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  1. Hi, were you using it as a preamp into active speakers, or a power amp?
  2. Hi, I’ll take what’s left please. I’m guessing it is “another side...”. John
  3. I have an EtherRegen, but not had much chance to use it yet. I will try Meicord, AQ Vodka and Supra when I can.
  4. Hi, have you used the Phono input on this? If so, any comments on how it sounds?
  5. Hi, does this amp have a HT bypass function? I couldn’t get an answer from the Goldnote website.
  6. Squeezebox touch and AKG Q701. Nice. But I don’t recognise the headphone amp and is that a preamp?
  7. I'd like the clamp and belt please. I presume it is fine for Rega P2?
  8. Interestingly what kicked it off for me was tidying my parents house and removing the LPs. Early / mid 80s is when we stopped buying records and went CD as a family. Old player was kaput, so traded it in for the Rega. So playing INXS The Swing has been fun. And older siblings 70s stuff (Marcia Hines, ABBA) I'll play sometime soon. Next step (for a different thread) is cleaning LP records...
  9. I will now hunt down some of the suggestions. The journey begins....
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