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  1. Geoff also recommends to try them both ways to see if one way is better than the other. The arrows go in the direction of the signal which goes from source to amp.
  2. I did this on my Living Voice OBX-RW's and I have carpet on boards as well, and there was a significant increase in sound quality. So then I got another 3 for my Lovan audio rack and there was another improvement, and I could move it too!
  3. this looks great - well done! clean, simple and looks strong. i've been looking at ideas for shelves for a while now and really like this.
  4. But Steve has also just bought a pair of S F Guarneri something or others too, so the Devialet are only one pair of the at least 3 pairs he owns.
  5. ok - thanks. i just did the kernel upgrade and it took 10mins. cheers.
  6. there was no 4.53 on the update list for me. i just checked and it says i am up to date. i have 4.54.
  7. i just did the upgrade from 4.51 to 4.54 in 5mins. this isn't a big one.
  8. it doesn't appear possible to use it on a cart that is mounted. is that correct?
  9. thank you @Marc. as you know a lot of NZers frequent this site as if it were our own. once a day for the pop-up will be fine.
  10. i sent my DV TKR to andy kim about 6mths ago, as i purchased it 2nd hand about 7yrs ago and had always been unsure if the cantilever was straight. he checked it out and said the suspension needed repair but the tip was fine. happy with the work. not sure how to evaluate the cost side it.
  11. ok, but the image file for 4.22 is still available for download from sotm on the same page you get 4.51
  12. i only use MPD. why buy another when you can use the original card?
  13. hi andrew, i too tried the update and despite using chrome and windows etc, had no success. so i popped the mSD card out of my ultra and did it that way. 2 days later i did the 4.51 update. i have had no issues at all. probably used 4.5 for 4 or 5hrs and 4.51 for a bit more. i have a copy of one of the early images so can go back to that if needed. on a different note i have been wondering for a while now how the snake-oil os would sound on the ultra. i have communicated with agent kith about it and he's concerned about sotm getting "cross" with him but i am tempted to try the ARM version anyway. csn't see how it would hurt.
  14. and now i can get here without using the VPN. strange.....
  15. after being happy with the workaround provided by @marc , it seems this is no longer working for me. marc has indicated he now requires my ip address in order to allow the workaround, but i use wi-fi and can't find an ip for that. and i view in various places on differing devices. as it currently stands, i can only access SNA by activating the VPN which is built into my Opera browser, so no biggie. an inconvenience bordering on a pain, so my visits and activity on this site have reduced. not a bad thing really.
  16. rocl444


    i may be wrong, but for marc these sites are his business and the decision to redirect is a business decision. sna is well used and self supporting. snnz is not.
  17. rocl444


    hi cliff - did marc want an ip address from you? he asked me for 1 but, firstly i am away from home and secondly i am using a laptop via wifi, so can't give one. mine is not sorted, except i can access sna by activating the vpn on opera. it will reduce how often i log on which is not such a bad thing.
  18. rocl444


    the vpn on my opera browser allows to visit sna, but slows everything down
  19. rocl444


    and i have also sent a pm asking for this to be fixed
  20. there is a thread on the sna site about this, in which marc says if you contact him he will make a work around for you.
  21. i think they are both using the previous board. the review was written 07/2017. soren says the sound has not changed "much" but the new board allows more flexibility for "attachments". i have a dac made from the previous board and it is exceptional "in my system".
  22. chris phillips at the audio workshop in rangiora has done some things for me. you can try contacting him via the facebook page for the workshop
  23. rocl444


    hi - marc. i can now get onto the SNA site. thanks. my main issue yesterday was i had done a search for a brand of speaker manufactured in australia and could not access the review on your site. i can understand that you want to resurrect this site and i wish you luck with that. i must say that yesterday was the 1st time i have been here for a LONG time. in my mind it has been dead.
  24. rocl444


    as from this afternoon i am unable to view SNA. it switches me to SNNZ within a second or 2. how can i view content on SNA? @Marc
  25. but, interestingly, i have a 70w lfd amplifier which a reviewer stated was the "ideal" amplifier for these speakers and he loved the sound combination and bought the amp. others are also effusive in their praise of this combination. i don't have harbeth's so can't really comment from experience but with living voice speakers at high volumes the sound is stunning. a comparison of amps and what is heard would have been even more informative.
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