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  1. scumbag

    FS: iFI GroundHog

    Item: iFI GroundHog kit. Location: Brisbane Price: $55 including postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Don't need it. Payment Method: Pickup - Paypal. Postage = Paypal as a friend or add 3%. Extra Info: If you have buzzing or hum in your system then this may help you get rid of it. I've even had a tiny tingle when touching some devices such as cheap DVD players at home. Lack of grounding is sometimes found in devices such as MAC computers or DACS. Where there are differences in grounding between devices. e.g. An amplifier with grounding is connected to a DAC without grounding. The Groundhog creates a ground on devices to ameliorate these issues. Pictures: Stock. An explanation from an English man in New York. Yeah, no , really:
  2. Item: Audioquest Jitterbug USB filter. Location: Brisbane Price: $50 including postage Item Condition: Like New Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup -Paypal. Postage = Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: Had a really subtle effect between my NUC and a Singxer DDC - I guess I shouldn't be surprised but it's good to know that the USB hub from the NUC is pretty well sorted. Audioquest claims that it can also be used on open ports to reduce noise on the USB hub. Pictures: "Borrowed" from the previous classified.
  3. Item: Squeezebox Touch with PSU. Location: Brisbane Price: $170 including postage Item Condition: Good. some slight imperfections on screen - nothing to indicate a hard life . Other surfaces in good condition. Payment Method: Pickup - Paypal. Postage - Paypal as friend (or add 3%) Reason for selling: Have had some reasonably big medical bills for an operation. Extra Info: This is the SBT. It plays music unthinkingly, unblinkly well. I haven't cranked it up since I got it but I bought it off a reputable Stereonetter. You can install a plugin to output high-res from the USB port if you wish (I think it goes up to 192khz). Pictures:
  4. Item: RaspDIGI LTE LVDS - KALI Network Player I2S LVDS HDMI streamer & Van Der Hul FLAT 180 HDMI cable - 1 metre Location: Brisbane Price: $220 for bundle including postage (RRP for the streamer = $415 shipped and HDMI cable is $120). Sold as is - if you are a PI3 tinkerer and you have an I2S capable DAC then this may be a great unit. Item Condition: 9.99/10. No operating system installed - all you need is a small MicroSD Card to get things going. Reason for selling: Moved to a solution where I am sitting my Roon Rock (NUC) next to my DAC so I don't need to stream over my LAN. Payment Method: Pickup - Paypal. Postage =Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: This a fantastic sounding streamer that only outputs I2S via an HDMI cable. If you have a DAC that has an I2S input and you have not tried it, you are in for a treat. Rich, detailed, great imaging and zero-fatigue. I used it with my Direct Stream Junior and it had a lively midrange rich sound with well extended treble and bass. I have loaded it with DietPI with the Allo web interface - which means you don't have to directly connect to the unit (it has a 2nd HDMI output and USB ports to interface with the unit to change DIETPI if you want to). The Van Der Hul Flat 180 is great for feeding the cable in tight and awkward spots. 1 metre is the longest recommended length to stream I2S over HDMI). The unit is based on a PI3 with an Allo Kali reclocker / isolator then an I2S/ HMDI output board. It is set to PS Audio I2S at the moment but you can change some internal jumpers to change to the Audio-GD I2S format. It should work with any I2S capable DAC. It comes with a reasonable quality 5V PSU but it is always a good idea to use a better quality one (linear power supply if you have one). I used it with Roon (DSD and high resolution PCM) and installed Deitpi as well as Ropiee at various times. Please note, if you haven't played around with this type of thing, there is a learning curve. It will require a bit of hands-on to set up and from time to time to update the operating system. So if you want a zero maintenance solution then this is not for you! **Also, I managed to get this unit playing nicely at 192khz, 32bits in my setup but I cannot guarantee that it will be able to play up to it's stated max' of 384khz without background pops and flutters. This is an issue with the audio addressing the CPU cores which Dietpi is aware of. Tweaks to the Dietpi operating system are meant to be underway. Modules Raspberry PI 3 B+ Reclocker Allo Kali (2nd version) Interface I2S vers HDMI Inputs 4x USB-A 1x Ethernet RJ45 Micro SD (for operating system) Output 1x HDMI (Raspberry PI) 1x I2S HDMI LVDS Power Supply 5V 3A Supported sample rates 32bit 384kHz** Dimensions 102 x 167 x 55mm Weight 620g Color Silver front https://www.vandenhul.com/product/hdmi-flat-180-halogen-free/ Pictures: Stock but item is in perfect condition and identical. The unit - The Kali reclocker: The Allo interface (if you choose to use Dietpi and install the Dietpi-Allo operating system): The Van Der Hul HDMI cable:
  5. Item: QED Performance HMDI 3 metre cable. NEW Location: Brisbane Price: $65 including postage. RRP $100 plus postage Item Condition: New in box. Payment Method: Pickup - Paypal. Postage - Paypal as friend (or add 3%) Reason for selling: Excess to requirements. Extra Info: QED make good quality cables which are fully complaint to the latest standards. https://www.qed.co.uk/cables/hdmi-digital/performance-premium-hdmi.html#tab1 - supports Ethernet and 4K60. Useful length and very flexible. Might be a nice long term upgrade to a high quality setup.
  6. scumbag

    DIY speaker cables - show us your stuff!

    It's amazing how much a bit of sheathing and shrink wrap can jazz up a cable.
  7. You know this thread is just turning the same way as a lot of threads on SNA these days. A lot of pointless argument and speculation. Count me out from this point onwards.
  8. Yes, that was a miscalculation, it should have been 0.03% based on Dave's ascertion, not mine- "Which 99.9% of people don't do.... and of the 0.1% which do..... about 70% of them are still mislead." Who thinks amp's should operate in Class A only? Where has that comment been made? The vast majority of Nelson Pass stuff operates in Class A then switches to Class B. The only gear they make that operates exclusively in Class A is the XA series which is about $40000 USD for a mono pair from memory.
  9. Item: Scanspeak 21W/8555-00 8" Carbon Fibre / Paper composite Woofer Pair Location: Brisbane Price: $260 plus postage. RRP $240 each plus postage Item Condition: Excellent. Never soldered. Cones and surrounds are perfect. Still in original Scanspeak boxes so happy to post. Reason for selling: NLR. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal. Postage - Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: A great woofer that is capable of deep bass in sealed or ported enclosures. It has a useful sensitivity of 88dB /w/m - not a highly sensitive woofer but the payoff is deep bass in moderately sized boxes. I would describe the bass as quite dry (subjective opinion), detailed and it has good pitch definition. The dryness may be result of the distortion signature of the woofer - whereas some paper woofers offer higher levels of 2nd order distortion which can sound "fat" or "warmer". It has a well designed motor system that allows for very large excursions. Xmech is 12mm+/- and has Scanspeak's SD-1 magnet system that allows for very long excursion where normal woofers might see the voice coil hitting the back-plate. It has a usefully flat frequency response up to cone breakup. I have heard of people using these in 2 way designs but you'd want to use an active crossover or a steep passive crossover slope and cross it over to a good tweeter quite low. It has a very cool look with carbon-fibre "veins" running through the unpressed paper cone. It also has an inverted dust cap which will make it suitable for use where there are small children who love to push dust caps in! Troels did 3 designs with this woofer. http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/ScanSpeak-3WC-C.htm "The 21W/8555-00 is an all-time classic and with its carbon filler paper pulp cone a potent bass driver, no need to do mkII versions for something that just works. It displays a very nice Qm of 4.5 and a Qt of 0.31, well suited for bass reflex application. A well engineered driver! The current 21W/8555-10 only has an aluminum chassis rather than magnesium - TS data stays the same and from some 40 litres we get an F3 of 35 Hz, quite impressive. This bass driver goes deep from a small volume. Price to pay is little less sensitivity, but it runs very well from my tubed GlowMaster power amp." As an example you would expect a -6dB point of 25hz in a 50litre ported box tuned to 29hz. Another example would be a 40litre sealed box which would get you a -6dB of 30hz which is very respectable. http://www.scan-speak.dk/datasheet/archive/21w-8555-00.pdf Pictures: The white spots in the pictures are dust, not scratches! I got into the office early this morning and did the DATS tests and took photos of the drivers for you. As I would expect from Scanspeak, they measure very close: Driver "A" Driver B:
  10. So only. 0.3% can understand the concept of class a operation?
  11. "This is where we run into problems. "Pure" It implies that something else is impure.... and that something else will perform worse. Guessing at an amplifiers performance by where it stop operating in "class A" (also a horrible term due to connotations) is a mistake." I think "pure" is a marketing term in this case and I think you might be reading more into it than what it is meant to imply. "Pure" in this case could be lay-men's terminology for "pure in operation" not "purity in sound". Also, how is Class-A a "a horrible term due to connotations"? I think the term can be quite easily understood with a little research - what are the connotations that are of concern to you?
  12. Item: TORUS TOT MAX AUS SMSS POWER Isolation / DC blocker /CONDITIONER with NEW HIFI Tuning gold Fuse Location: Brisbane Price: $1700 + Delivery at cost if required. RRP $3300. There is a receipt from the original purchase in the box (mid July 2018). Item Condition: Perfect. Reason for selling: Going up the food chain.... Payment Method: Pickup - Paypal prefered, postage = Paypal (as a friend or add 3% for fees) Extra Info: The Torus filters are a division of Plitron from Canada. Plitron are specialists in torus transformers and they meticulously design and manufacture high performance a low noise transformers for many high-end manufacturers such as Pass Labs and PS Audio to name but a few. This filter weighs in at a not-inconsiderable 22kg - I think most of that weight in the transformer coil itself as it has a massive diameter that would put all but the most powerful amplifiers to shame. Torus Power utilise some interesting technologies in their designs. Firstly, the nature of the isolation provided by the coil also provides a increasingly large passive filtering effect (over rising frequency) to any noise on the AC line - there is also the normal benefit of blocking any DC in the line which is becoming more of an issue with the use of solar cells and other localised AC devices that can inject polluted power into the grid. By filtering without using LCR or other analogue components you get no suppression in power output. The unit is also cool in that it still maintains a clean ground which is something that a lot of isolation transformers do not do. With the vast majority (with the exception of hospital grade transformers) you really want to have RCD (earth leakage detectors) on the outputs of the transformer if you want 100% piece of mind about having zero chance of electric shock if a device that you fit to the transformer develops an electrical fault. This unit is also fitted with an SMSS option. This is an active device that constantly monitors voltage spikes and suppresses them in milliseconds to protect your gear. Again, it is not going to suppress or alter the AC unlike other suppression methods. There is also a useful 5V USB outlet that can be used to provide clean power. Torus Power state an 8A current rating on the unit. This is long-term output. Short term, for musical transients, they state about 16A for 10 minutes and about 20A for sudden peaks of current of about 10 seconds. I run a Class-A amplifier that draws a good bit of current and is rated to 10A peak. I also have a mosfet / tube preamp and a DAC that draw perhaps slightly above average power (the DAC draws 60W, the preamp 100W) and an HDPLEX PSU that draws 100W. I did try cranking it up once to hear what happened and I chickened out long before the transformer flinched. I also bought a HIFI Tuning fast blow fuse to use instead of the stock one though I have not fitted it - it cost me $55 delivered.. Subjectively, compared to a direct connection to the wall, detail goes up noticeably as background noise is removed. There are no clicks and buzzes - we have a business next to us that runs a powerful compressor and it does not affect the sound when it kicks in when the Torus is in use. Bass is a big winner - somehow it subjectively goes so much deeper. Soundstage is wider and deeper. Dynamics are not rounded off at all in fact notes sound more defined that a direct wall connection but there are no sharp edges. Compared to a Consonance Filter which is obviously a fraction of the cost but still highly regarded - there is rounding off of dynamics on the Consonance. In comparison the sound stage is wider and deeper and there is tonnes more bass on tap on the Torus unit. I would suggest that this transformer is for someone that doesn't want to alter the sound in a negative way i.e. "sweeten" the sound but in effect round things off. It will take your mains and do nice things to it and help you access the full potential of your gear - removing only the crappy bits from the AC line and getting the most out of the good bits. I ran this with my Power Amp, preamp and DAC fitted directly to the power outlets. I then ran a good quality unfiltered power board (a 6 outlet Consonance) for the rest of my gear. I'd recommend (as always) decent power cords which are screened and have good quality connectors at each end. Technologies used and their explanations: https://www.toruspower.com/torus-technology/ CONFIGURATION SAU (Stand Alone Unit), INPUT BREAKER 1 X 8 FUSE OUTPUT CURRENT 8 A POWER RATING 1,840 VA NO. OUTLETS 4 INLET TYPE IEC 15A OUTLET TYPE AS/NZS311P 15A OUTPUT USB 5.1 VDC nominal / 2300 mA maximum WEIGHT (SAU) 49.5 LBS (22.5 KG) DIMENSIONS (SAU) W X H X D – MM 318 X 101 X 363 Pictures: These are from the original classified that I bought it off:
  13. scumbag

    Single Ended 300B

    So Tracey will you be shilling (sorry, I meant shelling) out for one of these amplifiers? You seem to randomly stumble on Ben Johnsons companies a lot and you have a great knowledge of their designs.
  14. Yes, we all have different tastes, different requirements and different limitations that dictate what we need / want. And they can change over time too. A cheap SPL meter from Ebay is a good investment to get a handle on what different SPL sounds like and what you are actually getting in your setup. Have fun