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  1. Cheers! Anyone knows the mounting distance for the 12 and the 14 inch versions of the mbh?
  2. That's it! Thanks, mate! My what a beauty. Now I only have to hunt one down.
  3. Thank you. Hm, bummer. I was told the Denon 103 would work fine with the heavier SME's such as mine. It's a series II uniimproved.
  4. G'day from Germany! I'm afraid this is kind of a newbie thing but I don't seem to be able to solve this issue and need some help. Everytime I play a record, the high frequencies sound really distorted, almost like a shriek. My cartridge is a Denon DL 103, and in general I'm really happy with the way it sounds, very clear and dynamic. If only there wouldn't be these annoying high frequencies. I'm not sure if this has to do with my tonearm set up, I was pretty sure I did it all correct and very accurately. Here's my equipment: TT: Thorens TD 124/II Tonearm: SME 3009/II (non-improved) incl. two rider weights Headshell: Ortofon G Type Cartridge: Denon DL 103 Stylus pressure: 2,5g (I also tried 3,0g, didn't really sound differently) Template: SME Step up transformer: Denon AU-320 Amplifier: Pioneer SM-G204 Speakers: I've only used headphones so far Like I said, the sound would be great if it wasn't for the shrieking high frequencies. When I start playing albums like AC/DC's "HIghway To Hell" or Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" it becomes really annoying, especially the guitar solos. The worst part was the guitar solo in Thin Lizzy's "Emerald", right at the end of the second side. I'm not sure if the problem becomes worse the nearer the tonearm gets to the middle, but it's definitely there from the first minute on each side. I played both records on another turntable - sounded just fine. What might be problem here? Can it be the amplifier as well? Thanks guys! Dennis
  5. Well, what phono stage would you suggest to play both mono and stereo recordings. Something like the Jazz Club?
  6. thanks! well, i wanna go for true mono here. got an extra turntable only for that purpose. that's why i'm considering one of the grados.
  7. I own a couple of mono lp's, all first pressings from the late 50's and early 60's. Now I want to buy the right cartridge for them, either the Grado MC+ (c=conical, ca. $150) or the Grado ME+ (e=eliptical, ca. $200). What would be the right choice?
  8. Hi Duc, Thank you very much, mate! Great to hear theres actually people around here who can help. Plinth looks super btw!
  9. g'day from germany! i recently imported one of those mighty Orpheus Silex to Germany, and now that it's made its way around the planet i want to build a plinth for it. does anyone know where to get a template for the plinth? thanks guys! dennis
  10. Nice site. Think I'll stay for a while.
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