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  1. I am not surprised by your totally positive reaction to the Lumin. I was going through similar misgivings regarding digital playback before I got my streamer - went for the SOTM trifecta. And now as many others have said, you wouldn't go back to a setup without a good digital front end. IMO the changes you will find between DACs, while quite obvious, will not be as significant as what you have just experienced. Well done and enjoy!
  2. +1 Red and John. The Lumin (and most very good streamers) will make a huge difference. IMO more so than changing from one competent DAC to another. Lumin first then try out a few DACs if necessary.
  3. Further information: This is a very sturdy amp stand with adjustable spiked feet. It also comes with four floor protectors to go under the spiked feet. Very good condition with no scratches on the glass. I do not have the packaging so pickup only please. Price is negotiable. Photos:
  4. Item: Robertson Audio RCA interconnects Price Range: TBA Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: My preference would be for 600mm but 1 metre is also OK. Specifically looking for the Ruby model but may consider others in the lineup. Thanks.
  5. Oops! You might want to edit your heading. These are not RCA interconnects - they are in fact speaker cables with bananas at one end and spades at the other.
  6. Further information: These were bought new from the Valve Store, Melbourne earlier this year. They were a definite improvement over the stock valves in my Primaluna Dialogue Premium. Smooth and detailed - well balanced overall. These are excellent valves without having to spend a small fortune. I estimate that they have had 150hrs of use and remain perfectly silent. Photos:
  7. Further information: These are labelled CV1377 f32 but are the military variant of the famous Mullard GZ34 f32 originating from the Blackburn factory, UK. They have a very good reputation for reliability and an estimated lifespan of up to 10,000hrs. While some believe that rectifier tubes do not have a big influence on sound quality, I found these to be a significant improvement over current 5AR4 tubes. There is no shortage of good reviews of this particular valve - at the top of its tree! Estimated use is about 900 hrs. Photos:
  8. Further information: These are not the standard classic grade but rather bought as the premium grade with tighter testing at the factory. I am not sure why Psvane continues to market these as CV181 as they measure and spec identically to 6SN7 tubes and not CV181 which are close but not identical. I used these as a drop in replacement for 6SN7 in my ALO Studio Six and they performed beautifully. Although I had several other 6SN7 including Kenrad, RCA and Brimar, these were my favourite by far. Beautifully made with sublime, transparent sound. I estimate they have had 125 hrs use only. Photos:
  9. @Soundscape is after one in the WTB section.
  10. +1 @pwstereo comment. I use the same NUC7i7BNH with Roon Rock and it provides excellent results. It's also a great upgrade path as you can later add streamers (I use SOTM 200Ultra) and at some point change to an LPS for the NUC if you so desire.
  11. Thanks for the comments guys. @porkbuns69 you are right - SGR CX4MK2. They were just OK when I first set them up but now that i've done months of tweaking/positioning/room treatments, they are one of the best I've heard at any price. Just fabulous! Despite their size they image like small stand mounts.
  12. Further information: This PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp is a fabulous bit of gear. It is in very good condition and functions perfectly and, PrimaLuna's construction is great by any standards let alone at this price point. Internally it uses high grade components and wiring is point to point Swiss cabling. It will be sold with its original factory provided tubes - PrimaLuna branded which are fantastic for standard fit. Sonically it is a real revelation and IMO encompasses the great attributes of tubes. Imaging (my first priority) is pinpoint both left/right and front/back. It avoids any tendency towards too much valve warmth and retains high levels of detail and top end air which suits long listening sessions. The output impedance is 256 ohms which is low for a valve preamp so driving long interconnects is no problem. In my system, it feeds 4m interconnects to active speakers with no problems whatsoever. The remote control is a well made heavy unit which is also in very good condition and works perfectly. I have the original factory double-box packaging so freight can be arranged at cost. Reviews: https://www.tonepublications.com/review/primaluna-dialogue-premium-preamplifier/ http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/1014/PrimaLuna_Dialogue_Premium_Preamplifier.htm Photos:
  13. I went through a similar decision process some months ago. At the time I was using a very good DAC with a volume control driving active speakers. Whilst there was nothing really wrong with the system, it just didn't have that magic - the stuff that moves you to tears! The PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp was something that I had previous experience with and so took the plunge and bought another one second hand. I haven't looked back since. Tonally, the sound is now beautiful, killer imaging and detail so good you want to bottle it. Highly recommended.
  14. Thanks Flash, the dedicated space allows me to do two things: acoustically treat the listening room and also position the speakers where they sound best. These two things make a far bigger difference than ANY change to your system hardware. The stand/rack does make a difference but really is just the icing on the cake.
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