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  1. I'll sell it you for $10 including postage. With Paypal as a friend. Mark
  2. https://www.marantz.co.uk/DocumentMaster/UK/dfu_DV8300N [GB-F-D-I].PDF Page 32 "All DVD-Audio and all SACD audio is output only through the analog outputs."
  3. scumbag


    I bought 2 and only ended up using one. I'll sell mine for $120 including postage. Please note that the one I have and the Addicted to Audio one have US plugs.
  4. scumbag


    Yes, I do. Brings a little more detail and settles things down a little. The more filtering you have in place, the less effect it has. Interestingly unlike some filtering, it does not dull the sound - it adds a bit of sparkle.
  5. scumbag

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    I meant the Ultrarendu and the microrendu don't need high current. The SOTM units definitely do.
  6. scumbag

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    The Ultra and Micro Rendu's don't need high current. The LPS-1.2 that Uptone recently developed only delivers 1.1A. However, I guess you might be able to use a "Y" DC cable to run more than one device with a beefier PSU. http://docs.sonore.us/ultrarendu/ POWER SPECIFCATIONS The Sonore ultraRendu utilizes an optional power supply capable of delivering 6-9 volts at 1 amp min (center +). Do not exceed these power specifications or damage to the unit will occur. Damage from an unapproved power supplies will void the unit's warranty.
  7. scumbag

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    I was just reading that. We will have to wait to get more details.
  8. scumbag

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    Have you seen any indication of the price from Uptone's switch? The Paul Pang one is $349 US including freight. I'd be interested to hear more about the Uptone one - they make good gear.
  9. scumbag

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

  10. scumbag

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    Only in my own mind.............
  11. scumbag

    SOtM SMS-200 Primer

    Latency 197ms. That seems high to me. Maybe someone with some IT knowledge might be able to comment. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2687899/high-latency-modem-router.html If you can look up your CPU usage inside the router this might reveal it is getting overloaded with requests. I haven't been following this whole thread but if you have a crappy OEM router that was provided by your ISP then these sorts of functions are usually disabled. And quite often the OEM routers are garbage. Whirlpool has a good thread on NBN compatible routers - make sure you get one with VOIP if your phone runs off your router otherwise you won't have a phone!! I am going to get one of these - cheap and has QOS and very powerful WIFI - https://www.umart.com.au/TP-Link-Archer-VR600-V2-AC1600-Wireless-Gigabit-VDSL-ADSL-Modem-Router_41293G.html