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  1. I'm new to turntables. Are there particular tonearms that this will or will not fit. My starter setup is a Rega P2.
  2. Bump - still hoping for a second hand one.
  3. I have both a Gieseler Gross and Chord Qutest. One or the other will be listed for sale soon. Like Max Max Beyond Thunderdome - two DACs enter, one DAC leaves... Both excellent, but only need one for my desktop / study area. PM me if interested.
  4. It was your previous post of what you did to your Fiat that inspired me. I'd love to do the full speaker & sub upgrade you did. But this 11 y.o Fiat is on its last legs. If I sell it later this year, no Millennial is going to buy it without a screen, Carplay and Android Auto.
  5. Hi, I'm wanting to replace the stereo in my 2009 Fiat 500. I've selected the unit I want (a Pioneer AVH-Z7250BT because it is single DIN - see https://www.pioneer.com.au/shop/car/avh-z7250bt/), and I have the single DIN faceplate from overseas. I can buy the unit from a few different places, but not from a company that does local installations (Northern Beaches Sydney). So I was looking to quality mobile installers that would come to my home, and who know the required harness/wiring to do the job. Anyone recommend one? Or might recommend other "pop out" style single DIN units that also to Carplay and Android Audio?
  6. Further information: For sale is my as-new Logitech Harmony Companion universal remote. Opened up and looked at for a day - worked as described. Put back in original box. I've changed my setup and now don't have a need for a universal remote. Happy to post at buyer's expense. Link to website - https://www.logitech.com/en-au/product/harmony-companion Photos:
  7. Bill, I’m gobsmacked that anyone would try to lowball you on the cables. If anything I think you should charge more.
  8. Further information: This universal remote is a good option for your AV devices that use IR codes. No hub is required, and it reads Logitech's database of products. It can also be taught a code if the device is not on the database. Selling as I've changed my setup, and I have some non-IR products in the chain. Can post at buyers cost. Photos:
  9. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/303576118723 Seems like he’s challenging the tech community on the repairs for this CD player. Anyone want to take on the challenge?
  10. I'd need him to meet me at the border, and we do some kind of "checkpoint Charlie" exchange at Tweed Heads.
  11. Mine's not for sale, but I do recommend Lifatec Silflex Glass Cables. http://www.lifatec.com/toslink2.html
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