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  1. deanB

    Currently Spinning

    Secret Machines- Now Here Is Nowhere About my third listen to this and it's starting to reveal itself. Well crafted and a big sound.
  2. deanB

    Currently Spinning

    The Hold Steady- Separation Sunday More gritty tales of Urban America woven around a recurring cast of characters; Holly the Hoodrat, Gideon, Charlemagne and co. Lovely stuff.
  3. deanB

    Currently Spinning

    Yeah Ant, their first album was a great singalong, I still know every line. I finished school the year before you. I decided not to play for our 1st XV and played club rugby with my older mates instead. Barely got my university entrance cert but it was a hell of a good year. Even developed a little beer belly when I had a few weeks on crutches mid-season. Cheers my bro.
  4. deanB

    Currently Spinning

    Neil Young and Crazy Horse- Weld Disc 1 and possibly disc 2.
  5. deanB

    Weston Acoustics owners

    Sad face indeed Daz. And then there's the huge hours of running in the Psvane valves need before they're optimised. 😲
  6. deanB

    Currently Spinning

    Violent Femmes- Hallowed Ground Never stopped lovin' the Femmes. Great drinking n driving music (not that there's anything ok with that) back in the day.
  7. deanB

    The Song Game IV

    Pink Floyd- One Of My Turns
  8. deanB

    The Song Game IV

    Johnny Thunders- Alone In A Crowd
  9. deanB

    The Song Game IV

    Stereo MC's- Ground Level
  10. deanB

    The Song Game IV

    Ray LaMontagne- A Falling Through
  11. deanB

    Currently Spinning

    Hank Williams III- Rebel Within I always have a fun time listening to Hank, don't even have to be inebriated. Agents Of Oblivion More of the Dax Riggs shapeshifting formula. Works for me.
  12. deanB

    The Song Game IV

    The Clash- Drug-Stabbing Time
  13. deanB

    Accuphase A70 & Doge 7 DAC

    Doge will fit the upgrade valves, they'll be properly tested and should give many years of trouble free operation. So don't be put off getting valve gear. The nos (new old stock) valves I referred to were made in the 1950's/60's and as they are desirable to audiophiles with valve amps, supplies of the most popular types are slowly drying up and becoming more expensive. I'm not a dac person but at $3000aud, you will get plenty of suggestions for alternatives to the Doge. Hopefully someone who owns or has heard the Doge 7 will come along too.
  14. deanB

    Accuphase A70 & Doge 7 DAC

    If you do buy the Doge, the stock valves will be adequate but get the Psvane TII valve upgrade. You would struggle to get 6 nos 12ax7 and 2 nos 12at7 for the Doge upgrade price of $240usd. Quality nos replacements would probably cost close to twice that, 12ax7 have gotten very expensive. Plenty of Sna members are well versed in Accuphase, they'll know if your preamp is a good combo for the A70.
  15. deanB

    The Song Game IV

    Coloured Balls- Private Eye