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  1. Can you post a better shot of the serial number, may aid your sale thanks
  2. Wow looks like a few people are going to have crack, could have a sauce off next summer, like the Mexican CWA Hint 1 : don't over blend after the 4 hour mark, better if it's more of a chutney, if I had a stick blender I'd be using it but I don't so I have to scoop out with a jug, put it in a wizz, then back in the stock pot. Hint 2 : reduce to thicker than you think, once it cools it goes runnier even in the fridge Hint 3 : track down some Gran Centinero, this is the business straight from the freezer
  3. I Start fresh every spring back in NZ the plants seem a bit more frost tolerant couple of heavy frost in a row kills all the bugs, if the plant survives your good, I had ones four/five years old. A true chipotle is only the Jalapeño pepper I tried habanero, flesh is too thin, tried Long cayenne, same deal came out like straw and the smoke flavour was rough as guts. thought I’d mention it so you didn’t waste any time although I recon a green bell pepper would work, should whack a couple in with your next smoke Habanero and Kiwi fruit make a good sauce Habanero, lime and mango make a wicked fresh salsa great with Carnitas
  4. .This requires a bit of time and effort but worth it and now's the the time to start preparing for a summer smoke. Get some Jalapeño's in the ground nice and early, they are perennials but I like to treat them as annuals, I find the best crop is the first year with less pests or disease. Feed them hard harvest, I find it best to grow quick and pick if you leave it too long they can go a little bitter chop the tops off and I removed the pith and seeds on this batch but have left them in on other smokes, end result a bit more heat in the chipotle smoke low until done can't remember exactly 4-5 hours, they come out supple and moist not crispy like you would think after that long surprisingly I have wacked them in a preserving jar and they last over a year with no mould or drying out. You can use them like this in Mexican dishes for a cheating smoky flavour, they are not hot. I make a Chipotle sauce but the photo's are stuck in an old i phone here's the recipe 10 peaches 8 ripe tomatoes 4 onions 8 cloves garlic 30 chipotles 280g tomato paste 1000g molasses 2 bottles Dos Equis Amber . Mmmmmmm 750ml Apple cider 2/3 cup brown sugar 6 sprigs thyme 4 tsp mustard powder 3 tsp paprika 3 tsp cumin 2 tsp white pepper 2 tsp black pepper 75ml Worcester sauce bring to the boil and simmer for 4 hours, lid on puree and simmer for a further 1 hour remove the lid and keep simmering to reach the desired thickness this is the basic start, from here I adjust to taste, for me normally needs a bit more heat chilli flakes or cayenne, one time I stuffed up and used apple cider vinegar instead of apple cider, had to go up the road and grab another 12 peaches, quickly made some jam and rescued the batch, actually the best batch I've ever made, I've tried and failed to replicate.
  5. If anyone in Sydney wants to do the same, check out these bargains https://www.graysonline.com/sale/5038462/catering-restaurant/unreserved-quality-commercial-kitchen-equipment-clearance-sale?spr=true
  6. I think you misunderstood my first post @Uglu Nothing to do with money or ease, most first presses are worth seeking out but knowledge is king and in most cases we have many choices so a bit of research rather than an impulse buy will see you with a better collection, be them remastered, Japanese, bespoke or first press. I do hate putting a $50 album on for the first time and seeing a tiny warp
  7. Just using that as an example. Unless you have to, why chase the elusive "near mint" first press to be let down with a few annoying pops.
  8. I think it's all part of the hobby, finding that info sometimes can be tough then once you know the press your after finding that record can be even tougher. I keep a list of "currently searching for" albums with best press options on my phone, sometimes you can get lucky. Information is king @candyflip is a wealth of knowledge and if he tells me that the 2016 remastered press of Pink Floyd Meddle is as good as any then if I happen stumble on one I have some idea it's worth purchasing. Beware, people sell scratched first pressings, "it's all part of the nostalgia"
  9. Learnt to ride on one of these never did did get a bike license but had many a fun Sunday on something I wish I still had now, let it go fo $300 back in 2000, easy add a zero to that now. Don't be fooled by the cc rating, on the right terrain this thing was a rocket, we dubbed it the mud skipper 1978 RM 125C
  10. Can this model be in wall flush mounted? can't find any info on line
  11. I was looking for some shots of the loveless BBQ pit and found this, George was a guy we had breakfast with I got a few things wrong with the watermelon recipe I must have been to 20 BBQ joints over the southern states and they all put out good food, I just like the way this pit is set up, a free standing shack that you could easily replacate if you had the space. The open pit at Salt lick is pretty special, I had a chuckle as the pit master mopped with a full size mop and bucket - everything is big in Texas
  12. As much I thought church at you place would be a ticket to heaven, maybe the right path to take is downstairs, nice set up I bet satan uses an open pit. the best set up I've seen was just out of Nashville, the Loveless Cafe,. I got to talkin to the dude and he invited me back to the inner sanctum. The BBQ was a massive horizontal brick chamber with stainless sliding doors on the front. Heat source was at one end, fed from the outside with a chimney at the other end, controls were the same as any offset, couple of chokes, each end. The major difference was, because this thing was 12ft long the temp was different the further you got from the heat. He had brisket furthest away then pork then chicken in the same chamber was an open grill for finishing ribs glazed ribs, if that was you go. It was about 2 hours before service, we had gone there for breakfast, but the guy cut as samples of everything, he had a couple of combi proofing ovens on the go, I was Mr Questions and he pulled out a deep roasting dish of St. Louis short ribs, they had been cut removing every second rib, so one rib meat on both sides, he blind tested us on the flavour profile and I knew it but couldn't put my finger on it. This is what he'd done, smoked as per normal to 90% done, cut them like I explained then jammed them in the dish standing up, he had a shhh load of them, then he covered them with a thick layer of watermelon and stuck them in the Combi for a couple of hours. These ovens are connected to water and atomise the air, but he reckons you can do it on an offset just cover with foil, like I clutch my pork. He was a cool dude and came to breakfast with us, they smoke/cure their own country ham and bacon. If you get the chance go there
  13. Wow, things you find on a Hi-Fi site My brother has lived in the U.S. for 30 years the last 20 in Austin. Not only did he turn me onto Gary Clark Jr & Gran Centenario but smoked goods from his UDS, I was hooked and I've rusted out 2 off sets in my quest for F-yeahness. tried all the usual suspects but must say Boston Butt is up there with my fav's, I use American Oak (not Mesquite) it's very subtle on the pork but I go hard with the smoke for the first two hours, spritzing with a 50/50 mix of apple juice and cider vinegar every 20min then let it go for the cook. I take it through the stall and around 165 transfer to an aluminium baking dish and wrap. Pull it out at 203 and rest for at least an hour. I like to pull half and mix the juice from the pan through the meat, serve with a Memphis slaw on a bread roll. also so a fan of the 24h rub - no mustard, some baby backs and a small shoulder For me the magic happens the following night with the other half so many dishes to explore Quesadilla's with mango chilli salad Carnitas on the simmer, this is the money, render down to a gooey goodness and serve on soft tortilla's My last cook I tried a veal shoulder bone in Marlo is always keen to help The flavour was good but some of the meat was a little dry - still got eaten The smoke up before the veal. I went to my "go to" butcher and he had no Boston butt, I normally get him to remove the fat cap, saves a bit of time and he weighs the cut after removing so you save a bit of coin too. Anyway he had a full pork shoulder with the bone removed, knowing nothing about it I trussed it up tight as I could and followed the same strategy as mentioned above came out just as moist, I decided to slice and chop instead of pulling didn't read the entire tread but did anyone mention how the humble fat sausage transforms, that first bite explosion takes some beating, I always throw some on at the end of the cook. Here's me and Mo, I'm the skinny white guy
  14. 50% off record store day releases till midnight tonight https://www.thornburyrecords.com/27-record-store-day-2019-releases
  15. Learned to drive and passed the road test in my uncles Sunny - compulsory to sit in a manual back then, folks had auto's mum a MKIV Cortina and Dad a Pooh brown VH SLX V8 - had some fun in that one (who the fark invented traction control) My first ride was a MKI Escort van 1300cc of raw power
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