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  1. Welcome and keep on posting Cheers Saxe
  2. Hi Adam Good luck with your Audio Bug and welcome to Stereonet. Cheers Saxe
  3. Hi Nick Good luck building your system in extra space lots of ideas here. Welcome to SNA Cheers Saxe
  4. Hi John Welcome to the zoo, lots of different types here, Enjoy the music and have fun with the gear. Cheers Saxe
  5. Great little music server. Lightning DS is a breeze to use. Excellent Unit. GLWS
  6. Hi Well worth getting involved, lots of good stuff. Enjoy Cheers Saxe
  7. Hi Maximino Welcome to Stereonet, lots of good stuff here, Welcome and enjoy the site 🙂 Cheers Saxe
  8. Hi Pieter Very Hot and Dry downunder, great forums and discussions on Stereonet. Bit of a vinyl fan myself. Welcome 😀 Enjoy Cheers Saxe
  9. Hi Leighroy Lots of good stuff here, discussions and forums Enjoy the site Cheers Saxe
  10. Hi Sean Great site, lots of audio interests and forums. Welcome Enjoy Cheers Saxe
  11. Item: THORENS TD166 MKII TURNTABLE Location: Canberra ACT Price: $600 ONO Item Condition: Superbly refurbished Reason for selling: Too many turntables! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer Extra Info: The TD166 is a Vintage classic 2 speed belt drive Turntable manufactured in the mid 1970's, completely refurbished in 2017. All electricals and bearing were checked, re-oiled and cleaned and a new belt installed. It's also has the external plinth replaced with a custom made plinth in Tasmanian Oak, simply beautiful. The original Perspex lid is in excellent condition with only very light scuffs (much less than you would expect for age). The original hinges have also been replaced. The Tonearm was checked and adjusted and the turntable is fitted with a Garrott Bros P77 cartridge which sounds great very detailed and dynamic. Sale includes the Thorens power supply (not pictured) and the original user manual. I would be pleased to demonstrate the unit for prospective buyers. I'd prefer local pickup on this one as I do not have the original box, but could be carefully packed and sent at buyers risk and expense.
  12. It's been an incredible never ending journey, too hell with the price.
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