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  1. @Tony B lol, I know, my store rang the supplier today and they said 1-2 weeks, so it’s anyones guess.
  2. Lol , I hope that quote mentioning the near flawless Marantz pre-pros includes my old boy the 8801 @:) al
  3. FS: Audeze LCD-XC

    So all the LCDX - XC since 2014 have not needed an update? Ive just bought the LCD-X’s from the classifieds over the weekend and was thinking of checking in with Audeze to see if an update was available, so it looks like they are all good?
  4. Water (It's Political).

    No kids, so I’ve done my bit.
  5. Good looking speakers. @Pops110
  6. American and Gun culture

    She must be a foreigner. Good speech.
  7. Rotels play well with B&W also.
  8. Look into that RB-1590, beast of a power amp, I use RB-1581 monos on 805D3s and it’s pretty bloody good, being that the 1590 is newer, it might even be better.
  9. COG Are Back !!!

    Bastads, no Canberra date.
  10. Black Panther

    Ahh ok, but you actually brought up by accident, real situations that are going on around this movie, as I had mentioned later in the thread.

    Giddy up, all mine
  12. Aussie Politics

    Just for the record, even though I know my way of thinking can go against the grain at times, just letting you know my exchanges with anyone here are never personal, in fact I love a good argument/debate, even if it doesn’t go in my favor.