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  1. nice pick up - just watch that spine with the actual pick up!
  2. My first pair of speakers - Mordaunt short MS10i in 1992. Went into Lintone Audio in Newcastle Upon Tyne (the Toon) and said what can I get for ~4-500 quid that I can listen to violin music or Radiohead. He grabbed these, a rotel amp (maybe 810?)and a pioneer stable platter CD (put the CD in upside down). The amp and CD died in UK when I came over here so I went back and grabbed the speakers from the ex - and they are still going strong. I'm sure it's partly sentimental with the whole rescuing the old hifi from the mistreating clutches of ..... I like the molded front piece for some reason. Got some legacy AVI stuff more recently that may end up being a fav too.
  3. ooooh and a weenie AVI above?
  4. Man I love that room and setup - uncluttered, no man cave, a touch of the functional feminine, a green view and a cheeky wee turntable too - brilliant. glws.
  5. Yer I agree - and Raff could lead the long line of Ittok swingers - first to 100 wins the Gourd!
  6. Jimboz

    SOLD: Project RPM 6 SB turntable

    After a few drinks my old girlfriend exclaimed to her friends that she was only with me as I had a cute turntable... yer get a mirror box so she can see something of beauty - & you could take her TT shopping for design advice, big brownie points.
  7. Jimboz

    Classifieds Poll - Have Your Say

    as per Marc and the vox populi - seems perfectly reasonable, not overly or underly categorised. And can always move with the times according to demand, increased items or public outcry! I wouldn't rule out the browsers - bet there's a significant amount of window shopping going on - and a decent market to hook into.
  8. Jimboz

    Classifieds Poll - Have Your Say

    Quite like the way it is -no to subcats. thought it was better a week ago with commercial separate too. Too many subsections can be a royal p.i.t.a there are already lots of subsections of stereonet and I think it's quite 'enriching' to have to look at NS1000, a Gryphon amp or a chopping board even if you're looking for a dac. And the comments that people make are actually useful and sometimes dare I say mildly amusing - you can talk to others about their take on the item and get another view point. So I'm all for GLWS and those harmless comments it's a 'community' after all isn't it? You can always start the add with "poweramp" or "DAC" "Tonearm or whatever 6 Key words you want if you are worried of wasting peoples time - If you have to go into 5 or 6 subsections just to get an overview of 20 items for sale that day seems poor 101 web design to me and DAC/receiver DAC/Bluray, DAC/stereo amps all go together and could be classed as "front end" these days so you'll end up flicking painfully thought all the subsections "just in case" you missed the steal of the century.
  9. @powerav What is the model of your Integra? DRX-R1? you driving Focal Sopras too if you don't mind me ask or which speakers?
  10. Maybe the naim stuff wasn't on a Kmart chopping board?
  11. Thanks Spider - that makes sense as these lookalikes sound **it! but they definitely smooth a sharp system by removing all the details
  12. I was pointing out that even if they look the part, they could be NQR. Like here are mine (that I think are probably fake?? - they are about 10 yrs old) next to "the Wave" (green) which I know is the real thing - see how the RCA are different? Anyone got the real thing - do the RCAs look like the green one?
  13. no misleading - all good. I got a pair that look like the real thing just like spider (writing, connectors, direction label) but I reckon they are one of the many fakers that floated around - came in a black bag from the Bay, without any packaging. They seem stiff compared to another model of VDH interconnects I got from here (with the packaging) and when you undo the gold connector they seem slightly different.....