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  1. Turbo68

    LED's on audio gear!

    I like the blue years ago i had a belkin PF40 av console where the led went on it still worked fine with no faults rang belkin told them the situation and they sent me a belkin pf60 av console at no cost not even for shipping funny thing was i looked around to get that originally couldnt find one....
  2. I am very satisfied with our 5.1 system which only gets used for movies and music sound is fantastic room has thick carpet and a lot of furniture i am not intrested in atmos reason being i do get sound going overhead dont like the idea of looking at a room full of speakers have seen rooms with atmos only some will compromise at some point. M&K S150 MKII LCR M&K SS150 Surrounds Subsonic XS1 MK2 Subwoofer Primare SP33 Processor Atlantic Technology P-2000 Seven Channel Power Amplifier Regards Lino..
  3. I use the Subsonic XS1 MK2 excellent subwoofer and its australian made for your budget you can get 2 of them will cost twice as much to go what you get in the subsonic.. Regards Lino...
  4. Thats awesome Brian gear you got there i am using M&K speakers with a Subsonic XS1 MK2 subwoofer hoping to get another in the future did have other processors before yamaha and avr from denon,marantz,onkyo but the primare sounds so different and clear... Regards Lino.. Regards Lino..
  5. Hi Brian agree no bells and whistles on the SP33 but the sound is fantastic what speakers are you running... Regards Lino...
  6. I agree thats why i bought mine sound and built quality is excellent setting it up is easy as well i run my for home theatre with M&K S150 MK2 THX Ultra2 speakers LCR,M&K SS150 THX Ultra surrounds,Subsonic XS-1 MK2 Subwoofer.. Regards Lino..
  7. Its an awesome home theatre and 2 channel preamp thats a bargain.. Regards Lino..
  8. Good luck with the sale l got the SP33 and sound quality is awesome... Regards Lino..
  9. I was intrested in getting the Oppo 203 since the news had a good think about it i got a lot of blur ray discs which to be honest i hardly watch since i got my netflix account about a year ago i watch around 3 movies a week there is a lot of UHD movies which if i go down to my local video shop they only got a few and that being said they got more dvd discs which a lot of people still rent and i was having a chat with one of the ladies that its no point having a lot of blue ray discs not many are intrested in renting them as for the Oppo what worries if i did buy one is the warranty if something goes wrong with the player and parts are not available its obselete.. Regards Lino.
  10. Turbo68

    My Home Theatre

    Thanks the speakers will be forward ones the sides are finished. Regards Lino.
  11. This is the cabinet myself and my fiance built and there is still the L/R sides to go very happy with the result.. Equipment: Samsung 65inch Curved 4k TV Samsung Blue Ray Player Primare SP33 Processor Atlantic Technology A-2000 7 Channel Power Amplifier (2) M&K S150 THX MKII THX Ultra2 LCR M&K SS150 THX Ultra Surrounds Gecko Speaker Stands Subsonic XS1 MK2 Subwoofer Cambridge Audio Azur 640C CD Player Rega RP1 Turntable Pro-Ject Phono Box Xbox One Belkin PF60 AV Console Ear Science Powerbox Cables: Audioquest,Chord,Tara,Wireworld Power Cables: Gecko,Whatmough Regards Lino..
  12. Hi Robert the Primare SP-33 is an excellent hi end processor for music and movies,construction is solid easy to use and typical swedish design looks good. Regards Lino.