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  1. Item: Joe Cocker vinyl LP Cocker Happy Price Range: within reason: it's not exactly a classic Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I've already got 2 copies of this record and both get stuck at different songs, so I'd like a copy that I can listen to without getting up halfway through play. A CD could suffice until the LP comes up. Need a postage price to Hobart. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Hmmm …. kids eh? What DO they teach them at school?
  3. Not many pre-recorded tapes for sale down here in Hobart; maybe Black and White Minstrels or similar but nothing decent. I've only got a few crappy ones/home made stuff.
  4. I followed these instructions: Power on RPI and wait about 30 secs. Now on computer or tablet or iPhone, type into your internet browser http://moode.local and you should see screen as attached. from there, turn on your amp and you should get sound Controls and all settings are made from this interface. Enjoy cheers My response: http://moode.local does not display the screen you have added above. It takes me to a page of search results from that I chose https://moodeaudio.org/ and it has a download for moOde 6 - which I did. Now it has taken me to File Manager and an extract file of moOde 6 and then a "disc image file is corrupted" warning. The above instruction is impossible as the amp is 6 metres away on the other side of the room (as previously mentioned). I'm not kidding when I say I'm not a tech expert - I'm stumbling around here and your instructions are confusing and not clear at all (to me). Perhaps somebody on the SNA DAC page can explain it to me in baby steps later on, but just now I need to close this friggin' computer down and take Panadol. Later, Greg I got this response: Greg, you simply put into your browser the IP address of the device. It should show up when you type in http://www.moode.local So I've tried downloading and opening twice:
  5. I'm trying to get in to digital, so recently I purchased a music streaming rig from an SNA member. It's an M2tech USB DAC packaged with RPI 3, 16GB SD, Apple charger/power supply and HiFiberry Digi + installed in aluminium case - it also included a 3.5 to 2 x RCA connector to connect DAC to my Sansui AU-555A amplifier line level input. It has Moode on it and all other functions including Spotify. I've been trying, with some limited assistance from the seller, for about a month or more to set this thing up. Does anybody have any experience with this stuff as I clearly am stupid beyond help. Apparently I just need to go to http://moode.local and everything will work, but it goes to **** from there as well. Some very basic step-by-step instructions would be appreciated. It's driving me nuts and I'll have to ask for a refund if nothing comes of this, but really want it to work. Thanks in advance.
  6. It wouldn't be so hard to stomach if we were talking $millions, but it's actually $Billions. The nation has Mr Broadband and the LNP/IPA to thank for this bastard act of treachery. Who will hold them to account?
  7. John could you PM his name - I'm in Hobart. Seems there's nobody down here (ie a tech for any make), well nobody that I've found yet. GLWTS.
  8. So a Squeezebox is better than my phone playing Spotify through the headphone jack?
  9. "It takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes, but an even wiser man to learn from others." I appreciate your input and clearly I'm hoping to learn from your experience.
  10. Thanks for the Regen link David, at least I can read about it now. . . . and thank you Snoop. That should be an informative read.
  11. I only nominated $250-500 as I anticipated somebody demanding a budget; I could have put $10k, 'cos I don't know. I still don't know what Regens is let alone if I need it, but thanks I'll leave it out. Thanks for the link - that's what I was hoping for. More links would be welcome.
  12. I've sorta recently retired and need an abridged update re what's been happening with digital over the past few decades. Hopefully, in the next month or two I'll be unpacking my stereo system (after 3 years in storage). My only recent music source has been Spotify via a Google mini. I have a Yamaha amp, a CD player (I've forgotten model numbers) and a choice of 3 average turntables. The amp and CD lack USB/Bluetooth (eg modern-ish, not vintage), although very capable. The guy I bought them from was going Sonos. So, Spotify I have a handle on, but Dac, Daps, Roon, USB on Oppo, Squeezebox, node 2i, FLAC files, cisco catalyst 2960, etc I am lost on. At present I struggle even with the brand names mentioned in the Classifieds let alone this: "I use Audirvana to stream it to my DAC via my Oppo and SPDF, the second is a long USB cable from my MAC then into the Uptone Regen with one of Ceiseler Audio's"? Previously I've plugged my Samsung mobile in to my Yamaha via the headphone jack to play CDs I'd ripped on my computer, so I have a rudimentary grasp of digital. What bits and pieces can/should I add to my system (and what is it going to do) using what's available in the current second hand market? Do I need a music streamer or is that my mobile or computer? My budget is unknown, would $250-$500 do it? No need for headphones BTW.
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