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  1. I just got my hands on the D50, the Volume control toggle is crap, I think using the power amp with the black beauty is the way to go. D50 volume control is just too small! I like digital volume control people might think it looses resolution but it's just so much more accurate. Do you find the D50 bass hasn't got enough oomph ? Might be because my current DAC (gustard x-20) has more gain but the bass seems fuller.
  2. The Meanwell is good SMPS. They also come with the Regen (7V version think).
  3. My previous place had the best sound compared to now. Before I had carpet floors, a back wall full of frames, shaggy rug & lots of furniture. Now I have hard wood floors, no frames, ratan rug and empty walls - sound is now very dull and slightly hard sounding.
  4. Audiophile chasing the next best high. (buying addiction) is what a lot of audiophiles suffer from. You have a pretty good set up. Maybe spend it on tweaking room acoustics?
  5. if you get this let us know if you hear an improvement as i’m interested too!
  6. [VIC] whatmough 201 $350 on facebook marketplace https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/712781662482339/
  7. I've been keeping an eye on this, It's about $1800 over my budget. I'm surprised people spend more than this on amps not as good.
  8. Facebook market place is pretty good Interdyne speakers - pick up in Hampton VIC $50 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/555846771886111/
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2465395850179282/ Melbourne: whatmough P series standmount. not sure exact model but $450 with stands
  10. For that $200 and under it has to be 2nd hand. loved the Whatmough FX1. small LS3/5 size speaker. 2nd hand whatmough C series speakers go pretty cheap. I think you need to not rush in and buy anything. keep an eye out on ebay, facebook marketplace and classifieds.
  11. Tuner at my place is on most days and plays 80% of music in my system
  12. I got the speakers. Haven't tested them yet. Interesting story, The owners son was selling them. They were his father who was there to open the door for me, He was surprised I knew the brand as he only got them from Arthur Rappos (Elektra) as he was good friends with Arthur who had designed the speakers. I told him about my love of the Benchmark speakers and how I have the S300 & S500 he showed me his Elektra Pre power but also his prototype Elektra speakers from many years ago. Anyway, the S100 has a scanspeak bass driver & Phillips tweeter. It was covered in a dark grease as it had been used in the kitchen by his wife for many years. I will test it and if it still good I will clean it up. Thanks Jon for letting me know.
  13. happy to pay $90 yes, $140 was over priced. Must have got a few enquirers picking it up later.
  14. would having them on a switching power supply help?
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