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  1. Legend - Genius - Freak not that I knew him but over the last few months been reading a bit about the man while restoring an old pair of AR 2 ax's Reading the OP I think one of the key points to the discussion is "adding a sub" Most of the speakers I have used have been bookshelves, the smaller models ATC's (sealed) and B&W (front ported) I tried to intergrate a sub with limited success. I thought it would be a set and forget thing but found every recording required different bass enhancement, when I got it right it was great but for the most part, bit of a hassle. One thing I learnt was if your going to use a sub make sure it has a remote, you need to be in the listening position when tuning. Mine didn't, I'm no sub expert and got sick of jumping up and down real quick. I opted for larger bookshelves with 10" drivers and find with the right sorce no sub is needed. At present I have the AR's (sealed) and some 4313b's (ported) both set up in the same room. Disregarding the pedigree and focusing on the design of the bass woofer, they both have their merits. It took a while to find the best position for the sealed which, so far, has ended up being low and tilted back with toe in. In this position I believe they could fill a large room with smooth controlled bass, too small a room and they can become boomy and sound better off the wall on stands. The ported are near field studio monitors so straight away not apples for apples yet the specs are very close. The bass is a lot crisper and doesn't linger. I'm trying not to quote what I've read and focus on my actual (layman) experience. I dont think bunging the ports turns them into a true sealed design, the woofers are set up differently for moving air around, can't speak for other brands but the originals (AR's) are all stuffed with fibreglass wool reducing the air volume which limits the voice coil movement. Most ported have some sort of baffle segregating the woofer and firing through the port. IMO bunging just gives you some extra options with positioning, which after all my waffle is the most important thing I've said. Positioning. @Midget I see your in NSW, PM me if your interested in having a listen
  2. NSW - QLD is quite a popular run. Try the Pay it Forward thread, I've had two sets of speakers shipped safely this way without any boxes.
  3. Had a ruby cantilever with a micro scanner 2 fitted to my Rohmann after the incident, quite impressed will be swapping to a "better" table after a bit more analysis listening through an Exposure XXVI, which hasn't made the rack yet
  4. Thanks @Timepop surprisingly the most work, or should I say time, was in the research around getting the correct attenuators and understanding wiring the caps. It looks like pretty simple stuff but for a first timer there's still a few wires that could have gone wrong. One thing that was a bit confusing is the bass woofer is wired reversed polarity to the other drivers, so the most basic rule is broken, negative is connected to positive inside the box. Ive had them home now for a few weeks and it took a few different line ups to get the best out of them. Maybe the mids and tweeters have deteriorated somewhat but I found it hard to get some life out of them with my mainstay vinyl set up, they are heaps brighter through digital. I have 3 Amps, two TT's and two Phono stages so plenty of combo's later and the best for vinyl was Ortofon Rohmann with ruby cantilever - Sansui SR525 - Exposure XXVI - Cambridge Audio Azur 351r They are definitely a great listen, and when you dedicate an entire evening to them they have moments of brilliance, they perform well with blues and vocal tracks, they especially like layered seventies soft/folk rock, Steely Dan, Little Feat, Allman Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, CSNY ect. I find them a little too polite for heavier rock and the separation is not quite there for Floyd and detailed modern recordings, which is why I think the mids and highs could be a little fatigued (not that I've ever heard another pair) All that said I could easily live with them but for a set of 4313b's prowling in the background, not that there was a contest but even my listerning companion agreed the JBL's are from a different league.
  5. Not quite the bowels of the church, more of a chapel appendix Sausages, Burnt Ends and poppers full spread
  6. 3 hrs in @ 265 first look and a spritz - normally I cook a little lower but following a Central Texan Thang today, Mesquite logs and a hint of American Oak
  7. I just refoamed some AR's, first timer and quite easy https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/298510-acoustic-research-ar-2ax-referb/ If your going to let them go I know someone in Canberra who would be proud to own them
  8. Sorted my Bass driver issue and restuffed the cabinets finally got to open them up and for what they are they sound great, the first thing you notice is the amount of bass they possess for a small bookshelf. Looking forward to putting them against something else in a proper room with better gear. super happy with the results, thanks to @evil c for his advice and original comments about these speakers that sparked my interest,@MGO for the cap selection's and candid comments about my lack of soldering skills, hey sometimes ugly can work too!
  9. Fire ban lifted and a cool temp in Sydney tomorrow so its brisket time Just a small one 4kg - no injection and a basic salt - pepper - paprika rub, no sugar
  10. https://stereonomono.blogspot.com/2015/04/jbl-4301b.html they look the part @Wimbo had a pair
  11. Thanks Rob, had a little teaser today, I'm taking some flack files and a DAC in to work tomorrow, hopefully I can sort this woofer out and crank them both up
  12. Progess on my refurb freshened up the faces with a matt black enamel chalkboard paint because my pots had been savagely cut out from the rear I made complete new crossover boards from black acrylic. I have access to a digital printer so I took a photo off the net of the rear panel text and had it converted to a vector file for printing. I had no accurate measurements of the L Pad location but it looks pretty good I put a matt laminate film over the vinyl sticker after I applied it to the acrylic With the new L Pads installed apparently the mids perform more to the original with these resistors fitted Finished off the cross overs This design of AR's relies on a sealed box, I ran a thick bead of Sikaflex around the terminal opening to create a gasket rear view got to do a little trouble shooting on one of the bass drivers, everything else is working which hopefully means my first solider job is OK even if it's not that pretty
  13. Great Speakers, just refurbishing a set of the 2-ax, same design with 10" woofers worth the effort
  14. Toooo cheap! great cart shame you never mounted it
  15. I'm a mid-fi guy and had the same heart in my system for a few years now but have had 4-5 speaker changes, some speakers don't seem to activate their full potential until they reach that "yes we are playing music" level and seem a bit flat when not up there. you need to know what they do on all levels including the the top speed, if your test driving a V8 your going to hit the gas.
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