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  1. scumbag

    Niagra 1000 power strip

    I have a feeling these are NOT going to be cheap by the time they hit our shores. Oh, well better start saving I suppose! Mark
  2. scumbag

    Niagra 1000 power strip

    Got this back from a the Asia Pacific Sales Manager at AQ: "Hi Mark, Thank You for contacting me at AudioQuest. We have not started selling the Niagara 1000 as we are currently working with the local authorities and hope to bring the Niagara to the Australia soon. A rough timeline would be the second half or the year or perhaps early next year. When that happens, the local distributor would announce on their website and social media perhaps you could check back at a later time as well. Thank you for your keen interest and support of AudioQuest products."
  3. scumbag

    WTB: Curious Cable

    Item: Curious Cable USB Price Range: Talk to me! Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'd prefer one that's longer than the ISO Regen one (it needs to sit behind a DAC and I'm afraid that the shorter cable with have too much strain on it),
  4. Has anyone seen one of these beasts in the wild? I am trying to find out whether anybody stocks them in AUS. I can't see anything on the Aussie distributors website so I am guessing that AQ has decided to not make an AUS variant for the time being. John Darko gives this a rave review as do others. Has anyone gotten their mitts on one to have a listen? https://www.audioquest.com/ac-power/ac-power-conditioners/niagara-1000#!/reviews Mark
  5. scumbag

    SOLD: FS: Sonore MicroRendu

    The quick and the dead! PMéd
  6. I got hold of a set of quite long speaker cables off Bill last week. I've been running one side with Bill's and the other with my DIY Dueland tinned Copper. It's amazing how close they are. At the moment the Duelands are showing a tad more midrange presence - though I'm not sure if run in is a factor on these cables. As to whether you like one over the other would be very taste / system dependent. I do note that Bill''s cables offer a slightly less lit up treble and I can see where that might be good in some systems for sure. I'll let them run in for a bit to see if they change. There are companies out there charging lots more for cables that in my experience have not been able to deliver what Bill's cables can bring to the table. I think the thing that I keep coming back to is neutrality - and not in a bad way. There is no alteration in balance or tone or any other special effects on going on here - just passing the signal as it was received.
  7. Well I know the name won't be $Bill 😜😜😜
  8. Item: Sonore MicroRendu Location: Brisbane Price: $320 inc'postage Item Condition: Doesn't have the little rubber feet, the factory packaging or the power-supply hence bargain pricing. You can get a Geisler PSU or an IFI Ipower (but the Clay's will be lots better). You don't look at this device so any aesthetic considerations shouldn't come into play Reason for selling: Upgrading to UltraRendu Payment Method: Paypal as a friend or add 3% Extra Info: This Sonore MicroRendu is based on the OG v1.3 firmware. This unit has a very mature sound perhaps in contrast to its size and aesthetics. It does prove that computer audio does not follow the general conventions of analogue audio. One aspect of this unit's sound that I really enjoyed was in it's image depth - Low's "Plastic Cup" comes across as a thoroughly 3 dimensional recording complete with all the fine details one would hope for. Bass is clean, highs are present but not not harsh or gritty. Imaging is deep and wide. The midrange is nicely presented - neutral without sinking into syrupy sweetness - this allows your other gear to have its say instead of having fight against the "flavour" of the source. Pictures: From previous classified.
  9. The Viborg has been disconnected from the Hive Mind and is of no threat. You can run a power board after the unit - Airlink suggest that this could possibly be an issue but I didn't detect any. I was using one with no filtering though - if you used one with lots of filtering, it "might" be an issue due to higher impedance or whatever.
  10. Item: CBS2000AU - Conditioning Filtered Balanced Power Supply (filter, balancing, DC offset blocking) Location: Brisbane Price: $850 plus postage if required (I prefer to use Freight Exchange but happy for buyer to arrange if they prefer). Will include a Viborg pure Copper 24k Gold Plated AC 20A IEC (see photo below). Item Condition: Perfecto. Reason for selling: I thought I'd finally gotten this past the aesthetic police but we have a new TV cabinet and I can't fit this behind or inside it. It's big enough to need a bit of space. *********************I thought I'd sold this unit a month ago but the "buyer"pulled out at the last second. Anyway, here it is again for your viewing pleasure.********************* Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal (preferred). Postage Paypal ONLY - (as a friend or add 3% for fees). I reserve the right to ignore low ball offers. Extra Info: *** With regards to pricing - a new unit delivered from the UK is 516 Pounds Sterling with postage. This unit almost perfectly compares to the Peach Audio balanced transformer that is distributed by Tortech - which retails for (I think) about $1600 AUD. There are cheaper locally available isol trannies but these do not offer balanced or filtered output. So you get a balanced power supply, DC blocking, an inrush protector, highest quality components and a very high 13A output making it suitable for use with power amps. This unit will address issues of ground loops between equipment and hum from transformers in situations where DC is present in the mains (solar panels are big culprits). There IS pricing on the Airlinktransformers.com.au website that suggests these are available for around $770 new but Airlink Australia do not stock these and have not done so for some time. In the very short time that I have used this transformer in my system, it transformed (pun intended) the sound in an immediately noticeable way. At the risk of resorting to cliches, there was an increase in detail but without any associated harshness, in fact the presentation became very relaxed. The unit does not have any hum at all in my setup. Comes with the sturdy original double box. Comes with 15AMP AUS cable. But you can use the 15AMP plug shown below and make your own cable if you are so inclined. https://airlinktransformers.com/product/datasheet-pdf/conditioning-balanced-power-supply-cbs2000au An interesting article : https://airlinktransformers.com/post/conditioning-balanced-power-supply-technical-notes VA 2000 Input Voltage 240 Input Termination IEC Mains Filter with 2mt lead & Australian 16amp plug Input Current 8.3A Output Voltage 240 Output Current Amps 13 Output Termination Three Australian 10amp 3pin sockets Product Case CBS Light grey steel case Dimension Ht:125 W:230 L:315 Weight 16kg Primary Protection Push to reset circuit breaker SP12 Surge Protection SL35 Surge Limiter Product Type Standard Safety Isolating transformer Conforms to EN61558-2 Notes IEC Inlet with Line filter & EMC shields. 2-pole on/off switch. Pictures:
  11. scumbag

    FS: Barkbusters

    Damn, why can't they make Dogs with standard size threads?
  12. scumbag

    FS: Barkbusters

    Noiiiiiii. Not the Fleabay. Would these work on larger Dogs too?
  13. scumbag

    Single SMS-200 to multiple sources??

    The SBT's are hovering around $150 now - excellent value. I'd suggest getting an IFI Ipower to provide juice. It will clean up the sound a bit.
  14. Item: FIIO X3 MKIII hi-res media player / SPDIF converter Location: Brisbane Price: $180 (free shipping) Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: Got a Galaxy S8. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, posting = Paypal (+fee or as a friend) Extra Info: 8 months old an I've only used it for a about 8 hours since I got it. Pictures: From the previous classified. I bought this off Primare Knob a while ago - I have used it for about 8 hours. I have gotten hold a Galaxy S8 which has a decent battery (though not as good as the FIIO) and reasonably good audio so this is superfluous to needs. Note that I did take the plastic piece that was sitting over the protective screen so that I could see what was on the screen! I haven't used without the protective screen or rear plastic cover so it's in perfect nick. I have the receipt that Primare Knob sent with it. I have not upgraded the firmware.
  15. Item: Gold 4K UHD DisplayPort Cable, M/M, 2 metres Location: Brisbane Price: $40 plus postage- RRP $100 plus postage. Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: No longer use a Displayport Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or postage - Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: Lindy make some very good cables at reasonable prices. Pictures: