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  1. Finally found a bit of time to finish these off. Had a fellow SNA member look at the the x over’s. Component values were matching on both boards and decided to leave them assembled and reinstate as found. cleaned up the tweeters and re-glued the woofer surrounds Painted the rears with theatre black matt acrylic cleaned up the baffle hardware and painted the woofer bolts, super tweeter screws and some staples for the velcro pads in satin black enamel assembled the baffles and tested each driver on the bench before fit
  2. Had some hungry lads over for a darts tournament broke out my standard Boston Butt and fat Beef sausages, tricked it up with Dougs Wings and some Fijian Vakalolo Mussels, first time I’ve done them in the smoker, sensational. Paired with Kakoda Pretty much the same as starting any curry but add coconut cream instead of meat, careful to get salt balance right. The trick is to salt the cream to taste before adding to the curry paste ladle over raw mussels In the offset coved till just done 25min
  3. Gary Clark Jr is one ultimate live blues act, seen him half a dozen times in Texas once at the infamous Antone's in Austin. We were busy the night he played at the Enmore last Easter and decided to road trip to Canberra invited some local friends but by the time they replied .... "sold out" they were moaning about the $$$ how much would you pay at the moment to see a sweety live show. black and blu is a great album
  4. I've eaten some good food off an electric pellet smoker as a guest, but to me it's cheating, one step up from buying takeaway. It's not BBQ without flames. if it's the hassle of controlling temp with a traditional offset, the fan assist probes on the market can make life easier (it's cheating too but I can live with it) A cheap rig will last ages if you look after it by - clean the ash out after every cook (it attracts moisture) - never use the cooking chamber as a direct heat grill - use a cover and store out of the weather - after summer I
  5. Gave the "secret" Devil Wings a crack. Marinated overnight and the mix went a bit soupy, looked like a tandoori or Butter Chicken when it hit the grill. They got hoovered down so fast I only got one for myself, pretty good I'll be doing another batch when nobody is around and feast out.
  6. Been a bit busy to look at these for a while but managed to do a bit more this morning stained up the corner blocks that hold the Velcro for the grilles I didn’t like the staples showing as per factory so I glued and put a sneaky staple behind where the Velcro will sit then clamped tight. Cabinets got a sand and some touch up pigment over the bogged corners and some other wear and tear areas Coated the lot with clear satin poly cabinets came o
  7. GM day at the Workshop, old mate brought in his 56
  8. There must have been a few recent changes, I’m on a tablet and screen shooting changes the format and reduces the file size, but still too big now, however the cloud sends them back to the phone super compressed. posted from the phone, thanks Luc
  9. I also blacken out the raw edges that are seen when the covers are off the cabinets looked in worst shape than they really were, all the scratches were superficial and only lacquer deep which sand out quickly, the Brits did well added more coats to the bottom. Missing a bit of veneer on one front edge, decided to remove it, may seem a bit extreme but easier to replace the whole piece if you have the machinery and the material exposed a tongue in the mitre well done agai
  10. I'd like to share the results but each new post reduces the MB's I allowed to up load
  11. They sanded up great. The Celestion tweeters fit from the back of the baffle and the openings were a bit rugged on the edges, I decided to put a 3mm radius around the holes to finish them off bit of non grain rasing black stain and they are ready for poly
  12. Decided to total pull these down to restore the cabinets, removed the crossovers which I will take to a friend for the once over, bit of surface rust on the Coles super tweeter should clean up The front baffle's, like most speakers of the era, were not manufactured to be seen. There were some knife marks in the ply where the protection cloth had be trimmed from around the woofer. Also a bit of fading where the sun had crept through the grille cut outs. I wanted to sand the knife marks completely out, being ply no worries about san
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