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  1. misternavi

    Pre-amp budget and choice.

  2. I think I paid about $650 just for the 563 DAC many years ago.
  3. I want these! https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hallett-cove/speakers/meridian-m1-flagship-audiophile-speakers-/1203045243 I don't know anything about them but they look cool (in a vintage speaker way) He also has a pair of Duntech PCL-15 - if it was at a lower price I would consider it.
  4. misternavi

    My System this morning

    How can you sleep at night with a TV like that!?! I would be doing a whole season on netflix.
  5. misternavi

    My System this morning

    show us your skateboard.
  6. misternavi

    Pre-amp budget and choice.

    @Batty R204 & R104 is 1K
  7. misternavi

    Pre-amp budget and choice.

    @Batty when you put it together, change the output resistors to a lower value to lower output impedance.
  8. misternavi

    Pre-amp budget and choice.

    @Batty build a DIY Nelson Pass B1 buffer?
  9. misternavi

    FS: Vintage Pioneer AS-200 Speakers

    i can’t buy more stuff, wife would not be happy. But this is very tempting.
  10. if you can tap your foot with johnny Farham then these speakers MUST be amazing!!
  11. misternavi

    SOLD: Audile tube preamp

    Maybe you need to sell me your audile 300bs so you can afford this?
  12. misternavi

    Quad ESL-63 electrostatic loudspeakers

    what $1500 for Quad electrostatics? cheap.
  13. misternavi

    My System this morning

    No Cd player No DAC so all i listen to now is radio. just bought this carver tx-11a tuner and it sounds amazing listening to ABC 774 AM radio it’s as clear as listening in the car.
  14. misternavi


    I bought this! david was good to deal with and the tuner in AM sounds REALLY good. In FM i finally get stereo even without an antenna. way better than my Nad tuner.
  15. tried to read the diyaudio thread, I think I got to 1/2 way. Didn't get any of it. just hurts my head.