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  1. Raffinator


    I continue to be amazed at how the Aptitliq chopping board from Ikea can be used so well.
  2. Raffinator

    Power supply upgrade for Gross, Fein & Klein III DAC’s.

    Hi Clay, I’m happy to join the party. Pretty sure mine will be on the early list so will need to be sent in for the full upgrade. Not that I doubt your DC power supplies - I have had a few and they have been great - but if I have an existing DC12V supply it is fine to use isn’t it?
  3. Sold elsewhere - pending pickup
  4. Question to the many knowledgeable SNA folk. Is this a real issue or a beat up? https://www.abc.net.au/7.30/power-bills-up-appliances-burning-out-you-may-have/10479756
  5. Raffinator

    Roon Core Suggestions

    I try to. And mostly succeed, but will occasionally get interruptions and pauses, with Roon app saying slow performance or network issue. I will be replacing my Mac Mini soon, but not sure if 2018 Mini or Nucleus+
  6. Raffinator

    Roon Core Suggestions

    One cool new feature for me is grouping output with a Chromecast. The music goes to my dac via an endpoint, and image goes to Chromecast for artwork and lyrics on the TV.
  7. Raffinator

    Roon Core Suggestions

    Mac Mini for me. Might upgrade to a new one. Upsamples to 512 but that’s pushing it - 256 more stable. Also used as occasional desktop computer. Files stored on a NAS.
  8. Raffinator

    Mac music server software

    Do you want to run it with Roon?
  9. Item: Onkyo TX-NR906 AV Receiver Location: Forestville NSW Price: $450 Item Condition: Used, but working well. Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: About 9 years old. I'm the original owner. 4 HDMI inputs, and lots of digital and analogue RCA inputs. Was I think the top of the line Onkyo in its day. Working remote, has Audyssey microphone for calibration. Powerful output - claimed 220W/ch but take that at face value. Heavy beast. Pickup only as I don't have the box, or could arrange for a pack-n-send as required. Attachments have the manual, data sheet and an article from when it was released. Pictures: hifi_news_2009feb_txnr906.pdfSN_29344753A_TX-SR876_NR906_En_web.pdfTX-NR906 AUST.pdf
  10. Raffinator

    2-ch listening in a Home Theatre setup

    Preamp sold. Happy SNA member who now has the full MF 8 series setup. Now waiting for CA to arrive.
  11. Raffinator

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    I think that is right, at least with trying to output from my Mac Mini via USB. But I can use the Mac to do upsampling to DSD512 using Roon, then output via an endpoint (ultraRendu). Occasionally I lose connection. I think it is because I’m pushing the 2013 Mini to the limit. Might also be the wireless network.
  12. Raffinator

    2-ch listening in a Home Theatre setup

    And with that...... decision made. Ex-demo CXR-200 from Melbourne Hifi $2,499 on eBay. Used 5% code. Done. Goodbye old AVR Onkyo TX-NR906. Goodbye preamp (which I now need to sell)
  13. Raffinator

    2-ch listening in a Home Theatre setup

    So, it is looking like this after a bit of refinement. Option 1: CXR-200 - keep Gross DAC - keep monoblocks for L/R (if better than out of CXR direct). Option 2: Emotiva RMC-1 & Elektra 5-ch poweramp - sell Gross, sell monoblocks (if performance is as hoped for / expected...) 2) would take some hope on my behalf that the AKM4490 is implemented well compared to Clay’s super work. Not ruling out a NAD, but that would get me needing to make larger changes re DSD/PCM source / Roon setup / sampling / BluOS / replace ultraRendu etc.
  14. Raffinator

    2-ch listening in a Home Theatre setup

    Grant, I did consider this, especially as they are doing a $500 hand-in-your-old-avr deal for the next few months. I may have to go for a listen sometime soon.
  15. Raffinator

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    If just for Tidal use - I think you can ignore DSD discussions. It is only for DSD file playback or DSD upsampling, which you won’t do with direct Tidal using BluOS.