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    Hi Benny, can I have - Fu Manchu King of the Road and Something Beyond Beck Midnite Vultures Black Keys El Camino Thanks.
  2. New Line Magnetic LM-845 Premium

    Thanks for confirming what we always suspected. I'm still in my apprenticeship phase with the sub-50kg Doge 9 Pab. Mind you, there is two of the buggers.
  3. New Line Magnetic LM-845 Premium

    Bravo, Line Magnetic! Obviously realised that the weak and effete were being precluded from 219 ownership and cared enough to do something about it.
  4. Machine Gun Fellatio- Paging Mr Strike- Mirrorball. Puscifer- V is for ******- Indigo Children. I gets my groove on everytime.
  5. OP/seller is a good bloke to deal with. We've recently transacted after he placed an ad in the wtb section. If I could work out how, I'd have given him a positive feedback rating.
  6. SOLD: Shindo Aurieges L Preamp

    There are 2 Aurieges models. Aurieges L, linestage only. The one that is for sale. Aurieges. MM phono, 500g heavier. Pricier too.
  7. SOLD: Shindo Aurieges L Preamp

    I'm pretty sure that a phono stage can't be added. I assume those are input sockets for a separate phono stage. The importer is a member, demmauhong is his moniker. Shoot him a pm.
  8. Item: Shindo Aurieges L Preamplifier Location: Perth WA Price: $3350 incl. freight in Aus. Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Does there have to be a reason? Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit, COD Only Extra Info 100.5 hours logged. Unmarked condition. In perfect working condition. Australian model. Original packaging. Lots of info about this preamplifier on the www. I'll let you be the judge. Pictures:
  9. And now sold. Thanks everyone.
  10. Sold pending pending payment.
  11. LineMagnetic -845 Premium

    Hong Kong resident and Dagogo reviewer Richard Austen, who contributes to a lot of audio sites, has often made reference to hearing the 219ia easily powering Atc Scm100s' at a HK dealers that he frequents. Your LM updates are always appreciated Stump. A fascinating brand for sure.
  12. Just in case anybody's wondering, these superb speakers are still available. Still in unmarked condition, a few more hours on them since the ad was posted, sounding better than ever.
  13. Weekend or weekday, I get a bump every time I look at those pics.
  14. Klipsch Forte III

    $5.5k rrp! Nice. 99db sensitivity! Very nice. Just add one LM518ia, garnish with suitable preamp, prepare to be both shaken and stirred.
  15. HiFi Rack shortage

    +1 for Extrema. [email protected] has brought us a vfm winner.