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  1. https://reneweconomy.com.au/csiro-to-co-develop-high-energy-highly-safe-ev-batteries-30425/ Should help push things along in 5-10 years. Hopefully battery replacements and upgrades in future will be more "plug n play" for upgrades.
  2. https://thedriven.io/2019/09/10/vw-presents-id-3-in-full-as-world-first-carbon-neutral-electric-car/ Beats sound system in the top range??? [emoji849]
  3. Pnyx retail seems to be $3,950 across multiple sellers. Which kinda set my budget. This is excluding phono.
  4. Thanks. I know there are modular solutions, like Vinnie Rossi’s products, which help to ameliorate this, but it is outside my budget. But I think I’m leaning to your thinking because I don’t want to have or pay for unused components.
  5. SA-10 is my end state dream player.
  6. I’m after buying advice for a preamp. Not necessarily specific models, but about pros and cons of them having certain features. My only minimum requirements is that they have a HT Bypass as I use it in a single location, trigger out also to turn on the amplifier, and be placed in an enclosed shelf (it’s what I have to work with...) A list of HT bypass I found http:// http://www.audiophile.no/en/articles-tests-reviews/item/426-amplifiers-with-processor-input Options to consider: - purely analogue preamp - preamp with built in dac - digital preamp with dsp e.g. Anthem STR - tubes or solid state e.g. Elektra Pnyx, Musical Fidelity M8 My speakers are Martin Logan 60XT and a Paradigm Sub-12. I’m primarily a Roon user and have a Gieseler Gross DAC. Still some CD/SACD playing. Looking into vinyl at some stage. I’m after something built to last, and so I’m a little wary of technology options which are changing rapidly e.g new dac chips, streaming limitations etc. In contrast (and opposition?) it would be good to reduce the box/device count. Apologies in advance if my question is too broad.
  7. I think you are in for a treat. I heard these at his store the other weekend and was very impressed. That was with the Cocktail Audio as source.
  8. So REM is still there? I’ll take that thanks if still available.
  9. Can I please get DVD-A of REM and Crowded House? Postage to 2087.
  10. From PRIME I watched the series The Boys. Loved it. Karl Urban was especially terrific as Billy Butcher. The Boys trailer
  11. I have one of these and have been extremely happy with it. I replaced a Schiit Mjolnir II and nothing was missed for me. Also a good preamp for active speakers. Someone will be happy.
  12. Can anyone point me to CD transports that have an i2s output? I know of the PS Audio ones and a card upgrade can be sourced for an Oppo 103/203 but I'd love to hear of any others that might be out there.
  13. I think I've seen one picture of the i2s mod installed. Is it easy to do? And do you have to chop a bit of the vent to fit the hdmi plug?
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