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  1. Powerglide

    What about this guy

    Anyone know anything about Eagle Eye Williamson?
  2. Bringing back some suppressed childhood memories for me also green and red LED UV and recording level meters, great shed system built like a tank All the best and good luck with your sale
  3. Powerglide

    Hello from Maidstone UK.

    Hi Graham and welcome, like most of the Anglo convicts down here we all trace back to the UK me included, great grandparents were farmers up in Yorkshire. Never been there but went to a friends wedding not far from you in Shipbourne, loved the area, not sure if it was anything to do with lineage but I felt at home, like I could live there. Sounds like you have had a bit of gear go through your room, I'm no help with your speaker match, I'm using Sansui and Exposure at the moment. Start a thread someone on here with have your speakers
  4. I skipped to the top ten and some great drummers there, not the order I'd like but rating musicians is so subjective to what music "YOU" like the way most three piece bands structure their rhythm section normally sees the drummer being able to lay down more flamboyant licks and the bass player keeping the beat, Ginger Baker, Stewart Copeland and especially Mitch Mitchell were masters at it. Not sure who arranged it but Keith Moons lead drumming on Happy Jack was his best, no disrespect, but if it wasn't for him being such a personality and death I don't think he'd be in the top ten. my top ten would have included Ansley Dunbar and Sly Dunbar.
  5. Powerglide

    Show us your Phono Stages and Phono Cartridges

    These guys make some good stuff at a fraction of the cost. I believe this one suits the OP'ers arm http://www.michell-engineering.co.uk/tonearms/new-rega-3-point-vta-adjuster/ I'm using their single mount on an RB600 with easy install and adjustment http://www.michell-engineering.co.uk/tonearms/vta-arm-adjuster/
  6. Powerglide

    Show us your Phono Stages and Phono Cartridges

    @KO2 It's a must do, 9 out of 10 people on this site using a Rega deck won't be using a Rega cart, they're not that bad just not that good. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but all Rega carts are the same height - 14mm and their tables/arms are set to accommodate, I have an older planner 3 with the single mount pivot hole, adjustable VTA units are available, not sure on adjustable for the P3 but Rega do static spaces http://www.rega.co.uk/arm-height-adjustment-spacer.html just deduct 14mm from your new cart height to work out the correct spacer, super easy to install. The beauty of adjustable VTA is you can trust your ears over the maths, here is where I'll get slammed by the geometry professors, I believe the accuracy of a level tone arm has the least impact on SQ over all the other settings. Trust your ears
  7. Powerglide

    Show us your Phono Stages and Phono Cartridges

    Try some different carts first, you can always keep them if you do get the 10
  8. Powerglide

    SOLD: FS: 5x Vinyl Bundle Cheap!

    Hi Max I will take these please
  9. Powerglide

    SOLD: FS: Assorted Vinyl Records for sale

    If you don't like the Bloomfield album, I would be interested in purchasing
  10. Powerglide

    Show us your Phono Stages and Phono Cartridges

    Ordered a VDH DDT II a month back and after 3 weeks was informed Mr Van den Hul has decided to can the entry model. Keith from VAF, one of our great sponsors, offered me a stonking deal on the MC 10 special, which after reading many reviews I decided to pull the pin. Still unsure if I made the right move but I ended up with this medium output to suit the Exposure fine tuning all week sounding fine, just need 50 hours to sweeten up
  11. If you are willing to bring your TT to my place, I'd be happy to help
  12. Bummer your down there Blakey, I've got a Technics SL -23 you could have for $100 new belt, new stylis, I hooked it up to a Sansui AU D11 and some vintage JBL studio monitors on Thursday night, kind of questions why I just dropped $1500 on a new cart.
  13. Bit off topic, but great speakers
  14. Powerglide

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    Scored Flow State on release and after half a dozen spins rate it as one of the most refreshing debuts I've heard in a long time. Don't know what that splatter one is you have there, but I got the 45 rpm EUR press and the bass is phenomenal. Highly recommend
  15. nice detailed cart, had one in my system for a while GLWTS