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  1. Still after the headamp if around. Even more so after the reviews from the meeting below.
  2. I may have some for sale. PM me.
  3. Finished it. There are twists.... oh boy there are twists.
  4. This has been a useful thread. I put this question to see if I have this right... I don't quite understand metal shielded / metal plugs / "shield-tied" distinction. So can you have metal connectors that are not connected electrically to the shield? I have these cables available. AQ Vodka (Cat-7 with Telegärtner metal connectors) AQ Cinnamon (Cat-7 with metal connectors) Meicord Opal (plastic connector / unshielded) Supra (Cat-8 with metal connectors) various other Cat-6, Cat-7 and Cat-8 with plastic or metal ends The original guidance from Uptone is "shield-tied" was ok for the B side, but not recommended for the A side. But.... So what are the recommendations now out there? I have NUC server, Oppo Blu-ray and AVR all on the A-side, and Devialet Expert Pro on the B side. Which should I use, where? And what about Ghent Audio ethernet cables - they have metal connectors but are JSSG360 design - what does that mean?
  5. Good point - it doesn't stay cool. Will consider Plan B. No basement unfortunately - house is on a slab.
  6. I would buy it if/when it comes. I need a replacement for my Fiat 500 and I'm not optimistic of Fiat getting their act together.
  7. Hi, I'm hoping to pick the brains of the smart folk here about what to do about a series of network equipment - NBN modem, ISP modem, NAS etc. My NBN modem comes into my garage via HFC cable. The ISP's supplied modem/router is here as well. I then pass on to a mesh network point, which controls the DHCP for the devices throughout the house. I want to move my 4-drive QNAP NAS to the same location in the garage; on my desk I'm really noticing the whirring of old-school drives. So to the question... I'm looking for some kind of cabinet or shelf to put all these devices into, because Garages get dusty and fumes everywhere ( until I get a Tesla ) I want to protect them from knocking over Keep everything neat and tidy None of the items are rack-mounted, so a standard rack wouldn't work. And I'm guessing nothing can be completely sealed, or there will be no heat dissipation. I'm sure in the old days there used to be those printer acoustic cabinets that functioned like a glass/plastic box. Any suggestions?
  8. I may have spooked them by asking for a photo rather than a stock product shot.
  9. Thanks for the link. But what I need is a switch for switching speaker cables. This is for XLR inputs. I've sourced a Beresford for a good price.
  10. Worth seeing. And Jeri is a badass in this. Picked up more human traits such as drinking bourbon straight.
  11. Yep, that's what I was referring to.
  12. Anyone started watching The Hunters? Pacino is excellent, already binged two episodes. Nazis are bad!
  13. I'm liking it. Episode 5 now. Definitely not Trek, what with the dark underbelly, but still very good. Def not for kids...
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