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  1. Yes. But sometimes it can be triggered by the AVR out into an integrated amp in (or so I hoped) Only asking as my family complain when they have to turn on one more device. Family eh [emoji2357][emoji2369]
  2. I couldn't see one, but is there a 12v trigger to turn it on, and does to allow HT bypass?
  3. This might be a sacrilege to ask, but does this preamp allow HT bypass on input from an AVR? Listening space for me is shared with family room for movies and TV.
  4. "As seen in the pictures the remote is in as new condition". Except we can't. I just thought you forgot to add the picture and thought it would help.
  5. Am I crazy, or is there no photo of the remote?
  6. I think an ML1 would suit you better. I think one of the original models had settings to make them suitable for nearfield. Also funky flight cases.
  7. You are first backup. First in line just wants to confirm the shipping costs first.
  8. Sold pending payment and shipment. Speaker and toppers. Sydney people, stands are available. Foiltek cables staying with me.
  9. Courier plan for Bris buyer - call past and get Darren's ML 5 in Grafton. Meet at Coffs Harbour for a handover
  10. Item: Lenehan Audio ML2 Ref Speakers (gloss red) and toppers Location: Forestville NSW Price: $2,500 to $3,000 see below Item Condition: Used, one small paint blemish Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, PayID Extra Info: These speakers are well known on the forums. I've owned these for a few years, I'm at least second owner. Reluctant sale, but I'm down to one stereo location and looking to consolidate. Includes a set of Toppers to put on the speakers - they are the unbranded plain black ones. There is one paint blemish one one speaker, which I inherited from the previous owner. See photo for details. I have the shipping boxes so can be posted at buyer's expense. They were sent to Mike last year to replace the speaker connectors and made a happy round journey. I don't want to ship the stands - they are very heavy and full of filing and I can't face it. Pricing: speakers + boxes, stands & toppers - $3,000 speakers + boxes, toppers - $2,800 (+ shipping) speakers + boxes, - $2,500 (+ shipping) Extra notes: I won't separately sell the toppers unless the speaker buyer doesn't want them, so please don't ask. I also have a pair of Lenehan Foilflex speaker cables (2.5m spade - see here for background) and will sell the red stereo rack (NorStone ESSE) for a pickup buyer - make me an offer! Pictures: (lots of reflection as they are gloss - no marks except for the paint chip)
  11. Successful gimmick - picked up a RP2 yesterday from Eastwood HiFi. Journey begins after setup tomorrow.
  12. Just to be clear, is this price with the Canare cables but without the stands?
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