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  1. Are you willing to split them? There's a few there I'd take.... But I wouldn't necessarily want the whole lot.
  2. Further information: This unit is basically end game for two channel audio, the sound I can only describe as sublime. These units didn't seem to get as much traction in Australia as I've seen overseas, which I'm quite surprised at. I'm sure plenty of people in this forum will recognise these from multiple events where they've been used to demonstrate speakers. Emitter II: Two channel amplifier with acrylic casing, input selector and volume control. Class A/B technology with 20 Toshiba special audio MOSFETs with high impulse capacity
  3. Hey Ken, I've wanted the P32 signatures for some time, so when some signature 33s came up for sale the other day, it turns out it was an easy sell. I'm still not 100% on what I'm going to do for amplification long term, but for the moment, I'm staying with my rotel toroidal amp till I get bored. If you're ex whatmough, what did you go to? Berny
  4. Further information: I bought these new from Basement HiFi on York Street in 2005. They've been through three countries and a couple of international moves. I've loved these speakers and really enjoyed listening to them. They've been in non-smoking environment and work beautifully. I don't have shipping boxes for them, but can get something made up at pack and send at buyers expense if required. From that aspect, pickup is very much preferred. Photos: \\
  5. Further information: I can send this with TNT if required. Photos: Note for scale, didn't have a ruler handy..
  6. OK, I've got to ask, what are you upgrading to? I've got a DD15+ and can't think of a better subwoofer. I know the SVS and others are the same ball park, but... It's a cracking piece of equipment, and unless I needed to raise cash and couldn't flog a kidney, I wouldn't consider parting with mine! What more could you want? The only option I can think of is that it's too small and you need a larger sub or subs to fill a larger room...
  7. I do have an ASR Emitter II sitting in a cupboard upstairs that might sound OK..... I could hook it up for a day if you wanted to do a comparison... I hooked up my speakers last night and they sound nice, I just don't know what I'm missing at this point, what more do I get if I go down the path of another amplifier more than what I'm hearing now? @thesnodger What do you think?
  8. If this is still for sale, sent you an private message, check your messages
  9. Hey everyone, I've had a couple of old Rotel toroidal amps that I've been using for 15 years now and they've been fantastic, they were well reviewed at the time but that was 15 years ago, but I still enjoy them. Previously I'd considered going down the Emotiva XPR path, but then there was a lot of problems with the XPR and it didn't sell well, so it was discontinued.. Then do I go the Emotiva XPA-5 Gen 3? Or do I look at an old Classe 5300... I've recently acquired some Whatmough S33s (I've wanted to go from the P32 to the P32 Signatures for a while, so when
  10. Item: Oppo UDP-203 or UDP-205 Price Range: 1000 - 1100 for the 203 or 1600 - 1800 for the 205 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: The prices for the Oppo units seem to be going up, and I'm negotiable, I've seen some going for crazy money, and I've also seen some going before they were discontinued at a more reasonable number. If you've got one that you'd consider parting with to a good home, then I'd be interested to hear from you.
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