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  1. Thanks Keyse, the album is on it's way to me as we speak. Unpopular? Well, we all know what popular music can sound like.
  2. Outta T's, here's another S- Spencer, Jon & The Blues Explosion
  3. Doug MacLeod- Dubb This has been sitting in my Discogs wishlist for quite some time. Popped up in Oz the other day, thank you very much.
  4. Chris Wilson- King For A Day Another artist who has eluded me until now. Sadly, it turns out that I'm a bit late getting to the party.
  5. Outta D, here's another C- The Cramps
  6. A Good Fool Is Hard To Find- Albert Collins
  7. Lustful Earl And The Married Woman
  8. R is The Raconteurs- Help Us Stranger
  9. It's a tongue-in-cheek SNA saying- post some pics or we won't believe you. Lots of us love looking at pics of everything audio related.
  10. My (relatively) inexpensive power cables (cheers @ray4410) always come on song by the time I've drunk three 500ml cans of beer. But then, so do the Ikea butcher blocks and BDR cones. But whatever you do, don't put the PS Audio Dectet on a maple cutting board. No amount of beer will correct that gaffe!
  11. Public Image Ltd (First Issue) The Scientists- A Place Called Bad
  12. Had half a mind to put this in the Blues thread.
  13. Personal preference Willmax. I had a Cymer ST80 for a couple of years, Rocked hard with the 6CA7 and drove a pair of ATC 19s with aplomb. Tried Svetlana, Tung Sol, EH, GL KT77. EH6CA7 does it for me. You really know that you're listening to music through a valve amp. 6SN7GT and GZ34 valves have the same effect. Same thing with the Doge 9 monoblocks, the best interstage driver for the 211 was the EH6CA7. My mate who owns the Cymer now prefers GL KT77 but he's a lot more civilised than me and an Audio Physics owner.
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