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  1. Do you know if it can do HT bypass?
  2. Are these now sold with the speakers?
  3. Raffinator

    FS: Vitus Audio RI-100 integrated amp

    Hi, does this have a HT bypass setting for using in a home theatre set up?
  4. Raffinator

    FS: Paradigm reference studio sub 12

    Any chance you might split the PBK from the main sale?
  5. Raffinator

    Selling / Removing stereo from parents

    Amp works as well. Connected with my currently unused Lenehan speakers, and barely got past 9 o'clock on the volume to play it suitably loud. Not bad for rating 40 watts per channel into 8Ω. I'm daunted by the turntable - I haven't used one since I was a kid.
  6. Item: Technics Dual Cassette Deck RS-TR155 (late 80's) Location: Forestville NSW Price: Donation to SNA Item Condition: Used but working Reason for selling: Helping parents downsize Payment Method: Extra Info: I've tested this cassette deck and it is still working well. Happy with any donation to SNA. Took me back to much younger years... Have the original manual as well. Pictures:
  7. Item: Technics SL-P150 CD player (parts/not working) Location: Forestville NSW Price: Free Item Condition: For parts / not working Reason for selling: Cleaning up parents place Payment Method: can you pay someone zero? Extra Info: This CD player is not working. Powers on, tray open/closes, but fails to read CD. For parts or repairs. Vintage late 80's. I find this a great source. http://vasiltech.narod.ru/CD-Player-DAC-Transport.htm If no takers - advice is always handy for responsible disposal. I'd prefer to avoid landfill. Pictures:
  8. Raffinator

    Selling / Removing stereo from parents

    Thanks for assistance all. Took components to my place to see if they have any usefulness. CD player is stuffed - likely a TOC reading error with the laser. Turns on, tray opens/closes, but no track reading. Oh well... move on to the tape deck... Edit: Tape deck works. Played cassette of Don McLean's Greatest Hits. American Pie sounded not bad.
  9. Hi, My elderly parents will need to downsize soon, and a part of the cleanup they have an old stereo and speakers that need to be moved on. I need a view as to any value of the gear - will someone want it, or should it go to the tip? All late 80's or early 90's ( the gear, not the parents ) Identified equipment: Technics Turntable - SL-8020 Technics Stereo Receiver - SA-R177 Technics CD Player - SL-P150 Technics cassette deck ? The speakers I'll need to have a look at the back for a model number. The second photo shows the bits of chipboard that have come away from the frame of the dust cover, not from the speaker cones. Basically it crumbled as I (gently) removed the cover. There may be a few LPs lurking around too - these might be valuable with the vinyl revival. Feel free to comment about the shag pile carpet - it is the worst in the house. I'll try to go and play it all to see if it is all still working ok.
  10. Raffinator

    Fein dac - impressions

    Hopefully Clay can answer this, but what are the chip specs for the Fein? Can it do DSD512 like its big brother Gross?
  11. Raffinator

    Power supply upgrade for Gross, Fein & Klein III DAC’s.

    Clay, is the box size of the Kraftwerk smaller or the same size as a Klein III?
  12. Raffinator

    $15k floorStanders?

    Duntech Senators - might be a bit over your price range.
  13. Raffinator

    SOLD: FS Vincent SA-T8 Pre Amplifier

    This likely has the same circuitry as my previous SV800 Integrated. I still miss it. Someone is going to enjoy this.
  14. Raffinator

    Fein dac - impressions

    Out of interest, have you tried comparing the Fein powered by Kraftwerk vs. JS-2? I have a JS-2, and have ordered a Kraftwerk for my Gross. Similar to you I use ultraRendu and microRendu. You are seriously tempting me to get a Fein for my desk setup!
  15. Raffinator

    Uptone Audio JS-2 thoughts...

    I’ve got a JS-2. Where’s the info for an upgrade like this?