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  1. Sunderland in NE England. A place accurately described to me as the boil in the armpit of the world. So bad, left the UK at the end of the year and never went back except to visit family. HiFi wise, very UK flat earth with LP12/Ekos/Asaka Naim 42.5/HiCap/110 and Linn Kans. Bought a Sony Discman to experiment with and to travel with. Still got the LP12.
  2. New Burson V3? Not got balanced sockets or phono stage but rest ok https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/conductor-3/
  3. One day only Flash Sale 10% off full price and reduced stuff Senn HD 820 $3499 > $2447 Lots more
  4. Audience cables from US, either AU24 in various flavours or Ohno range. Got both and thin and reasonably flexible. http://audience-av.com/cables/ Used even better 😉 https://www.usedcable.com/audience.html Keith
  5. https://oswaldsmillaudio.com/pd1 OMA as a matter of course, don't put price on the website. Their horn speakers were US$260,000 last time i saw something written though... Gulp Audio porn
  6. I think Mendo has reached out to be after seeing the thread already (thanks) but I probably need to see if the Univector can be repaired first before wasting people's time unnecessarily. Keith
  7. Is that the PU 7? They/he had a unipivot based loosely on the ARO but it seems to have gone from the website.
  8. Sited under an air conditioner actually. Probably need a dust cover fabricated
  9. Sited under an air conditioner actually. That would be great. I'm in Sydney but not sure Harry at Audio Genesis or LWA could do this?
  10. Came home a week or so ago, sat down and looked across at the TTs. Thought, something looks off. Used to the cleaners (I think) knocking the wand off the pivot/bearing but this was different. Very sad looking stub end of the arm. Now not sure who could repair this now Duc is sadly no longer with us. Any ideas? If no one can repair it, I will have to consider a new arm. On a SP10 mk2 with custom birch ply plinth set up for upto 12" arms. The Uni is a 12" arm but have a spare uncut arm board so any length okay. Originally decided on the univector and loved it. The SP10/Uni destroyed my LP12/Ekos/Klyde with Lingo1. Considering one of the Wand arms - ?Plus or Master which was also on my original list. Also on list are the usual suspects of Morch, SME, Scheu with higher up the food chain Reed, Schroeder, Graham and Tri-Planar. Not sure the SP10 warrants the more rarified arms. Anyone with experience of other arms for the SP10, your thoughts much appreciated. Not really interested in old/classic SME-type arms. Thanks for any replies. Keith
  11. Bought my SP10 mk2 off a SNAer for ~ $750 (actually on eBay) as the TT unit and PSU only. Serviced, resprayed black and plinth built by the late Duc. Also sports one of his Univector tonearms with a Soundsmith MIMC cart. Since I've had this, the LP12/Lingo1/Ekos/Klyde next door hasn't had a look in. Sounds thick and cloudy compared to the SP10. All through the same phono stage (Goldnote PH10). Probably all up cost 3.5k for TT/Arm and so for the price of a Rega RP8, I think i've probably got a better TT. YMMV
  12. Wondering if any experience with these amps. Wondering if worth the punt on the SET400 power amp. Currently running Burson Timekeeper amps x 2 in bridged mono into Maggie 1.7i’s. Can’t use the Maggie sub panel as they sound stressed. An Audiopholia review is very positive and they are stable at 2 ohms. Apparently bettered Merrill Monoblocks for the reviewer. All AVA stuff seems well reviewed. http://www.audiophilia.com/reviews/2018/9/13/the-van-alstine-vision-set-400-stereo-amplifier http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/audio-by-van-alstine-transcendence-10-rb-preamplifier-and-vision-set-120-stereo-power-amplifier/?page=2 Keith
  13. If your wed to USB like me (no SPDIF input) look for one of these used. Made a considerable difference to me even with Jitterbugs in place https://www.psaudio.com/products/lanrover-usb-transporter/
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