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  1. Nice Portishead collection to grab - ahhh Beth Gibbons - fantastic voice, haunting and sublime - swirling discordance crashing into melody most (guys) sound piss weak in comparison. glws.
  2. Great buy, great amp a stonking bargain. I picked one up in 2002.. still have it. So very sweet and powerful sounding.... coloured so all recording sound great and in a very musical way also good for the winter months congrats on the buyer and seller!
  3. wow - is that a Muhammad ali Nottingham platter - or something? v. nice setups! & glws (not that you need it).
  4. I only have that Diamond Life album... thin vinyl but sounds amazing compared to lots of modern thick rubbish.. picked it up for $7 about 15 years ago... I should look into these too.
  5. Saw it at the weekend - was waiting for George Clooney to float by after saying goodbye to Sandra Bullock. While I did think it was good I prefer Interstellar and blade runner or Martian more - but my GF liked it and she generally hates Scifi/Marvel/Action but likes things like Angel Baby (!!) so yep agree, not an action...wonder if Ryan Gosling was considered for the role after his top performance in Bladerunner. The midnight Pancake Parlour Docklands was good afterwards with enough maple syrup to send a rocket to the stars.
  6. Anikas choice this week.. understated syncopated scifi keyz and boppy thythms tooz.
  7. Watched "Greta" the other night... liked it..great chick flick. Good one for the kids learning to play piano and making cakes.
  8. Are these really the 12l classic? Look like the original 12l to me. (So no upgraded crossover) Didn't think the classic came in such a nice finish as these still a great little speaker - I got the 11l and 21l . GLws
  9. Some good stuff there thanks guys!. Yep having got the Red second hand I was wondering if it had gone off. For some reason (naive) I thought mc had reputation of detail retrieval and could be quite harsh.. obviously incorrect. It was an experiment I guess. Even the reviews give it "polite" sounding. Bit it smoothed over all the tizz in Protishead first album and I lost some kick drum "echoing" on Eliot Smith. The P77i character is def a different sound. The P77i on my setup has the detail of a half decent CD player (AVi) but with more flesh - which is pretty good for a "modest" cartridge. But I was wondering as I was clearly losing dynamics in comparison I tried tweeking the Ortofon - lifting arm but to no avail. Both were very quiet in the groove so there wasn't a trade off with surface noise etc. I was wondering if cheap MC phono stages are generally worse (maybe rolled off) than the same price MM ... but at least the smoothness is reproducible on the same stage @dirktoggler so that's good. I guess I was hoping for more from the Rondo Red - but after a year break (and a new amplifier) the P77i is really getting me back into the black stuff. I'll look into the dynavector @furtherpale or some tube PHO8 ( @rantan I see an older post here in 2016 may have raised some reliability issues, prob nothing) after I see how installing/testing the phono stage in the AVI amp goes... Apparently is was meant to be something pretty good...I also have considered a Dino (for flexibility of carts) or a more specific Graham Slee. I heard peoples opinion of the MF LPS is a bit mixed - I think maybe "sterile" may have cropped up a bit. I actually had problems with the Project motor - making a grating noise every 4s or so (so not spindle issues) and losing revs so I took it apart and lubed things up only to notice that there is not much in them apart from a magnet and a coil so couldnt understand why things went wrong. Turned out it was the damn speedbox II stuffing things up - so that's out of the equation. I should try and listen to a couple of carts ... very kind - thanks for the offer @andyr- I'll PM. the rondo red does look alright though .. .. pity.
  10. I got my old project perspective set up again last night after a year of digital separation and some motor/speed box probs. i have 2 cartridges .. a Garrott p77i "mm" and a ortofon rondo red. The latter is low output mc and the dynamic coil P77i is high output (mm). I hook these up into a musical fidelity xlps3. (Then Avi s21 amp/quad 21l). I got the rondo red to try bonafide mc but it sounds so smooth (veiled) that i changed back to the P77i which immediately blew it away in dynamics and extension at both ends. is the likely cause the MF is a poor mc phono? ( or better mm anyway ). Maybe it's too much to ask of it. Or maybe the red is on the way out (got it 2nd hand from here). im going to install the phono board in the Avi if I can get someone to help (couple of soldering bits) and retest. thanks james.
  11. yer great buying - I got it in gold after the Euro awards when it came out ages ago, really sings - makes most stuff sound good not just the usual well recorded girlie vocals. 'Big' powerful sounding amp with a little honey and a touch of sparkle. Switch off and on to engage "Class A" and wait 'til it gets hot to really sing, takes a little while from cold to perform best imho, quite addictive.
  12. A great bastion of HT freedom! What a pair! should watch this 80s remake now.
  13. Polar is great fun! on Netflix with Mads Mikkelsen - Should really go and see him in "Arctic" before it leaves the cinema - that looks fantastic. "yer but no but" "what's the score George Dawes" like you never seen him befor.
  14. flippin' heck Will is that denon microwave oven really a huge power amp? or you throw in the popcorn at interval? and is that a fan on the top? nice!
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