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  1. she needs to drink to hang out with her old man? I would too if I had to hang out with my dad.
  2. I'm surprised no one has made a fruit joke yet. Bananas for me. i'm always plugging and unplugging gear. Spades and bare wire is just too much of a hassle. If I didn't need to constantly unplug speakers/amps I would use bare wire or 'O' ring spades for best connection.
  3. I can't find any info on the Custom analogue site, Do you have more info on what is in this pre amp? What are are specs?
  4. Sounds like you need your Musical fidelity system back. If the Devalieti Digitises everything Adding a DAC in from of it to add another conversion doesn't make sense. Maybe the flavour of Devaliet isn't for you?
  5. that snow looks like teeth from a giant monster skeleton.
  6. I've built up my sake immunity over last 10 years...... nah!!!!! I'm pretty tipsy!!!
  7. I've tried a small size SMSL Tripath & Topping amps. A bit dull sounding but very convenient. I sounded like the highs and lows were rolled off and not dynamic. If you are going to use it for background music they are more than fine. Small and all the connections you need (digital, bluetooth, analogue). I've had the Hypex 180 & still have the ICE125ASX2 ($200 module & $130 chassis). really good amps the hypex power supply runs hot the all in one ice module is cooler running and warmer sounding but has to be run off a DAC with volume control or Active pre.
  8. Purist audiophiles might slap me in the face but here it goes......... Get a high powered integrated Amp with tone controls and you'll be covered (usually Japanese amps).
  9. I still remember the demo he gave me back in 1999 in the Clayton warehouse. Canary Audio amps and his speakers with vocals. I could really hear the people standing around the mic singing. Still one of the best sounds I have ever heard.
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