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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. @porkbuns69 you are right - SGR CX4MK2. They were just OK when I first set them up but now that i've done months of tweaking/positioning/room treatments, they are one of the best I've heard at any price. Just fabulous! Despite their size they image like small stand mounts.
  2. Further information: This PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp is a fabulous bit of gear. It is in very good condition and functions perfectly and, PrimaLuna's construction is great by any standards let alone at this price point. Internally it uses high grade components and wiring is point to point Swiss cabling. It will be sold with its original factory provided tubes - PrimaLuna branded which are fantastic for standard fit. Sonically it is a real revelation and IMO encompasses the great attributes of tubes. Imaging (my first priority) is pinpoint both left/right and front/back. It avoids any tendency towards too much valve warmth and retains high levels of detail and top end air which suits long listening sessions. The output impedance is 256 ohms which is low for a valve preamp so driving long interconnects is no problem. In my system, it feeds 4m interconnects to active speakers with no problems whatsoever. The remote control is a well made heavy unit which is also in very good condition and works perfectly. I have the original factory double-box packaging so freight can be arranged at cost. Reviews: https://www.tonepublications.com/review/primaluna-dialogue-premium-preamplifier/ http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/1014/PrimaLuna_Dialogue_Premium_Preamplifier.htm Photos:
  3. I went through a similar decision process some months ago. At the time I was using a very good DAC with a volume control driving active speakers. Whilst there was nothing really wrong with the system, it just didn't have that magic - the stuff that moves you to tears! The PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp was something that I had previous experience with and so took the plunge and bought another one second hand. I haven't looked back since. Tonally, the sound is now beautiful, killer imaging and detail so good you want to bottle it. Highly recommended.
  4. Thanks Flash, the dedicated space allows me to do two things: acoustically treat the listening room and also position the speakers where they sound best. These two things make a far bigger difference than ANY change to your system hardware. The stand/rack does make a difference but really is just the icing on the cake.
  5. The floor in my listening room is suspended timber so my only choice was to go for a rack that offers great decoupling. I went the DIY route and kept it as low as possible (for objects between the speakers) so as to not deteriorate imaging. My speakers are SGR active so I don't have to worry about housing a power amplifier. The end product consists of: a base using an old power amp stand sitting on Herbies speaker sliders (decouplers), two slabs of solid sandstone separated by Herbies dots - this provides very high mass with good decoupling properties, timber uprights using pine frame from Bunnings, solid top using a vanity timber benchtop (bought off eBay), and a timber cutting board suspended on racket balls for the valve preamp stand. Mass of stand without equipment is about 80kg. The overall design was arrived at using lots of listening tests and, as much as possible, bits lying around from years of hifi dabbling. It ticks all the right boxes for me and yes, it does affect sound quality in a very positive way.
  6. One last thought on your tube rolling - have you been changing the setting on the bias switch on the side of the Dialogue to match the tubes? Just in case it's been an oversight ...
  7. Yes, when the Brimars were in the front two positions, the amp was just a little too smooth and lacked a bit of detail. When used in the rear position with Ciftie or Psvanes up front, I thought the balance was just right - touch more air and detail and no hint of grain. My recommendation would still be stick with the Dialogue and find the magic combo that works for your system. When you discover that mix, you'll realise that the Dialogue Premium is capable of extraordinary performance. The Brimars were the 4003.
  8. I did a lot of tube rolling with the Dialogue amps and came to some fairly clear conclusions with respect to my system: KT120 were disappointing and I moved them on quite quickly. They gave quite a dynamic sound but were totally unemotional. Gold Lion KT77 were an excellent all rounder - smooth yet detailed and dynamic, and I could quite happily have stayed with them, however EL34 were the best tube tonally and never failed to move me. The best by far were the Psvane EL34 Phillips Holland replica. As far as the 12au7 go: The Brimar are an excellent all rounder, despite their excellent reputation, I found the Bugle Boys disappointing - too grainy without any real benefits, The Gold Lions were not bad either, but The best were the Ciftie NOS - excellent in all respects but hard to source. My best combo ended up being the front four 12au7 were Ciftie, the back pair were Brimars and the power output valves were the Psvane EL34s. This was end game for me in the PL Dialogue. I would keep the new amp and aim for your dream valve complement. Cheers
  9. It is quite possible that the lack of bass is a speaker placement problem in which case no amount of change to hardware is going to fix the issue. What may be happening with the addition of a subwoofer is that the sub is positioned in a place where bass works better. My suggestion would be to try and map out the room modes and if possible, place the speakers in a position that takes advantage of room reinforcement. Once found, you might even have to attenuate the low end. Give this strategy a try because applying bass boost through DSP may not help - any strengthening of the bass output will lead to stronger low frequency reflections hence no improvement. This approach has worked wonders for me and can lead to other benefits as well. Andrew
  10. Thanks for letting me know but it’s marked as Sold.
  11. Item: Power Conditioner/Regenerator PS Audio, Gigawatt or similar grade Price Range: TBC Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'm looking for a high quality power regenerator/conditioner that gives me good clean juice even during the daytime.
  12. Further information: This is an excellent USB cable from a company well known for its good research and quality products. It is very smooth sounding without any digital glare and high frequency emphasis. Comes with original packaging. Photos:
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