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  1. Hi Alex Lots of good stuff here, enjoy. Cheers Saxe
  2. Hi BWJA Dollars are a perennial problem, but what the heck you get what you pay for, Ahhh... the search for excellence. Enjoy the site and your journey. Cheers Saxe
  3. Hi rt3m I often wonder if it is not a never ending journey, but what the hell. EnjoyCheers Saxe
  4. Hi James Lots of good stuff here enjoy. Cheers \Saxe
  5. Hi Leyenda Yep, always something new, and something new to learn. Enjoy the Stereonet journey. Cheers Saxe
  6. Welcome back, enjoy the site. Saxe
  7. Hi from the other side, Welcome to Stereonet Australia/NZ. Lots of stuff here. Saxe
  8. Absolutely excellent DAC. See review: https://www.whathifi.com/au/audiolab/m-dac-plus/review GLWS
  9. Further information Matched quad set 6922EH Electro-harmonix, purchased 3 months ago to do testing, no longer used. These are as new and only done about 30 hours. Price includes postage.
  10. Hi Knownish Yep, its a deep rabbit hole. Have fun. to stereonet. Cheers Saxe
  11. super streamer, Love mine. Will get snapped up pretty quick. GLWS
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