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  1. Harsh but it's a truth that audiophiles need to admit to themselves
  2. unless you get a sound bar or tivoli radio there is no WAF factor in any speakers
  3. Gustard x-20 i then unplugged my tv, apple tv, optical to coax converter (that affects TV signal when it’s too close to TV), blu ray player, Cd player sound improved even more!
  4. i unplugged my DAC which is off from my system today and the high pitch sound coming from my 80’s Tuner stopped when listening to AM. It made FM even better to!
  5. i would love any of them.... or all of them. in the dog house afterwards if i bought them home!
  6. this is a pretty good drop. lots of berries in the mouth. Very light as well but with a bit of spice.
  7. at 47kohm input impedance i ran a passive 10kohm stepped ladder attenuator on a benchmark power amp and it sounded really good. bought off ebay for about $35
  8. i couldn’t find what the pre amp output impedance of you marantz receiver was.
  9. oh 1 more thing, make sure your output impedance from your source/pre is LOW (below 200ohms)- these modules have a low input impedance of around 4-8Kohm.
  10. one of a few Bel canto does use the 125asx2 with their own input buffer.
  11. I don't think there are resistors in the signal path.
  12. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Icepower-Circuit-Amplifier-Board-Module-Ice50Asx2-Power-Amplifier-Board-E3R1/183813299690?hash=item2acc205dea:g:~6kAAOSwBApc3S3- Yep. Box and connectors and you have a power amp. Or if your AVR has space inside you can install inside. Or go to Ghent Audio and buy a pre drilled box for $75USD.
  13. i would have recommended the B&O ice module. all in one with Power supply built in. 50asx2 for around $120 or 125asx2 for $185 i too have damaged 3 boards by hot plugging or being careless.
  14. both would be pretty good and you’ll be happy with 3104.
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