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  1. I do a bit of this for my work, I’m OK with satin clear but paint, especially gloss, needs a booth as the drying process takes a few hours any dust or bugs and your back to square one. Expect to pay around $100 SQM for a standard colour, up to $170 SQM for metallic or pearl off the gun finish on a flat surface. You can add more for heavy flake finish with clear over the top that can be buffed. Most painters will quote per job for smaller items or 3D items (speakers) which don’t stack up as a per meter rate.
  2. Two pack polyurethane paint has a catalyst (hardner) when added the curing process begins, once set, its one of the hardest paint finishes out there. Comes in any colour, even clear, gloss levels range from 25% to 100% full gloss, sometimes referred to as piano finish.
  3. The vinyl car wrappers use is strong but thin and wont stick to timber unless its painted and finished smooth. Have not seen the VPI in the flesh but that vinyl looks thick with a slight leather grain texture. @Ooogh is probably on the right track with an upholsterer. They use contact adhesive so would need to strip the TT back and give them the plinth only. IMO if you have to go that far it would cheaper to have it two packed in piano black
  4. Thanks Kevin, Crib, the only one on one card game where luck only plays a small part, the better player nearly always wins
  5. I’ve had these in my set up for three months now and every time I give them a serious listen they never fail to impress. Very very English with surprisingly good bass from the tiny woofers. But it’s the super tweeter and the timing of old girls that bring the magic, handling complex arrangement well. You need to sit still as the sweet spot is slender (they are reference monitors after all) I’m running 120w of Sansui into them and to me need to be fairly loud to get the best out of them.... another trait of the studio monitor. I’m sure there are newer wiz bang bookshelves that urine
  6. Marlo the non racist Beagle listening to L.A.B.
  7. Unfortunately your price point is about right. Like their cousins, the AR’s, the smaller models of this era seem to fly under the radar. In my opinion these are the best buy in the classifieds at the present. Before you let these go you need to hook them up to 100 + w, or tubes, the suspension system needs some power to get the bass happening. These were classical speakers (they won’t Rock n Roll) but with the right amp and if the crossovers are in spec these will embarrass other speakers with Blues, Electric Blues and especially Reggae. very cool, and a cleaner examp
  8. Picked this up from another member for my nephew who asked me to spruce up the cabinets. I was quite busy so the Berkeley were set up and became the workshop sound for a month or so until I had time to attack. They don't jump out and smack you straight off the bat more lure you in, then when your drifting off they command you full attention. I really enjoyed my time with these. They had had more than their fair share of tough love and someone attempted a fix up, which made them present well from a distance, but up close they were quite a mess
  9. Love to hear these, I have the same configuration by B & W in smaller boxes and they are quite special
  10. Thanks for the grille suggestion @Willmax might just do that. Did some AR2ax's that when I reached the grille stage couldn't bring myself to staple Velcro to the baffles, they fit snug enough when static but auto remove when turned on. Spent some time on desk work in a prime spot this week and had a few lads over last night to celebrate the lifted ban, quite unanimous praise, they always sounded great and now they look the part. I'll bring them home for a proper session next week.
  11. Hey Grizzly give Ed a call at Southcoast Shopfitters, they are based in Lonsdale and have a point to point with, more importantly, a good operator
  12. Recieved the parts to finish these off and put some time in over the long weekend. removed the perished surrounds and cleaned up the frames masked off the cones and painted the rims of the frames black Fitted new surrounds right or wrong I decided to drill holes in the tweeter flanges to mount directly to the cabinets (good enough for Gale!) originally they had little steel clamps, some were missing and proved to be elusive to find replacements. replaced all the T nuts
  13. Currently restoring a pair of Ditton 44's https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/334689-celestion-ditton-44s/?tab=comments#comment-4685101 The foam rubber surrounds were starting to perish and a good time to replace while I had the drivers out. I'm having some trouble removing the surrounds from the paper cones, looks like a black sealant was used and friction alone won't get it off, I tried picking with a scalpel but the cone started to delaminate. I resorted to cutting back the rubber to the edge of the cone and plan on going over the top, the new surrounds will cover
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