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  1. Raffinator

    GoT streaming

    I would like to give that a try. I'll pm you sometime.
  2. Raffinator

    Dynaudio C2 - Rosewood

    did these sell?
  3. Raffinator

    Gieseler Headphone Amplifier Release

    You are a gentleman Clay. Out of interest, on the website you describe the power supply. So inside the amp is it similar to the upgraded Kraftwerk components? So the amp is balanced for headphones but single ended for preamp? That's what I need anyway, as my Genelecs only take rca not xlr.
  4. Raffinator

    Gieseler Headphone Amplifier Release

    If a tour unit is travelling, happy to try in Sydney. Desktop setup is for LCD-3 and a pair of Genelec monitors so really keen to utilise all features. Will be up against a Schiit Mjolnir II.
  5. Is that a Strumental amp in the picture? And preamp?
  6. Raffinator

    EXPIRED: FS: Topping D50 DAC

    Sold elsewhere.
  7. Raffinator

    SOLD: FS: Uptone Iso Regen

    I have both items and would highly recommend.
  8. Raffinator

    EXPIRED: FS: Topping D50 DAC

    Wouldn't be much. Somewhere about $15 I would expect based on size and weight.
  9. Raffinator

    EXPIRED: FS: Topping D50 DAC

    Chord Qutest D70 did look good but.
  10. Raffinator

    EXPIRED: FS: Topping D50 DAC

    Boxed and ready to send.
  11. Raffinator

    (Found) WT Borrow MM phono stage for turntable test

    Thanks Wen, all sorted.
  12. Raffinator

    (Found) WT Borrow MM phono stage for turntable test

    Sorry - sold my pre amp and integrated amps. Can try AVR settings to do a "pure" passthrough. Or put on my desktop where I have a headamp pre into active speakers. I'll try to banish the evil. ⚔🏻️😇
  13. I know very little about vinyl - I’m exclusively a digital guy (so far). But I have my fathers old turntable and a stack of albums and I want to test that it is working. Likely will then sell. Vinyl might be sold too or distributed to family as lots belong to my brothers and sisters it is a moving magnet type. i then discovered I have no phono stage - my avr only has line level inputs. So I’m hoping to borrow anyone’s excess one for a couple of weeks. failing that, can anyone recommend a cheap n cheerful option? I’m in Forestville Sydney.
  14. Item: Topping D50 DAC Location: Forestville NSW Price: $270 plus postage Item Condition: Used 9/10 Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, PayID Extra Info: Good all round DAC in a tiny form factor - perfect for desktop usage. Handles high upsampling to DSD512 via USB. I have the original box and shipping I think will be pretty cheap because of the light weight and dimensions. Pictures: Not a a great photo with iPad but is in better condition with no scratches