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  1. Ozzy Osbourne- Mr Tinkertrain
  2. Move your A system into the room the C system is in and report back.
  3. Sorry to be that guy but we lost our way after Iggy Pop. ECSR- Colour Television
  4. I remember putting Puscifer's Indigo Children track on @JDWest old 100a Classics. He turned up the wick and those 20 year old speakers put on an exhibition of bass speed and power the likes of which I'd never experienced in a domestic setting. My equilibrium was thrown out of wack and I felt slightly drugged as I drove home half an hour later. Magnificent stuff!
  5. The Jim Carroll Band- People Who Died
  6. Yiz bailed on Barracuda pretty quick! New Riders of the Purple Sage- Barracuda Moon And back to the game proper Rollins Band- Hard
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