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  1. MESSY?!?!?!? not like you have crap all over the floor. I wish my place was close you looking as neat as yours.
  2. Great Buy for $300 - will be better than most things you buy for $1000 new. Can you make a copy of the brochure and manual and post on this site?
  3. Someone here needs to distribute the Cocaine speakers here in Australia, that way they can control the flow of Cocaine into Australia and corner the market..... pretty much the "Pablo Escobar of Australian Cocaine (speakers)" Do you think buyers of their speakers open them up hoping to find a bag of goodies?
  4. https://cocaine.it They do a LS3/5a clone but with a name like that how does anyone take them seriously? Please add your Coke jokes below.
  5. Further information: How does this sound? Doesn’t sound like anything. If you want romantic warmth go tubes, if you want transparency get this. I was using this as a Pre amp for my IcePower 125ASX2 & Starkrimson GaN power amp This was my replacement L30 from Addicted to audio because of the recall and should have all the issues fix. In the meantime I purchased a new all in one unit (Quad Vena) to simplify the system for the family to use and this sounds sooooo much better than the headphone amp out of the Quad. This is still
  6. [VIC] pretty good deal Look at this on eBay Hifi Pair of Whatmough Signature model 302 loudspeakers @bvuka2013
  7. I have a used pair Notepefect Maxi (medium size black bookshelf) on stands $250 - Amazing speakers. Dynamic with deep bass. Also sometime next month I will have a floor stander Peak/Coral Speakers from the late 60's or early 70's that I will have to get rid of. $200 Really old school sound.
  8. I'm going to try it! But right now we can turn on the amp via the remote. I'm not a person who like to leave things on as it's not like it sounds better always on.
  9. Got a Quad Vena (1st gen.) - all in one box from the Classifieds. I don't think I will plug the GaN amp in again. This all in one may not have the dynamics, control and detail of my usual DAC, Pre, amp but it looks good, it's simple to use, wife and kids can use it and it they don't need to turn on 3 things and switch inputs on the DAC and Pre and get sound (It didn't matter how many times I explained it they still couldn't remember how to get sound) Music sounds good and family is happy.
  10. You don't have enough speakers. I think you can fit another 10 pairs of floor standers in there.
  11. waiting for My anonymous source to turn up in this empty carpark. Getting Bored. Getting worried because of no wifi or 4G I can't check my emails or DM's (modern day problems)
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