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  1. I owned a Gustard U16 and I now own a Singxer Su6. And an SU1 and a lot of other USB converters for that matter The Singxer SU6 is superior in imaging, texture, bass definition, dynamics and detail. Is it worth X2? For me, yes. Alternatively the SU1 with the power supply mod' can be had 2nd hand for a good price these days. If it doesn't have the mod' you can buy a DIY kit from Ghent Audio. The presentation of the SU1 errs more towards dynamics over the Su6. More of a "V" shaped response but still a lot of fun. I haven't heard the Matrix SPDIF II but it reviews well and is well priced. It looks like an Su1 with the power supply mod already done. It's also quite a neat package and is well priced. So a few options depending on budget. Also, not meaning to further confuse things, I have found that the SU6 responds to clean power from the USB which defies engineering logic. I am using an IFI Idefender from my NUC (running Roon Rock) into my Su6 and if I inject a clean 5V DC into it (via a linear power supply) the texture and sweetness steps up noticeably in my system. So go figure.
  2. Ite Item: Reference quality Isemcon EMM-13D082 microphone. 5 metre mini-xlr to XLR cable. Location: Brisbane Price: $240 inc' shipping if required. RRP for Mic' & Mic' cable including shipping & GST = $580 Item Condition: Great. Reason for selling: I'm going to move to a USB microphone as this suits my requirements at the moment. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal. Postage = Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: The Isemcon EMM microphone is almost dead flat in its response (see real response graph below). Each mic comes with a calibration file if you want absolutely flat measurements. It's a neat size but if you are using a normal mic' stand that doesn't have a mic' grip that can be tightened then you'll want to wrap the mic in something to act as a sheath to secure it. I have not included a microphone stand in the purchase. Microphone stands are bulky to post but quite cheap to buy. https://store.rationalacoustics.com/isemcon-emm-13d082.html- this is the version with a steel main body - mine has a black plastic option. This is a true reference quality microphone that has an ultra-flat recording response and very low distortion. It requires phantom power but most room EQ hardware will be able to provide this e.g. Behringer UltraCurve & DEQX hardware. In relation to using a calibration file with this Mic', you will note from the graph below that it is flat to with 0.5dB from 10-18,000hz so one could use the "no mic correction" option and be reasonably sure that any measurements would be very accurate. Only with accessories as shown in picture below!! Pictures:
  3. If asking price is met then free postage?
  4. Here's one that I keep coming back to: Rich, emotive and smothering.
  5. Very nice ! http://www.sacthailand.com/Amp_PrePassive2.html And 6dB gain as a bonus.
  6. I love what my PC1+ does in my system. I can only imagine how the PC3 sounds
  7. Consonance pw3  https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/product-page/consonance-pw-3-6-plug-shielded-power-board
  8. Which model of vdh hdmi is that? Now that i have looked at it on my laptop, I see it's a Chord.
  9. Item: Scanspeak 21W/8555-00 8" Carbon Fibre / Paper composite Woofer Pair Location: Brisbane Price: $260 plus postage. RRP $240 each plus postage. Donation to SNA on sale. Item Condition: Excellent. Never soldered. Cones and surrounds are perfect. Some stripping away of black paint around mounting holes. Pictures make them look scrappy but they are in really neat condition. Still in original Scanspeak boxes so happy to post. Reason for selling: NLR. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal. Postage - Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: A great woofer that is capable of deep bass in sealed or ported enclosures. It has a useful sensitivity of 88dB /w/m - not a super sensitive woofer but the payoff is deep bass in moderately sized boxes. I would describe the bass as quite dry (subjective opinion), detailed and it has good pitch definition and good damping. The dryness may be result of the distortion signature of the woofer - whereas some paper woofers offer higher levels of 2nd order distortion which can sound "fat" or "warmer". It has a well designed motor system that allows for very large excursions. Xmech is 12mm+/- and has Scanspeak's SD-1 magnet system that allows for very long excursion where normal woofers might see the voice coil hitting the back-plate. It has a usefully flat frequency response up to cone breakup. I have heard of people using these in 2 way designs but you'd want to use an active crossover or a steep passive crossover slope and cross it over to a good tweeter quite low. It has a very cool look with carbon-fibre "veins" running through the unpressed paper cone. It also has an inverted dust cap which will make it suitable for use where there are small children who love to push dust caps in! Troels did 3 designs with this woofer. http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/ScanSpeak-3WC-C.htm "The 21W/8555-00 is an all-time classic and with its carbon filler paper pulp cone a potent bass driver, no need to do mkII versions for something that just works. It displays a very nice Qm of 4.5 and a Qt of 0.31, well suited for bass reflex application. A well engineered driver! The current 21W/8555-10 only has an aluminum chassis rather than magnesium - TS data stays the same and from some 40 litres we get an F3 of 35 Hz, quite impressive. This bass driver goes deep from a small volume. Price to pay is little less sensitivity, but it runs very well from my tubed GlowMaster power amp." As an example you would expect a -6dB point of 25hz in a 50litre ported box tuned to 29hz. Another example would be a 40litre sealed box which would get you a -6dB of 30hz which is very respectable. http://www.scan-speak.dk/datasheet/archive/21w-8555-00.pdf Pictures: The white spots in the pictures are dust, not scratches! I made some DATS tests and took photos of the drivers.. As I would expect from Scanspeak, they measure very close: Driver "A" Driver B:
  10. A very powerful unit. ANd a good mic' too. To the person who buys this - have a look at this page -http://www.seoman.nl/deq2496/DEQremote.html
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