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  1. Hi folks, Does anyone have a Vicoustic Varibass in use or ever had? Does it do a great job? Thanks
  2. Thank you, I’ll try to go through the local first and hopefully I’ll get it fixed. Cheers Art
  3. Hi everyone, Does any one know a place ideally in Sydney, but will consider any where I could repair the stylus of my Sumiko EVO III cartridge? It’s been damaged to my regret. Cheers, Art
  4. Thank you, guys today I have the second step to hang the panels on my walls. Hopefully those hanging strips Command will work.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I will try it or maybe even will be able to ask my friend who lives nearby the store to buy Flexi Glue for me. I have just recalled he comes tomorrow to me for cleaning his vinyls and listening to them. But I have another issue which came up just now as I was told that Command Hanging Strips will not be strong enough to hold my Wavewood Panels which I am going to upgrade. I would like to glue MDF panels recently bought to the Vicoustic ones in order to use hanging strips from Command then. I am going to stick them to the MDF panels which will be glued to the Vicoustic panels from one side and to me walls from another. The reason I would like to do so as I do not want to damage my walls when there is a time has come for moving from the unit where I live at this moment. Is anyone familiar with this way to instal Vicoustic Wavewood panels?
  6. Hi there, I’ve purchased a pack of 10 Vicoustic Wavewood panels, but happened I didn’t get Vicoustic Flexi Glue. The nearest store to but quite far from me, so I was wondering if I could any other alternatives from Bunnings to glue the panels? Thanks, Art
  7. No, nothing what I changed before the noise started. I live in an unit. Yes, it's obviously a device which works during night time.
  8. Hi all, Recently a few weeks ago I got an issue with buzzing noise coming from my speakers at certain time as I have realised and measured later. Before I did not have any issues with such noise in my system. The noise goes constantly and starts at 5:06pm and stops at 7:06am, within the rest hours in a day it is dead quiet. A few days ago I was advised that it might be ground loop issue between my preamp and phono stage. I have changed a RCA cable as it was very long to a shorter one and the noise has become much quieter, but is still there. Today I've red another advise for determining where exactly the loop occurs and I think it is between my phono stage and turntable, because when I unplug cables of the turntable from the phono stage the noise disappears. I've red many topics regarding such issues and done pretty much everything except of moving the table away from my power amplifier as there's only 0.5m distance, but I think if it was the case the noise would have been constant for all the time, not timed. I am going to do a rearrangement of my components this weekend, but would like to know from you guys what could be other things done to fix the issue? Please, any advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Art
  9. Hi there, Im looking for a Plinius M8 to buy, but it looks like I might have it difficult to find used one, so I have decided to try it in my setup just in case I won't like the sound I'm looking for. I was told that this preamp will perfectly match with my power amplifier Plinius SA250. That's why I would like to find anyone who has this model so we can try it at my place in Sydney. Thanks, Art
  10. Item: Primare A32 Dual Mono Power Amplifier Location: Waterloo Price: $2300 negotiable Item Condition: excellent conditions Reason for selling: Upgrade to class A Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am selling my Primare A32 Dual Mono Power Amplifier in excellent conditions.It is been in use in non smoking room for about 4 years and it didn't have any issues. It sounds fantastic with capacity of controlling the most demanding low-sensitivity speakers. It is a fully balanced power amplifier with output power 2 x 250 W / 8 Ohm2 x 400 W / 4 Ohm.The reason I am selling the amp is a simple upgrade to another amplifier class A.I have its original box and manual. Pictures:
  11. I also visited the show, but on Sunday and I also noticed that I'm very interested in sounding of Audio Note's room at the event. Even my wife said she is impressed with it very realistic, soft and colourful sound. I didn't want to even leave the room as it was a very good session.
  12. Thank you for the clarification. Also will consider solid preamp into tube amp combo.
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