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  1. Summertime and the livin's easy. finally some warmer temps coinciding with a free weekend, off to my not so local butcher to prepare for a smoke tomorrow. The 30-40min drive is worth it. It's not the price or the selection more the whole experience. Ivan's is a family run Serbian affair that make and smoke all their own small goods on the premises, to the smoking community the smell is heaven, everything from crazy unpronounceable salami to beef bacon to his famous chevapi's. They even roast pork that you can purchase hot with fresh local bread, no veg here. Also the best lump charcoal I can find in Sydney pieces from 50 cent diameter up to beer can size no dust. I got a 7kg pork butt bone in and had them remove the fat cap, they always look at me a bit "really" yes you can keep it! Also going to try some baby back beef ribs and got some fat sausages for the end. no no injection just a sweet hot rub soaking overnight
  2. Thanks for your input. my evaluation is that it's not the motor, the buzz is a vibration and stops when the belt is disengaged Hi Robin, as above evaluation, the motor is dead quite and holds perfect speed! My thoughts lean to after the motor, pulley/belt/sub platter/ spindle as once the belt is removed buzzing stops.
  3. Hi everyone, I have an older 12v planner 3 which I purchased 2nd hand from another member. From day one there was a spasmodic vibration buzz that would occur on 45rpm maybe one in four uses. It didn't bother me too much as I have two TT's set up and would just use the other DD deck for 45 as it was easier to set anyway. Recently the buzz has begin on 33rpm, and is now constant. It will sometimes stop if I give the belt or drive pully a bit of a tweak. Any slight resistance (carbon brush) applied to the platter while spinning will holt the buzz but as soon as speed has returned to 33 zzzzzz I'm a lid down guy while listening and the buzz is not audible from 2 feet, I can't here any transfer to the speakers but it must be adding something? Anyone have any ideas or have had this issue on their planner? I don't think it's the sub platter, I've popped the spindle and re inserted. Any help would be greatly appreciated Al
  4. For the money a second hand purchase will get you a lot better TT and being your first if you do enjoy you will be tempted to upgrade, you will loose less on the second hand purchase, a few weeks ago in the classifieds you would have been spoiled for choice
  5. As per @rantan analogy of the 301, I would not discribe the DL110 as warm, great cart, non fatiguing, wide sound stage, exceptional dynamics. if it's just for fun Blakey, $200-$300 will get you a higher tier 2nd hand cart that you would probably get more miles out of before you tired of it. I sold an Ortofon Rondo Bronze for $300 with 600 hours, nice and warm that one edit just spoted this, never heard one but just read some warm reviews not associated with the seller, I'm even temped
  6. Hi Joz, I've got a mixed bag of NZ & Oz presses from the eighties, of all of them the only two of any merit are I & HOTH the latter being exceptional, on thicker vinyl maybe a little earlier than the others. Over the the past few years I've been upgrading, dropped some cash on classic's of LZI & PG, being my two favourite LZ albums I thought WTF, worth every penny and I could easily sell them for what I paid. Someone mentioned, and I with endorse, the drums come alive on the Classic presses. I maybe fluked this purchase, a vintage Japanese press of LZII in my opinion matches the classic's for quarter the outlay, bit of a gamble but that's where I'd be looking. Upgraded LZIII with a second hand 2014 JP remaster, definitely acceptable for $30. The highs are a little shrilly on some tracks, especially gallows pole, but plenty of bass which is what the originals lacked. not sure on @Gee Emm experience with PG as I think these were from the same series of presses ?
  7. Anyone buying albums, I recommend added Memphis Slim, great record for $15
  8. I thought........ there's no way this guy has a job, 5 hour sausages (prep), build's himself a ''man kitchen'', 5 BBQ's lurking in the background, 21 hour brisket, and all this before any Church!
  9. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Mostly Blue
  10. There's a yearly GM show with both, including Pontiac, Lincoln, GMC, Oldsmobile, Buick and Cadillac they cap the Holdens with FX and FJ the FE being the first totally produced (bar design) in Australia. FE parts were also sent to NZ for assembly of the start of the first real NZ built car for the market. Up till then, like Australia, they were assembling Austin, Morris, Humber, and British fords, Angela, Zephyr, Popular. heres some cars from the GM show few years back, and the pick pick of the bunch I've posted this before Couple of Chevy's there for you Bruce, a guy I employ has a 56 Bel Air Aussie assembled
  11. This is on tomorrow if anyone is interested in going, the Powerglide with be heading out for a squizz https://www.nswallholdenday.com.au/
  12. Same looking for something like this for my office, did a heap of research on the MFB when you first tried to sell @Jesco and a pretty special speaker they are GLWTS
  13. Hi Benny, I too was at the market last week with a few bucks to burn but didn't come across anything I count live without. You missed a first US press of Fandango that was temping me, I have a NZ press but the first US presses of all the ZZ Top catalog are the ones to go for, recommend you try one and you'll probably regret getting those German copies, although $15 is a steel There was one vender there and any album of interest I pulled out had $175-250 double and triple market value - ****head
  14. Spotted this XY Fairmont in a basement CBD car park
  15. Never used paper, always foil, gotta get some If your saw the movie Chef there's a scene where he gets some brisket from Flanklin BBQ, anyway there's a spin off on Netflix called the Chef Show where Jon Favreau interviews and cooks with all the chef's in the movie, two episodes are with Aaron Franklin, worth a look, he's a paper advocate My wife cooked up the Cuban sandwich recipe, sensational Aaron Franlins' a legend and his book has helped me heaps
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