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  1. IMO spikes are just a fashion accessory. Place the cutting boards on the carpet. It will do an excellent job of vibration isolation. Total cost = $0.
  2. Unfortunately that particular arm is not compatible with your Thorens TD160 due to the mounting system being too tall. End of story. The only way to make it fit will be to replace the existing armboard with a much thinner one. Maybe an armboard could be made from 3mm thick alloy or acrylic.
  3. I refurbish turntables as a hobby and have always positioned the springs as described with the ends oriented towards the spindle bearing during initial assembly simply because that is what the service manual advises. However in tweaking for that perfect bounce one or all of the springs usually end up being rotated from that position. The springs on most of these sprung turntables ( including Linn LP 12s ) are not perfectly square and often need to be rotated to centralise the armboard . As to whether it makes any difference to the sound I cant say I've noticed it.
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