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  1. You have no idea..... And why would you ... Wow, that's not normally your speed Fez, As much as I enjoy the HR I'd have to agree with Sansui77 a quick glance and the sphincter in my wallet snapped shut, this one seems more suited as a a dog kennel
  2. Cardas copper litz wire, Thanks to Brian (Decibel Hi Fi) and @gat474 for the recommendation pleased to to be back in action
  3. Always loved this shape, often see an 1800 junior buzzing around my area, same colour but decked out for the track, racing harness, decals etc. old friend of mine has built a few classic open wheelers https://www.theshedmag.co.nz/home/2017/12/21/classic-reborn-a-kiwi-recreates-classic-1930s-alfa-romeos-by-roger-lacey
  4. These would be worth restoring https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Jbl-240ti-speaker-system/202656021899?hash=item2f2f3d7d8b:g:LVgAAOSwDPdct147
  5. I remember a headline 10 years back stating Pitt St rent had overtaken (I think it was 5th Avenue) in NYC as the most expensive in the world. That strech between Liverpool and Bathurst is well overdue for redevelopment, maybe there's a bigger picture? I always thought Lawsons' must have owned the premises, no disrespect but they didn't seem to try that hard, anyway that's not why they are closing. I would like to thank them for a mint Sandinista
  6. Bulletproof Amp, Have run one in my dusty timber workshop for ten years, no problems
  7. Ahhhh the old line him up knock him down move, looks like you got played! Got to watch those two Matt 😎 Shady. I feel a bit responsible after introducing you to the Sansui sound so I guess I can take it off your hands. 3 Sansui's in a fortnight! Time to slow down Grasshopper
  8. I fluked my way into Sansui, My TT of 30 years seized and without any research (pre stereonet for me) I brought a SR525 locally, it was hooked up to a 517 and I thought it was magic. It didn't take long before I had a 417 which wasn't the best fit for me so I switched to a 5500, that was a great pairing. Never say never but I'll never sell that amp. I brought Snappers D11 which has a great phono stage and a ton of drive to light up the more difficult speakers and yet retains a lot of the softer 5500 traits.( more than the 417) A broken tone arm cable on my main TT at present has the 525 on duty with an Ortofon Rohmann and the D11's phono stage matches my Exposure/Benz Wood, little less bass, but I think that's mostly in the cart. Thats the amp you heard @Odyssey funny thing @pete_mac has had his hands on it and Skippy has been in the 5500
  9. How did this pan out? Last cart change for me and the terminals were a bit loose, I decided to crimp them up a tad, clumsily over did the blue, snuck it back but I new it was terminal. I've been recording my play as it was the first decent new cart I've brought, 117 sides tonight then no left channel. Pretty sure they are original RB600 cables, they have Neutrik RCA's ? were these any good? I know people bag out the newer entry level cables. Should I just get a repair? or full rewire? Appreciate any feedback
  10. The PYE Pro Lab speakers they paired them with fell into the same category, together they were a great match
  11. OK, so the amp end of the lead has three jacks?
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