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  1. Hi, does the RCA output make it function as a preamplifier, say with active monitors?
  2. Hi Clay, Have you looked into an I2S input using a HDMI-sized input? Maybe for a future model that isn't a Kompakt? There are a lot of disc transports with this standard, and a few streamers as well. Most reviews seem to prefer it over SPDIF.
  3. I’m starting to see that it might be the case. The packaging, from the advertised (white box) product says P2 compatible. Fits: RP1 / P1 / P2 / P2 2000 / PLANET / PLANAR 2 / PLANAR 3 / P3 2000 and PLANAR 25 turntable. But the black box version which I got only says P2 2000, which I knew wasn’t mine.
  4. Nope, I think it is a different plug. The upgrade kit has the pin input required from the Neo. I am tempted to go back to the stock model, but I still would need to remove the PCB from the cover, and then stick it on the plinth.
  5. Bought motor and Neo PSU from Melbourne retailer. I wanted to give them the business in their tough times.
  6. I'm actually in a bit of a bind. I think I need a tech now. Any recommendations for a Sydney tech who is good with both wiring and things like cartridge alignment & subplatter/motor alignment? Here is the bottom of my P2, with the existing motor and housing. See the PCB jammed into the case? You see how it is wired into the on/off switch? Well, putting the new motor in becomes a deal-breaker for me as I don't solder. Then below you see the new motor with the PCB. Well, Rega has made the screw-holes in the base of the plinth different between these two motors. So a different method of attaching the PCB will be necessary (additional screw hole drilled into the plinth or sticky). Below is the SRM-Tech base I'm trying to install it with. The notch in the rubber housing has to be cut further to fit the wiring, but this is expected. The motor fits within the rubber sleeve. I'm nervous about the motor going in, especially to get the height right with the band & subplatter. Consider all this a cry for help, as the components are all over the living room, and spousal patience will run out imminently.
  7. Yep, I've also got the Neo power supply to go with it. And an isolation base that has the motor fixed to it rather than the plinth to reduce vibrations.
  8. Thanks! That is the one that makes me feel really relieved.
  9. Hi, I recently bought a motor upgrade for my year old Rega P2. I'm not convinced that the Australian retailer (won't mention yet until the facts are right) has sent me the same model as is advertised. Website picture looks like the picture from the Rega site. The box sent to me looks different - it is black. Asked retailer - was told that it was the right one that was sold. I'm not convinced. Opened up the packaging, and I'm even more unsure. The PCB doesn't look the same - and is 50 Hz correct? And the motor doesn't look the same. See the "star" pattern on the base? Not the same as the motor in the promotion shots. I'd really appreciate it if someone could confirm if I received what I should. Interestingly, the "white" box version says it is compatible with P2, but the black box only says "P2 2000".
  10. I went with a new order, so I’ve got this now thanks. looked at groovetracer, tango spinner etc. but will try out this one http://www.fidelitydesignsltd.co.uk/subplatters/subplatters.html Helps that the pound is a bit weaker.
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