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  1. where's the wee bear gone? I used him for scale in the past.🙂 fabulous plants - glws.
  2. nice speakers - I have the 10i - first speakers I bought in the late 90s. nice tribute - glws.
  3. this looks like the 9c from eg the expression carbon series. The 9cc is one piece carbon fibre so carbon shaft and carbon headshell hence "cc" and this looks like aluminium headshell - bit lower down the food chain.
  4. Could you please unscrew and take picture of the inner parts of the RCAs?
  5. https://www.whathifi.com/au/dali/rubicon-2-new/review Ah Just the hyperlink... copy/paste is fine. nice speaker!
  6. End of night stuff listening on low light.... that girly close miked vocals done kinda well without the cringe of Norah whatshescalled.
  7. Melancholy night with some ND for the first time.... he's probably dueling with Elliott S in a far better place now. 3 albums and only 26, cripes thats sad... Cambridge Uni, lovely voice, understated, top tunes. Thanks @Janjuc
  8. Something happy to offset my miserable collection!
  9. Ok so the board arrived, plugged her in and Kazzam!!!! just the same. then I realised the extension cable wasn't plugged in properly.... Huzzah!!! We have tv !! if anyone's tv goes south I highly recommend contacting this guy on eBay .. he will take you through it from literally getting the back off to how to use a multimeter to check 240 and low voltage stage of power supply and then send a board. it cost me $100 for the main board and just some time to check the others. He answered all my Qs in real time up to midnight!!
  10. oh and here's the state of play in the living room....I particularly like the soldering iron holder.
  11. OK chaps... So I pulled it apart and checked for dry joints on the PS/Ysus/Zsus boards - I resoldered one that was probably already fine but looked a little bit 'cracked'. Checked the output DC from the PS board with a multimeter and the first two pins (standby and PS on) were within spec 3.4/5.2V and AC was fine too. All following a great chap from Brissbie for some quick diagnoses from ebay. All caps looked ok by eye so I've got a main board arriving for $99 on Tues/Wed from him. (all ICs on there so not much a half-hack like me can do) Hopefully I'll plug it in and all will be ok. .. a
  12. Yer - looks like I can potentially get a main board from Brissy/ebay - for ~$100. The seller on ebay sounds helpful - can talk me through it etc. Not sure about the PS - but again could get a board too... Just got to make time to take the back off etc or pay more and get someone else. Watching Netflix huddled around an old $1K Dell 24inch computer monitor close to the sofa is not so bad - I'll appreciate the increased real estate later. But I don't have kids - so not much complaining.
  13. yes he diagnosed - PS 'upgrade' (dry joints and a new cap) and main board replacement - but the quote to fix/replace was steep. I asked someone else and they thought it was far too much... deciding.
  14. yer I think this is what I'm going to do..... I'll let you guys know as the 'saga' continues.
  15. thank Jeff/Lemarquis - got a guy coming around tomorrow to pick it up and he quoted $150 which includes fixing power supply if that is the problem - seems unstressful as I just open and close the door and hand over some coin with the hope it will be fixed... Called couple of others and they didn't get back to me. - if not off to JB. Yer that's good that the new TVs have come along - I'll heck out LG too. Hopefully I'll get more time out of this one which will give me flexibility to check out what's out there. Was thinking the ~2K mark for 55' again (possibly 65') and something to
  16. yer good call that would be an excellent result and a quick fix - and the world would start to turn again and the GF would be happy again.
  17. cheers guys - waiting for some service people to 'get back to me.' I'll take in a simple DVD to JB (worst case example for netflix and some "cough cough" art house movies) and see how it goes on a Sony - if it looks ok then I'll just bite the bullet on one that looks ok, don't really look at the screen from the side so I have a bit of choice with balck levels, screen types. The last time I looked at TVs I couldnt handle the soap opera effect (maybe over interpolated), movies seemed like watching cartoons compared to the clunky old plasma... but I'm sure things have come along signi
  18. My samsung series 8 55' plasma went off last night - woke up to some loud noises coming out of my surround speakers (tv muted) - now won't power up/no standby lights etc. So maybe a power supply board - was working perfectly well before. (Sometimes seemed to get/generate interference noise if it came out of standby with the Cambridge CXU already on) Guess have to decide whether it's worth fixing versus a new eg Sony HDLED or the like. It's 7 years old so out of warranty (and it is a plasma) but it was doing a decent job. Was wondering if anybody had any good exp
  19. Nice Portishead collection to grab - ahhh Beth Gibbons - fantastic voice, haunting and sublime - swirling discordance crashing into melody most (guys) sound piss weak in comparison. glws.
  20. Great buy, great amp a stonking bargain. I picked one up in 2002.. still have it. So very sweet and powerful sounding.... coloured so all recording sound great and in a very musical way also good for the winter months congrats on the buyer and seller!
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