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  1. women are chasing after me on the streets I need these headphones. How much for postage to West Melbourne 3003? (my work address so wife doesn't find out and me chase me with rolling pin)
  2. Yes, very sturdy..... but I have squashed one. I use 'O' rings crimped now. they don't slide off if I don't over tighten the binding post lug, I don't need to solder , contact area is very good and it's the only thing that fits my 25mm sq. cable. crimp connection is so strong I could hand off it.
  3. No.2 I had the Neotech ones with 4 springy bits and they became loose in the binding post. The multi contact ones are fine. The ONLY time I had a problem with those was a pure silver version . As you know silver is soft and they bent pretty quickly.
  4. Looking to buy some speaker stands from https://www.ebuy7.com/ Postage seems pretty cheap. Has any purchased anything from the site? if so, anything I should look out for?
  5. Try these type of plugs I had the non Deltron versions off eBay and they were very good to use. I use mine with a very large gauge cable. I've found that large gauge is good for Class D amp and made a difference in bass. Stick to your 10AWG cable. I've used those type of springy plugs before and they loose their spring after a few years.
  6. [VIC] i wish i had the space!!!!! OoooOMmmmmmGggggGgg!!!! Akai rack system going cheap!!!! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/380349726517873/
  7. Maybe you need to try a transparent Analogue pre amp like Topping L30 or A90 or if you can wait for their new Pre (whenever it comes out) https://l7audiolab.net/f/measurements-of-topping-pre-ext90-preamplifier/
  8. that is now on my list of places to go! Thanks!!! 60% alc wowzers!!! I'm topping up my credit card for some serious spending.
  9. must be very popular on ebay.... i clicked on that link about 10 times already.
  10. Kids are playing outside with..... Quick! get some work done..... with some tunes....... Maybe i might just listen for a bit....
  11. [MEL] Axis T3 Elite speakers $550 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/367737224526845/ Anyone know much about these speakers? Must be a ‘get rid of AXIS speakers month’
  12. The Gospel Straight Rye Whiskey 45% distilled in Brunswick aged in new american oak Butter menthol goodness.
  13. How is the Neotech cable? Did you compare it to anything else? I like the MS audio plugs. For the price they are hard to beat.
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