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  1. Yep, it is all about risk. I have bought some vintage gear OS that I could not source in Australia and luckily have had no serious issues. Buying OS can be a hastle and with all the added fees is not necessarily cost effective.
  2. Great speaker, exceptionally well made and sound very musical with excellent bass . I used to run mine through McIntosh MC75 tube mono blocks. Check out the review from 2017, link below: https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-vienna-acoustics-beethoven-baby-grand-symphony-edition-loudspeakers GLWS
  3. Excellent value for money, and a 500gb internal drive.
  4. Further information: I am selling my Audio Research SP9 MK1 Preamplifier as I have upgraded to a later model AR Preamp and this one is no longer needed. The unit is in excellent working condition. Good cosmetic condition with minor marks in line with the age of the unit. The preamp also has a very good on board MM Phono Stage. I do not have the original packaging, however, the amp will be boxed with tubes packed separately and all well packed if shipping is required. The SP9 uses 2x6922 ECC88 tubes and is currently fitted with Sovteks, an additional set of Jan Phillips tu
  5. Hi Sam OK, you sound like the all round well balanced new member. Enjoy the SNA experience. Saxe
  6. Hi John Lots of high end audio rev heads on this forum, great discussions, ideas and things to buy and sell. Enjoy . Saxe
  7. Hi Marc Lots of good discussions going on and a ship load of other stuff as well. Enjoy the forum Saxe
  8. Hi Hlov Saw your add, interested, couple of questions: 1. Have you got the platens inner and outer, belt, mat? if so, can you send me photos. 2. What arm were you planning to use on it? 3. can I get an inside view photo? Many Thanks Saxe
  9. Further information: THORENS TD160MKII with TP16 MKI medium compliance tonearm. The unit is in excellent ++ cosmetic and perfect working condition. Has a new solid Black Walnut plinth, new (graphite colour) faceplate and lift off acrylic cover in excellent condition. The turntable comes with the headshell, but no cartridge. Recently stripped down and serviced, oil changed and the belt replaced. I do not have the original packaging, so pickup only. can audition if required. Send me a PM if you are interested. Photos:
  10. Hi Alex Lots of good stuff here, enjoy. Cheers Saxe
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