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  1. Jimboz

    SOLD: FS: Roksan Radus 5 Turntable

    good buy that man - the nima unipivot is meant to be a great arm and to buy alone is more than this combined price can play with some LED mood lighting and give it that tarantella look!
  2. this one was a real surprise after a string of disappointments from the VideoEze kiosk! ... they used original 1940s rifles/weapons! the extras are well worth a watch... and a soft R rating... very effective soundtrack. I think I'll grab the B-ray.
  3. Jimboz

    Alita - battle angel

    Saw it at Imax Mel yesterday - thought it was good, very watchable, good fun great in 3D outstanding effects.... but it's imax!. Familiar faces some tricky to spot in their cyborg get up - was that lawnmower man with some cyborg dogs?. Christopher always good especially getting a swastika carved on his forehead...but he's a good guy in this
  4. Got good review in U.K. Press too... https://www.whathifi.com/velodyne/impact-12/review
  5. Cheers Batmaqn yes def something to check tonight.
  6. My recent (cough) upgrade was unplugging an old Marantz pm7000 from a cheap power board (erm Jackson 10A 2400W) that has my Avi s21 integrated also plugged in. It's now as if I have a subwoofer. The curious thing is that I think the Marantz was on standby some of the time too. Does this make sense ? If Amps have quite big torroidals do they like their own supply/wall. Also before id describe the sound as clean maybe a bit dry now it's moist and seems more musical and goes low with no fatigue .. anyhow happy times and I should prob invest in a better board. Is this a well known symptom/issue Or is something else poss going on.
  7. Just saw this....fantastic WesAnderson film very beautiful, smart and funny.
  8. Jimboz

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD800 Headphones

    looks like this.... https://www.ionforgeonline.com/Pro-Series-Headphone-Stand
  9. Jimboz

    SOLD: FS: Two Magnificent Turntables!

    welly welly welly wow - I've heard and even read on well known hifi shop facebook pages that the Gyrotech is the clockwork Orange deck but this is the real deal - a real collectors and centre piece. ... just spin some Ludwig Van and trundle off to the milk bar. Good Luck!
  10. I think this one got to me when I first saw it not knowning anything about it - it still does. The soundtrack by Marc Streitenfeld is really quite haunting strings/orchestra and paino - keeps the eyes good and moist. Great scenery and the acting is top (Liam, Frank Grillo etc). Walking through deep snow is hard enough never mind the ....... Just keep watching it through the credits... like a Marvel.
  11. With phono and a service/posts - this is quite a bargain - While I can't verify (yet) but the phono was claimed to be worth the price of the amp!. If you could get one with phono stage you'd prob be paying around $1500 in UK then getting it here would be getting close to $2K (if I can say that) - so it's a cracking deal. The CD player is going well - the two units are clearly suited - All that UK history (growing up there) the smooth and very detailed and without the harsh "attack" that you can get on some modern spinners. I really don't have much reference but to me it betters similar gen Arcam DV79 (which is also quite smooth), BDP100, newer Cambridge CXU or oppo105 .. It can "no disc" on some of my brillo padded CDs mind you but the turntable is def gathering dust these days which says it all Nice Spendors! damn....
  12. Thanks to Razuu I have his matching CD player to go with my Avi s21.This amp did not disappoint lots of clarity, great bass control, effortless neutral sound really and reserves upon reserves left in the tank and yet so very musical. You can also get the Avi phono stage board sent over from the uk now for ~200$ from the chap who was the repair for Avi and apparently is v good too. I need to find someone to come round and solder 4 joints onto the pcb for me still:) Great chap to buy from. Glws!
  13. nice pick up - just watch that spine with the actual pick up!
  14. My first pair of speakers - Mordaunt short MS10i in 1992. Went into Lintone Audio in Newcastle Upon Tyne (the Toon) and said what can I get for ~4-500 quid that I can listen to violin music or Radiohead. He grabbed these, a rotel amp (maybe 810?)and a pioneer stable platter CD (put the CD in upside down). The amp and CD died in UK when I came over here so I went back and grabbed the speakers from the ex - and they are still going strong. I'm sure it's partly sentimental with the whole rescuing the old hifi from the mistreating clutches of ..... I like the molded front piece for some reason. Got some legacy AVI stuff more recently that may end up being a fav too.