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  1. did you buy this one and fix it?
  2. misternavi

    Great Buys On Ebay & Gumtree

    Luxor Briljant omnidirectional speakers- looks alone is worth it. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153220924212
  3. misternavi

    My System this morning

    Had to simplify the system as we are selling our place and getting it ready for inspection. Stylist came in the other week and the first thing she pointed to to get rid of was my floor standers and amps. Wife laughed as she has been waiting for them to go for ages. I have a temp. system of Noteperfect speakers, Luxman amp and hidden away a NAD tuner. which I have been enjoying this simply set up a lot. I also realise that even with everything else I use the tuner and listen to talk back radio all day anyway. Stuff under the sideboard: (i'm just charging some batteries for work tomorrow)
  4. misternavi

    Coax to toslink

    optical isn't so good anyway, it will be fine. I use a Opt-Coax converter off eBay (does Coax to Opt too) I can't tell the difference.
  5. misternavi

    FS: Bryston BDA2 DAC

    $1.900 or $1,900?
  6. misternavi

    Great Buys On Ebay & Gumtree

    @PKay absolute BARGAIN...... at $700. wish I had seen it then might of flipped it on eBay for a profit.
  7. misternavi

    SOLD: FS:The Radio People Spectrum Preamplifier

    @Audionutz is this solid state or Tubes?
  8. misternavi

    Power cord discussions

    I'm glad he didn't tell the guy to buy a $300 power cable for his $500 amp. He did give good advice - upgrade speakers & electronics over the power cable.@Zaphod Beeblebrox @batou
  9. misternavi

    FS: whatmough 202 monitors

    Can’t do it now, audio system is going into storage as we are selling house. inspections next few weeks.
  10. misternavi

    EOI: GTG at The Coates Cellar Door

    i would love this as it combines two of my favourite things wine & music but being in another state i will have to give it a miss BUT next time i come to Radalaide i will drop in for a visit.
  11. misternavi

    FS: ARCYDIS EB2's aka EB Acoustics

    go on....get it.
  12. misternavi

    SOLD: FS: DBA LB-3000 Line Balancer

    @Spider27 buy this and not worry about power cables, filters & dirty power.......forever.
  13. misternavi

    FS: Music Labs DP102 DAC- Multibit

    on hold pending pick up.