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  1. Item: AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones NEW. unused. still in original packaging. Location: BrisbanePrice: $500 $450 ONO including postage and insurance inside Oz. (donation to SNA on sale) Current RRP $995. Item Condition: Perfecto - still in all original factory packing (see photos). All packaging and accessories. Reason for selling: Change of mind (my Brother) Payment Method: Pickup or postage = Paypal Only (as a friend or add 3% for fees) Extra Info: My Brother bought these on impulse and has subsequently changed his mind. He asked me to put them up on Stereonet. The Nighthawk headphones are a tour-de-force for Audioquest with some ground breaking technologies. I believe the frequency balance of this design is quite bass-centric though I have not read a single review that criticises the quality of bass. So I guess they might be described as "dark" by some. Other people might not agree and might think that they are spot on. It's all taste and system balance. I was offered them but I really can't justify this sort of money when I am lucky to listen to headphones once every few months these days! Manufacturer's blurb: https://personal.audioquest.com/nighthawk-carbon A review - https://www.themasterswitch.com/review-audioquest-nighthawk-carbon NightHawk Carbon Specifications: Impedance: 25 ohms Sensitivity: 99dBSPL / mW Power Handling:5W Weight: 346g (12.2 oz.) Driver: 50mm Dynamic - Biocellulose Diaphragm - 1.2T Split-Gap Motor Cable Specifications: Length: 4.25' (1.3m) Conductors: Long Grain Copper Jacket: Flexible, Non-Braided, Kink-Free, Non-Microphonic Terminations: 5mm TRRS to Dual 2.5mm Mono, Direct-Silver Plated Tellurium Copper (TeCu) Discrete Microphone and Smartphone Controls Adaptor (included): 5mm to 1/4", Direct-Silver Plated High-Purity Photos:
  2. Item: SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH 6.3 X 32MM SR-20 FUSE Slow Blow Location: Brisbane Price: $50 including postage Item Condition: Excellent. Refer to close ups. As new. Box is a bit squashed though. Used for about 8 hours. Reason for selling: This is 4 amps - it's higher than the rating on my power amp (2.5A) so I didn't feel confident continuing to use it. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A review. http://www.stereotimes.com/acc082912.shtml This fuse should work in a PS Audio BHK power amp's. Primaluna Dialoge Premium power amp's use 4A. Some Audio Research amps' (such as the 75SE also use 4A) Photos:
  3. Item: Auralic Aires (FEMPTO) Streamer with Auralic PSU Location: Brisbane Price: $1380 including postage inside Australia Item Condition: Excellent. Still has box for Streamer unit but not Auralic PSU - will as always post in very secure packaging. Very small visible signs of use. Reason for selling: NLR. Payment Method: Pickup or postage = Paypal (as a friend or add 3% for fees) Extra Info: This is the highly respected Auraic Aries (Fempto edition). It has the Auralic linear power supply. Comes with remote. The Aries presents a pristine sound across the frequency range with lots of detail in a non-fatiguing manner. It's very flexible in setup and outputs. Works with Roon, with its own Lightning DS server (nice interface) or with DLNA. Can be run with WIFI or ethernet. Can attach an external hard drive locally if not using Roon. Also does MQA, high res PCM and DSD. Built in upsampling. USB, AES/EBU. Coaxial outputs. A fanless, discrete solution. Photos:
  4. Item: HiFi-Tuning | Supreme³ Copper Fuse | 38mm mm - 2.5A slow blow Location: Brisbane Price: $60 including postage. I will give donation to SNA once sold. Item Condition: Perfect. Reason for selling: Bought the wrong value ;( Payment Method: Pickup or postage- Paypal. Extra Info: Objectivitist trigger warning. HIFI tuning have done tests against other standard and "audiophile" fuses here to illustrate that there are measurable differences between fuses: http://www.hifi-tuning.com/pdf/wlfr.eng.pdf I have some of the silver variants of these and the sound is vert detailed but can be a bit upfront in the wrong setup. I assume that the Copper Ultimate gives a warmer sound than the silver variations and their marketing seems to support that. - Caps consisting of Cardas Low Eddy Copper, gold plated - Black ceramic body with special filler - Straight melting wire consisting of pure Cardas copper - Cryogenically treated - Demagnetized Pictures: They looks scruffy but it's dust.
  5. Item: Antipodes Music Server Location: Brisbane Price: $580 plus postage if applicable - bargain. Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: Not quite what I need (see below) Payment Method: Pickup or postage = PayPal ( as a friend or add 3%). Local probably less hassle for me though. Extra Info: I bought this the other day from a local Stereonetter. It is based on the CAPS 2 server as designed by Computer Audiophile, and was manufactured by Antipodes. It has a Sotm tx usb 2.0 PCI card with Gieseler Audio upgrades. Also has a solid State internal SSD with Win 7 operating system (64 bit OEM disc included). It's a fanless Design though when you are close up to it, there is a slight high pitched sound - this might be fixable but I haven't cracked the case - otherwise it's not very intrusive as you need to be right next to it to hear it. It has a DVD/CD ripper built in. The SOTM card presents itself as a USB port on the Device i.e. you need to attach a DAC to get anything to show up as a playback device. When you attach a decent DAC you get a really nice sound. I would describe it as relaxed with a nice limpid quality - plenty of dynamics as required though. I really enjoyed what it had to offer So I tried it running Roon and it would run as a Roon Core but it won't run as a combined Roon Remote / Core as the inbuilt graphics card only supports OpenGL 1.2 - Roon Remote on Windows requires OpenGL 3.0. I ended up testing it as a Roon Core, so you fire up the PC, wait until it boots (pretty fast as it is a SSD), then Roon Server starts by itself. You then use a Roon remote, on another device (Ipad, Phone, PC, Apple etc) and run it from there. I was hoping to be able to run this and connect it directly to my TV and use it for Roon but the lack of being able to run Roon remote (the GUI) directly on the device means that I can't - you might be able to add a dedicated small / cheap GPU but I'm not sure if the mobo has a spare slot and I'm not willing to stuff around with this. On the Roon front, this unit can process new files, play up-sampled audio files and run several DSPs at the same time - convolution, re-sampling etc - just to see if it has the necessary grunt - no issues - no stuttering etc....... You might even want to load Roon Rock on the SSD and run it as a headless server. I also tested with Jriver - sounds great, possibly a bit more lush than Roon. Jriver has a server built in to the later versions so you set up a library location, start the server and then control it remotely as well. Or run it and control it directly on the PC. This unit requires a 12v dc power supply - I didn't actually use it with a linear power supply and it still sounded great so I would assume using a better PSU with more available current and less ripple would ratchet things up to another level. The inbuilt graphics has a bit of a shake from time to time - small scale stuff but on large screen display it might be noticeable. It is periodical so it will be there sometimes when you boot up and not at other times - I've seen this on older GPU's from time to time. Can be operated via keyboard and monitor - not supplied. Or by a purchase of JRiver software or Roon etc and operated via phone or tablet or another computer. Photos as always make most black units look worse than they really are
  6. Needs a half time intermission. I was busting to go to the toilet by the end. GLWS.
  7. Item: AUDIOQUEST VODKA HDMI CABLE 1 metre Location: Brisbane Price: $150 including postage, RRP $449. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup or postage = Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: An excellent cable for I2S or possibly video use. 10% silver plating, silver coated connectors. Objectivist trigger warning: I certainly sounded very good in my setup running from a Singxer-SU6 into my Directstream DAC. It has been my experience that there are detectable differences in the sound of HDMI cables in my un-sighted listening tests. I bought a Wireworld Silver Starlight HMDI at the same time which offers a similar sound with slightly different handling of the bass and presence region. I liked both but I think the WW works a bit better in my system. Photos:
  8. Item: Super duper Uptone USB A/B cable - thingy Location: Brisbane Price: $65 including postage Item Condition: Excellent. Very little use. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup & postage Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: The Uptone USB "cable" was designed to transmit a signal from your source to an Uptone USB Regen / ISO Regen. If your source can be aligned to your DAC then this little beasty can give excellent results. A tightly controlled impedance. This is a the normal straight through design, not the 90 degrees. I was using it between my NUC and my SIngxer SU6. Has the ability to shut off the 5V if your DAC does not require it to establish a handshake. https://uptoneaudio.com/products/uspcb-a-b-adapter Photos:
  9. Does anyone know how much fidelizer is for Windows? I might try that before vandelising the WIN7 installation if it's not to expensive.
  10. I'm thinking of trying Roon Rock myself.
  11. Item: Tungsram 12AU7's Hungary OEM - Set of 2. Location: Brisbane Price: $70 pair including postage. Item Condition: Totally unused except for testing. Reason for selling: Too many of ze toobs. I'm concentrating on 7Dj8s in my setup. Payment Method: Pickup & postage = Paypal Extra Info: The Tunsgram Hungaries pop up in versions guises and can be labelled Mazda, Thorn and GE (I'm sure there are more). These are a super-smooth tube. And by that I don't mean smoothed over or dull. You can listen to these for hours. Bass is not super extended but it's very clean. Treble is nice, no glare but still plenty of detail. Mid-range has that sweetness that we all want in a 12AU7 but with no mush. Single thin stalk, halo getter, short smooth plates. Like a lot of outlier tubes that don't seem to have the easily recognisable credentials of other tubes, these are very under rated. Ask Ben (Benjet) what he thinks of these tubes. He has a few on them now himself. Photos: The test values for the pair for sale are the ones on the right of the lower picture....
  12. Item: Sennheiser Urbanite-xl Headphones Black (over ear) Location: Brisbane Price: $90 including postage Item Condition: Excellent. Ear pads in perfect condition (despite the photos making them look shoddy) Reason for selling: Not using them. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or paypal, Postage =Paypal as a friend or add 3% Extra Info: A very well rounded set of headphones with an excellent balance of bass / mids / treble. Very listenable over the long term. I used these a few times whilst flying and they are well insulated and very comfortable. They are a bit bulky so I don't really use them as much as I should for travelling and I'm not really doing any casual headphone listening at the moment so out they go. Photos: They look a bit grubby and dusty but it's the light.
  13. Item: VALVO PCC88 7DJ8 tube A frame - NOS- Pair Location: Brisbane Price: $80 including postage Item Condition: Good writing and original boxes. NOS - unused Reason for selling: tooo many tooobs. Payment Method: Pickup & postage = Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: I really like the sound of the 7JD8's in my setup - they are a bit more relaxed that the 6V variants to me. The A- Frame / dimpled solid halo is a construction which to me gives a really good integration of the treble with the midrange. Interestingly these tubes are even more relaxed than the 7DJ8's that I've had in my system. They offer nice imaging and a fat but not super deep bass. They are great in applications where you have a piece of equipment that is a tube-eater (Conrad Johnson for example). They are intended to run at 7V but they will run perfectly in just about every 6V device and the extra head-room means that they are not under stress. Great for systems that are a bit bright or lean perhaps. Diese Röhren werden in Deutschland hergestellt, klingen aber nicht nach Siemens! Photos:
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