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  1. Fun fact: you can rip SACDs to DSD files with this model.
  2. Are you still looking? I may move on my one. I bought it new, and less than a year old.
  3. Are you still looking? I may move on my one. I bought it new, and less than a year old.
  4. @mwhouston I haven't heard from you about the fuse type. From what I can read on the fuse, I think it is a 2A 250V, and the size is a 5 x 20mm. I don't know if it is a slow blow or a fast blow. I think I can see an "S" before the 2A so I'm guessing it is slow blow.
  5. I have two cards to supply. There is the original one, and I got a second one. So yes it could be done to have two different configurations. I hadn't tried it - but I wish I had. I was always trying to decide between having the RCAs as phono input or HT bypass. Just turn on with the different card, and you are set. I'm back in PM zone.
  6. Further information: I bought this from Class A Audio a year ago. They currently list an ex-demo for $6,800. Very reluctant sale, but it was the necessary trade-off to getting a new 77" TV. I particularly love the ease of use with so many streaming and music management software. And the gorgeous remote. And the Phono preamp configuration and SAM speaker settings. Did I say I was reluctant? 🙂 Configuration is driven by the Devialet website, where the settings file gets put on to a SD card. One is supplied, but you can actually put the config file on any SD card, so no wo
  7. Hi, I need a new fuse for my DC Duffer. Any users out there - would you know the fuse type? I did email retro-thermionic@outlook.com but haven't had a response yet. It is 20mm tall.
  8. Thank you all for your assistance. I'm closing the topic down.
  9. Resisted the Nuraphone craze, but I did get burned on the LHLabs con job.
  10. Hi, what does the cable from the output to the Rega motor input look like? I have a Rega P2 that has the pin input, not the "multi hole" input that are on some of the 24V motors. Thanks
  11. Follow up question to any that want to wade it. My TV has standard IEC power plug with using 2 prongs - no ground. Would it be worth considering an after market power cable? Not big bucks, but maybe one with good shielding?
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