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  1. Sunday HiFi show weekend GTG

    @Martykt well if he’s going, I ain’t got no choice do it............nah all good, should be fun.
  2. Brimstone

    Awesome movie, loved it.
  3. Everything unplugged

    No, but the system is protected by 3 isotek devices so that’ll do
  4. Everything unplugged

    I just pull the power from the outside inlet on the van and run off the battery
  5. The newer extended preview
  6. DAC as a Pre Amplifier.

    @Primare Knob it’s something like that special Hi-Fi voodoo sauce, or sumfin.
  7. Damping Factor

    Seeing as I’m not technically minded in all this, those videos that @MLXXX posted above showing speakers as generators, how does a speaker/amp system handle the energy being created by the speaker during playback (sorry if it’s already been explained)
  8. DAC as a Pre Amplifier.

    I think it was @:) al who was talking about something like this awhile back where he was simply saying, you can’t replace to workings of a good pre.
  9. Cooling setup for AVR

    @IMDave thanks for the link, I might get those, if you’ve seen how my gear is stacked, well it’s pretty clear once summer rolls around.
  10. Cooling setup for AVR

    One thing I learnt very quickly when I was a sound guy running my own PA, is that it takes very little airflow to make a big difference.
  11. Site issue all morning

    All good, seems to have settled currently.
  12. @Marc morning, getting a lot of this screen this morning.