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  1. Drop me a PM if it's still around. I'd love to take a look at it.
  2. Mate, thank you. Just gave them a call and it was a partial success. They have the RA-12, but only the 686s in the showroom to listen to. I've listened to the 685s and liked them. I wonder how much of a gamble it would be to listen to the Rotel amp with the 686s and use that as a proxy for how well the amp would sound with the 685s? Lifestyle Store does however have some nice speaker options in the same price range: KEF Q300, Dynaudio 2/6 and Dynaudio 2/7. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll like something else while in store and end up coming home with something completely different from my original B&W plan
  3. No, haven't heard them together and I'm having difficulties finding anyone in Sydney who sells both Rotel and B&W. Was hoping that The Hifi Trader in Newtown would have them since they carry Rotel amps, but they don't seem to sell B&W, same with Sydney Hifi in Castle Hill. Apollo Hifi & Len Wallis both have the B&W speakers, but not the Rotel amps.
  4. Hi folks, TL;DR: Any owners of the Rotel RA-12 who can share feedback on it? Specially if you're matching them with B&W 685s. Those of you in NSW: hope you're doing ok in the storm. I've been going back and forth between amp options to match the B&W 685 S2 I've set my sights on. So far I've looked at: Arcam FMJ A19 + standalone DAC Marantz PM6005 Rotel RA-10 + standalone DAC Rotel RA-11 Rotel RA-12 At this entry-level I'm operating at ($2k total), 50-70% of the budget should go towards the speakers, since that's where I'll get the most ROI. For that reason, I've ruled out the Arcam and Rotel RA-10, simply because with those options too much of the budget goes to the DAC, which is the 2nd least important part (after cables). However, I've found on eBay a Rotel RA-12 at a decent price ($739). It has built in DAC, 60w per channel...well enough to drive the 685s. However, I can't seem to find many reviews on it and the What HiFi review was a bit mixed. Anyone here using the RA-12 that has some feedback to share?
  5. If you're after Noise Cancellation (NC), then I think your options are few (but they're good). Owned a few, tried many. The short-list: 1. Sennheiser PXC450: If you want great NC, but you're willing to sacrifice audio quality. They're also around-ear, so you can wear them for hours on end without them bothering you. 2. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9: Not so great NC (even though it has 3 different modes), but better audio quality. On-ear model. 3. Bose QC 25: Good noise cancellation, good audio quality. Probably your best best, but go have a listen first. I personally didn't like the QC15s, but the QC25s are really nice. On-ear model. But I can't stress enough how important it is to try them each model out for 5-10 minutes continuous listening, so that you get a feel for the audio quality, but also how you'll feel about the fit on your ears.
  6. Reasons for looking to the rDAC: well-liked, good reviews and a very nice price point now, since I think the model has been replaced by the irDAC (correct me if I'm wrong). At entry-levels which is where I'm operating (~$2k), ideally I should be putting north of 50% on the speakers, in terms of audio quality per dollar spent. The DAC deserves the smallest amount of the budget, given it will give the least improvement. The Arcam I've heard, is well built and will last me a while, even after a future amp upgrade. I guess at this price point I could be looking at a Dacmagic as well, if I can get a good deal on one. Any other recommendations, I'm all ears
  7. Looking for an amp+dac to go with B&W 685 s2, initially had my sights set on the Marantz PM6005 (well-liked, specced enough, has DAC built in) Now I saw that there's someone here on the forum selling a Rotel RA-1520, which does look nice. However, I'd have to get a separate DAC, but I think I can find an Arcam rDAC pretty cheaply. Anyone have experience of the latter Rotel + Arcam combo, or thoughts in general?
  8. I have been looking at fencing off the part of the living room where all the electronics are. Barbed wire might not be on the top of my list, but I'll keep it under consideration My last line of defense will be to fill the speaker stands with sand to make them heavy and use plenty of blue tac to get the speakers to stick to the stands. Fingers crossed!
  9. Thanks, guys! Been a hectic work week with Easter cutting it short, hardly had any time to spend on the forum. @woogie59: those are some very solid recommendations! With the awful weather of today, I think I just might go out and visit 1-2 of them.
  10. < Managed to get logged out before finishing the first one, starting over > Hi everyone! I'm 36 yo, with a wife and newborn baby. Moved here from Europe with work. Since I've moved quite a number of times, haven't kept any of my gear. Starting from scratch now, realized that our living room can't fit floorstanders, so I'll have to make due with some nice bookshelf speakers on stands. Don't ask me how that will work when the baby starts walking... I've had my sights set on a pair of B&W 685 S2 and a matching amp + DAC. Turntable will come later, probably a Rega RP1 PP. When it comes to amplifier, I'm probably going to settle on the Marantz PM6005, since it seems sufficient for the 685s and it has a built-in DAC. From my listening test, it sounded nice. But then again, a listening test in store will never ever be representative of what it will sound like at home. Room acoustics is probably the 2nd most important factor, after speaker quality. For whenever we move to somewhere bigger and I can dedicate some proper space to the audio equipment, I'd loooove to get my hands on the B&W 683 S2, couple that with a Rotel RA-1570. But I'm getting ahead of myself, need to solve my current situation first: Amp, DAC (if not built into amp), bookshelf speakers, stands...for $2,000 or less.
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