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  1. ACT + Wyndham Audio GTG - 2 December 2017

    Don’t count me in the head count, I most likely won’t be there unfortunately, but if I do I can bring a isotek polaris.
  2. Loving this 4k business counting the days till calibration.
  3. @:) al well the plugging in of the ATV was a bit of a fail, the 205 kept on freezing up and most of the time the ATV was doing 4 frames per second. So I just went straight into the tv and voila.
  4. 4K ATV isn’t a big priority anyway but it’ll be interesting to see how it goes with the Oppo. I was spoilt with my previous Sony TV being calibrated, this one def needs the black levels/shadows sorted out.
  5. @Martykt well I didn’t get the hugo2, so.........
  6. @Kaynin of course mine is better, sheesh @Hi-Fi Whipped 2.2m from tv to my head to be exact.
  7. @Kaynin so you got the x9000?
  8. Have to admit, the 4k upscaling on this tv is a ripper.
  9. Yeah, I’ve got an imax now
  10. @:) al genius @Kaynin I don’t watch a hell of a lot of Oppo/AppleTV anyway, so it being on during these times is a non issue.
  11. Dropped some coin today on a 55” Sony X9000 4k tv, upgraded from a 43” and it just fit tomorrow I just have to buy a couple of 2.2 compliant HDMI cables to plug my 205 and 4k AppleTV into it (8801 still unfortunately) Just messaged Mike the TV calibrater to see when he’s up here next, so hopefully that’ll be in a month or two. Now that I have the NBN, 4k YouTube looks great. Now, seeing that the 205 will be ok going video direct into tv and audio direct into the 8801, but the issue is with AppleTV, if I go into the ARC HDMI input to the tv, the tv’s optical out should handle to 5.1 to the 8801, correct? I won’t worry about any HD audio from iTunes till I upgrade the 8801, assuming that HD audio is available now on iTunes/AppleTV?
  12. American and Gun culture

    To be honest, I’m over it, let them kill themselves, hopefully they’ll figure it out before they have anyone left.
  13. I’m actually thinking of selling all 7 of my isotek power cables and going back to the stock black ones.