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  1. Simonon

    JVC JL-A20 spins continuously

    If you unplug it from the mains first. Remove the platter and base. Check the sliding parts of the mechanism. You will find sticky congealed grease. Clean it off with a cotton bud and some metho. Regrease sparingly and ensure the mechanism slides freely. Take photos on your digital camera before you start for reference. Or take it to a tech to perform the job. Most of the vintage turntables I have come across have this issue as well as requiring a new belt. Well worth the effort.
  2. Simonon

    JVC JL-A20 spins continuously

    The grease goes hard in these old turntables and needs to be removed with new grease applied to allow the autostop mechanism to move freely. A very common fault with vintage turntables.
  3. Simonon

    anti static

    I tried wood glue once in my early days of playing with vinyl again but did not like the time it took and the flies that got stuck to the LP were not good. Ultrasonic cleaning with a vacuum dry is my choice with fantastic results and no expensive chemicals. I have Suzanne Vega's Solitude Standing as my test record with the First song on side 2 "Toms Diner" as my favorite how clean can this record be subject. The result is near silent noise floor due to the fact that their is no music just Suzanne singing, it could be mistaken for a digital Flac recording. The challenge is keeping the record clean and free from dust/ Fluff on subsequent plays due to static charge attracting contaminants. Static is the subject of this thread Several things I have noticed I have seen many good turntables without Perspex dust covers with many records becoming contaminated with dust during playback ( I lower my cover during playback). Placing your nice clean LP on a dusty platter is sure to cause pops and crackles. Some sleeves seem to be able to impart a considerable static charge on an LP and I am interested on the best anti static sleeves based on experience. Some types of turntable platter mats seem to attract static more than others. I once tried a cork mat but found the record to be charged with static after playback and went back to my standard Thorens mat. The felt ones appear to be worse and a dust trap IMO I find that using my carbon brush and touching my earthed preamp before I drop the stylus seems to work for me. It is okay to thoroughly clean your records by whatever means you think best but measures to keep away dust attracting static also seems to be a logical measure. I have not tried a Milty Zerostat and would like to experiment with one but find the cost prohibitive. I even tried playing with a piezo firelighter and following some internet instructions to turn it into an antistatic gun......it didn't work. An LED turntable lamp allows you to see dust and scratches easily on your records I have often wondered about placing a negative Ion generator near my system to see if helps repel dust as theoretically it should. If you have to clean fluff from your stylus half way through a record you have a problem. A stylus is not a plough Some cartridge/ phono preamp combinations exacerbate surface noise and if you have the opportunity to experiment with different combinations I suggest you try before you buy.
  4. Simonon

    anti static

    I ultrasonically clean and vaccuum all my records before putting them in new sleeves. Once I put the record on my turntable I use my carbon brush on it whilst touching my earthed preamp. Simply pulling the record out of the sleeve can impart a positive charge on a record which attracts dust like a magnet ( think of a comb picking up bits of paper). In my experience static does not cause pops and crackles but the attracted dust from a posituvely charged record does. The carbon brush simply discharges this charge to earth to prevent dust attraction whist on the platter. I also lower my acrylic cover whilst playing a record. There are other methods including a zerostat gun, fine spray bottle mist etc. Much has also been said about the merits of up market antistatic sleeves The biggest improvement is from having perfectly clean records which in my opinion only ultrasonic cleaning and vaccuum drying can achieve. Hope this info helps
  5. Simonon

    Spring gtg Sunday 16th Sept 1pm

    Looks like the 100d Suv sold so I will now have the Tesla model S here on Sunday. Bring a favorite record up for an ultrasonic clean and vaccuum. Have a listen with the Dbx 2bx expander.....a lost tech that will surprise as it did in my case.
  6. Simonon

    Backwards Record Player

    Check this out
  7. Seriously we spend $20 to $30 for an old format that is fraught with flaws based on visual inspection of a round sheet of vinyl with microscopic grooves. We then play the lp when we get homewith faith that it does not damage our expensive stylus. I still enjoy vinyl and will continue but many will raise an eyebrow.
  8. Sometimes I hate vinyl and swear no more records. Im just gonna listen to CD, flac and Tidal. Then some sort of mysterious force overcomes me and I purchase more vinyl only to be disappointed again.....but then I get that one record which sounds magnificent. Is their a name for this affliction?
  9. That sounds like an ultrasonic cleaner. A record can be damaged beyond repair by a faulty stylus and look mint when viewed visually. I have purchased many 2nd hand records in this category 🤤
  10. An ultrasonic clean followed by a vaccuum may improve things if you can access the equipment. This record however sounds like a losing battle. The method I employ is to first clean with a knosti cleaner using a detergent solution to loosen grease. A ten minute clean in the ultrasonic cleaner using filtered water and a tablespoon of dishlex wetting agent. I then vaccuum with the red device pictured ( available on ebay) and a wet/ dry vac . Many times the result is silent vinyl. If the record is still crackly I know it is beyond recovery.
  11. I have decided to have a Spring gtg with barbacue lunch on Sunday 16th Sept at 1pm for those interested at Eden hills. I have some interesting items for people to hear including some DBX units including a 2BX dynamic range expander and a large number of recently acquired Dbx encoded lp's, reel to reel machines and my new diy ribbons. If you enjoy restored vintage hifi come and listen to my retro system. Bring something for the barby/ drinks, enjoy the music and garden. I am also trying to have a Tesla 100d SUV present if you want to have a look at the future of electric cars. 0 to 100kmh in 2.8 seconds with 600km range. Please PM for details.
  12. Stay tuned for a gtg as I am confirming dates. I have never heard my vinyl rig sound so good. The 2BX in combination with my DIY ribbons and tuning with a calibrated UMIK mic with REW software have rekindled my interest in vinyl.
  13. I purchased a 2BX dynamic range enhancer the other day for my vintage collection out of curiosity. Its in perfect condition and after cleaning the switches I tried it out. Big surprise on vinyl and simply amazing. I ultrasonically clean my vinyl and would say the 2BX in combination with clean vinyl is the best thing I have tried. To my ears vinyl sounds as good or better than digital flac. A lost tech that many have never heard of or forgotten. If you ever get the opportunity to hear one used with vinyl I think many will become converts.