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  1. Hi Phil is this a Dac9? can't tell from the pics cheers J
  2. yep I got the same for a very similar price here - one of the best purchases I've made - great dac, digs deep and if you're a tight arse like me - look no further!
  3. it says "powering on" - you have a picture with it "powered on". Is the microphone for room correction somewhere? glws
  4. where's the wee bear gone? I used him for scale in the past.? fabulous plants - glws.
  5. nice speakers - I have the 10i - first speakers I bought in the late 90s. nice tribute - glws.
  6. this looks like the 9c from eg the expression carbon series. The 9cc is one piece carbon fibre so carbon shaft and carbon headshell hence "cc" and this looks like aluminium headshell - bit lower down the food chain.
  7. Could you please unscrew and take picture of the inner parts of the RCAs?
  8. https://www.whathifi.com/au/dali/rubicon-2-new/review Ah Just the hyperlink... copy/paste is fine. nice speaker!
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