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  1. I bought my ML No.26 pre from you guys back in 2003 and it came with Audio research Litz XLR cables ( I love and still use those cables) - you also had a ML power amp for $2000 back then. I regret not buying that from you as well.
  2. i’m tempted to buy this to compare it to my 907 - amazing value amp at this price. should sell in no time.
  3. I think you could be right. I just removed the large speakers and placed the smaller speakers in it's place and the sound changed. I have to move these speakers closer to the wall so kids have a bit more room to play. I think these were also designed for near field listenings well. they do sound better sitting closer to listening position.
  4. put the little one to bed and rest of the kids are at other kids parties. Got the NotePerfect Maxi’s back after a over a year. Tidal streaming. There is a purity in the mids with small speakers that my big speakers just don’t have. Maybe it because it’s not as deep so i hear more in the mids?
  5. SanSui and Sakè. no finer combination in the audio world. nearly bottle drunk. The Sansui AU-907 Alpha and sake is very similar: they match with any combination you throw at it.
  6. I would pay that much for it! by the time I had a chance to look at it auction was over.
  7. Did you watch those woofers pump "ALL NIGHT LONG!"
  8. "Vintage high End Audiophile (speakers/amps)" is click bait for me. gets me every time.
  9. What year was this?!? What did they sell.....or should I ask what didn't they sell?
  10. how's it going?!?!? It's got me looking at Japanese sites for more Sansui!! it's a gateway drug to the more expensive models. Apart from that I've been loving the amp. Having the loudness switch is good as I usually listen to it at very low volume. Plays well with my Benchmark speakers but I'm using it with a pair of AMW acoustics labs speakers at the moment as the Benchmarks a getting new binding post plate (cheap plastic one broke). I'll get you over when it's complete.
  11. I don't know. My Step down is plugged into a DBA line balancer (1500w version) Maybe someone with a bit of knowledge can answer this, Would a iso transformer be needed seeing that it is a non grounded amp? my 907 has no ground plug. I always thought no ground plug = no ground loop issues
  12. I bought the Tortech 1010W for my Sansui. Works perfectly. around $145 delivered.
  13. The ONLY speakers I've seen on StereoNet that made me check my bank account balance (I don't have enough 😕)
  14. all my money went to a Sansui AU-alpha 907 + it's pick up in brissy.
  15. AMW Acoustic Labs speakers in the house. fixed one speaker that had a loose inductor or postage. other speaker had a not working Goodmans tweeter. i’ll need to open up and see if there is a loose wire.
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