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  1. scumbag

    SOLD: FS: Uptone Audio LPS 1.2

    @jackyrud @Mike13 ??
  2. scumbag

    PDX DAC project

    Clay! What have you done!!!! Will this new DAC have a volume control??
  3. It's a tie between my Pass Labs Xa25 and my Audiophonics I2S streamer. Both devices that combine amazing detail with easy to listen to musical reproduction.
  4. Sorry guys. I've been out of the loop today. It's sold.
  5. Guys, I've had one guy agree to pay me earlier this evening. But to answer your questions, the 2Qute needs 12V, 1A so this will work in that application. The Aries Mini requires 16V I believe so this wouldn't work for you.
  6. scumbag

    SEAS 10" semi-DIY sealed sub project

    Some more measurements from today. I moved the sub slightly based on some simulations in REW. Then I measured with just a 80hz low pass as below: I fudged around for a bit and eventually came up with the green trace: That looks a lot smoother but the real test will be to see how well in it conforms to a 2nd order roll off: Pretty close. I ran out of EQ on some of the bumps i.e. I was right the way down to -12dB on some of them. It's only 5dB down at 20hz with NO boost at low frequencies which is good. One thing I have noticed though is all the minus EQ is lowering the overall output of the sub (surprise) so the gain is down which means it might struggle to match the output levels of my main speakers. Bummer. So there may have to be a further round of EQ on this thing.
  7. Item: Gieseler Audio Linear PSU 3X outlets, multiple voltages - 7.5V 1.5A, 12V 2.6A, 12V 1.5A Location: Brisbane Price: $220 including postage inside AUS Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Paypal, Postage - Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: Up for grabs a Gieseler linear low noise DC power supply with 3 power outlets. All internal components are of high quality & are selected for reliability & sound quality. Capacitors are Nichicon Fine Gold, Panasonic or Elna Silmic II’s. It is powered by an external IE core transformer which has great isolation between the windings & lower bandwidth means less HF noise coming in via the mains. Being external there is less radiated hum entering the power supply circuitry. Noise, hum & ripple levels are very low due to the common mode choke pre filtering & low noise Linear Technology high performance regulators. Also employs Schottky diodes & a transformer LC snubber to reduce. The DC output on the supply uses a Neutrik 6 Amp XLR gold pin socket. The supplied DC cable uses a matching Neutrik gold pin plug hand soldered to a 10A lead with moulded DC barrel connector for ruggedness.Noise level is approximately 20 uV to 40 uV depending on voltage setting. Ripple & hum rejection is approximately 100 dB. Short circuit & thermal protection. Comes with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC Power Female Plug and a 8 pin PCI connector (as per shots in picture section). I will supply an additional 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC Power Female Plug (see picture below) in case you want to convert the PCI connector to a standard DC connection. Pictures: The case and transformer look grubby but its just the light. They are in great condition.
  8. Go back and read my posts. I am talking about that fact that you can't reject all music just because it has any form of compression. All music will have it in one form or another except for boutique audiophile labels and even then there is some compression if they press their recordings to vinyl. I am NOT arguing that heavily compressed music is not discernible and that it sounds OK. Get to a recording studio and watch the guys in action.
  9. scumbag

    PDX DAC project

    Well the difference between me using a Curious Cable versus I2S into my Directstream Junior is night and day. No contest. I2S / HMDI wins hands down But that's my DAC. I did have @Bill125812 over to listen to my system and switched between the 2 inputs. He seemed very impressed.
  10. scumbag

    PDX DAC project

    I didn't think the Pcm1704 could accept 384khz????
  11. Well my point obviously escapes you so let's leave it there. Nice little hint at Ad Hominem though.
  12. " If you can't discern that difference then I would suggest the problem lies elsewhere. "
  13. Which is nothing to do with the recording process or my points above.