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  1. Say Hello to my little friend Had this for about 6 years and never hooked it up to any decent speakers, spent all its time running some patio and ceiling mounts over the past summer months. A new record arrived today and had all the gear still in place from the 7900 visit so the stars aligned what a beautiful thing Tweaked some Oak stools into makeshift stands (where are you taking those?) Big improvement, removed some booming I was getting at higher volumes, I expected a shift in sound stage but not as dramatic! especially when seated in the sweet spot. Damm, that TV is on the loose again
  2. Heard some good things about these
  3. It's possible you have the Rola's and someone refoamed and replaced the dust caps when realigning The tweeters on offer are not HF2000 they are still very worthy units you are right though the 2000's paired with the Rola/Celestion woofers are a perfect match, I was lucky enough to fluke a bargain purchase which have shamed a few supposedly high end contenders
  4. Probably just the angle of the shots, got down low to miss the top rack, look at the previous raw shots. This came from Ivan's a legendary Serbian butcher out west @ 7.90kg fed 15 for $3 ahead with 2 family meals still left on the bone....... Carnitas for me tonight Since moving workshops Ivan's is a ways out of the ways for me now but happened to be in the area last Thursday, he smokes all his own small goods on site, crazy shyt you never see, beef bacon, smoked pork neck and a hundred other things I can't pronounce. Can't leave without a pack of Cevapi's
  5. The 44's came out with two different bass drivers depending on which series you have, I know the Rola were in the series one as I have a pair identical to the sellers, I'm fairly sure the frames would be the same for the series 2 and 3. The Rola were considered the better of the two so as well as fixing your 44's should also be an upgrade, great speakers for the money
  6. Nice mahogany happening mid cook and the bark pre wrap aftermath
  7. One in the same, pork shoulder bone in temp control is just learning how your particular BBQ holds, most are pretty stable for the first 6-7 hours before you need to start regulating air, unless it's windy PITA. The easiest way is buy one of those wiz bang thermo fans with all the probs, mentioned it around Christmas but still running out to the BBQ every 20min at the final stages of the cook, I put a beer fridge next to the BBQ...... two birds
  8. "Supernatural" from A Hard Road sums him up for me, light years ahead of the pack, enough to get him kicked out of the band. Not many tunes extract total joy from a guitar like "World in Harmony" maybe when he talks to god he will understand ........ and god might not get the answer that he's looking for. up there with the best in my book, no pun intended
  9. If you wrap after the stall (once the meat is above 150) you should retain a lot more moisture. I take it your ribs were pork, quite a subtle meat that can't handle stronge smoke like Aussie hardwoods or Mesquite, try the fruit woods or American Oak less robust but still gives a smokey essence and nice ring. Having some hungery lads over for darts tomorrow night, putting a Boston Butt on in the AM should be good, American Oak smoke with apple cider vinegar/apple juice spritzer. The Oak is super light but spritzing helps the smoke stick to the beast, went for a sugary hot rub hoping for a sticky bark
  10. These guys were offered up in need of attention, my cousin down in Canberra snapped them up and replaced the surrounds and the cross overs and ordered new cloth from the states. The cabinets had seen a bit of abuse, coffee cup rings, over watered plant stains, sun damage, some corners missing and major swelling problems to one in particular. Still anything in the 43XX series is worth saving. Sanded back the dried out oil and managed to get rid of all the rings and water marks back filled the swollen partical board with PVA, let it sit for 10mins to soak in the best it could then force feed with a putty knife you can see how ballooned the edges were by the white of the bench showing at each end against the straight black edge, they clamped up nice and true, I had not used this technique before and doubted that it would work but to my surprise got a good result I filled the missing corners with resin and gave them a sealer coat of acid cat touched up the resin and a bunch of other suspect spots with a few different stains and pigments even put some grain lines in the offending front top corner, came out a bit dark but with few more coats disguised the wound quite well especially from a few meters. Finished off rubbing a little furniture wax into any open corner mitres set up for a session and quite a remarkable little speaker, worth the effort
  11. That looks like an easy fix, all you need is some glue I can hook you up if your near Ryde. PM me
  12. It's the whole house Luc, check the cabinet ..... photo trickery
  13. Baby sitting a very nice AU 7900 c/o @Phil sydney will be starting a new life in Queensland with @Zedamon lucky boy - She had a sleep over at Dr. Pete Mac's clinic last night, a few small adjustments a sponge bath and a clean bill of health was given. Suggested change of diet. Did a spot of near field listening this afternoon, excuse the cables had to traverse pass a speaker to run a turntable. I don't have any decent MM carts at the moment so the Sansui path is slightly tainted with an external phono. Ortofon Rohmann ruby cantilever - SR 525 - Exposure 26 - AU 7900 - JBL 4313b Put some flac FLAC files through also which didn't disappoint, could think of worse things to be doing on a Sunday afternoon
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