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  1. OK, Sounds like I was probably dreaming thinking the Arias would cover what i need. I think I still want to use the opportunity to start stepping my gear up to the next level, So I'd like to get something better than the previous chorus. I've seen a few suggestions for the SVS SB13-Ultra, but it may be a tad out of budget. Thoughts on the SVS SB2000?
  2. Hi Folks. I found my way here while thinking about updating my current set of speakers, So I figured I'd post up what I'm thinking (I'll try to not be too convoluted) and open it up for discussion. Currently running; Denon 3311 Receiver, Focal-JMLab Chorus 716 S Towers, CC 700 S Centre, 706 S Bookshelf Rears and until recently an SW 700 V Subwoofer. The subwoofer has died. The driver is fine but apparently the electronic components are damaged to the point of not-worth-fixing. So I started looking for a replacement, and in the process I stumbled across the relatively new Focal Aria 900 series, and after reading a review (HERE) my thinking has shifted somewhat. When i bought this setup nearly 10 years ago I lived in a house with a decent sized living space. Now I live in an townhouse and the home theatre is squeezed into a 3x4m space in the corner of a multi-use room, so placement for the rears and the sub has presented an issue. I keep the rears on a shelf directly behind the couch and the sub has always been shoved between one of the fronts and the TV which hasn't been ideal. I've also never really been happy with the low end when it came to music. I can't explain it exactly, it was there but just felt disconnected. Now, after reading the review, which emphasises that the Arias do not have a sub in the range but have a very punchy and quite low response that you'd have to get a pretty mean sub to compliment it. I'm thinking now that maybe if i upgrade my fronts to Arias.. possibly the 936s (since their frequency response gets down to 39Hz rather than the 926s 45Hz)... maybe i won't feel a real need to find a corner to shove an outboard subwoofer into. Also, It'll potentially improve the problem I've had with the low end with my music. To be honest I've even been debating the big 948s which go even lower... but maybe that will send me down a path of no return (I've always lusted after a bigger stereo setup) and my neighbours may hate me. So, Will i really need a sub for theatre if I have decent low end from my fronts? Musically would you expect the Arias to be an improvement? Would buying the 948's be a better choice? ;-) of course I'll go have a listen to see for myself, but I'm curious to here some more experienced audiophiles opinions.
  3. Hah... Yeah Yearning would have absolutely been appropriate.
  4. Hi Guys I'm an audio hobbiest (sometimes, at least). I've been researching some new gear, since I'm looking at updating my speakers after a component die on me recently. Thought I'd sign up and have an explore around here as there seems to be a lot of knowledge about! Cheers JP
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