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  1. This is an excellent well regarded versatile unit which I’ve owned and enjoyed for approx 18 months. Good selection of inputs and outputs, can be used as a stand alone Dac or Dac/Pre and has a variety of filters and DSD settings for fine tuning. To my ears it’s a very enjoyable uncoloured presentation with great detail and instrument separation and a very black background. Only selling as circumstances dictate the need to downsize to a one box solution. I can’t find any marks on it and it come with remote, original cables and packaging. Postage included in price. It was one of the
  2. I bought these new from Buchardt approx 18 months ago and I’ve enjoyed them immensely ever since. The S400 have received universal praise from reviewers since their release and to my taste and ears they’ve lived up to it, big holographic soundstage with excellent placement and separation of instruments, great natural tonal reproduction, really good detail and dynamics and exceptional Bass extension, especially for a standmount [ I didn’t feel the need for a subwoofer in my 6 x 5 mtr room ] Only parting with them as changed circumstances dictate the need to downsize to a one box setup
  3. I think I may regret this one but I’m parting with this wonderful piece of kit which totally lives up to its reputation. Streamer, Server, CD ripper to internal 1 TB HD with room for 3000+ CDs, Roon endpoint and Core capable, RRP $4200. I’ve owned this from new, purchased from Maxmedia Jan 2020, it’s in immaculate condition and the CD ripper has hardly been used (30 albums). Rather than go on about it I think Mr Darko summed it up nicely https://darko.audio/2019/02/a-short-film-about-the-innuos-zen-mk3/ Plenty more glowing reviews online. Comes with all original packagi
  4. Two sets of solid silver ICs with locking WTB RCAs 75cm from SNAs resident cable guru. Beautiful quality and sound as always (many glowing reviews from members here) but I find I prefer copper in my setup. Price includes postage, will sell as individual pairs but preference to buyer who wants both . Photos:
  5. This is a muscular little Class A with power to drive most headphones in a neat form factor and preamp functionality as well. A solid and professional build typical of Burson, I’ve enjoyed the sound of this with a variety of headphones - HD650, PM3, Meze 99 Classic, Phillips L2, HP50 especially with the Classic op amps fitted. Many positive reviews online, here’s a sample: Specs : https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/fun/ Reviews: https://headfonics.com/burson-fun-bang-review/ https://soundnews.net/amplifiers/headphone-amps/fun-begins-with-burson-aka-the-burson-fun-r
  6. Audioquest Q2 cables 3 metre pair in very good condition, delivered good results to my ears but have upgraded. Original box and packaging, postage included. Photos:
  7. 1 Sudden inspiration that perhaps I should experiment with different speaker placement.
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