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  1. misternavi

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    is that the stereo or mono version? i’m thinking about making a stereo version but with a SmPs. you have no love for the SMPs right?
  2. misternavi

    My System this morning

    you know what was the first thing the stylist from the real estate agent told us to do when she walked into our place? get rid of the speakers. Chicks have no love for speakers.
  3. misternavi

    My System this morning

    @Winno @theking I actually bought the carver here in the Classifieds for $90!!! It's the first time since i bought it in NOV or DEC last year that I connected up to an antenna and FM sounds really good. AM is the best i've ever heard - still a bit of noise with the little round antenna sitting on the window ledge. @Cardiiiii directing the question to me? if so, no it didn't sell but that's ok we are renting it out.
  4. misternavi

    Post some pics thread...

    Had to photograph a wireless headphone for Melbourne based Armed audio for their kickstarter campaign Shot in the studio with hasselblad H4D-31 w/50-110mm lens
  5. misternavi

    My System this morning

    Moved house a 2 weeks ago and finally complete audio system is up and running again. i do miss big speakers. The Benchmark speakers had been in storage for the last 5 months
  6. probably JT from Hallet Cove
  7. misternavi

    FS: Vintage Hitachi integrated amplifier

    i use a Hitachi receiver at work from that era, gets used nearly everyday. i think it’s still got original parts. built really well and made to last back then.
  8. @missmurphy How much for postage of the Meridian to Melbourne?
  9. @pmcd1138 Do they require a bit of power from the power amp? Does it go below 4ohms? how far from the back wall do you recommend for these?
  10. misternavi

    Speaker Mystery - Trevor Lees

    i think you need to try a few , wish i had a class D amp back then to try it. how much do you want to spend on a amp? i rec. a high power class A/B but i did try a 12w tube amp on it and it sounded good too.
  11. @Mat-with-one-t that exact pair you have used to be mine. Yes, thunderous bass and the best speakers I have had in my house. better than my current one. The only problem I had with the trevor Lees was that a bad recording sounded bad on it. spotify & MP3 & pop sounded harsh. I was tempted to buy speakers back off reflux075 but possibility of moving to small house meant to couldn't take the risk. The Musiclabs integrated only has a passive pot for volume control, so are you running it passive?
  12. misternavi

    Speaker Mystery - Trevor Lees

    i had these speakers and they are far better than most speakers below $3000 - internal wiring was kimber 8TC for the bass units and silver solid core for the tweeter. wondercaps and handwound inductors. excellent value speakers that sell for too cheap 2nd hand. best bass i’ve heard needs a powerful amp to sound best. forget those cheap home theatre receivers. i ran it with a A200 benchmark power amp and my systems since i regretfully sold it all off hasn’t sounded as good.
  13. which trev lees speakers do you have? is the power amp same design as the integrated amp but more power?
  14. must....... re... res..... resist.......
  15. misternavi

    Custom interconnects on a budget.

    at 15 metres....... would you consider something that cost $1000 per metre? just kidding. at long lengths unbalanced I think what you have is fine. seems well shielded.