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  1. Seek out some B & W - DM 601 S2's S1's were good also but steer clear of the S3's
  2. Would never seek these out, but it's what I'm getting at about casting the net wider, choosing the best models, and listening to advice, helps if they have been restored. They look great and I would try them if the stars aligned, surly they could handle more than a 60w amp https://audio-database.com/ONKYO/speaker/e-83amkii-e.html I recently picked up a pair of Celestion Ditton 44's for a steal, max amp recommendation 100w, how much danger am I in feeding them 120, without being silly? They are not set up at the moment, I want to build new boxes and crossovers first, but the week I tested them seemed like they were hungry for power, very rock n roll.
  3. I believe you are over thinking it, sure be educated but there comes a point where you just have to jump in "boots and all" you won't get it right first time. This is just me but if you spend 5k new as soon as you walk out their door you've lost 2k. Your preferred music taste lends itself to big lazy vintage, forget subs and look at 2 or 3 ways with at least 10" woofers. Now here is the challenge the speakers you really want you haven't heard yet and they won't be available, when something good comes up by the time you do your research they have sold. Be patient knowledge is king, to me independent reviews that arrive at the same conclusion are the most reliable, especially from SNA members. Cast your net wide but choose the best models (acclaimed) from well known brands, every manufacturer has produced lemons and dumb purchase will sound crook no matter how shinny the badge. I think the amp is a little easier, $1000-1500 will get you a cracking old Sansui and will set you up for a long time. Having a large room makes your task a little easier, and to me is what the hobby/addiction is all about, buy multiple speakers and play them off each other, never sell until you have A/B'ed against what you have. You will soon learn what you like and if you have brought right you won't loose money. We have similar Music taste and the same size room, my go to speakers for reggae "at the moment" cost 6 times less than my mainstays, so not always about the Benjamin's. Good luck
  4. I wouldn't under estimate your table. Try a higher end second hand MC, even something from the same family would be a good comparison to make. I've had good results with both Rondo Bronze and Rohmann as a step up (IMO) from 2M series
  5. Van Morrison- what's wrong with this picture ( bluenote)
  6. Item: Groovetracer Reference Sub-Platter Price Range: Going Rate Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After a sub-plater for an older Planner 3, would consider one of the two lower tier models. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. Add these to you list
  8. Thought I'd post the last finishing touches made to the 2ax's The original glass wool was a mismatch of two different products and one was showing signs of breaking down so I replaced both with a more Eco friendly earth wool, the given specs was by weight which I converted to volume as the wool is lighter. Apparently there was a barrier cloth between the glass wool and the bass woofer which was prone to deterioration, mine was nonexistent so I cut a piece from some agriculture cloth I had. I also decided to replace the tweeters, there are no NOS and only recently has someone perfected rebuilding original ones, they are not doing them on a commercial basis and I bet the price would be OTT. Anyway settled on these Hi-Vi Research which kind of bolt straight in. The Accoustic Research brains trust approve of the Hi-Vi's but recommend a mod to make them sound more like the originals by adding an external coil to the rear. Another parallel resistor (like the mids) makes the L-pads perform more like the original potentiometer did. The cardboard shim eliminates any bare wire contact. Had to ream out the factory mounting holes to take the original M8's and modify the cabinets slightly for the front connections, latter models were wired internally, which I could have done. I found some smaller knobs for the L-Pads and fitted them off Happy with the new tweeters, I made some earlier comments on what they could and couldn't do, I was wrong! They like a lot of power for their best and I subjectivity prefer they heavier bass from my Benz Wood. They handle most music but in my opinion excel with reggae, anything with a big smooth bass and do strings exceptionally well, I stand by my "they are not rock speakers" comment. They are very mellow and the more I listen the more I understand peoples loyalty to the brand. Well worth the effort and enjoyed the process so much that I've purchased something new to restore
  9. I got this recipe for marinated BBQ Lamb Shoulder off an Israeli Soldier, Covid had nothing on some of her stories. 2 tbsp each coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and sumac, plus extra sumac to serve 6 - 10 cloves of garlic crushed 2 lemons, rind finely grated, lemons thinly sliced 3 tbsp olive oil Pound coriander, spices, garlic, rind and 2 tsp fine sea salt with a mortar and pestle then mix in oil to form a paste. Tenderise meat with AK-47 (optional) and rub paste all over lamb. Put a layer of lemon slices in the bottom of a dish, lay the lamb on top and cover with more lemon. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours. BBQ on open flame, but as Doug said not too hot and definitely not too long. Goes good at any BBQ with the normal fair, but you can go all out with a cuscus based salad and roasted Mediterranean veggies with balsamic vinegar. I have also tried cooking them this way, layer as per above in a casserole dish add a cup of water and slow bake, lid on, till tender - Australian tagine
  10. Not Bat or Pig the hump off a Brahman cow, treated it just like brisket and it tasted very similar but the texture was tighter. Made for an excellent cold cut. great value but once the word gets out watch the price soar like every other cheap cut of meat has
  11. Agreed @Prana69 great table and great value here.
  12. I think JVC had their own stylus that came originally fitted to your TT. https://www.lpgear.com/product/JVCSJLA20.html I'd say the AT is an upgrade but doubt you would hear the difference, I think I may have one you can have, will check tomorrow
  13. Further information: unopened, includes shipping accross Oz https://www.melbournehifi.com.au/products/audioquest-forest-optical-toslink-cable?variant=15872113770547&currency=AUD&utm_campaign=gs-2020-03-13&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrqnH-LbJ6AIVApCPCh0zuAE5EAQYBCABEgLsmfD_BwE Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  14. Further information: Circa 1968, Brought this classic via the son of the original owner, a sprightly 70 year old who remembered the day it was delivered, All the neighbors turned up and stood around cranking the Solid State till the wee hours. The whole house was a sixties time capsule. I tested the turntable with a Walt Disney talking book, when tinkerbell rang her bell you turned the page. Im moving workshop and would rather not take this, never used the reel to reel but the cogs spin, Reciever required a heart transplant. Works AM only, holds a station but nothing special, TT functions, I replaced the needle, still I wouldn't run anything on it that you ever wanted to sound good again. Mic works but looks ultra cool if nothing else. Speakers have slide away covers to convert into a side table. Now "that's Classy" Reel to Reel connects through a din plug at the rear, I have made a lead that connects to a standard 3.5 mini stereo plug, this is how I have been using it straight into my PC. I will also include a mini female to RCA's for connection through a DAC, quite unbelievable SQ for 10w paper cones with a DAC and flac files. I'll throw in the records I've wrecked, Jimmy Page on Blackbird, sensational - Romeo is Bleeding, classic Waits, probably find some others for the package. Hell, I will even deliver to the Greater Sydney Suburbs - terms and conditions may apply Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  15. Been trying to kill one of these in my dusty workshop, 10 hours a day for 12 years, good testimony to their robustness.
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