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  1. Buyer reneged on the sale and withdrew, because a cheaper IC was posted an hour after agreeing to buy mine.
  2. Item: Analysis Plus Silver Oval-In RCA Interconnects - 1M Location: Carlingford Price: $615.00 - free standard postage in AUS. Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Selling headphone amp. No longer needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Excellent IC. Around 400 hours use. 1M. The Analysis Plus Silver Oval-In Interconnects are braided into patented hollow oval geometry. These interconnects are wrapped with an open braided shield for ultra quiet, noise free performance. Very detailed. New- $1,380.00 Pictures:
  3. Item: Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear USB Headphone Amplifier Location: Parramatta Price: $845.00 + Postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Rarely used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: The Black Cube Linear USB Headphone Amplifier/Single-Source Preamplifier. Was $1,845 new. Has not been used much. Around 50 hours. Excellent headphone amp. In addition to being a headphone amplifier and a DAC that will convert your digital audio files to analogue, via a USB interface, the Black Cube Linear is also a high-end preamplifier. On the underside of the Linear USB are three DIP switches that allow you to select the output gain for more or less efficient headphones (the options are 0dB, 10dB and 20dB). The impedance remains constant at 47kOhms, with a five ohm output impedance for headphones, and a 60 ohm for line out. WHAT HIFI said... For ..... Gloriously transparent Detailed and natural presentation Nicely made Against Only makes sense with top-class source and headphones HI-FI+ said... In terms of sound quality, it’s the perfect partner for the Sennheiser HD800. It’s rugged, can drive to very high levels without distortion or complaint, it’s tonally neutral, dynamic, fast and very, very detailed. Take away the HD800 and replace them with more humble cans (Sony MDR-7506, Grado SR-60 mk II) and the same detailed and accurate presentation follows across. As does the ability to go really loud without complaint – in short, the Lehmann s the perfect headphone partner. Australian Hi-Fi Conclusion.... If you are starting out to put together a high end audiophile system, the Black Cube Linear USB is an absolute bargain, because in one fell swoop (and for just $1,849!) you’re scoring a high-end preamp, a high-end headphone amplifier and a high-end USB audio interface. So all you have to do is add a CD player, a power amp and a pair of speakers and you’re away, with a system that will be the envy of all! Lehmann Audio Linear Specifications Analogue section Input impedance 47 kohms Maximum gain 0 dB, 10 dB, 18 dB, 20 dB selectable via DIP switches Frequency response 10 Hz (-0.3 dB) to 35 kHz (-1 dB) Signal to noise ratio > 95 dB at gain 0 dB THD < 0.001 % at 6 mW/300 ohms Channel separation > 70 dB at 10 kHz Output power 400 mW/60 ohms 200 mW/300 ohms Output impedance Line Out 60 ohms Headphones Out 5 ohms Connectors audio Neutrik headphone jacks with gold plated contacts 1 x switching Line Out 1 x non switching Line Out gold plated RCA sockets with teflon insulation Linear USB: Mini jack Stereo (Loop Out/Line In) 3.5 mm Power consumption 10 W Outer dimensions W x D x H 110 mm x 280 mm x 50 mm Weight 1.5 kg netto USB-DAC (Linear USB) – Sampling rate digital up to 48 kHz Resolution 16 Bit Maximum voltage 1 V eff. Pictures:
  4. I had an Arcam Alpha 9, so this was a big leap forward for me. It is very a accurate player, but musical player, with a lot of flexibility built in to play with.
  5. Item: ESOTERIC K-07X SACD/CD Player Location: North Parramatta Price: SOLD Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Change of circumstances Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The player is 13 months old is in excellent condition. Great player. Offers a lot of flexibility to adjust to the sound that best fits your system and taste. New Price - $7,000. Selling Price - SOLD Some features from the Esoteric brochure... Refined Dual Mono D/A Converters Esoteric’s unique VOSP* mechanism employs the same axial sliding pick-up assembly used in their premier Grandioso line of high-end SACD players. As the pickup lens moves, the laser beam maintains an ultra-precise perpendicular optical axis orientation relative to the disc surface, ensuring highly accurate reading of audio data. The VOSP mechanism is rigidly held by a robust steel plate and an 8mm-thick large-diameter steel stabilizer for superior anti-resonance and anti-vibration properties. *VOSP = Vertically-aligned Optical Stability Platform Refined Dual Mono D/A Converters Derived From Top-of-the-Line Components, the D/A converters analogue output circuitry features both excellent high-end resolution and natural musical texturing that only high-end components such as Esoteric’s K Series SACD players can offer. Centred around Asahi Kasei’s high-end AK4490* 32-bit DAC, this circuitry accentuates the expressive power of these players with 4 parallel/differential circuits and 8 outputs driving each channel—twice that of conventional players in terms of circuit scale—to further enhance sound quality with excellent linearity and low distortion. 34-Bit D/A Processing Achieves Outstanding Powers of Musical Expression Employing a 34-bit D/A processing algorithm with an encoding resolution that is an astounding 1,024 times greater than that of 24-bit encoding, multiple 32-bit DAC devices were combined to convert the high-resolution 34-bit PCM signal to analogue. In the digital range, full advantage is taken of high-bit data gradation to minimize calculation errors and provide faithful conversion to analogue, thereby attaining outstanding powers of expression with even extremely small music signals. Comprehensive D/D Conversion Compatible With Wide Range of Sources In addition to playback at the original sampling frequency, 2X, 4X and 8X up-conversion of the PCM digital signal is also provided, a range of D/D conversion modes are also available for the PCM format, such as PCM-to-DSD conversion. Four Digital Filters Plus Filter OFF Mode Four types of digital filter are available for PCM signal processing. Besides two FIR (Finite Impulse Response) digital filters, which have an established reputation for outstanding sound quality, two types of short delay digital filters are also included for a more precise and natural sound. A Digital Filter OFF mode permits both PCM and DSD digital filters to be bypassed if desired. http://www.esoteric.jp/products/esoteric/k07x/indexe.html Soundstage Ultra Review... http://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/equipment-menu/619-esoteric-k-07x-sacd-cd-player-dac Stereo Magazine Review... https://stereo-magazine.com/#download Issue 5..... Compatible disc types: Super Audio CD, CD (including CD-R and CD-RW)Analogue audio outputs: XLR connector (2ch) x 1 RCA connector (2ch) x 1Total harmonic distortion: 0.007% (1 kHz)Digital audio output: RCA connector x 1: 0.5 Vp-p (into 75 ?) Optical digital connector x 1: -21 to -15 dBm peak x 1 USB-B port: USB 2.0 standardDigital audio input: RCA connector x 1 Optical digital connector x 1 USB-B connector: USB 2.0 standardDimensions (WHD): 445mm × 131mm × 355 mm Weight: 14kgs Pick up preferred from North Parramatta, otherwise freight needs to be organised by the buyer. Pictures:
  6. PRICE DROP - Item: Halcro dm38 Power AmplifierLocation: North ParramattaPrice: $11,400 $10,250
  7. There are lots of options and to think about. Thank you very much for your suggestions.
  8. Mark, thanks. I'll think about it. Receive the DAC tomorrow, so not sure I can wait until next week for the cable. 1.5M is a lot of cable.
  9. Item: Halcro dm38 Power Amplifier Location: North Parramatta Price: $11,400 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: decided to move to monoblocks Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This amp was ex-demo from the factory and didn’t have many hours on it when purchased. I have listened to the amp for around 200 hours. The amp comes with a 12 Month Warranty from Halcro. The Halcro dm38 is one of the finest sounding stereo amplifiers ever built. It is also a stunning looking amp. The dm38 is rated at180W into 8ohms and 350W into 4ohms. It is a high current amp able to drive any speaker with ease, even with awkward loads. It is in perfect working order. For those of you unfamiliar with this amp, it is worth taking a few minutes to read the reviews below.... http://www.stereophile.com/solidpoweramps/1004halcro/#DU2TkoCHkadUu0qD.97 Summing up ..the dm38 combined great dynamics and great bass control with a superbly transparent view into the recorded soundstage. Its treble was free from grain and its midrange was as smooth as silk. It may be expensive, but Halcro's dm38 effortlessly joins the ranks of top-rated power amplifiers, not only for its sound quality but also its measured performance http://hometheaterreview.com/halcro-dm38-stereo-power-amplifier-reviewed/ Conclusion The Halcro dm38 is among the best amplifiers in the world at any price. Its sound quality easily competes with the amplifiers from Krell, Mark Levinson, Pass Labs, Bel Canto, Spectral, Ayre, Boulder or any of the other players in the ultra-high-end market. At this level of performance, the sonic characteristics of the amplifiers become harder and harder to describe as they become closer to the proverbial "closer to the music" phenomenon. http://www.avrev.com/home-theater-power-amplifiers/stereo-amplifiers/halcro-dm38-stereo-power-amplifier.html Conclusion I have reviewed and/or auditioned all of the competition, and the Halcro dm38 is one of the single finest stereo amplifiers available at any price. It is extremely fast and detailed, without introducing a sense of analytical harshness. Its revealing nature will necessarily mean that it should be paired with clean, high-quality electronics, as lesser-quality gear will be ruthlessly revealed. Specs Please refer to the full specs and features sheet on the Halcro website. http://halcro.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/dm38specs.rev1_.1.pdf Power output into 4ohms resistive > 350W Power output into 8ohms resistive > 180W Less than .0007% distortion at full power (20kHz) Balanced, unbalanced and current mode inputs Solid Mahogany feet Dimensions: 790mm H x 400mm W x 400mm D. Weight: 55kg. Shipping weight: 85kg Comes with original case. Pick up preferred from North Parramatta, otherwise freight needs to be organised by the buyer. Pictures:
  10. With regards to connections, RCA and TOSLINK (S/PDIF), are quoted for both the player and DAC. I'm not sure how I can use BNC plugs Dave. This is all new to me.
  11. Drew, thanks. I will look at QED. It's great to know.
  12. BioBrian, thanks, but I don't think I'm up to DIY. I'm not that clever.
  13. Drew, did you by any chance listen to any other cables or the different QED cables, say QED Performance vs QED reference? I always wonder about the big price jumps.
  14. Aechmea, thanks, will look at these cables too. For the price, it worth a try!
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