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  1. it says "powering on" - you have a picture with it "powered on". Is the microphone for room correction somewhere? glws
  2. where's the wee bear gone? I used him for scale in the past.🙂 fabulous plants - glws.
  3. nice speakers - I have the 10i - first speakers I bought in the late 90s. nice tribute - glws.
  4. this looks like the 9c from eg the expression carbon series. The 9cc is one piece carbon fibre so carbon shaft and carbon headshell hence "cc" and this looks like aluminium headshell - bit lower down the food chain.
  5. Could you please unscrew and take picture of the inner parts of the RCAs?
  6. https://www.whathifi.com/au/dali/rubicon-2-new/review Ah Just the hyperlink... copy/paste is fine. nice speaker!
  7. End of night stuff listening on low light.... that girly close miked vocals done kinda well without the cringe of Norah whatshescalled.
  8. Melancholy night with some ND for the first time.... he's probably dueling with Elliott S in a far better place now. 3 albums and only 26, cripes thats sad... Cambridge Uni, lovely voice, understated, top tunes. Thanks @Janjuc
  9. Something happy to offset my miserable collection!
  10. Ok so the board arrived, plugged her in and Kazzam!!!! just the same. then I realised the extension cable wasn't plugged in properly.... Huzzah!!! We have tv !! if anyone's tv goes south I highly recommend contacting this guy on eBay .. he will take you through it from literally getting the back off to how to use a multimeter to check 240 and low voltage stage of power supply and then send a board. it cost me $100 for the main board and just some time to check the others. He answered all my Qs in real time up to midnight!!
  11. oh and here's the state of play in the living room....I particularly like the soldering iron holder.
  12. OK chaps... So I pulled it apart and checked for dry joints on the PS/Ysus/Zsus boards - I resoldered one that was probably already fine but looked a little bit 'cracked'. Checked the output DC from the PS board with a multimeter and the first two pins (standby and PS on) were within spec 3.4/5.2V and AC was fine too. All following a great chap from Brissbie for some quick diagnoses from ebay. All caps looked ok by eye so I've got a main board arriving for $99 on Tues/Wed from him. (all ICs on there so not much a half-hack like me can do) Hopefully I'll plug it in and all will be ok. .. a
  13. Yer - looks like I can potentially get a main board from Brissy/ebay - for ~$100. The seller on ebay sounds helpful - can talk me through it etc. Not sure about the PS - but again could get a board too... Just got to make time to take the back off etc or pay more and get someone else. Watching Netflix huddled around an old $1K Dell 24inch computer monitor close to the sofa is not so bad - I'll appreciate the increased real estate later. But I don't have kids - so not much complaining.
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