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  1. Item: Matched Pair Cryo Electro Harmonix 6H30PI Gold Pin tubes PAIR Location: Brisbane Price: $50 will include free shipping in AUS if required. Item Condition: New in box. Can package securely. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash- postage - Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: The Electro Harmonix 6H30Pi EB Gold Pin are regarded by many as the best sounding non-NOS version of the 6H30. The NOS versions may sound better but they are starting to get stupid expensive as BAT bought most of the stock in the World. The cryo treatment may or may not improve the sound for you but at this price, consider it a nice bonus. Will work in Audio Research (ARC), BAT, some Conrad Johnson, some Little Dot head amps, LAMM and the AM RT-1. Pictures: Stock picture - this is for a pair
  2. Item: W4S STP-SE Stereo Pre-Amplifier with HT Bypass - Black (cause black sounds better) Location: Brisbane Price: Priced to sell at $1200 including free freight to AUS if you need it shipped. No offers please. Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Bills, bills, bills and some more bills. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Interstate - Paypal (as a friend or add 3% for fees) Extra Info: I am the 4th owner and I purchased this off mattjtaylor2809 quite recently. I can only add to the comments that Matt made in his classified - this is a "cracker" of a preamp. I have been using it to great effect with a Pass Labs power amp and a Direct Stream Junior DAC with a very revealing set of speakers and it offers a great combination or tonal richness, dynamics and great imaging. It is very engaging even at low volumes too so you don't need to be blasting your speakers to appreciate what it can do. There are plenty of rave reviews and at 2nd hand prices, this is a stonking bargain - it can mix it up with more expensive preamps I think and I've heard some highly regarded ones over the years. There is a bit of confusion out there about how this preamp works. It is/was touted by W4S as a "passive" preamp - this is a bit misleading as it is active but with no gain, so at lower volumes, it is acting as a line buffer which offers high input impedance (which sources such as DAC's and CD players like) and low output impedance (which amps like). The volume is attenuated with a very classy resistor ladder (usually found in exotic preamps) and there are very good parts used throughout which you might expect to see in more expensive units. And it's made in USA so I don't know how they do it for the price. When you need more gain (assuming that is ever the case!), it kicks it at the highest volume settings to then add active gain so it's an unusual hybrid. I never got this thing anywhere near going into gain though. The unit has assignable HT bypass so you can easily integrate your 2CH system in with your HT Setup. Plenty of inputs & has x2 outputs (XLR & RCA) so you can also easily integrate a powered sub directly to your pre which I did with excellent results (better than via HT amp). The remote is not fancy but offers most functions and is responsive. There are some light scuff marks on top and around the unit from general use (see photos that I ripped off from Matt's classified) but in excellent working order. Actually this looks a lot better in the flesh than in the photos. Comes with power lead, remote, manual and double boxed. Demo available on the Northside of Brisbane to anyone genuinely interested. I have enjoyed using this unit a lot and I'll have to go back to feeding my power amp directly with my DAC for the time being. This is an entertaining and informative review - http://www.stereotimes.com/amp082912.shtml FEATURES: Input / Output wiring upgraded to Kimber Tcss wire 2nd stage filtering caps (4-22,000uf caps) are upgraded to the Wyred 4 Sound Low ESR "SUPER CAP" designed for power supplies Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Optical rotary encoder (volume knob) Fully functional remote control 12V DC Trigger input (to automatically activate HT Bypass mode) Two - 12V DC Trigger outputs Home Theater bypass (customizable for any input, also DC Trigger input selected) Balance control Absolute phase control (0°/180°) - an interesting experience - it's amazing how changing the absolute phase effects the sound. Efficient (no heat) Tripple-ripple reduction circuit contains 164,560uF of capacitance Extremely low noise floor Fully balanced input to output Buffered passive/active design Automatically switched in Line Stage (when more volume is needed) Discrete volume control using dale RN55d resistors Unbalanced to Balanced conversion (when RCA input selected and XLR outputs are being used) Idle power consumption = 15w Rugged construction ½” Machined and Anodised front panels 60kohm input impedance 3 sets of gold plated unbalanced (RCA) inputs 2Â sets of gold plated unbalanced (RCA) outputs 2 sets of Neutrik Balanced (XLR) inputs 2 sets of Neutrik Balanced (XLR) outputs Factory Selectable mains 115/230VAC Compact size (17”W x 4”H x 13”D) 22lbs. Pictures: (rear is stock):
  3. Item: Gold 4K UHD DisplayPort Cable, M/M, 2 metres Location: Brisbane Price: $45 plus postage- RRP $100 plus postage. Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: No longer use a Displayport Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or postage - Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: Lindy make some very good cables at reasonable prices. Pictures:
  4. Schiit Eitr

    I've got one now but it's not for sale unfortunately.
  5. Pass Amp Camp Amp

    Not very DIY - more self assemble but this grabs my eye - https://diyaudiostore.com/products/amp-camp-amp-kit?variant=21206375620
  6. Item: FIIO X3 MKIII Location: Brisbane Price: $180 (Including shipping) Item Condition: As New - see below. Reason for selling: Got a Galaxy S8. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+fee or as a friend) Extra Info: Only 5 months old an I've only used it for a about 8 hours. Pictures: From the previous classified. I bought this off Primare Knob a while ago - I have used it for about 8 hours. I have gotten hold a Galaxy S8 which has a decent battery (though not as good as the FIIO) and reasonably good audio so this is superfluous to needs. Note that I did take the plastic piece that was sitting over the protective screen so that I could see what was on the screen! I haven't used without the protective screen or rear plastic cover so it's in perfect nick. I have the receipt that Primare Knob sent with it. I have not upgraded the firmware.
  7. So cute. And sounds good too. Glws.
  8. Item: Universal power board ETKG YB-600 - metal (NOT A FILTERING UNIT) Location: Brisbane Price: $100 plus postage if required. Will fit in a large prepaid satchel. Item Condition: NEW Reason for selling: Bought this to use with US plugs but decided to buy all AUS power cables instead. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, or Paypal Posting - Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: 6 universal outlets (US, UK, EURO, AUS (and AUS 15amp too) etc..... Pass through design with solid metal case and a good quality design. The beauty of this unit is that you can grab cables with US plugs often cheaper than with proper AUS male plugs so you can save some money and it's metal case is meant to provide shielding as well. Comes with original box, AUS cover plates (not necessarily needed but handy) and an AUS power cable (but best to upgrade to a better one I reckon) This unit is (as far as I can tell) the same unit as the Consonance PW-3. (http://www.opera-consonance.com/products/pw-3.htm) - these sell for $135+ second hand and this is a new unit. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6Outlet-YB600-Power-Strip-mains-Distributor-AU-EU-UK-US-Plug-Socket-Output-/231949561924 Pictures:
  9. Item: Ecosse The Executive 1.5m Digital Coaxial Cable Location: Brisbane Price: $100 plus freight Item Condition: As New. Used for about 10 hours - connected and disconnected twice. Reason for selling: Surplus to needs. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal (preferred), Paypal (as a friend or add 3% for fees) Extra Info: I got this as it is a very high quality cable with good shielding and top quality solid copper connectors with gold plating (MACH 1) - and with a true 75ohm impedance. Ecosse make sensibility priced (they're Scottish so they canny with their money). 1.5m is regarded as the "sweet-spot" for coaxial cable lengths. In my experience this cable is built to a very high specification and passes the signal in a way that presents the music in a pleasingly detailed way but without any glare or other introduced digital artefacts. http://www.ecossecables.co.uk/ecosse_digital_interconnect_the-executive.html Pictures: Stock -
  10. A different viewpoint on so many things

    Let's see how long this goes before is turns to crap.
  11. PM sent back in reciprocation of same.
  12. Item: Supra TRICO rca-rca DIGITAL Coaxial Cable 1m Location: Brisbane Price: $35 inc' postage inside Australia. Item Condition: Plugs are great, cable itself has some faint red markings on it. Functions perfectly. Reason for selling: Surplus to needs. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal, postage - Paypal only (as a friend or add 3% for fees). Extra Info: I cannot separate this cable from my current reference coaxial cable - they sound is identical as far as I can tell. You get a totally balanced sound - full bass and so forth with to obvious alterations to the frequency range. No smearing of the sound. It will present the sound as well as your equipment can send or receive it. upra Trico The Supra Trico true 75 Ohm digital interconnects are designed for numerous digital and analogue transmissions that require a closely matched characteristic impedance with exceptional bandwidth, e.g. between computer and DAC, aerial cable and video transmissions. Trico have the required high bandwidth to transfer the full digital spectrum with a well controlled signal integrity, display sufficient head room to max performance even for longer transmissions and extremely low capacitance, the most benign characteristic there is for transfering digital square waves. Features and benefits Silver plated OFC 5N copper leads - exceptional high frequency conductivity PE foam insulation, extremely low capacitance - Instant square wave transient response Double shielded - Immune to surrounding noise fields that will harm signal quality 24K gold plated contacts - corrosion-free surfaces ensuring full conductivity year after year True 75 Ohm - Matches the numerous 75 ohm transmissions standards without signal loss Made in Sweden! Pictures: