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  1. Sime


    Meh, hi-fi inspired bathroom, got that already
  2. @swervyn lol, takes 20mins
  3. @Eggcup The Daft I’m using a Mytek Brooklyn Plus.
  4. Sime

    'New Content' not working

    Same here, and has been very slow when you press unread content button.
  5. Sime

    Bluesound Vault 2

    @Luc I think the BT only works one way, device - node.
  6. Sime

    The first Song that you remember

    The theme song on the opening credits of the show Bell Birds.
  7. Sime

    Bluesound Vault 2

    I’ve got a Mac, problems I don’t have.
  8. Sime

    Bluesound Vault 2

    @Luc I’m no expert, but my guess it’s more an issue with the network more than the node. I’m like @wolster and others, never ever have issues with mine and the two I’ve got are both on WiFi and the other is Ethernet. Yes it’s a crap situation you have, but networks are a Schit in times like this, and I wish I had a solution for you.
  9. Sime

    Bluesound Vault 2

    @Luc can you always see the node in the bluos app under my players at all times?
  10. Sime

    Bluesound Vault 2

    @Luc stick an external HDD with everyone’s music in the house on it and get on with using it. Networks, a pain in the arse.
  11. Sime

    Bluesound Vault 2

    @joz actually it’s for 2 DAC’s that I need to use through COAX, one for the Qutest, the other for the Brooklyn. The Brooklyn doesn’t like optical 192 and I prefer coax with the Qutest.
  12. Sime

    Bluesound Vault 2

    Love em so much I’ve got two