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  1. Real shame. It's also tough because I've got a bit more time to browse eBay get the seller to post it!
  2. 1Look at this on eBay 3 x REVOLUTION MADE BY NOTE PERFECT Book Shelf Speakers 3805 OR 3150 PICK UP $120
  3. look out for hate mail from audio cable manufactures. who knows you might even get a letter from Monster cable.
  4. I had 2 capacitors in the Rambler power supply filter smoke up and smell.
  5. if you do transition from CD to streamer it probably will take some time to adjust and getting rid off your CD player straight away would be a bad idea. You really need to have both to figure out which one you prefer. Is streaming better than CD in terms of sound quality? low bit rate streaming on line is a little worse off but the ease of having all music there makes up for it. Downloading and storing high res files is better than CDs .
  6. ya snooze ya lose. wish i saw this earlier.
  7. Home schooling 2.0 Canon 5DMK4 24-70 Godox AD200 @1/3200s
  8. For the price he sells them more he needs a day job.
  9. the sansui 907 goes well with just about anything i’ve tried. Only speaker it didn’t do well with is the whatmough FX1 sealed little speaker. it just couldn’t do bass as good as a class D amp. i just hooked up the whatmough with a Class D b&o ice module and tube buffer pre, will have this for a week to compare against the sansui.
  10. just tuned them in. I prefer them innie. Are you are innie or outie?
  11. i was just checking how much of a fanboy you are. Don't worry too much about the cabinet. I gave away my Sansui cabinet because it didn't fit my 907 - I had to take off those side metal thingies to slide them in.
  12. You are missing a Sansui hifi cabinet & tuner.
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