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  1. Pending... to ME! Hoping to give these a full restoration - will be very interesting to see how they perform at their peak.
  2. PM sent... hoping we can work out a postage or courier option to get these up to Sydney.
  3. No kiwi connection - apart from some family that live there.
  4. Good evening guys, I'm a newbie who is looking forward to learning from and contributing to this fantastic community. I currently don't have much by way of a hifi setup, relying primarily on my PC (feeding my Beyer Dynamic DT990s via a Maverick Audio D1 and A1) and my home theatre system. Most of my content is stored digitally in lossless 16/44 but I do have a whole bunch in higher bit rates up to 24/192. Listening to music is a big passion and I'm trying to pass that love on to my 8 year old daughter. She currently has no concept of saving funds, purchasing physical media, sitting down with the artwork and listening to every track while you scour the liner notes, so I've recently purchased a Pro-ject 1Xpression mkIII Comfort turntable with Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge and am looking to rounding it out with a nice phono pre-amp, 2 channel amplifier and some dedicated speakers. Cheers!
  5. Panasonic 50" G10 from DSE for $1800 + extra 2 years warranty $200 TOTAL = $2000 I believe some earlier posts claimed less than $1800, but it definitely was not possible in Sydney the last week!
  6. I'm back now in Syd... Someone is struggling in the brain cell department! Foxtel obviously need some more stringent job interview criteria!
  7. Happened to me too, tried reset but no luck. Unlike some of you guys it hasn't returned either??? Still stuck.
  8. I'm having these exact same issues, and I'm out of warranty now. Anyone know what the repair cost might be? Any other alternatives? So frustrated!
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