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  1. Actually, there's no shortage of bass. It goes very low and is perhaps more accurate.
  2. I should mention the RCA cables of course. I can output unbalanced and balanced simultaneously from my DSJ DAC and my preamp has a balanced and unbalanced input so I can quickly switch between the 2 on the fly. I have an Auralic Taurus Pre at the moment and this preamp does not have a true end to end balanced topology. I personally don't have any issue with that I don't feel that it compromises anything in any way when using either type of interconnects. Anyway for what it's worth, switching between BIll's RCA and XLR cables made an immediate and very noticeable difference. Basically there was a reduction in detail (but maybe what might be considered a frisson more warmth?), less channel separation and more bass (subjectively) but not as tight or extended with the RCA's - that sounds like the HIFI reviewer's cliche doesn't it? And of course that's not to condemn the RCA's as the Pass Labs (and perhaps the Auralic) is designed to take full advantage of it's balanced inputs - I just think in my system there was a greater synergy with the XLR IC's and that might vary with other systems and other people's tastes.
  3. Bill was kind enough to drop some XLR and RCA cables off to me the other week. I've been interstate a bit so it's been hard to get much of a listen. So I've let them run for bit before writing this but to be honest, I could have written this review 30 seconds after installing the interconnects as the benefits were immediately apparent. I am running a Direct Stream Junior (now on the latest Redcloud Firmware - get it quick if you don't already have it!) into Pass Labs power amplifier and then some quite detailed speakers. Firstly these cables a very nicely finished - they certainly look the part. Nicely flexible too which is good for feeding things through awkward cabinets and stands. Connectors are all good too - I'm sure there are more exotic ones out there but the proof is in the listening. As a point of comparison, on the balanced front, I have some Van Der Hull "The integration" XLR's and some QED Reference 40 XLR's on hand - both around $400 RRP. I also have some Zu Audio Mission balanced IC's as well. The Van Dam's have a very neutral character with good extension. The ZU's have slightly less bass and a slightly more pronounced treble which would great in a system that is otherwise too "dark". The QED's are quite unusual - I have compared them before to the Dueland Tinned Copper speaker cable - they have (to my ears) a slightly elevated presence region which tends to highlight ambient sounds in recordings - in the context of a system that is SS and someone is looking for what people might characterise as a more "tube" like sound this might give some of that perhaps (apologies to all tube lovers). The QED's have very good bass though they may be a little recessed in the midrange for my tastes (and my system as it stands). The Van Dammes are most similar in sound to the Van Der Hulls. Very balanced and detailed but without any harshness or brightness. When I swapped out the QED's out for the Van Dammes I instantly heard excellent low level detail and a nice wide soundstage. I am also impressed by the bass - maybe not quite a deep as the QED's but that might be a function of a subtle tip down in high frequencies in the QED's. The best way I can summarise their sound it is that the Van Dammes offer a clear, uncoloured window what whatever is played through them. Couple that with the excellent price and I can't see how anyone would not be happy with them, unless they want to pay a lot more for something exotic that might only be "different" rather than "better" With the combination of the new DSJ firmware that I installed yesterday and the XLR cables, I am hearing some amazing sounds.
  4. A great seller. GLWS.
  5. dunkirk

    Ah, the perils of being an historical airplane buff! I didn't pick up the issues with the plane types but I agree the gliding scene seemed more like a fantasy homage to the spitfire (or maybe Tom Hardy) than anything else. My theory is the flare was so effective due to the vapour of manly aftershave in the cockpit. The soundtrack is very powerful when played at cinemagraphic volumes.
  6. FS: Audio Research LS17SE Pre

    "Listening Test - WG" - the best job EVER in HIFI manufacturing "Warren Gehl, who has been with the company for 19 years, heads up a unique area of design that Audio Research calls sonic development. His main responsibility is listening -- listening to the products under development, every production product as it leaves the assembly areas, and every product that comes in for service and is repaired. That means if you have purchased an Audio Research product in the last decade and a half, you can be confident that Warren has listened to and approved it at least once before it arrived in your listening room." http://www.soundstageglobal.com/index.php/company-tours/audio-research-march-13-2014/488-audio-research-design-and-listening

    Item: FIIO X3 MKIII Location: Brisbane Price: $200 (Including shipping) Item Condition: As New - see below. Reason for selling: Just ordered a Galaxy S8. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+fee or as a friend) Extra Info: Only a month old but I've only used it for a few hours. Pictures: From the previous classified. I bought this off Primare Knob a few weeks ago - I have used it for about 3 hours. I have just ordered a Galaxy S8 which has a decent battery (though not as good as the FIIO) and supposedly reasonably good audio so this is superfluous to needs. Note that I did take the plastic piece that was sitting over the protective screen so that I could see what was on the screen! I haven't used without the protective screen or rear plastic cover so it's in perfect nick. I have the receipt that Primare Knob sent with it. I have not upgraded the firmware. I tried but I think I'm too much of a klutz so I couldn't get it to work (maybe using the wrong SD card format perhaps)
  8. SOLD: FS: Eichmann Power Cable 2M

    Yes, it has a fairly small IEC "kettle plug". It's the fat part you have to account for!
  9. Both great ss preamps. Glws
  10. SOLD: FS: Eichmann Power Cable 2M

    Sorry never owned a bit of naim gear. Do they have standard iec kettle sockets?
  11. More to the point, how much for the tape measure?
  12. SOLD: Elektra Pnyx

    Lovely unit.
  13. SOLD: FS: Aucharm Audio Grounding Box

    I'm using some buddyp groundimg devices
  14. SOLD: FS: Sennheiser On Ear Series 1 -

    They are a great little set of phones. Pm Sent
  15. Item: Aucharm Audio Grounding Box Location: Brisbane Price: $145 including postage inside Aus. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: EFT to Bank or COD Extra Info: Quoting from manufacturer: Aucharm is a well-known boutique brand in China that carries their own lines of products that received wonderful reviews in both locally and abroad. This audio grounding box has garnered massive raved reviews from both audiophiles in China and abroad. It has been described as somewhat amazing and miraculous that makes the music sounds even sweeter, cleaner and more life-like! Containing inside the box is a combination of minerals, anti-rust paste, crystals, silver powder and some other specific ingredients in which exactly what are they and the exact proportions are tightly guarded formulas. This combination of concoction is effective against ground hum, signal noise, and interferences from RFI/EMI. There is no one product that can 100% eliminate noise. Noise is always present in electrical circuits, despite great efforts from cable shieldings, power filter regulation and high purity conductance aim to keep it low. They do, as they help to keep it minimal. At certain nodes of the circuit, however, noise and interferences can easily get introduced back in the signal path from along the current flow and external pick up. While cable shieldings, power filter regulation and high purity conductance are only possible at certain points of an audio setup, Aucharm audio ground boxes can be introduced at multiple points along the connection. It is always good to start with the source and transports, to minimise the noise from building up, all the way to the output. Various points of connection include the ground connector or chassis of players, DACs, pre-amps, amps to their respective unused RCA, USB, XLR ports, and to the negative ends of the speaker binding posts. Plugging it into the main power source or strip can be done as well, further grounding the noise from the unregulated/regulated power. What this Aucharm audio grounding box will provide to your audio connection is a livelier and crispier sound, clear from noises that are sometimes very prominent in sensitive setups.Subtle details can be heard with a higher degree of instrument separation. Comes with crocodile clip cable and US power Plug ground cable with Banana plug. This box weights 2.3 Kgs. Local pickup is preferred but can post at cost. http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=236501.0 For those who have condemned with examination, please move on to the next classified. Pictures: