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  1. If you have collected it - great. If it falls through, I have one with the MMK modification from Uptone audio. It allows for a LPS to power it.
  2. Further information: For sale is my Gieseler headphone amp and preamp. I'm the original owner. This has been a great headamp, and excellent preamp for use with my desktop active speakers (Genelecs) Australian made by Clay Gieseler. A great reputation here on SNA. Best information can be found here https://www.gieseler.com.au/product-page/headphone-amplifier Photos:
  3. Do you know if this fits Rega tone arms without needing to have a VTA height adjustment?
  4. Hi, can this headphone act as a Preamp for active monitors? This is for when headphones are not being used, but say desktop monitors a la Genelec.
  5. Yep, that's how I was using one with my Gross. With a good streamer it wasn't needed.
  6. Hi, does this have a 24V DC motor or a 240V AC one? Any chance of an underneath the plinth photo?
  7. Clay, have you tried the UpTone IsoRegen?
  8. I meant the versions of iPower. Original version New version
  9. Item: WTB: 5V LPS with a USB out Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Just after a cheapy to power a Chromecast to see if any improvements happen for video and audio.
  10. New design or original design?
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