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  1. I’m keen to hear how you get on with this. I’m considering moving to dual PB-1000 Pros from a single PB-2000 but am also keen on the chest-slamming bass. My room is slightly larger at 7 x 5m.
  2. Good suggestions thanks Mike. Do I really want the same crossover point for LCR even when the left and right speakers are far more capable in the lower Hz? I can try standing up my centre speaker to see if it changes the response. Perhaps I should be hunting for another VAF DC-X floorstander to replace the smaller existing centre. The DC-X have evolved over the years - early ones had a single tweeter and twin drivers, while later ones had twin side-by-side tweeters and twin drivers - not sure how important that is to match my left and right design? Re the bass absorber panels
  3. Ok I'm pretty sure I'm roughly at that 30-40% percentage already for room seating but can move my screen forward 50cm or so. Ok that's good to know that the centre speaker doesn't need to line up. How do you think a pair of SVS PB-1000 Pro subs at the front of the room behind my screen would perform compared to my existing single SVS PB-2000? One movie that comes to mind is John Wick 3. The gun fights just didn't seem to have the punch I would expect. Conversely Sicario had amazing gun fights (you actually felt like you were in the middle of each bullet flying past) - in b
  4. Thanks for the suggestions Snoopy. Does my speaker to wall positioning matter as much when the speaker ports are front facing? I have no rear ports in my surround or rear speakers. I could move them forward maybe 30cm but any more than that and they will start to severely block the cupboard and rear entrance door. My front left and right speakers have front and rear ports. I have a bit more flexibility there and could move them forward 30-50cm if it will improve performance. Will it matter if the centre speaker is then not lined up with the other fronts? I wouldn’t w
  5. Yes running the "old" PB2000 (non-Pro) model. I certainly don't consider it old though and it has served me very well. It's interesting to hear about the supposed mid bass performance. I would consider moving to a larger or dual sub setup at a later date but really looking to optimise my current setup first. Here are my current Anthem > Bass Management settings. The Atmos speakers do seem to have a strange crossover point at 80Hz. I would think they should be more like 250Hz to match the centre speaker. My other floorstanders can handle bass well below 100Hz. I only have measu
  6. Hi all I've slowly been converting an existing room in our house into a home theatre/media room and I'm now looking to head down the path of some acoustic treatment etc to optimise the room I have. You will see from the photos that there are some unusual design features but I'm keen to hear advice on how I can get the best out of my room. The room is approx 7 (D) x 5 (W) x 2.4m (H). Hidden behind the curtains are a large window on the left, french doors behind the screen and then a small home office room/area off to the right of the screen with a small window. There are also two bo
  7. It's been a couple of months since an update on my build. Only a few tweaks to report as I've just been enjoying the room. I sourced an Apple TV 4K (2019 era so not the latest gen) and am loving it so far. So much more flexibility to access content (Kayo, Binge, Netflix, SBS etc) although as expected it doesn't seem to offer quite the performance of physical media. It will still be 4K/Blu-rays for my box office favourites. Raven door drop seals were installed this weekend. A bit fiddly to install but seem to be working well. The room is pretty well sealed now. Anybody k
  8. @rhcp_steve - Have you considered the Krix Tropix? They are similar to the SVS Prime Elevation and available in white for a good price new. I've recently installed a set of these in my system and they work well. Feel free to take a look at the latest post in my Build Thread here: https://www.krix.com.au/tropix/
  9. Hi all I wanted to provide a further update on my theatre room. I've recently added some automation (via a universal remote) and made the jump up to a Dolby Atmos setup - now running a 7.1.4 arrangement. First up, I was having issues with my stock remotes being unable to penetrate my blockout curtains to control my receiver, UHD player etc in the rack located behind the curtains. After a bit of research, and some good Xmas sales, I ended up purchasing a Logitech Harmony Campanion. This utilises a universal remote that talks to a wifi based hub which then also sends a si
  10. Hi Mike, Apologies, I think I overlooked your Dec 2020 post until now. I think your design suggestions are going a little over my head. So you're suggesting I create a moveable false wall to seal the gap in my study alcove and have one or more subs pointing out of the wall into the main listening room? That would be roughly 2m wide x 2.2m tall so sounds a bit beyond my humble multi-purpose space. Forgive my ignorance but what are the benefits of going such a large design? Wouldn't the sub placement be an issue (even with elaborate bass management/EQ)?
  11. Further information: Selling my Anthem MRX 300 AV Receiver This is an amazing 7 channel receiver for movies and music and puts previous Yamaha, Onkyo etc receivers I've had to shame. The inbuilt amplifier is far more powerful than the specs would suggest and the Anthem Room Correction (ARC) really improves the sound. It also has 7 channel pre-outs so can be used with separate power amplifiers if desired. The unit is in very good working condition. Included is the complete kit comprising of the main unit and power cable, Anthem primary remote and
  12. Hi Steve I’ve now setup the Krix and played a few chapters of two Atmos films. Initial impressions are very good. They seem to blend well with my VAF floorstanders and produce detailed sound. I’ve really noticed a difference moving to Atmos. Watched the first half of It 2 and it feels like you’re in a bubble of sound with the clown rather than 2D.
  13. Went with a set of Krix Tropix. They’re actually marketed as outdoor speakers but are a similar design to the SVS. Very flexible mounting options (wall or ceiling), compact and Krix assured me they will still perform well for indoor Atmos duties. I’m yet to set them up but can report back once I’ve given them a run.
  14. No longer required. Ended up getting a set of Krix. ?
  15. Can I ask what model Krix you have on the wall in the background? A decent Atmos option?
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