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  1. For anyone else interested, Anthem confirmed for me that Dolby Vision has been enabled since update v094.
  2. Thanks. I had also read they were 'compatible' but wasn't sure whether the function had been enabled in their current release. I might send Anthem an email.
  3. Yes it’s a slippery slope with small incremental gains isn’t it! I may have to make a couple more jumper cables for my other VAF speakers now too.
  4. Thanks for the offer. Given people seem to be strongly suggesting jumper cables over the binding plates, I might make a cable first to see if I can hear a difference.
  5. I wonder why they may skip the ‘30 series’ naming. Can anyone tell me if the 20 series models support Dolby Vision in the current release version (v1.4.095)?
  6. Yes for my VAFs. I’m just missing the brass plate on one of my DC-Xs. Using a bit of speaker wire presently. I haven’t actually enquired with VAF as I had thought the plates would be readily available at many local stores. Apparently not. If the plates are good enough for VAF then I’m surprised there’s such a push here for custom speaker jumper cables. Surely there can’t be much difference? I’ve got some high quality 12AWG speaker wire I can test the difference with.
  7. Ok thanks all. I may just bite the bullet and make up a set of better jumper cables myself then.
  8. Thanks all. Does anyone know where the standard metal plates are available though?
  9. Thanks for the replies all. I’ve actually got some DIY short speaker cable bridging the posts now but wanted to grab a set of the brass metal bars for ease of use. Surely places stock these bars as spare parts cheaply?
  10. Hi all Probably a very silly question but I’m looking for a pair of the gold ‘bridging bars’ that go between two sets of binding posts on speakers. I’ve searched on a few websites like Selby Acoustics, CableChick and Jaycar but can’t actually find what they’re consistently called so nothing is coming up. Can anyone assist?
  11. Yes I might have to look into the Ruipro down the track. The 20m Carbon Series cable I had has great reviews and certainly isn’t cheap at $200. The Ruipro at 5m shorter (15m length) is another $100 more which is hard to stomach though. It looks almost identical in pictures so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was made in the same factory and rebranded. As an aside, I got a HDMI adapter and was able to get my cheap 10m + 5m HDMI cables joined and it ran fine with my receiver. So it seems even a 15m length (at least in non-optic fibre) is not a problem.
  12. Thanks. I’ll make a note of them. Can anyone confirm for me whether an MRX x00 series remote and ARC1 kit (which uses the RS232 cable with keyspan USB adapter in my case) will work with the later x10 series receivers?
  13. Can anyone point me to an Anthem service agent in Australia (Brisbane preferably)? Has anyone come across an issue where the MRX710 (or other models) gets stuck on the powering up screen? Likely cause? I may have an opportunity to pick up an MRX710 cheap and just wondering how difficult it may be to fix.
  14. Yes after further testing it seems like I may need a signal booster to get the 20m cable working. I can get my 10m cable working fine with the receiver. It’s a shame the Carbon cable I bought doesn’t come in a 15m length which may work. Any recommendations on HDMI signal boosters (passive if possible)?
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