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  1. Interestingly what kicked it off for me was tidying my parents house and removing the LPs. Early / mid 80s is when we stopped buying records and went CD as a family. Old player was kaput, so traded it in for the Rega. So playing INXS The Swing has been fun. And older siblings 70s stuff (Marcia Hines, ABBA) I'll play sometime soon. Next step (for a different thread) is cleaning LP records...
  2. I will now hunt down some of the suggestions. The journey begins....
  3. Interesting. I've three of the four you mention in SACD. And earlier comment about REM, Automatic for the People is one of my all time favourites!
  4. Ok, newbie question here. Just set up my first record player (Rega RP2). I'm after an album suggestion that would make a Gen X like me sit up and take notice compared to my large digital collection and streaming. If not a specific album, which genre? What would give me "the bug"?
  5. Hi, do you know if it has a HT Bypass function?
  6. Does this have a HT Bypass option? I could see AV In on one of the inputs.
  7. Does this preamp have a HT bypass option? And if so, does it need to be powered on for it to work?
  8. Does the pre have a home theatre bypass?
  9. Hi, do you know if this preamp does HT bypass? I'm thinking it is the bypass input but wanted to know if it needs to be left "on" for the bypass to work.
  10. Which model did you get of the 3? I'm getting the car itch that needs a scratch, but can't decide between the 3 options. Wallet says Standard Plus, heart says Performance, so maybe Long Range is the sweet spot. Performance would require me, as an act of spousal faith, to sell a lot of my audio gear.
  11. Thanks, I'm leaning to a streaming integrated too. Hegel H390. Coming soon so hopefully can demo. I like the looks and the Roon integration. If going separates, I was considering an Elektra pre. So does Moon beat it just on sound, or are they close but the features and simpler setup of the Moon make it the winner?
  12. I don’t want to get too off-topic, but which preamps did you compare? And what did you go with, if any?
  13. A great price. I have the G2 for desktop monitors and they are fantastic for this purpose.
  14. General question - how do you get the DSD signal out of the SACD layer? Only if you have a DCS Dac?
  15. https://reneweconomy.com.au/csiro-to-co-develop-high-energy-highly-safe-ev-batteries-30425/ Should help push things along in 5-10 years. Hopefully battery replacements and upgrades in future will be more "plug n play" for upgrades.
  16. https://thedriven.io/2019/09/10/vw-presents-id-3-in-full-as-world-first-carbon-neutral-electric-car/ Beats sound system in the top range??? [emoji849]
  17. Pnyx retail seems to be $3,950 across multiple sellers. Which kinda set my budget. This is excluding phono.
  18. Thanks. I know there are modular solutions, like Vinnie Rossi’s products, which help to ameliorate this, but it is outside my budget. But I think I’m leaning to your thinking because I don’t want to have or pay for unused components.
  19. SA-10 is my end state dream player.
  20. I’m after buying advice for a preamp. Not necessarily specific models, but about pros and cons of them having certain features. My only minimum requirements is that they have a HT Bypass as I use it in a single location, trigger out also to turn on the amplifier, and be placed in an enclosed shelf (it’s what I have to work with...) A list of HT bypass I found http:// http://www.audiophile.no/en/articles-tests-reviews/item/426-amplifiers-with-processor-input Options to consider: - purely analogue preamp - preamp with built in dac - digital preamp with dsp e.g. Anthem STR - tubes or solid state e.g. Elektra Pnyx, Musical Fidelity M8 My speakers are Martin Logan 60XT and a Paradigm Sub-12. I’m primarily a Roon user and have a Gieseler Gross DAC. Still some CD/SACD playing. Looking into vinyl at some stage. I’m after something built to last, and so I’m a little wary of technology options which are changing rapidly e.g new dac chips, streaming limitations etc. In contrast (and opposition?) it would be good to reduce the box/device count. Apologies in advance if my question is too broad.
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