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  1. “The Battery DAC “ Impressions

    Thanks for the photo @richard51 You'll get a lot of people here saying this is a bit over the top (and it is) but if it works for you and makes you happy, you go ahead and do it.
  2. “The Battery DAC “ Impressions

    can i get a picture of the set up?
  3. “The Battery DAC “ Impressions

    i have this picture in my head that after loading it with all that concrete and granite a fly lands on it and the whole dac crushes into a flat card. like in looney tunes cartoons.
  4. FS: Whatmough designed speaker stands

    @bvuka2013 If only wifey told you to get rid of it earlier (I just recently paid 3x this for stands)
  5. FS: Van Damme 1 metre RCA interconnects

    WOW bill if you could only sell 10 pairs a day, you will be able to quit your day job! To anyone who has doubts about this cable, it's very very good and at that price you will be hard to find a more neutral cable. It's better than Mogami and Canare cables i've tried.
  6. RG213 home made speaker cable

    Also Audiophiles aren't [email protected] Beeblebrox
  7. currently drinking

    I think most reds after 20yrs would be past it's prime drinking age. @dave1 is right on getting a magnum and the Rockford basket press is a good wine that ages well. I had a 2003 this year and it was perfect for drinking. Maybe try and Botrytis Riesling - I've had 18yr old bottles that were sublime that would still be ok past 20yrs
  8. currently drinking

    yamazaki 12yr old single maltused to buy it for $90 a bottle now i think they are about $180. (N****) cask strength 500ml bottle is about $80 these days. that’s pretty good. stereo net won’t let me use the word “n. i. k. k. a”
  9. SOLD: FS: Metal Speaker Stands (60cm)

    that’s ok, i had the same feeling when i saw this for the first time too. these are the best for sound stands too bad about the looks.
  10. @Mach3 replied. @erest you wanted these a few months ago, interested?
  11. SOLD: FS: Metal Speaker Stands (60cm)

    roadtrip? @30kgs each how much do you think postage is? who will help me carry them down stairs?
  12. FS: Vintage Cyrus One

    Price drop.
  13. Item: Monitor Audio MA6 Budget Speakers Location: Carnegie, VIC Price: $150 neg. Item Condition: good, it is 30 something years old Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these here early this year, I can't find much info on these speakers online but I think they came out early 80's Kef B200 bass driver and maybe Audax tweeter (?) These are really good speakers that are good for vocals. Best I've heard for radio & speech. Love the look of these and have had people think these were Harbeths when they came to my place. I paid a bit for the capacitors thinking I was going to use these speakers until I could afford a pair of SHL5 Things that have been modified/changed Capacitors - Premium Obligato Gold capacitors 6x caps @$160-180AUD. I can't remember exact cost. Gold plated copper speaker binding post- about $38 extended wiring with Silver plated copper w/PTFE insulation Crossover is still mounted to the speaker binding post (no wiring from binding post to crossover) Recommended Amps: this amp worked really well with Smooth sounding vintage integrated amps. Sounded best with a Hitachi receiver but also pretty good with Naksa 70+ passive pre. Not so great with cheap Class D & grainy amps. Would have loved to hear this speaker with a 10-20watt valve amp. Can sell with matching HIFI racks speaker stands (made for Harbeth Super HL5) http://www.audiomagic.com.au/product/detail/94/pair-of-speaker-stands-for-harbeth-hl5s-b-in-satin-black My version is the older model Retail price was over $1000 Will sell for $450 Pictures:
  14. Item: Custom Black metal speaker stands (60cm) Location: Carnegie Price: $70 neg. Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: trying something prettier Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: OK, these aren't the prettiest but they are the most stable stands you will ever use! AT approx. 30KGS, these stands are HEAVY and your speakers will not wobble like most stands i've used. Will help you carry them to your car as you should have 2 people carrying one stand (and I live on the third floor) Pictures:
  15. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    please let us know if you do. that's a lot of speaker for little money