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  1. Can't believe how cheap this is. Absolute bargain!
  2. Just wanted to update this thread with my revised setup. I have now installed the 130" Selby fixed frame screen and am very happy with it. Excellent service from Selby Acoustics too. The image on the screen is substantially better than projecting directly onto my wall. I had not noticed before but my image had a noticeable yellow undertone prior. Images are now much more crisp, vibrant and realistic, particularly blues. I've also painted my feature wall in a custom dark grey colour. I ended up using the British Paints 'Matt' black interior paint and had it mixed to make a custom version of the Dulux colour 'Domino'. I also went to Bunnings and got some large door chocks (combined height of 100mm high) and painted them black. My centre speaker is now perfected tilted for my seating position and the sound/movie dialogue is improved. Very happy with this updated setup. Next up will be to paint the rest of the room, replace carpet etc.
  3. The in-wall option appeals to me as my existing wall is not particularly straight-forward to put a baffle in front of .e.g. because of the air-con, fuse box etc that would be a pain to relocate. If it’s building a new baffle wall and all the associated hassle or just going with one in-wall speaker, I think I’d choose the latter. Cheaper, much simpler and less space lost. Only the timbre-matching as a downside.
  4. Yes my response probably came across wrong. 130” will be fantastic but I will be moving to a slightly smaller image than I’m currently getting projecting directly onto my wall. I ended up ordering the Selby 130” fixed frame screen. The new Encore AT screen was a little too expensive for my purpose. I may investigate retrofitting some AT fabric onto my Selby frame down the track. The real sticking point is my centre speaker (VAF DC-6) which is 42cm deep. I may have to consider something in-wall like a Krix Symmetrix which should fit in an 80mm wall cavity. It’s a shame that VAF don’t seem to offer a similar in-wall speaker as my front soundstage then won’t be timbre-matched. The Krix would allow me to perfectly position my centre speaker without needing a baffle wall and having to shrink my room depth though.
  5. Thanks Betty Boop. Good advice. I’m wondering whether I go for the Selby 130” screen and persevere with my centre speaker placement for now. I might even make a timber tilted base to get the angle as perfect as possible for now. Then if I decide to build a baffle wall later I gather it wouldn’t be too hard to order some AT screen fabric and mount it to my existing frame. Guess it depends on the mounting style for the frame? Has anyone else retrofitted fabric onto an existing metal frame? I see Oz Theatre screens do an AT 4K fabric. Not sure if that is more expensive than their normal 4K fabric which looks to be about $600 for the 3.5m x 2m that I’d need. The Majestic fixed frame projector screen by Oz Theatre Screens WWW.PROJECTORSCREENS.COM.AU The Majestic fixed frame projector screen by Oz Theatre Screens My screen size limitation looks like it will be 130” whatever screen material etc I go..
  6. Thanks for the thoughts all. I hadn’t really considered an acoustically transparent (AT) screen up to this point but will give it some thought. I think my problem will be that the wall I’m projecting onto backs onto an exterior house wall (timber framed). I would have to embed the centre speaker in the wall but could probably only recess it about 10cm into the wall space. The screen would then be sitting about 30cm out from the wall and could even block my AIr-Con flow. Not sure how to get around that. Any recommendations for AT screens? I see Majestic and Encore seem to make one. Keep in mind that this is a budget theatre so spending $1-2k on a screen doesn’t make sense as it would be twice the value of my current projector. Encore 105" 16:9 CineAcoustiq 4K Fixed Screen | Selby WWW.SELBY.COM.AU Coming Soon - Enquire now! For a True Cinematic Experience Place your home theatre speakers behind the... I will also be painting the whole room in dark matte colours down the track and will probably end up replacing the worn carpet for dark grey. This will still probably be some way down the road though. I could paint just the screen wall for now.
  7. Viewing distance is approx 4m away. I've been running with the centre speaker quite low like that for some time and it's never been a problem. I think the photo isn't doing it justice. My couch is quite low so slightly tilting the centre speaker results in a reasonable listening angle. I would have to substantially reduce my screen size to put the centre speaker on a proper stand so that's never really been on my radar. Max screen size and immersion is my preference! I still have some lense shift on my projector at 4m so could move the projector forward if I needed to so that sharpness is improved.
  8. Hi all I've been using my BenQ W1070 projector on my existing wall for some time now and wanted to start investigating some proper budget screen options. I watch a combination of 16:9 TV content and 2.40:1 blu-ray content. Therein lies my complexity. My wall (see below image with dimensions - ignore the power points as I can live with them being hidden) allows me to produce a max width of 325cm for a 2.40:1 aspect ratio image with some overscan on the top/bottom. I have been able to live with this as it's generally black bars anyway and I love the larger 2.40:1 movie image filling my wall space. I then have to adjust my projector lense shift to be slightly smaller to fit a 16:9 aspect ratio image (max 180cm height) on my wall as otherwise the overscan top/bottom is too much. It seems that realistically the largest 16:9 aspect screen I can go will be a 130" which has roughly outer frame dimensions of 310cm x 185cm. I couldn't fit a 135"+ given my height limitations but I could fit a slightly wider screen than 130" if I wanted to maximise the viewing space for my 2.40:1 content. I'm obviously not interested in going a cinemascope screen given I still watch a fair bit of 16:9 content. Based on my measurements it seems I will be limited to a 130" 16:9 screen and I'll just have to deal with losing a bit of width when watching my 2.40:1 blu-rays. I suppose the only alternative is making a custom size frame with some screen paint. Thoughts on my size options? I was leaning towards one of these two screens. Is anyone aware of the quality differences? Thoughts? Suitable for 4K content should I upgrade projectors in the future? I assume I should detect a noticeable image improvement with even this lower quality screen material compared with my current beige wall? I will eventually paint the walls and ceiling a dark matte colour so presume a 1.1 gain screen will be suitable. 130" 16:9 Selby Fixed Frame Home Theatre Projector Screen - 16:9 Projector Screens - Projector Screens - Projectors & Accessories - Electronics | Selby WWW.SELBY.COM.AU • High quality construction • Twin-layered material • Light-absorbing flocked velvet frame • Cleanable, mould-resistant fabric 130" 16:9 Fixed Frame Projector Screen - 16:9 Projector Screens - Projector Screens - Projectors & Accessories - Electronics | Selby WWW.SELBY.COM.AU
  9. Item: Elektra Theatre 6 channel power amplifier Location: Brisbane Price: $550 Item Condition: Fair working condition. See listing below for further details Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Highly regarded Australian designed and manufactured by Elektra Audio Incredible music and home theatre performance that will impress the most discerning audiophile Specs: Power per channel (Watts RMS; all channels driven) 6 channel at 8 ohms = 150w RMS 6 channel at 6 ohms = 185w Dynamic power (Watts RMS; all channels driven) 8 ohms = 180w 6 ohms = 220w THD 0.005% Frequency response 3Hz - 250Khz 0, -3db S/N Ratio 124db Input sensitivity/Impedance 1.5v/47kohms Single potted silent power transformer Discrete power amplifier circuitry Banana plug compatible speaker connectors Height 160mm Width 445mm Depth 370mm Weight 25kg Full disclosure: The amplifier is in fair working condition. All 6 channels work and the sound is impressive, however channel 6 does have some minor buzzing/humming and channel 4 produces a popping noise when changing chapters on movies, muting music etc. The other four channels work well without issue. It would suit a service to get it performing top notch again. I have priced it accordingly. Preference for pickup as this amp is very heavy (25kg) Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Item: Emotiva XPA-5 Gen 1 Power Amplifier Location: Brisbane Price: $1000 Item Condition: Excellent, perfect working condition Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Excellent working condition and very well cared for High quality and extremely powerful 5 channel music and home theatre amplifier 5 x 200w RMS @ 8 Ohms (all channels driven) Balanced and unbalanced inputs, 12v trigger, high quality binding posts etc Preference for pickup as this amp is very heavy (30kg) Specifications: Topology: Fully Discrete, Dual Differential, High Current, Short Signal Path Class A/B Power output (all channels driven): 300 watts RMS @ 4 ohm (0.1% THD) 200 watts RMS @ 8 ohm (0.1% THD) Power Band Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz with less than .05db deviation at rated power Broadband Frequency Response: (‐3db): 5Hz to 150kHz Amplifier Gain: 32db Signal to Noise Ratio 1 watt: >97db Full Power: >111db Input Impedance: Unbalanced – 23.5kohms Balanced – 33kohms Transformer Size: 1,200VA Secondary Capacitance: 60,000uF Output Devices: 6 per channel Size: 17" W x 7.75" H x 19" D Weight: 66 lbs (88 lbs boxed) Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. It’s a desktop PC plugged into my receiver so that’s not an option. I’ve made contact with Arthur at Elektra so will see what we can sort out. [emoji4]
  12. I should have mentioned I’ve already tried a different power cable and all of my system is connected to a single high quality Thor power board.
  13. Hi all I recenlt purchased an early gen Elektra Theatre (6 x 150w @8 ohm version) and have been having some buzzing, humming, popping problems. I have it hooked up to an Anthem MRX 300 and VAF speakers. My PC is also connected to the receiver via HDMI. I get a very noticeable buzz, hum etc noise on channel 6. I also get a popping noise on channel 4 when changing chapters on movies, muting music etc. Finally, I seem to get a lot of crackling and static via all channels when my PC is turned on and connected via HDMI. I’ve tried this identical setup with another power amp (Emotiva) and it works perfectly with no hum, buzz etc. I’ve also stripped back the system to the basics and tried different combinations of speakers, cables etc but cannot eliminate the noise problems. Any thoughts on the likely problem? It seems isolated to the Elektra.
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