can't test the phono section unfortunately. But everything else tested to work as it should. I will guarantee it for 1 month and if any issue occurs within a month, I will take it back and refund the full money. Pick up preferred from West Footscray, VIC. But I can also look into shipping if anyone interstate is interested. Pictures:
  13. Really enjoyed reading and eagerly looking forward to more reviews. Especially some comparison between regular Alpha's and MOS models e.g. 607 MOS Premium. The timing is just perfect too. I have been smitten by the Sansui alpha range lately and have just got myself a 607MR which I am enjoying a lot. So really a big thanks for putting the effort and sharing your experience with us Cheers mate.
  14. Reduced to $350 now for a quick sale!