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  1. We salute you RIP Malcolm Young - too soon
  2. FS: Vintage Hitachi HT-460 $200

    Hi Max is there a lid with this?
  3. Put some reference points on them 12 & 6 and 9 & 3, set the bubble perfect for 12 o'clock then rotate 90 deg to 3 o'clock, check, rotate, check, rotate, check, if the bubble is perfect on all four settings you have a keeper
  4. Tell us that after you have checked all ten against each other ............ there is plenty that could go wrong
  5. SOLD: FS: ATC SCM40 Floorstander

    You bet
  6. SOLD: FS: ATC SCM40 Floorstander

    I think they have started their journey north
  7. SOLD: FS: ATC SCM40 Floorstander

    Show off
  8. SOLD: FS: ATC SCM40 Floorstander

    Thought you might have a sniff at these, he who seems to change his speakers more than his underpants!
  9. SOLD: FS: ATC SCM40 Floorstander

    Nice score someone, I had the twenties and would love to hear the difference if they are coming north
  10. SOLD: Klipsch La Scala Speakers

    Love seeing one owner vintage, without knowing anything about them you can tell they have the goods to deliver waves deep into your bones like only a big speaker can. A different badge on these and you would pay double horn
  11. Is this warping typical?

    Could be onto something, the two albums I moaned about in my first post were shrink wrapped EU pressings. Ironically from NZ crew Fat Freddys Drop, should have made them at home boys. but as someone said "all the best vinyl is imported" must be, it costs more
  12. Is this warping typical?

    Haven't heard or thought about that album for 30 years thanks for the flashback
  13. Is this warping typical?

    Agreed, chime in @Citroen, a large part of my collection was purchased in Auckland in the eighties, NZ & AUS presses on flimsy vinyl yet till this day they are flatter than a lot of my new purchases. Max temp 30 deg live rust meet an unhappy end in a caravan at Ruakaka beach
  14. FS: 2 New Vinyl Great Sound

    I'll take the cure
  15. So true, markets are a hard ask to find that elusive jewel, too many punters, and when you do it's either rooted or has a **** number on it. My favourite is the little antique store or those multi vendor set ups where not everyone coming through the door is after records and the dude selling only has half a clue or a garage sale where someone is selling someone else's stuff and wants it gone. as for the ladies....... one man's junk ........